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October 12, 2011

Need to get to the Utah game and some more basketball stuff, but too many tabs related to the expansiopocolypse that need clearing.

While the college sporting world waits on the decision of Mizzou, Boston College’s AD Gene DeFilippo felt like popping off a bit about how influential he was in the ACC realignment committee. The comments that got all the attention were the ones pertaining to how he and BC were the reason UConn didn’t get an invite, but Pitt did along with Syracuse.

While Syracuse presented no problem, UConn did — to BC, which was still fuming over what it perceived to be vitriolic comments made when BC was finally invited to join the ACC and started competing in 2005. UConn and Pittsburgh filed a lawsuit against BC, and Calhoun made comments about never playing BC again.

DeFilippo does not deny that BC opposed the inclusion of UConn.

“We didn’t want them in,’’ he said. “It was a matter of turf. We wanted to be the New England team.’’

The other was the role of a certain Mouse Monopoly in the decision on who to invite for expansion.

BC athletic director Gene DeFilippo, who was part of the 12-member ACC expansion committee, adamantly denied that the move was dictated by basketball interests, but he did concede that the effects of it may boost that sport more than football.

“It had nothing to do with basketball,’’ said DeFilippo. “It was football money which drove expansion. It was football money and securing our future.’’

The overwhelming force behind the move, DeFilippo insisted, was television money.

The ACC just signed a new deal with ESPN that will increase the revenue for each school to approximately $13 million. With the addition of Pittsburgh and Syracuse, said DeFilippo, another significant increase will come.

“We always keep our television partners close to us,’’ he said. “You don’t get extra money for basketball. It’s 85 percent football money. TV – ESPN – is the one who told us what to do. This was football; it had nothing to do with basketball.’’

The UNC blog, Carolina March points out this creates a conflict in the narrative of the actual story. The story starts with a premise that the ACC expansion move was dictated in no small part because of basketball driven jealousy of all the attention the Big East gets. That, of course, would favor UConn over Pitt. Especially when you factor in the women’s basketball side of things as well.

The contradiction, though, is DeFilippo then talking about how the move was all about football and the TV money. Something that favors Pitt given Pitt’s history and frankly greater passion for football over UConn. Note, that I’m not saying that UConn fans don’t care about football. It is just that they have been a 1-A program for a little more than a decade. They have been primarily a basketball school and are not at the same place in terms of history and the ratings Pitt football gets versus UConn.

The other conflict in the story is the claim that the ACC decision to expand came on the heels of the Big 12 sniffing around Pitt. Not Syracuse. Not UConn. So, that would logically suggest that Pitt was a top target of the ACC originally.

Honestly, I think DeFilippo was talking out of his ass with regards to UConn. He, and BC, do want UConn to be minimized because to them they are a regional threat and a Johnny-come-lately in football. But to be holding a stronger grudge against UConn but not Pitt for what went down when BC bolted for the ACC is questionable at best. Especially when the powers at UConn are gone, but Pitt still has the same Chancellor.

Ah, BC. There must be something about that school. They really are no more greedy and self-interested than any other program. They are just so ineptly blunt about it. They backstabbed Holy Cross at the formation of the Big East. They were in, out, then back in the ACC expansion in 2003 and 04 — all the time expressing loyalty like a weather vane. Now this.

The ESPN stuff, though, really is the big deal. And that was what DeFilippo has really tried to backtrack.

Boston College released DeFilippo’s short letter on Tuesday. In it, he apologizes for “any negative effects caused by my recent interview with a Boston Globe reporter.”

He adds that he “spoke inappropriately and erroneously regarding ESPN’s role in conference expansion.”

The general consensus is that DeFilippo is mainly sorry for speaking blunt truths. Especially since it makes a lot of sense.

