September 21, 2011

Big East Puts On Happy Face

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I swear, some time soon I will get to the actual games. Maybe even talk about ND before Saturday. Yet I can’t turn away from Conference Expansiopocolypse stuff. I’m just too invested.

The Big East football programs had a little get together at a hotel in NYC. Henry Kissinger happened to be in the same hotel. You really can’t make this stuff up.

Speaking of stuff you can’t make up. This was the full text of the Big East Conference statement after the meeting.

Our membership met this evening and we are committed as a conference to recruit top level BCS caliber institutions with strong athletic and academic histories and traditions.  We have been approached by a number of such institutions and will pursue all of our options to make the BIG EAST Conference stronger than it has ever been in both basketball and football.

What a reaffirming and warm statement. But

Curiously absent from the league statement is the specific wording that all of the schools were committed to the league.

Not really. (By the way, check out the story just for the punchdrunk picture of Marinatto. I want some photoshopped submissions based on that picture. Please!)

This was a meeting of all seven school presidents and ADs. Well, not quite. UConn has no AD, and their President had other commitments outside of conference survival. UConn Pres. Susan Herbst just issued a statement on Facebook.

“The past several days have magnified the period of instability that exists today in the world of college athletics. I want to say thank you to all of our loyal supporters and fans of UConn and our athletic programs for their patience during this time.

“Please know that we will always do what is in the best interests for the University of Connecticut.

“We remain committed to our ideals and principals in intercollegiate athletics and will continue to achieve excellence academically and athletically.”

Two words missing completely from this statement: “Big” and “East.” Everyone feeling the commitment? No? Not a surprise.

One official in the Big East who requested anonymity said that was not an accurate assessment of the sentiment in the room. The official said league schools are committed to recruiting more schools but did not make any pledge to remaining in the league until it’s clear what the league will look like.

The official also said about four or five of the Big East schools are committed to keeping the league together, but the other two or three need to know where the league is headed before a firm commitment is made.

Yeah. That seems to be the right POV.

About that direction, status quo is a big part of it.

Marinatto also said, “We had a conference call with nonfootball playing members yesterday and all of them unanimously supported their football brethren in order to move the conference forward with the same structure it’s been.”

That’s right, “same structure.” No split. That would be bad for Providence. Teams are bailing for the exit and they aren’t going to change anything. On the Banks (Rutgers) as you would expect is taking this news in a calm, measured manner.

How about those future members?

…the Big East was in the final stages of acquiring Navy as a football-only member.

No official invitation was extended by the league, but both parties had extensive discussions about Navy joining the league in football only and it very well could have happened in the next couple of weeks, college football industry sources told Besides Navy, the Big East also was targeting Air Force and league sources felt confident both schools would have been Big East members, perhaps within the next year – that is until Pitt and Syracuse announced they were leaving for the ACC.

Navy and Air Force as football only members? Because football only members worked so well back in the 90s. It didn’t breed hostility and other divisions at all. