September 27, 2011


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   After reading Graham’s press conference yesterday I felt that if we put the recurring storyline to rhyme it would be easier for us to recall after each game and will save us the time of having to actually listen to him talk.

“O” is for offense, believe it or not

“F” is for FUBAR and that’s what we got

“F” is forget to get rid of the ball

“E’ means elusive like winning at all

You get the picture.

   Zeise of the P-G has an article and a blog on Graham’s public display of disaffection yesterday and both detail what is a very candid and, hopefully, honest assessment from Graham about what the ills of the offense are at this time.

It’s becoming a recurring theme that the players aren’t able to fully grasp what this offense requires of them and, in turn, they lose any chance at being consistent in any form.  This is what he states and this is what we have seen when we watch the games.

We’re just not executing the offense. [Against Notre Dame], we had guys not run the right routes, we had more mental mistakes then we had in the games before so we have to eliminate those things and get better. We haven’t been consistent, [Sunseri] hasn’t been able to get the ball out on time to be able to execute what we need to do. We have at times, but nothing close to what we need

It’s no secret that Sunseri has been holding the ball too long.  Every PITT fan has said exactly the same thing over the course of the first four weeks.

He must have used the phrase (or some version of) “not getting the ball out quick enough” no less than seven or eight times (including when someone asked him about the sacks the line gave up) in this news conference and he is clearly irritated by it. But he also knows this – looking at the quarterback position right now, there really isn’t another option yet. Trey Anderson may be the guy soon, but Graham said he needs experience and until he gets it, Sunseri will continue to be the man”.

Then, to give us a glimmer of hope we read this about a possible change:

“Pay particular attention to the underlined part in this quote – he is saying that Anderson isn’t playing yet because he is still learning.

“Tino Sunseri still gives us the best opportunity to win a championship,” Graham said. “For every person it’s a process and for some players it happens faster than others.. I like getting [Anderson] some experience because he has a different skill set. He also walked here in August so he is still learning. He is a talent and I am thankful for him. We will give him some series from time to time like last week. He will play but our starting quarterback is Tino. We have to get some things corrected but he has the most experience. We have to put the person out there who gives us the best opportunity to win and that is Tino.”

   That is unless Graham is blowing smoke of course.  Its one thing to talk about getting Anderson some experience and it is a whole other thing when he puts the kid in for a total of three series out of 16 quarters of play.  You have to wonder if: 1) Graham is serious about having this option of a different QB at all and 2) even if he is serious is he ever going to have the guts to do it?

It isn’t like we are going to be producing any blowout wins where the second string guy can come in for an extended period of time.  No, Graham has to insist in his own mind that sitting Sunseri down and trying the alternative is important enough to face any risk in doing it.  As many of us have said before, where is the downside at this point in doing so?

   Fans take note.  This is week five now and there has been no mention from Todd Graham about Myers at QB.  That might not mean anything if we were seeing even decent production out of the QB and the offense but we know it is in shambles.  The fact that week after week we hear Graham talk about Anderson as the only alternative to Sunseri defines what the reality of the QB situation is.

   But it isn’t only the woes at the QB position that is holding the offense back.  When asked about what was wrong with the offense Graham said: “Someone asked me today, what do you think is wrong with the offense?,” Graham said. “We’re not running it. That’s what’s wrong with it.”

Well, short, sweet and to the point I guess.  As our commenter wbb mentioned yesterday, a lot of the problem is just wrong execution of the plays themselves.

“The biggest thing that happens is that our offense is one that is very technical and very specific about what you’re supposed to do,” Graham said.” If the route calls for you to release outside, you have to release outside. It’s not optional. So we get a lot of that, because before it was just ‘best release;’ well, you can’t do that. You know they know that, but what happens is that players with all the right intentions operate outside the system. It’s just little silly things…

“Two times in the game, Devin took the wrong release,” Graham said. “Okay, there’s two things that messed up a play. Then we didn’t read the right cover-down guy on the pass concept, or we misread the read-zone, and then all of a sudden you get done and you have 17 plays where you didn’t have a chance to have any positive yardage. And that goes back to just being sold on what we’re doing and how we’re doing it. I think the kids want to.

Fix some of that and you take a little pressure off the QB and allow him to complete the play as designed.  It’s really a breakdown in both the player’s following the script and the coaching staff being overconfident about what this offense could actually accomplish coming out of training camp.  The fact that we were lining up, getting the playcall in and snapping the ball in 15 seconds means nothing if you perform a Chinese fire drill right afterward.

   Contrary to the article I put up yesterday (and Chris Dokish’s blog the day before) Graham said ‘he also doesn’t want to see too much quick game” passing even if the Panthers can’t protect Sunseri. He said he wants to see the ball “get out on time” and get down the field because that’s the only way the offense will work.

Now, I’m not sure what he actually means by ‘quick game’ passing when he’s been singing the mantra of “One, two, go!” every time he opens his mouth.  But he states he needs to see us stretch the field vertically… which if you have a QB who can’t pass accurately over 20 yards isn’t an easy thing to do.

We’ll always have Shanahan, Street and H. Graham getting intermediate passes and I can’t imagine that Graham wants to start flinging deep balls every chance he gets so, my assumption is that we’ll see the quicker receivers working seam routes and crossing patterns where the shorter passes can be effective in getting yardage after the catch.  In other words, less passing horizontally, thank God – get rid of those silly quick passes along the LOS, and more short-intermediate routes to get the ball to the players who can motor and move vertically.

   One last thing.  The HC wants to see Ray Graham carry the ball 30 times per game.  No mention of Zach Brown or Cory Davis getting some plays at RB.  Well, OK.  How about doing something different then running Graham into the teeth of the DL every play then?  What exactly was the pitch out to Graham when you have a 3rd & 1 at the two yard line supposed to accomplish when we never run that play at any other point in the season?  It looked like he was shocked when that play was called. Use Graham’s speed to effect around the end.  Then when you try something different at the goal line at least everyone will be familiar with the play.

I’m a little disappointed that Coach has not been able to adjust his system to the players he has. It seems that it is all or nothing and that he is going to slam that square peg into the round hole and damn the consequences. It also irritates me when he says Tino gives us the best chance to win a championship. How about playing them one at a time, rather than setting yourself up to look silly. I can’t tell whether this team is going to get better or worse. If we lose on Thursday, we probably lose to Utah and WVU and who knows what else might happen. I know we have to give the coach time, blah, blah, blah. But great coaches get the most out of their players and don’t make excuses, just sayin.. Not my fault Walt.

Comment by gc 09.27.11 @ 7:28 am

Graham said what I have been writing here for a couple of weeks now .. that he will play the QB the provides the best chance of success. And he pretty much hinted (per Zeise’s underline) that if and when Anderson becomes that guy, he will be the QB.

Chill out people … but before then, don’t be too hard on any QB because he isn’t meeting your expectations. Especially since, as Dokish pointed out, he doesn’t have the tools or experience to effectively run this offense. All you can ask is that he makes earnest effort.

Comment by wbb 09.27.11 @ 7:39 am

Graham’s excuse that the offense isn’t working because it is so difficult and precise is bs to me. I’m a high school teacher. If the style that I’m teaching in is drawing blank stares and kids to fall asleep, I change to another strategy. I adapt out of MY COMFORT ZONE for the good of the group. Graham doesn’t have his personell for this offense and if this season is to be salvaged, he is going to have to play to the strengths of the people here, and not to his own ego of doing it his way.

Comment by AJ 09.27.11 @ 7:58 am

Well wbb, I don’t think anyone is questioning that he makes an earnest effort. Although I have questioned whether the coaching staffs have made it possible to know what his best efforts may be as I think that comes with competition.

That said, if Graham really is serious when he says “We have to put the person out there who gives us the best opportunity to win and that is Tino.“, and in saying that infers it could be someone else in the future…then perhaps that will drive Sunseri to work harder and better play or risk actually losing his job.

But after three weeks of spring camp, four weeks of training camp and four weeks of season play I also don’t think it’s a reach to think that Sunseri should be able to grasp the importance of getting the throw out on time in this offense and then do it. He isn’t being asked to master 100% of the playbook or 87 different formations. He is being asked one thing, to get the ball out on time.

It isn’t a physical limitation like someone not having the strength to throw a deep pattern or not being able to run effectively. If that were so I think his problems with this offense would be better understood by fans. But the part and parcel of his shortcomings isn’t physical according to the HC, it’s his inability to mentally adapt to the new requirements.

That is hard to understand given the opportunities he has had to get it right. Hell, no other QB on the roster even got a shot because the staff concentrated so hard on making sure Sunseri could grasp this concept.

The main thing going forward, IMO, is that Todd Graham looks in the mirror and realizes that as a head coach he’s the one who has to make the hard decision and live with either the success or failure of that decision. Right now it feels like Sunseri is still the starter by default and that may be true given the lack of experience Graham says Anderson has. But sooner or later if things continue on we’ll come that fork in the road and I just hope Graham doesn’t stick with Sunseri because it will be the easier thing to do.

Comment by Reed 09.27.11 @ 8:05 am

Everyone is missing the point.
1. Graham always points to the staff as needing to do a better job.
2. Graham has adjusted the D and O system for this team.
3. If Anderson would have had any success when he is in the game he will either stay in or play another series.
4. Everyone complains about no deep passes. Street and Shannahan both dropped deep passes against ND.
Last but not least…..

Comment by notrocketscience 09.27.11 @ 8:26 am

Coach Graham is very confusing and is disappointing many people. I understand that Anderson needs to be worked in slowly, not thrown into a lions den, but to instill him on every third series is absolutely ignorant. What happens if Tino actually drives both possessions for scores..will they give up the ball to Trey? There is no rhyme or reason to his madness. Putting the kid in for three snaps against ND was embarrassing; let the kid play an entire quarter or half next game, Graham cannot make quality evaluations on three snaps. I suppose we are really stuck between a rock and a hard place with this whole situation. We obviously know that Trey is undeniably faster and more equipped for this offense, i suppose it will take time and patience for him to develop, but, we may be playing Syracuse by then(Dec 3).

Just play Trey! Enough of this coddeling / Local kid from Central fairytale. Tell him to transfer to Buffalo.

Comment by H.landPitt 09.27.11 @ 8:41 am

This is D1, FBS, whatever you wanna call it football. If kids from Rice and Tulsa can pickup his system, then I expect our kids to be able to do it.

Apparently the headlines were right, Wanny recruited athletes but I guess they lack the intelligence to pickup the system.

Comment by BnG 09.27.11 @ 8:50 am

I’m not sure I agree with your assertion that Graham points to the staff as needing to do a better job. In fact, there was just a discussion on The Fan how he continually throws Tino under the bus, but also included Street and king this week … last week, it was Tino, Roberts and Gruder.

The guys on The Fan believe that Graham feels is too much under the gun for a failing offense due to all of the preseason hype he spewed out in all of his interviews.

I believe that there is some credence to that but then again, he has said a handful of time that we have to coach better (but doesn’t mention any names.)

I fairness, they probably did coach better this week on defense.

Comment by wbb 09.27.11 @ 8:52 am

BnG, maybe it’s a regional phenomenon. The kids who play at Houston and Rice may have played in a spread their entire lives … whereas that is not the case in the Northeast. Heck, even in the Southeast, may of the most successful teams play a more conservative offense — Va Tech, So Carolina, Bama, LSU, Georgia … not to mention the current CUSA champs, UCF.

It will take a while to fully implement Graham’s system .. maybe a bit longer than anyone had imagined including Graham

Comment by wbb 09.27.11 @ 9:00 am

Having coached many basketball teams, I can feel for what coach Graham is going through. You work and work and work on a play, series,options and the kids do it perfect in practice, time after time. Then once in a game, they totally blow the play. Sometimes, looking at mom and dad in the stands, sometimes just brain lock. Until they do it once in a game, it just will not stick.

Please, let’s give Coach a break here. This team will come around….they have a Wannstedtian learning curve!

Comment by Dan 72 09.27.11 @ 9:03 am

Plain and simple, when you hire a new coach year one is almost always going to be a bumpy ride. Just beat WVU and it’s a good year.

Comment by HbgFrank 09.27.11 @ 9:12 am

Quite possibly the reason Tino hesitates before he throws or doesn’t throw, as the case may be, is this.
He knows the only way he gets sit down is if he throws interceptions and he’s afraid of just winging it, since he doesn’t trust his accuracy, therefore he hesitates. And he takes sacks as well, for fear of throwing the pick.

He threw the 2 picks in the 3rd quarter of the Maine game and watched the 4rth quarter from the bench. Good thing because those 7 points Trey quarterbacked the team to, were the deciding points of the game.

Comment by melvinbennett 09.27.11 @ 9:12 am

As far as the experience comments by TG. I was led to believe the reason they brought Anderson in was because he’s been running this exact same offense for the last 5 years. At least that was the story that Zeise wrote and Todd Dodge was instrumental, being the QB coach, of getting Trey to Pitt.

Some of these comments are getting contradictory.