Absolutely not — because there’s been speculation for months that the Big East sealed its fate last May when it rejected a nine-year, $1.4 billion television contract from ESPN. Long story not so long, the Big East decided it would rather open up bidding to NBC and Fox than accept that deal from ESPN, meaning the Big East was probably going to sign a deal with NBC or Fox, meaning NBC or Fox likely was on the verge of gaining a relevant share of the college sports landscape, and that’s not something ESPN (or anybody in ESPN’s position of power) would have liked.

The only way ESPN could ensure NBC or Fox wouldn’t gain a relevant share of the college sports landscape was to make the Big East irrelevant, and, in case you haven’t heard, the Big East is suddenly really close to being irrelevant because the ACC took Syracuse and Pittsburgh to get to 14 members. That led to the Big 12 taking TCU to get to 10, which could lead to Louisville and West Virginia exiting the Big East, too.

“ESPN is the one who told us what to do.”

Again, those words aren’t surprising — they’re just surprising to hear on the record from an ACC athletic director. Meantime, it should be noted that ESPN and the ACC have both denied DeFilippo’s remarks in statements to the New York Times, but what else would they do? It’s not like the ACC can say ESPN assured it of a better television contract if it would take Syracuse and Pittsburgh from the Big East, and it’s not like ESPN can say it stood to benefit in a variety of ways from the ACC being strengthened at the Big East’s expense.

Especially since it opens ESPN up to a nasty lawsuit over what the Big East eventually gets as a  TV Contract in the next year.

Now the Big East needs to expand. That has been obvious since before Pitt and Syracuse got their ACC lifeline. The problem has been that the basketball side has sought to limit any additional members. They grudgingly agreed to TCU but expected the football side to then take Villanova without questions. When the football schools ultimately balked when the details of Villanova’s move were learned, there was no other movement by the conference.

Even after Pitt and Syracuse left, the Big East schools have spent nearly a month doing very little. They can’t raise the exit fees because too many football schools are balking while waiting/hoping for a chance to bolt.

Invites aren’t happening because the Big East basketball schools hold the majority power now that Pitt and Syracuse are not able to participate in voting. The preferred option by the basketball members is to find schools willing to be in the Big East for football only so as not to diminish the basketball pool of money. That is why the interest in Navy, Air Force and Army generated the biggest noise. Army has already said no thanks. Air Force seems still interested and Navy is hesitating.

The other moves the Big East seems willing to make at this point is finally extend the invite to UCF and a couple other C-USA programs to get the number of football programs up to a full 12. The sad thing is that this could have been done any time in the past few years to try and create further stability in the conference and not have them scrambling so poorly now. But, as always the Big East reacts to what others do instead of planning ahead.

I know many people think the Big East will eventually negotiate with Pitt and Syracuse to let them out as early as the 2012 season. I have my doubts. The Big East already lost TCU for next year. Only Navy and Army could possibly be able to come to the Big East by next season — assuming they can break a bunch of their contracts for games for next year. Temple would have to give the MAC two years notice. MWC would expect a year notice from Air Force like they did from TCU. And C-USA where UCF, SMU, ECU, Houston, and whatever else is plucked from there have their own restrictions.

If the Knights ultimately decide to join the Big East, Conference USA officials told the Sentinel that UCF would have to pay an exit fee of about $7 million. Schools leaving C-USA must pay their annual share of television revenue under dual contracts with Fox Sports Network and CBS Sports for five years and an additional one-time $500,000 fee.

The last time Conference USA lost members, it negotiated games with remaining league members in exchange for reduced exit-fee payments. USF ended up playing a four-game football series with rival UCF, in part, because of its Conference USA exit-fee arrangement.

If C-USA schools leave this year, league leaders are not currently planning to offer any game trades to reduce exit fees and will require a bonded percentage of the full exit fees before schools can join other conferences.

Conference USA also plans to enforce its exit rules, which means the earliest UCF could join the Big East would be for the 2013 football season.

Starting at $7.5 million dollars to leave (more than the Big East exit fee), makes it much more expensive to negotiate a quick departure. So it seems increasingly likely that Pitt and Syracuse will be playing in the Big East for at least another, awkward year, simply because the number of teams in the Big East will require it to keep its BCS automatic qualifying status.

As for the Big East’s long-term BCS AQ status. That is murky. Some are already writing the obituary because of the level of competition the future holds.

Even if whatever conglomeration they come up with still stands mathematically ahead of the Mountain West and Conference USA come 2014, the bowls and the Big East’s fellow conferences have had enough. West Virginia is the league’s lone remaining school the bowls can count on to travel and draw eyeballs. Just because you give Temple or UCF a Big East label doesn’t mean fans are going to carve out four hours on Jan. 2 to watch them. The fact that an unranked 8-4 UConn team went to a BCS bowl last season (where it bought 4,500 tickets) while 11-1 Michigan State and Boise State did not was galling enough.

“You’re telling me you’re going to put 9-3 East Carolina in the Fiesta Bowl?” said one college football administrator. “Are you kidding me?”

Army, Navy and Air Force would be much more appealing — they draw well even to the third-tier bowls they play in now — but what are the chances any would win the league consistently?

Others have more optimism for the conference to keep its BCS AQ status. Whether it is political forces:

Continuing to grant a BCS bowl bid to the Big East champ is chump change to the rest of the AQ conferences compared to the political heat that could result from throwing out a league that has any service academies and large flagship universities in the Northeast.  It’s imperative to the Big Ten, SEC and other AQ conferences that the BCS system itself is preserved, which likely means that they need to keep the Big East in the fold.

Or lawsuits and blackmail.

So what happens if the BCS threatens to pull the Big East’s automatic bid?

If I’m the Big East I threaten to file a lawsuit and tell all. Since there are no established criteria for pulling a league’s BCS bid, the Big East should view any attempt to take away its bid as impermissible. The primary value of Big East football right now is that BCS bid. If it vanishes then why would anyone want to be in the Big East? So the automatic bid is a definite property interest that is being relied upon by the league. Any rescission of that right is tantamount to collegiate sports war. If there is no established process to take away a right, how can that right be taken away?

Given all the antitrust scrutiny that the BCS is already under, can you imagine what a lawsuit’s discovery and depositions would look like if the BCS attempted to pull the Big East’s bid? The Big East was there at inception, it knows all the gritty details about how the six conferences came to power and what agreements existed between them to keep the vast majority of the bowl bonanza in their hands. Put simply, the BCS turns on one of its original six members at its own peril.

I think the political heat may be the bigger factor. Consider that New Jersey, Connecticut and West Virginia would all see their state university lose their BCS seat. That’s a 6-US Senator voting block right there. Not to mention if Navy and Air Force joined and saw the bid stripped out. To say nothing of if UCF joined. That would have Florida politicians in the center of the state under big pressure with USF and UCF denied.

Finally some silliness of the empty threat, courtesy of Dick Weiss.

If the Big East wants to play hard ball with Pittsburgh and Syracuse, which defected to the ACC without notice, it should hold them to the 27 month window of notification, which would preclude ‘Cuse and Pitt from entering the ACC until the start of the 2014 season. And, here’s the kicker, the Big East should also restrict league championship events, which have automatic BCS or NCAA bids attached, like their annual basketball tournament in the Garden to those schools that are committed to staying.

That way, the league can keep teams that are bolting the conference in the Big East Tournament but deny them the luxury of automatic entry to the Big Dance.

I’d like to take full credit for this idea but the genesis of the idea came from a close friend who is  wired to expansion.

You know what? Pitt and Syracuse would love for the Big East to do this. Why? Because it would be the actionable claim to get the teams out of the Big East early. Pitt and Syracuse may not be involved in the decisions of the conference because they are leaving, but there is no way the athletic programs can realistically or legally be excluded from Big East competition if they are held in the conference. So, that won’t happen.

