September 27, 2011

That while he confirmed much of what many fans thought regarding Tino Sunseri and the offense in yesterday’s presser, the buck still stops with him.

“I have a great deal of confidence in these players,” Graham said. “I really like how the team leaders have taken ownership of this team. And one of the things that I want to make perfectly clear is that everything we do, I am accountable for. Period. I am.

“I’m not pointing fingers and you will never hear excuses come from me. When I say “we” aren’t getting the ball out, I’m not talking about Tino Sunseri, I’m not talking about Trey Anderson, I am talking about we, I’m talking about [quarterbacks coach] Todd Dodge, I’m talking about Todd Graham, because it is our responsibility to coach and teach them.”

Coach Graham probably needed to do this.

On the one hand, it is good to have a coach acknowledging what everyone is seeing with regards to the performance of individual players. Not pretending that they are just momentary lapses and simple, fixable mistakes

The problem is that it is a fine line between calling them out for mistakes, and blaming them. For coming off like the system is fine. The coaching is fine.

Graham, though, still remains optimistic.

“Let me tell you something. We are getting there and we are going to get there,” he said. “The one who is responsible for that is me. That`s how it works.”

Unsaid is whether the getting there will be in this year. (And he had to repeat that Sunseri is still the starting QB.)

Funny, during his press conference, the word ‘we’ kind of sounded a lot like Tno Sunseri, Devin Street, Cory King and Cam Saddler … but then again, I am getting a bit old and my hearing ain’t what it used to be.

Comment by wbb 09.27.11 @ 1:23 pm

To quote our old buddy Al Davis, “Just win Baby.”

Comment by Justinian 09.27.11 @ 1:28 pm

Ha ha. Welcome to the land of never being able to please anyone, Coach Graham. Wanny was harangued for spewing platitudes and generalities about why his teams lost (run faster, snakebit, etc.) Now Graham is being lambasted throwing throwing his kids under the bus and telling it like it is. Graham has never ended his any of his call outs without saying that it was ultimately the coaches’ fault for not coaching them well enough. Maybe saying it a 50th time and addressing it directly will help. {And Tino will magically be able to run this offense like it’s supposed to be run}

Comment by cnorwoodaz 09.27.11 @ 1:34 pm

Never thought that. A person in that position knows the buck stops with him.

Same thing with the championship talk, never gave that much thought, knew it was coach speak and what he needed to say.

Yes, he should choose his words more carefully, and know that some people are going to follow his words verbatim and hold him to it. Especially on the Fan this morning, wow, the yinzers were out.

“he said he was coming in and going to win a national championship this year” “damn it, that’s what he said, where is it???” ha ha lol!!! People are funny.

Minor, start winning games, it will all be forgotten. Winning is the cure all in sports.

Ha ha, Cook and Vinnie just said, “really, not a big deal”, after pounding him for two hours, and inciting the fans. HA HA!!!! LOL!!!

Coach, for your own sake, watch your words, you will be held to them verbatim, with a magnifying glass by some!!!!

I, like many, know what you were talking about all summer, you were striving to make Pitt a winner, going to strive to make Pitt a winner, and eventually win championships.

Sorry some thought you meant you were going to be playing Alabama for the championship this year.

I apologize for them, most reasonable people understand it’s a process, it will take some time, and that would be true with any coach in any situation.

Now, in a couple years, you don’t have your act together, I’ll be on ya myself.

Comment by Dan 09.27.11 @ 1:47 pm

This Vinny Rechechi (sp?) is the perfect example.
stuttering and stammering “well, ya know Cookie, he said he was gonna win it all”. Ha ha LOl.

Cook was some reason of sanity, “Vinny, stop allready”. Ha ha lol!!!!

Comment by Dan 09.27.11 @ 1:51 pm

Cook is generally pretty negative about most subjects but often sucks up to the Steelers and Penguins. (He would respond to this statement by saying that they have won championships)

In 2001, he was chastising Walt for considering interview invites from OSU and Bama and exactly one year later, was opining that Pedersen might consider replacing Walt with Rhoads even though Pitt won 8 games .. due to the ‘disasterous’ home loss to WVU (even though WVU was ranked.)

He is definitely a ‘what have you done for me lately?’ type of guy.

Comment by wbb 09.27.11 @ 2:02 pm

That means nothing call it political correcness the fact is tino is not geting the job done.

So we ride the dead horse tino to our doom that sounds like wanny .

some coachs cant admit when they have made a mistake.