Comment by melvinbennett 09.27.11 @ 9:20 am

The high school teacher analogy is not really a good one. Graham has already stated that he has simplified the offense as much as possible. At some point it is on the athletes to execute (just like it is on HS students to learn.) So he has ALREADY adapted. They weren’t getting the calculus, so he switched to algebra. What many people on here seem to want is since the players aren’t getting the Math, Graham should switch to Biology! If that is the case, what the heck did we get rid of Wannstedt for? We wanted change. We got it. Now it is going to take time to adapt to it. In the meantime, there will be frustrations.

Comment by JCE 09.27.11 @ 9:21 am

Here is the one issue I have with Graham. He claims all of the sacks were due to not getting the ball out 1, 2, 3. Yet, there has been a handful of plays (and possbily more than the number of sacks) when the QB was able to make a play after he didn’t make the initial throw.

The fact is that if the QB is sacked after only 1,2,3, then the OL has to have some culpability. Most QBs can make successful plays when they are given time to do so …. as we all should have have taken note on ND’s 4th quarter scoring drive; Rees had very little pressure on him and went 8 for 8, often finding his 3d or 4th option.

Comment by wbb 09.27.11 @ 9:33 am

Something is amiss here.
Thru 3 quarters on the road at a Big 10 school, PITT was up 24-3.
We had the long run after catch by Street, and the flea flicker pass by Ronald Jones.

Then another long drive, got down to the 2 or 3 yard line and the Tino fumble and then settled for the FG, 27-10 PITT.

From that point forward the offense has bumbled, stumbled and fallen flat on it’s face.
What happened in 1 week, that supposedly these receivers are not running routes correctly, we know the problems persist with Tino’s hesitation and lack of accuracy of anything over 15 yards.

But it appears something else is going on with this team, the way TG describes the mass confusion on offense. As predicted it’s getting tougher and tougher to run the ball, as team’s disregard Tino’s ability to throw accurately downfield. Thursday night is going to be interesting!

Comment by melvinbennett 09.27.11 @ 9:39 am

I think TG made a mistake when he put Anderson in vs. ND. The team was backed up against its goal line. He should’ve put him in a better situation to build some confidence.

Comment by Pittastic 09.27.11 @ 9:41 am

I wonder if they’re belief in this system is wavering as much as it is on this blog.

Or is they’re belief in Tino wavering, as I suspected it did last year. Well we know it did.

Comment by melvinbennett 09.27.11 @ 9:48 am

In the 4th quarter vs Iowa, the offense didn’t bumble, stumble and fall flat on its face. In fact, it moved the ball on every drive getting at least a few 1st downs on every drive (including the final which ended in an INT). It just didn’t finish.

It was the defense that bumbled and stumbled and most certainly fell flat on its face, offering little or no resistance on 3 straight drives.

Comment by wbb 09.27.11 @ 9:55 am

Reed no other QB got a shot you are so right reed you nailed it .

And reed thank you for taking the time to put up these posts they make my day.

Comment by FRANKCAN 09.27.11 @ 10:00 am

Wbb you must have missed this part of what dokish said and it was Tino is slow footed and a slow thinker which means he cant get it done.

Comment by FRANKCAN 09.27.11 @ 10:06 am


The Offense produced zero points in the 4rth quarter. Had one 3 and out and got two first downs the whole frickin 4rth quarter, which is why Iowa comeback. Note the time of possession, the 3 times Pitt had the ball.

4th Quarter
Drive Log: Pittsburgh Panthers @ Iowa Hawkeyes, 4th Quarter
Start Time Time Poss Drive

Began # of Plays Yards Gained Result
9:55 1:53 PITT 37 6 27 Downs
6:19 1:45 PITT 20 3 5 Punt
2:51 1:05 PITT 9 6 28 Int

What game were you watching?

Comment by melvinbennett 09.27.11 @ 10:18 am

Just play trey he moves better he runs better his pass looks better let him learn on the job.

So he loses a game tino is all ready doeing that so whats the big deal . at least we would be doeing something to make the team better in the long run am i right melvin.

Comment by FRANKCAN 09.27.11 @ 10:20 am

I would call that, bumbling, stumbling and falling flat on it’s face. What would you call it wbb?

Comment by melvinbennett 09.27.11 @ 10:21 am

Of course you are right Frankcan

The longer Tino plays the more likelihood we’re stuck with him next year as starter again.

Comment by melvinbennett 09.27.11 @ 10:23 am

I doubt that Trey ran this “exact” offense in High School. If Zeise said that it was probably an overstatement. My recollection was that it was a similar spread offense. Not quite the same thing. Regardless, Tino has been working in the offense since last spring — so to Graham that still gives him the edge. Trey has had less time in it. Graham said he is raw. It is like a 4.0 student coming out of college transitioning to the actual workplace. No matter how good their grades were in school, when they first start at work they are still not going to understand the ins and outs as well as the mediocre college student who has been working for a year or two.

I’m not defending Tino’s play, but I understand where Graham is coming from.

I think there are only a couple people on this blog whose “belief in the system” is wavering. The rest of the wavering is confined to Tino.

Comment by JCE 09.27.11 @ 10:25 am

Unless Tino’s play dramatically improves, or Trey stagnates, I do not think Tino is starter next year.

Comment by JCE 09.27.11 @ 10:27 am

If we lose against USF, I see TG losing this team possibly and Rutgers beating us in NJ the next week, and then Utah comes into town. Could get real ugly.

Comment by melvinbennett 09.27.11 @ 10:29 am

melvinbennet, what I am saying is that the defense bumbled, stumbled and fell flat on their face much more than offense.

The defense allowed Iowa to go right down the field for 3 TDs .. all within a short time, not taking much time off the clock. At least the offense got a few 1st downs.

Comment by wbb 09.27.11 @ 10:30 am

Is anyone else sick of Grahams snake oil bullshit already???

Week after week we hear the same story. “Well Tino played like shit but he’s my guy!”

Is that really the message this guy was brought here to send? I thought he was going to allow for real competition at each position on the field.

Now I remember why I was pulling for Tom Bradley. Graham is a phony and his retread Michigan staff is getting the same results they had in Ann Arbor. Well at least I can write off this season early and spare myself the disappointment for three more months.

Comment by Coach Ditka 09.27.11 @ 10:31 am


Todd Dodge is quoted as saying he couldn’t get over the fact that Anderson’s high school team used the same terminology in this Triple Option Spread when discussing the plays with Trey.
So yes, I think it was pretty close to the same exact offense. Go watch Trey’s video and see how this offense works when you have a QB that knows how to operate it.

Comment by melvinbennett 09.27.11 @ 10:33 am

Everyone is saying that Graham is not adapting to his players. There are instances where I will agree, and others where I disagree. For example, I noticed in the ND game, particularly in the 2nd half, that snaps were coming with much less time on the snap clock (8-12 seconds left vs. 20 or more in previous games). For whatever reason, they toned down the high octane. The result – better D, worse O. If he adapts some play-calling changes to that philosophy, I think we will be fine. No sweeps on 3rd & 1. Maybe run some more wildcat or Anderson snaps.

What I see is that Graham is learning about his players on the job just as much as they are his system, and both sides are making mistakes. I would rather they get on the same page now for the BE season & lose 2 tough non-cons then struggle with wins against weak non-cons and not get better for BE season. The goal is to win the BE, just like it was under DW. There is no reason to think that is unattainable.

Comment by Big A 09.27.11 @ 10:33 am

Maybe Reed can post that again(Trey’s HS playoff video) for those that missed it. Fun stuff, would love to see that at PITT.

Comment by melvinbennett 09.27.11 @ 10:35 am

Im starting a new drinking game. Every time Graham says “system” or “execute” in his weekly bullshit conference you take a drink. If he says both in the same sentence you drink a double. Every time he says “Im in love with Tino” you drink enough shots to hope you pass out and miss the next Pitt beatdown.

I’ve got news for you coach, its your job to make sure the players “execute your system” and the ones that can’t should not be playing.

Comment by Coach Ditka 09.27.11 @ 10:36 am

much too early to make a definitive judgment on Graham .. heck, if (and agree it is a big if) we win the BE, then this year is a success

melbennett, you posted Pitt’s offense in the 4th quarter but seemed to mint the FG

Now post Iowa’s offensive drives for the 4th quarter

Comment by wbb 09.27.11 @ 10:39 am


Facts are facts, the offense didn’t run any clock, had the offense had one long drive and ran about 5-6 minutes off the clock, Iowa wouldn’t have had enough time to come back. I think the info I posted above speaks for itself.

Certainly the defense caved, but they were gassed.
The offense didn’t keep them off the field enough.

Comment by melvinbennett 09.27.11 @ 10:40 am

clarification … seems to ‘omit’ the FG

Comment by wbb 09.27.11 @ 10:40 am

Let me throw a conspiracy theory out there. If Tino is benched and Trey comes in and does well and we win. Being only a freshman that does that do the Voytik and him being fully committed. I think Voytik probably has been told he has a shot at starting as freshman and would not be wanted to sit for several years.
I personally don’t think that is the reason Trey is not playing as it is just Tino has more experience and Trey may not be ready to be the starter as true freshman yet.
Unfortunately we may be stuck with Sunseri. But i still want to she Trey play for several series to see what he can do. I still believe in TG and in the long run we will be better than under Wanny. At least for now I will think that.

Comment by giveitarest 09.27.11 @ 10:41 am

yes, facts are facts … post the facts

you posted Pitt’s drive (and omitted the FG)

now post Iowa’s drives.

Comment by wbb 09.27.11 @ 10:43 am

To say that Graham is not taking accountability, I invite anyone to go back and listen to his interviews and pressers over the past few weeks. He said more of “that’s on us” (coaching staff) then previous coaches did in their entire tenure. He isn’t sugar-coating anything. Tino’s the best we have right now. WRs are not using the correct routes. O-line is weak (and has been for past 2+ seasons).

I just don’t know what everyone wants or expects, considering it’s pretty apparent the previous administration didn’t stock the team with as much talent as we thought. The o-line is bad, linebackers are slow, and WRs are struggling to learn the details of the position. 3 things that a smash-mouth, ball-control system needs. The needs for this system are drastically different; it is unreasonable to expect players to adapt to or have the skill set to play a completely different system when they weren’t arguably executing in the system they were recruited to play.

Comment by Big A 09.27.11 @ 10:44 am

forgive the typos

Comment by giveitarest 09.27.11 @ 10:44 am

October 22, 2011 – Pitt Basketball Blue v. Gold game. Can’t come soon enough.

Comment by boubacar aw 09.27.11 @ 10:46 am


I didn’t miss the FG, that’s because that FG drive started in the 3rd quarter. I did mention in the first post on this subject, that Pitt drove to the 2 or 3 yard line and then Tino fumbled and we settled for a FG. There was 12:49 seconds left in the 4rth Quarter at that point.

Comment by melvinbennett 09.27.11 @ 10:46 am

Since the offense Trey played in in high school is similar to Graham’s, it is unsurprising that some of the terminology is the same.

I watched a couple of Tulsa games last year. One against East Carolina. The other against ND. So, I have seen his offense work to dramatic results. It is not time to give up on it yet. Anybody who is probably didn’t want Wannstedt gone in the first place.

Comment by JCE 09.27.11 @ 10:49 am

no wonder no conferences want WVU

link to

Comment by giveitarest 09.27.11 @ 10:49 am

melvin Dan Reed Coach Ditka this is what i think coach thinks he can win big east . But as soon as he loses say 3 games and knows he cant he put trey in.
Trey will win all the rest of the games and coach will kick him self in the ass for not doeing it sooner.

There is a old saying fortune favors the brave.

Comment by FRANKCAN 09.27.11 @ 10:50 am

Big A, all I expect is that when someone clearly sucks like Tino that the next guy in line at least get a legitimate shot to play. If it doesn’t work then so be it. This was one of Wanny’s biggest flaws, always choosing experience over youth and potential. Graham was brought in to be aggressive and change the teams attitude.

Comment by Coach Ditka 09.27.11 @ 10:51 am

there was 12:49 left in the 4th quarter when they kicked the FG, which means they had the ball over 2 minutes and scored 3 pts which was omitted from your previous post.

then Iowa has 3 long TD scoring drives .. which you continually refuse to post

Comment by wbb 09.27.11 @ 10:52 am

Fellow Pitt fans, I offer you this…Pitt Football has improved each week over the previous. When, in the last 12 years could you say that. It’s all I can ask from a coach.

Comment by Dan 72 09.27.11 @ 10:53 am

Morgantown police say four LSU football fans, including at least two from Pittsburgh, were attacked after the game against West Virginia, with one of them suffering severe head injuries.

The attack occurred late Saturday as spectators left Milan Puskar Stadium. In a news release, the Morgantown Police Department said someone threw a rock through an open window of the vehicle carrying the four fans.

I don’t know why some of us want these scumbags along with us to the ACC.

Comment by melvinbennett 09.27.11 @ 10:54 am

It’s your argument wbb….you go do your own research and post it. Don’t expect me to do research to support your argument. lol

Comment by melvinbennett 09.27.11 @ 10:56 am

giveitarest — Zeise debunked that theory in one of his blogs on the PG website. If you really think about it, all that is wanted is a good QB. If Trey is so good that he would beat out Voytik for the job, then who cares if Voytik doesn’t come. And if Voytik is THAT good that we need to resort to desperation and sabotage our team this year to get him, then he should be good enough to beat out Trey anyway. Besides, if Voytik is any kind of football player, he should have the stones to believe that he will come in here and win the job no matter who is playing this year or how well.