Another fine peice of insightful reporting…thanks Chas.

Comment by Jeff in CPa 10.12.11 @ 2:42 pm

The Big East is like, in the movie a “Dead Man Walking.” I don’t see any way they survive as major college football conference. The writing was on the wall at the 1st expansion when they invited two basketball only schools, DePaul and Marquette along with Cincinnatti, Louisville, and South Florida. The only reason for the inclusion of 2 non-football schools was to preserve the voting balance between the football and basketball only schools. West Virginia, Louisville and Cincinnatti are going jump at the 1st opportunity, if the Big 12 makes any of them an offer. Uconn is lobbying in any it can to get an invitation from the ACC. Losing Pitt and Syracuse was a fatal blow, even if the conference limps along for a few more years. What I find interesting is how quickly the ACC reacted when the Big 12 voiced their interest in Pitt.

Comment by Justinian 10.12.11 @ 3:04 pm

Good stuff Chas. I was wondering, and I’m being serious, has anyone spoken with DeFilippo about what he really meant.

By this, did he actually mean people from ESPN actually spoke to him and or people from the ACC??

Or could he of been saying, since ESPN drives things, and football drives things, because of what ESPN gets the most money from (football), that ESPN “told” us what to do. Not from speaking to them directly, but, from the “we all know what they want” sense.

I’m sure there is a word for that, but I don’t know what it is. I have said that before regarding competition in the business world, “well since so and so is going in that direction, that pretty much tells us what we need to do”.

No biggie, was just wondering if anyone had actually spoken to him about what he meant.

Doesn’t matter to me, we’re in!!! Good article.

Comment by Dan 10.12.11 @ 3:06 pm

I wouldn’t take a slight to the hoops either, even if UCONN has a couple nat champs and a little longer history.

With football ruling, sounds like we would have been first choice on that end, and you can you tube Coach K’s reaction and answer on you tube, very excited and thrilled that Pitt and Syracuse were invited, and even says, “to get two power programs like that, has got to make you happy”.

So, all is good, like I said, we’re in, nice to be on the winning side for once!!!!

Ya, Chas, why wouldn’t they still be mad at Pitt too??

Sounds like he wanted to “stick it” to UCONN, just to “stick it” to them publicly!!!

They acted pretty quickly too, if he was snubbing UCONN on his own, in the conference meetings, I believe that could have been overcome with some prodding from others, that, “look, this is what’s best for the conference” talk. Showing him the numbers, what have you.

Hey, if he really did snub them, and it helped us, great!! If it really was the invite looming to the Big12, great!!!

If there was never anything, and the ACC picked Syracuse and Pitt, great.

We’re in baby, great!!

Comment by Dan 10.12.11 @ 3:16 pm

Great recap, Chas.

The Weiss thing is hilarious. What a tool!

Here’s my option: Pitt and ‘Cuse simply walk in 2012 and don’t even pay the $5 million. They say to the Big East, “So, sue us!” Worked out real well for the BE the last time.

I’m just joking of course, but it makes as much sense as Weiss’ option.

Comment by TampaT 10.12.11 @ 3:20 pm

The real problem for the Big East is that while trying to lock these teams down for the long haul, these schools are still going to have one eye looking West or South. Therefore, the problem will be getting votes from schools like UCONN, WVU, RU, L-ville, Cincy. Basically, the football schools are not committed and aren’t going to vote for crazy measures that hamper the process of leaving the BE if that time were to come. It’s a lose-lose for Meatball Marinara.

Comment by The Incline 10.12.11 @ 3:27 pm

it seems more likely the football bloc will assert itself and ease the restrictions on leaving early (at the very least, prevent them from tightening). The football schools may be “committed” today, but that doesn’t mean they’ll be committed a week after a BE bylaws vote goes down.

Comment by Ghost of Hornman 10.12.11 @ 3:53 pm

Did you ever think that part of the reason the Big East is unstable is because Pitt and Syracuse decided to bolt? Those who claim it was already on loose ground are halucinating. Further halucination is the thought that Pitt and Cuse will actually be competitive in the ACC. We’ll be just like BC, who I’m sure, regrets ever having left the Big East. At least we’ll be able to win close games against the I-AA out of conference teams on our schedule! WVU has a better program than Pitt in both football and hoops. For as much publicity Pitt hoops gets, the ‘eers have actually done much better on the national stage in the NCAA tournament over the years. Pitt is irrelevant!

Comment by Rob 10.12.11 @ 3:53 pm

DeFilippo is the AD that fired his FB coach for interviewing for the HC job with the NY Jets .. a definite step-up.

The replacement coach currently has a 1 and 5 record with losses of 30-3 to UCF and 20-19 at home to Duke. Its only win was over D2 UMass.

Now the dilemna .. not sure when the contract of current coach expires, however, does the AD have the right to fire the coach that hasn’t expired if he fired the coach for possibly looking to break his contract?

Comment by wbb 10.12.11 @ 4:00 pm

Hey Rob 13-9 is all I need to say!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Comment by Bruce F 10.12.11 @ 4:04 pm

Just more compromises for the BE with fotball only members, some about 2000 miles away from other members. They apparently haven’t learned and, of course, would never split as long as it is lead by a BB only member, who is from a school that should have been shown the door a long time ago. If they were willing to throw out a FB-only member in 03 fo incompetence, they should do the same to BB only members Providence and DePaul for the same.

Comment by wbb 10.12.11 @ 4:13 pm

Rob, Pitt is apparently more relevant than WVU … (now if only you would have given Swofford’s daughter a free unearned MBA, who knows?)

Comment by wbb 10.12.11 @ 4:16 pm

Sour grapes?

Comment by TX Panther 10.12.11 @ 4:26 pm

+1 on both of those posts, wbb.

Feel free to call Rob a troll. I won’t object. LOL

Comment by TampaT 10.12.11 @ 4:28 pm

Yes the Big 12 interest in PITT had to be somewhat of a key in PITT getting the ACC invite.

Here’s something for you all (southern thing) to consider. Does the Big 10 really want the ACC market in Pittsburgh and NY? (especially if a ACC network is launched)

Could the TCU thing set a precedence in future conference expansion?
A Lot of things can happen in 27 months.

Just sayin. haha

Comment by EMel 10.12.11 @ 4:47 pm

@ Rob.

BC has been very relevant in ACC football until this year dude. They have challenged for the (whatever) division they play in. BC has been in like 12 straight bowl games. So you’re way off base.

PITT will be a ‘King’ in the ACC.

I GUARANTEE. (that is if we actually start playing in it)

Comment by EMel 10.12.11 @ 4:51 pm

Oh and you’re a troll.

Comment by EMel 10.12.11 @ 4:52 pm

Wbb, Yes, Providence should have been shown the door like they did to “football only” Temple. In those days Temple had pretty good basketballbut Villanova who was struggling then didn’t want them in. The old Big East “basketball only schools” clung to their charter members card and slowed down the initives to expand the football conference. So in the jungle of conference expansion, you either eat, or be eaten.

Comment by Justinian 10.12.11 @ 4:55 pm

Mr. DeFilippo certainly does have a big mouth, and is not one to let bygones be bygones. “It was a matter of turf.” He sounds childish to me. In the end, and I can say this as a practicing Catholic, that these “Catholic” universities are as greedy as anyone else and hold grudges as hard as anyone else.

My idea was that if the ACC was to admit UConn and Rutgers, it would finish off the Big East as a football conference and Pitt & Syracuse could join the ACC much sooner. If UConn never enters the ACC, it’s no big deal to me anyway.

Rob is certainly a troll. WVU’s basketball better than Pitt’s? Come on.

Comment by Penguins Fan 10.12.11 @ 4:56 pm

Like I said on the other thread, sometimes you’re pretty friggin’ funny.

Comment by TampaT 10.12.11 @ 4:56 pm

Ha Ha Rob!!! Enjoy what’s left of the Big Least!!

Or Big 12, ya, that makes sense, WVU in a Southwest/Great Plains league!!! LOL

Apparently Rob, WVU is not more relevant, hence no invite to the ACC or SEC.

And Rob, please, you show your lack of any knowledge of the Big East, to not say the Big East was not on unstable ground.

Really, out of all of these, the comment about people thinking the BE being unstable are hallucinating, Rob, read the net, the papers, watch the t.v., keep up with news, if you want to comment on it, because that comment really shows your lack of knowledge towards anything BE.

And, once again, I must say to the trolls…..

We’re in baby, no matter what is said, we’re in!!!

Comment by Dan 10.12.11 @ 5:31 pm

Free at last, free at last. Thank God Almighty. Pitt is free at last. Thanks BC.

Comment by TX Panther 10.12.11 @ 5:39 pm

A small anectdote on how pissed WVU fans are.

Frankly, can’t blame them, if we were left out, I’d be ticked too.

Anywho, my brother is the computer/accountant head, of a medium sized company.

Two brothers own it, and their sons and daughters are peppered throughout the place.

Oh, I forgot, the owners are former WVU football players. Probably about mid 60ish, sons, 30’s and 40’s.

They have always had a jovial Pitt-WVU relationship with my brother (Pitt guy) and several other office people who are Pitt and even some Nitters.

Always good natured ribbing and stuff.

The monday after that Saturday announcement, or whenever it went public, the following day, one of the sons came in, walked right by my brother, not even a good morning.

The two owners, who are hands on owners, did not come in for two days by the way.

Anyhow, the son, did not talk to anyone for three or four days. The other sons and daughters did not as well, allthough, he said the daughters were cordial at times.

This went on all week!!! The two owners and the son, did come out ok. They called an office meeting on Friday, apologized to everyone in the office. Admitted they had been acting childish, were not professional, but, it really caught them off guard and took them aback!!!

They bought everyone lunch, about 30 people, and kept apologizing about their childishness, and ended up on a good note for the week.

Back to normal the following week, with jabs about where WVU will end up and Pitt stabbed us in the back type stuff, my brother said, all in good fun.

I do want to say, they did nothing bad to any employees, my brother loves them, says they are really good family people.

But, I tell this anectdote to let everyone know how pissed they are. They’re pissed at the Big East, they’re pissed at Pitt and Syracuse, the SEC, even their own administration for letting this happen.

Like ruddy faced, having heart attack pissed over the entire situation.

And these are professional people. My brother has worked their for 23 years, says, he’d never seen anything like it ever before. The tension in the air was palpable.

Anyhow, they are embarrassed by their actions, and love their employees, which my brother confirms, they just lost it, weren’t mad at any employee, just the whole situation.

I never say anything to scare anyone, but I’d really think twice about going down to the game in Morgantown if any of you have plans. It could be very nasty!!

Comment by Dan 10.12.11 @ 5:55 pm

Rob wvu troll i feel bad for you SEC doesent want you ACC doesent want you big 12 wants LS ville first and you second if LS ville turns them down i feel bad NOT IN THIS LIFE TIME GO BURN A COUCH. OR BEAT UP SOME POOR LADY WHO IS WITH CHILD YOU TROLL.

Comment by FRANKCAN 10.12.11 @ 6:07 pm

Dan, The irony of West Virginia being angry at Pitt, is that there were reports this summer that WVU Athletic Director Oliver Luck had been in discussion with the SEC about possible membership. They were looking to move before the Big 12 mentioned Pitt as a possible candidate and long before the ACC invited Pitt and Syracuse.