Comment by FRANKCAN 09.27.11 @ 2:08 pm

Dan i posted something on outher post for you did you see it the one reed posted

Comment by FRANKCAN 09.27.11 @ 2:12 pm

“I can’t emphasize enough, Tino is our quarterback.”…”Let me tell you something. We are getting there and we are going to get there,” he said.

Sorry Coach, you are NOT going to get there with Tino at QB. Unless “there” means 6-6, or worse.

You deserve time to prove your system works, but most of your fan base and University donors want to see the other QBs get a legitimate chance at improving the key position in your offense. You have made personnel changes on defense, now appease us and let Trey play for a half. Hell, put Myers in for a series or two. If they both fail miserably, then we will think of something else to bitch about.

Big game Thursday. Undefeated USF on ESPN. National audience. You scaled back the defensive schemes and held ND to 15. Now upscale the offense at QB and grab your first big win at Pitt.

Comment by Bossdaws 09.27.11 @ 2:24 pm

Ya, he is WBB, but, I do find him pretty consistent. Most of the morning, Vinny was being his usual sophmoric self.

Cook wasn’t pounding him per se, he even said, “look, we get it, it takes time” and probably a good point, “if they had beaten Iowa and Notre Dame, no one would be saying a thing”.

I agree, I’m not giving the Coach a pass really, the first 4 games has been very disappointing. A pass as far as he gets a couple years, but, certainly game day decisions are worthy discussion points.

Again, just win Thursday night, and we can all move on!!!

Comment by Dan 09.27.11 @ 2:34 pm

As I wrote yesterday, while Graham deserves at least 3 years or more to prove himself, we as fans are naturally going to moan and groan about any loss that we felt we should have won … that is what we fans do.

Comment by wbb 09.27.11 @ 2:39 pm

Wbb if i had not seen you on this post for the last 2 years i would think you were GRAHAM posting under a different name or dod.

Comment by FRANKCAN 09.27.11 @ 2:52 pm

Bossdraws you are so right well said.

Comment by FRANKCAN 09.27.11 @ 2:54 pm

There were some big potential recruits at last Saturday’s game, hopefully they want to sign on where they can make a difference.

Comment by markp 09.27.11 @ 2:58 pm

I’m not sure Frank, I read them all, so I probably did.

Comment by Dan 09.27.11 @ 3:05 pm

A name absent from all of the discussions re: QB’s is Anthony Gonzalez. He was the “most improved player” in the spring. He must have done something right as a QB in the spring. When his position got switched, was it because Trey beat him out in the fall, and the thought process was that no third team QB is going to get any playing time? Was it because Tino was doing such a superb job that no one could possibly supplant him? What are Gonzalez’ physical capabilities i.e. arm strength, ability as a runner, etc. Obviously, he is considered to be an outstanding athlete. Probably makes little sense to move him back to QB, given that we are 1/3 into the season.

Comment by BigGuy 09.27.11 @ 3:18 pm

Note to Todd Graham:
Just win!…don’t care care how or how ugly…just win and no one except the posters on this and the other blogs will give a rats rear end about these last two losses…just win and we can all then bitch and moan about how large or too little the margin of victory was or wether or not we should return to the script and mustard gold and blue…but most of all…JUST WIN!

Comment by Leaseman 09.27.11 @ 3:21 pm

Dan i am going to hold you to what you said a couple means 2 years so if we are going thru any thing like this in the start of year 3 i want to hear you bitching every day.

Comment by FRANKCAN 09.27.11 @ 3:23 pm

But we do need to return to PITT script and mustard gold and blue. every one knows that.

Comment by FRANKCAN 09.27.11 @ 3:29 pm

FRANKAM, I would like to remind you that after hearing Graham’s opening press conference, I referred to him as a snake oil salesman.

I am generally put off by fast talkers who sound like Popiel TV ad men, but he is the coach so I will support him. He also has seemed to tone it down once the season began.

My message about this QB controversy was the same as the previous QB controversy when Wanny was coach .. I believe that the coach (and his staff) will make the best informed decision as he is the person who has the most at stake.

Comment by wbb 09.27.11 @ 3:40 pm

I was curious about Boise State because they have been mentioned in the same breath as Grahams system. Research shows that Coach Patterson may occassionally use or quick snap count or a spread offense but he is not fixated on only this style and perhaps that is why he like other successful managers can use the talent he has to outmanuvear his opponents. To win in any arena when you are predictable you have too have the stronger forces (Urban Myer, FL. Oregon’s coach, etc) Pitt and the Marino period had arguably the most talent in college football. Demographics and desegration have limited this talent pool so I would simply like to contribute what I think is wisdom in any competitive enviornment as provided by the Boise State coach. You will immediately notice the difference between his philosophy and TG. (Patterson)Maximizing personnel,” one of those football buzzwords that sounds like it was invented by Peter Drucker, is nevertheless essential to making an offense dynamic they don’t bang heads with the Oklahomas and Floridas in the recruiting wars — but they don’t need to. Petersen is schooled in the art of allocation: he wants to best utilize the talent he has. “We run plays, we don’t have an offense. It makes it difficult to defend.” How an offense can’t be a system. Coordinators pride themselves on establishing identities: “It’s what we do” is a common mantra among the coaching profession. Urban Meyer at Florida has his spread option, Chip Kelly at Oregon has his QB run game, Steve Sarkasian at Washington has his pro-style offense that he developed at USC. Well, apparently Boise was the Seinfeld of college football — their lack of identity is their identity. Boise specializes in getting defenses out of position to make plays by utilizing the three major essentials in offensive football: numbers, leverage and grass. “Numbers” means outnumbering the defense at the point of attack — i.e. more blockers than defenders on the edge, more receivers than zone defenders, etc Boise moves before almost every snap.

Comment by DRW 09.27.11 @ 3:46 pm

does grass mean that awful blue turf or Acapulco Gold?

Comment by wbb 09.27.11 @ 4:02 pm


Matt Peloquin of college sports info posted to day that louisville has a invitation from big 12 and will most likely take it.

Comment by FRANKCAN 09.27.11 @ 4:03 pm

this does not come as a surprise and don’t be surprised to see WVU to follow

Marinatto is the captain of the Titanic

Comment by wbb 09.27.11 @ 4:09 pm


I will be starting this chant on Thurs night when, well, when I walk up to the gate…anyone want to join?

Comment by blah 09.27.11 @ 6:46 pm


Nothing on Orangebloods or SB Nations, Louisville site concerning that.

They are keeping a lid on this if it’s accurate.

Comment by melvinbennett 09.27.11 @ 6:46 pm

I’d be with ya blah,

However I’m not making a trip to the Burg to watch tinny play.

Comment by melvinbennett 09.27.11 @ 6:50 pm

melvin dont know if it is true only saw it on a blog and on college sports info posted bye a matt peloquin

Comment by FRANKCAN 09.27.11 @ 7:20 pm

melvinbennett i posted 3 weeks ago that voytik is a little under five foot 11 in fact he may be five foot 10. that is why he did not get the offers from say LSU or USC or that type of school.

Comment by FRANKCAN 09.27.11 @ 7:35 pm

Sadly, Graham is coaching like his two predecessors ; and laying terds in glorious fashion. Hopefully, he will get through this year and actually deliver on his promoises.

In typical Pitt fashion, we pull out a win this Thursday. Hook and Crook…probably more like USF shooting themselves in the foot. FAnbase is energized. Talk begins of a BCS bid, yadda yadda, then…

Setting us up nicely for a 52-17 debacle in Rutgers.

That, Todd, is Pitt Football. So far, it seems like you are filling the bill.

How about changing it and stop selling us on your nonsense?


Comment by Pauly P 09.27.11 @ 8:08 pm

melvin and outhers matt tait KU sports louisville and big 12 are heating up

Comment by FRANKCAN 09.27.11 @ 9:21 pm

There is one problem that can be solved with basic arithmetic. Todd Graham’s system takes three years to implement. Tino graduates after next football season (or two years in the system). Why is he playing if he won’t be able to fully grasp it? Because for a new qb recruit, it looks better if TS will be gone after next year. Running back will be wide open for RS too!! Could be the perfect storm if we can get some wins under the belt! Pederson is still terrible.

Comment by huffdaddymc 09.27.11 @ 10:06 pm


Comment by FRANKCAN 09.27.11 @ 10:43 pm

TG system takes time to grasp (2007 – 10-4; 2008; 11-3; 2009 – 5-7;; 2010- 10-3; USA Conference [no conference titles] tulsa 2006- 8-4; 2005 9-4. Not much change between the previous coach went to Louisville and flopped then TG. TG never went 10-2 in a BCS conference. Or have I ever heard such clamor for a true walk-on freshman QB to rescue a BCS team. Myers (1st team all Ohio; rivals number 11 QB in nation) should not be given a chance because he is to big or too dumb [went to one of the best academic H.S. in Ohio].

Comment by DRW 09.28.11 @ 9:50 am

The media and some bloggers ripping Graham is idiotic. Listen to everything he says, don’t just pick out sentences here and there to blast him. He has always said he is accountable. Also, anyone ripping a new coach after four non conference games in his first year doesn’t understand college football.

Comment by notrocketscience 09.28.11 @ 10:17 am

I think the guy has done nearly everything right except hitch his wagon to Tino — and in about 3-4 more games he will grudgingly admit it killed his first season, quite unnecessarily.

Sad, for all of us, as I think even Trey or Myers could have played at least average QB and then greatly improved as the year went on…and we have enough other talent to have gone 10-2 or possibly 11-1. What are yinz gonna do?

Comment by Matt N. 09.28.11 @ 11:22 am

i’m willing to give graham plenty of time but some of his game day decisions have been really disturbing. i’ve seen enought fucking pooch punts from inside the opponents’ 40 to last a lifetime!

also, let’s assume he and dodge are excellent talent evaluators. what is holding myers back? he has all the physical tools, is he just not very bright? kevan smith redux??

Comment by scott 09.28.11 @ 12:55 pm

Can’t you guys see it? Graham doesn’t want to just throw Trey Anderson in there. For whatever reason. Now I know we’ve all seen the game films and I know we are all passionate fans. But Graham has a lot more visibility to what this team can do than any of us. Trey is his insurance policy and he’s slowly, slowly getting him some game experience. I’d expect to see him in more than one series on Thursday night. And I’d expect to see him get a little more work the next week. If Pitt drops the next two with Tino at the helm and no improvement I’d expect Anderson to get a lot more work after that. Of course then we are staring down the barrel of 7-5, but hey, at least we’ll have learned something.

Comment by Atlanta Panther 09.28.11 @ 1:31 pm


I think most of us do see it and that’s the point. How much worse can Trey or Myers be…and if so, who recruited them and why? If they sucked so badly, why did they bump Bostick upstairs or put Gonzalez at H-back or whatever they call him? We all see Tino’s many limitations and he very clearly looks like a guy who won’t get much better, so why not give someone with greater potential a decent shot?

No one could fairly blame Graham for starting Tino these first four games (1/3 of the season), but the results are in and he looks less than mediocre, at best…even his biggest backers would have trouble saying otherwise.

Comment by Matt N. 09.28.11 @ 2:12 pm

Natt no one recruted Anderson. He was asked to walk on by our QB coach. Myers was 1st team all ohio QB, anked 4 stars by rival and recruited by Weinstat. Because his H.S. had an upperclassman QB who they won the state with he had to wait his turn until that QB graduated. He set records in Ohio for passing was invited to national all-star games and as the year went on Ohio State , Wisconsin and other major schools made offers. But Pitt got to him early and he held to his commitment (6’4″ 230 lbs.). Rated 4th strongest arm in the nation by Rivals by the end of his senior year. Sometimes the scouting magazines get it wrong but he certainly has the physical qualifications to be a big-time QB in any system. Also he went to a prestigious academic school in Cleveland. If his H.S. had not had a successful QB, scholarship player at U. of Pennsylvania, he would have started before his senior year and likely Pitt would never had a shot at him. De Ji vu Flacco. Does any sytem preclude a QB assuming he has the arm the scounting rags and the Pittsburgh papers state, and is a big QB usually it is more difficult to knock a 230lb. man off his feet rather than a 180 lb. If Trey had garnered any interest by any of the smaller schools who run the triple option I might not be so offended by him being given a schlorship. Haven’t we all had bosses that because one of the employees for no productive reason gets preferential treatment. In this case I think since Graham offered him to walk on he needs to jusify it even if it is not in the teams interest. Also he will not give Myers a chance because he has implied that because of his size at that he played in a pro-style system in H.S. he is not useful. Tino, Trey, and the new recruit, are all 6′ or under. It is almost as if he will be damned before he plays someone at QB that that traditionally is viewed as a pro-style quarterback (Tebow was the same size as Myers and was pretty successful). I have no idea about Myers ability but my educated quess is he is better than Tino and mentioning Trey at this level is not a conceivable idea.

Comment by DRW 09.28.11 @ 5:17 pm

My point was that the Coach said it takes three years to implement his offense. If it does take three years, why is the current QB running the program when he only has two years of eligibility remaining. Simple algebra fellas. Let Myers or Anderson take their shot now to see if they show promise. If not, hand to Voytik. If he can’t do it, hand off to the next under recruited one star, 5’7″ QB wonder kid. The Team will be fine once Shell and a couple others matriculate to Oakland.Just giving the Grahamer a heads up with how he sells the program. It is okay to be realistic every once in awhile. Look, Hoke changed his philosophy to fit his talent at Michigan.

Comment by dhuffdaddy 09.28.11 @ 11:49 pm

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