Comment by JCE 09.27.11 @ 10:58 am

The REST of the Story:

Several people then approached the car and began assaulting the driver. The three others in the car were also assaulted.

The Charleston Daily Mail reports that the most seriously injured LSU fan, Marcus Mason, of Pittsburgh, sustained a broken nose, a crushed eye socket and other injuries. He was taken to the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center for surgery. The newspaper reports that his wife, Hannah, who is 22 weeks pregnant, also was involved in the altercation.

Morgantown Police are investigating the attack with the university’s Department of Public Safety.

Read more: Pittsburgh man, pregnant wife attacked after WVU-LSU game – Pittsburgh Tribune-Review link to

Comment by melvinbennett 09.27.11 @ 10:59 am

Dan 72, I believe losing to Bowling Green in the opener then beating an undefeated Iowa team in the 3rd game is showing improvement .. you asked.

In 2001, Pitt started 1-5 and then ended 5-0 including a win over Va Tech 38-31 and Nc State and Phil Rivers in Tangerine Bowl 34-16 … you asked

Comment by wbb 09.27.11 @ 11:00 am

Thanks for the headsup on this story giveitarest.

Disgusting fans they have.

Comment by melvinbennett 09.27.11 @ 11:02 am

Correct Coach Ditka

In answer to your first question in Post #1.

I’m getting damn close.

Comment by melvinbennett 09.27.11 @ 11:08 am

I will be curious to see if any of these WVU criminals were served any beer during the game!!!!!!

Comment by giveitarest 09.27.11 @ 11:10 am

melbennett; here goes – Iowa 4th quarter

02:14 IOWA 27 7 73 Passing Touchdown
01:37 IOWA 36 7 64 Passing Touchdown
01:31 IOWA 36 7 64 Passing Touchdown

Totals: 201 yds, 21 plays, 3 TDs all within 5 minutes 22 seconds (longest drive took 2:14)


Comment by wbb 09.27.11 @ 11:12 am

@Dan 72

Defense seems improving (or was it ND’s offensive ineptitude)
Offense seems to be coming apart at the seams, so that indicates it’s regressing.

Thursday is make it or break it time, in my opinion.
They have got to get this offense back on track and the defense has to do whatever it takes.
The LB’s actually tackling would be a good start.

Comment by melvinbennett 09.27.11 @ 11:12 am

Very good wbb

But I admitted in an above post this:

Certainly the defense caved, but they were gassed.
The offense didn’t keep them off the field enough.
Comment by melvinbennett 09.27.11 @ 10:40 am

Comment by melvinbennett 09.27.11 @ 11:16 am


I was looking back at the historical series with the Hillbillies, as we’ve played like 103 times.

For like the first 30 years of the series, we hardly played them in Hooterville. 25 of the first 30 games were played in Pittsburgh.

I guess there were no roads that went to Hooterville back then. Pitt probably had to take a mule team down there for transport. haha

Comment by melvinbennett 09.27.11 @ 11:24 am

JCE I personally don’t subscribe to taht theory and agree if Voytik is the QB and leader he is supposed to be it is a non issue. Though I did hear from and insider that there was concern on the timing of Anderson coming and Voytik’s commitment

Comment by giveitarest 09.27.11 @ 11:25 am

@melvinbennett never knew that but I guess it was too hard to clean the cow patties off the field back then. I have never gone to a game there and never will given the atmosphere there. Supporting your team is one thing but these people make the Dawg Pound look like a class act.

Comment by giveitarest 09.27.11 @ 11:29 am

Wbb you must have missed this part of what dokish said and it was Tino is slow footed and a slow thinker which means he cant get it done.

Comment by FRANKCAN 09.27.11 @ 10:06 am

You posted this several times on the last post too, as if it proves that Trey Anderson should be playing. Yet Dokish also said that Trey Anderson was too raw and not ready to play. He said that our QB situation, all the way around, is pretty much screwed for this season. So you can’t just point to one thing (Tino is slow footed and slow decision maker) and make that into “The almighty Chris(t) Dockish has said that Tino sucks and should be benched and Trey Anderson should start in order to turn things around.” That simply isn’t what his post said.