Comment by Justinian 10.12.11 @ 6:10 pm

Dan, I fully understand the reaction of the West Virginia fans. I was pissed off the time when the ACC announced inviting Syracuse, Boston College, and Miami. If you think about it Syracuse almost went back then, except for the intervention of the Virginia legislature pressuring UVA.

Comment by Justinian 10.12.11 @ 6:16 pm

Frank, you know what makes me feel bad? Trying to read your indecipherable babble. Learn sentence structure, or how to type, you neanderthal. And don’t worry, we’ll leave the women beating to the PITT head coach. I think he captured the spirit of the average, unemployed steel worker, alcoholic yinzer pretty well. Actually, the city of Pittsburgh with 300,000 people has more murders in one year than the entire state of 1.9 million west Virginians. What a violent, bunch of savages you are. It’s pathetic, really.

Comment by LOL 10.12.11 @ 6:27 pm

Best thing about this whole expansion thing right now is that I do not care! Pitt is going to the ACC no later than 2014. The Big East continues to be a mess run by an incompetent commissioner. I am fairly confident the Big East football side will implode before 2014.

Comment by John In South Carolina 10.12.11 @ 6:29 pm


Comment by FRANKCAN 10.12.11 @ 6:56 pm

Troll LOL. WV actually had more murders, but they are all cold cases and don’t show up in the homicide stats—something about no dental records.
And those stats on all those deviate sexual crimes in WV are just not fair, because, you know, sheep lie.

Frankcan is one of us. Back off. And how ironic is it that a WV troll would try to correct someone’s grammar. With your grand academic credentials, you just got rejected by both the SEC and ACC.

Comment by Bossdaws 10.12.11 @ 7:58 pm

Yep, pretty pathetic. Have fun playing E.Carolina and Memphis!!

P.S. Actually your stats are off. You should include the state of West Virginia, as it’s Pittsburgh’s biggest suburb!!!!

Comment by Dan 10.12.11 @ 7:58 pm

And p.s. Don’t take your anger out on us, just because your sister missed her period, and you’re not ready for fatherhood yet!!! LMAO!!

Comment by Dan 10.12.11 @ 7:59 pm

And one more, just remember, no matter what you trolls post, no matter what you say, when we all turn are computers for the night…….

Pitt is in the ACC!!!! Hey, I heard that SMU is coming to the Big East, ought to be a great hoops game!!!

nyuck, nyuck, nyuck!!!

Comment by Dan 10.12.11 @ 8:02 pm

This is too easy!! I can’t stop.

Murder, aren’t you the people that just threw bricks through LSU fans car, and beat and stabbed the guy????

Dude, when you want to be a troll, here’s one clue, don’t be from WVU, the whole country knows your backwards, not just us!!!

Comment by Dan 10.12.11 @ 8:10 pm

Dan, two thirds of Pittsburgh is barley inhabitable due to drugs and crime, and you’re worried about conference alignment. The joke is on you. But I wouldn’t expect anything less than a rousing good sister comment from a yinzer. Go cop yourself a bag of crack on any one of your littered, homeless infested street corners, and take a few hits. You’ll feel better.

Comment by LOL 10.12.11 @ 8:32 pm

I’m going to the game at WV.. gonna get there about 10 minutes early so I can pick up a Master’s degree.

Comment by marcus of schaumburg 10.12.11 @ 8:56 pm

LOL! I’ll take the crack over the meth that’s infesting 98% of W Va any day. At least we get to keep out teeth on that shit….If Pittsburgh is such a terrible place to live, please tell me why it’s consistently ranked as the most livable city in America? But that’s not the point.

Here’s the point: Pitt’s in the ACC. WVU’s in the Big East.

Oh, & 13-9. No, we won’t let that go. Ever.

Comment by Navy_Panther 10.12.11 @ 9:08 pm

Thanks for the help with the troll Bossdaws Dan
Navy Panther and Marcus thank you very mutch

Comment by FRANKCAN 10.12.11 @ 9:17 pm

Hey LOL – barley inhabitable? Freudian slip? Right, like you might know what “Freudian” means. Sorry.