We have a real problem at QB and that problem appears to be that we don’t really have one right now who is ready to run this system and run it well.

I, for the life of me, can’t figure out why so many people on here believe that a coach that is so frustrated with his team’s lack of execution on offense would intentionally start the worst QB on the roster and tank his season- especially when he said he wants to win now, not later. I sure as heck hope that one of these QBs pick it up, and soon, because this is getting painful to watch. But I trust that Graham is going to put out there the personnel he thinks will give him the best shot at winning. He has made moves at other positions. Why wouldn’t he at QB if he had a legitimate option?

And why do people assume that if someone like me says that Tino appears to be the best option, that somehow we are Tino apologists? I don’t care who starts. I want to see the offense step it up.

Comment by kanyon40 09.27.11 @ 11:31 am

Check this out, Voytik is only listed as 6’1″
I thought I saw somewhere he was 6-4
Another site has him at 6-0

link to

Well maybe he’ll grow 3 inches before next year.

Comment by melvinbennett 09.27.11 @ 11:33 am

Some good news for a change:

Voytik, who has verbally committed to the University of Pittsburgh, had the breakout game he’d been waiting for this season. He scored on runs of 44, 2, 9 and 21 yards and rushed for 149 yards on 11 carries. Those scoring runs capped drives of 81, 66, 69 and 51 yards.
The gutsy Voytik’s 12-yard touchdown strike to D.J. Jones ended a relatively short 44-yard drive that pushed the Blue Raiders’ lead to 28-0 with 3:32 left in the third quarter.

Read the whole story, of Voytik’s team trashing the #4 ranked team in the state:

link to

Comment by melvinbennett 09.27.11 @ 11:40 am

kanyon, that’s a point I’ve been trying to make here for a long time. I come off sounding like a Tino apologist but I actually have no issue with playing Anderson if and when he is ready.

The other issue is booing a college kid when he is out there trying his best. I believe booing is much more reflection of the person doing the booing opposed to who is being booed.

Comment by wbb 09.27.11 @ 11:48 am

Graham clarified the the use of the “Royal We”

Comment by Freebird 09.27.11 @ 12:22 pm

[…] @ 1:14 pm That while he confirmed much of what many fans thought regarding Tino Sunseri and the offense in yesterday’s presser, the buck still stops with […]

KANYON AND Wbb the point is and you just dont get it is you lose with tino.

So why not let trey play a half if you lose with him what is the diference.

when trey is on the field you can see he moves better than tino he can run and he can pass.

why dont you want to give him a chance. you most of all Wbb is tino your cousin or something.

Comment by FRANKCAN 09.27.11 @ 1:39 pm

melvinbennett i posted this weeks ago you must have missed it Voytik is five foot 11 just maybe a little shorter. That is why he wont be going to ND or say LSU or UCLA OR the outher big schools

Comment by FRANKCAN 09.27.11 @ 1:49 pm

While everyone is having opinions about the quarterback and the coach, I am more interested in about the game this Thursday. Against Notre Dame Pitt’s defense played its best game yet. Yes, they could not hold them at the end when it mattered but Notre Dame’s overall talent finally kicked in. If the defense can hold USF to 15 points and keep Daniels as confused as Notre Dame’s QB then I see us winning the game. Hopefully the defense is now at the point it is simplified enough for everyone to grasp.

On offense I think the system has been simplified as much as it can be. It needs to be executed properly. I think we are taking sacks by the QB for two reasons. One is that the Sunseri is holding the ball too long for whatever reason. If he does not see anything he has to make a quick decision to either throw the ball away or run if there is a lane. The second reason is that the receivers are still not sticking to the script for a given play and running the routes as designed. Coach Graham needs to keep pounding that into the receivers’ heads.

As for is Coach Graham the correct guy, I agree with Dokish. Give the man and his staff at least two years before you condemn him. At least he did not lose to a MAC school once yet let alone twice.

Comment by John In South Carolina 09.27.11 @ 2:56 pm

posted on college sports info louisville has invitation from big 12

Comment by FRANKCAN 09.27.11 @ 4:56 pm

Pitt should be 4-0 . But if Pitt had played decent competition in weeks 1 and 2 Pitt could be 0-4 . Imagine that !

Comment by Spindler's Spirit 09.27.11 @ 8:49 pm

Pitt should be 4-0 . But if Pitt had played decent competition in weeks 1 and 2 Pitt could be 0-4 . Imagine that !

Comment by Spindler's Spirit 09.27.11 @ 8:49 pm

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