Let me try to simplify. You see, West Virginia is known primarily for its moonshine and missing teeth. The “teeth” side of that has been adequately covered above. But “barley” is a grain that is used to distill certain alcoholic beverages. Sorry again. To make hootch. Anyway, because of that proud history, I was suggesting it was a subconscious psychological predisposition (sorry yet again – the devil made you do it) that you used the term “barley” instead of “barely.” Hope that helps. Or, perhaps you were spelling it as it is pronounced in the western portion of Virginia. But in any case, kudos for at least not trying to spell it “bearly.”

To be clear, it is the state university of West Virginia, right? West Virginia is a beautiful state in many respects. But have you been to downtown Wheeling recently? Downtown Charleston, the state capital? Been thrown out of a casino after midnight in Chester? Ever been assaulted after a WVU football game? Probably not, unless you are a pregnant LSU fan who I am sure was asking for it.

Comment by PO'd Panther 10.12.11 @ 9:46 pm

@lol, yes we are jealous for some things, like, when you have children, if it’s a boy, you get to have a son and a nephew at the same time!!!

Same with the girl, a daughter and niece all in one shot!!!

Comment by Dan 10.12.11 @ 10:33 pm

Now, I know ‘Deliverance’ was shot in Georgia, but I heard the guys that acted with Ned Beatty, in that famous scene, were from WV!!!!

The director was going for realism!!!!

“Squeal, boy!”

Comment by Dan 10.12.11 @ 10:35 pm

p.s. LOL, in case you didn’t hear…………….

Pitt is in the ACC!!!!

Comment by Dan 10.12.11 @ 10:37 pm

And LOL, no, the joke is on you. Worried about conference realignment????

You’re the troll that came on this sight!!!!

What a moron, you’re gonna call people out, when you come on another teams blog!!!!

You’re too stupid for your own good!!!!!!

Comment by Dan 10.12.11 @ 10:41 pm

Sorry, “site”, allthough I’m sure LOL wouldn’t have caught that, with his photo copied degree!!

Anyone see the movie ‘Wrong Turn’?? I think LOL had a staring role!!! LMAO!!!

Comment by Dan 10.12.11 @ 10:43 pm

Hope that I’m not too late to jump on the WVU troll retort wagaon. Two big reasons that West Virginian’s murder rate is low, first, you don’t need to murder anybody there, they’re so depressed about living in such a sh*t hole to start with, they take care of it themselves via suicide. Secondly, most would be murders in West Virginia, just like the general population, are too dumb to get it right and just end up wounding their victims. LOL at LOL!

Comment by Dr. Tom 10.13.11 @ 10:27 am

Sheep don’t report rape.

Comment by TX Panther 10.13.11 @ 11:35 am

@LOL-What do you call someone with seven teeth in WV? Answer-A village. What is the greatest lie told by WV politicians? Answer-“Honest officer, I was just trying to help that sheep though the fence”.

Comment by jw in raleigh 10.13.11 @ 12:19 pm

Figure I might as well jump on too…

What does LOL stand for anyway? Left Out Losers, as in your Mountaineers’ failed attempt to leave the Big East?

And you can get on FRANKCAN’s typing all you want. We all know he has trouble typing. But he has no trouble thinking, which you must suffer from by coming on a blog of Pitt fans and posting your troll crap.

Why does sentence structure matter to you anyway? 3/4 of your state can’t read. But of course they only need to read 2 words: Mine shaft —->

Comment by TampaT 10.13.11 @ 1:08 pm

LMAO!! Good stuff fellas!!

Comment by Dan 10.13.11 @ 3:27 pm

As the saying goes: “Count to two…your in at WVU.” Anyway- can’t wait to leave this train wreck of a league.

Comment by Eric R 10.13.11 @ 6:55 pm

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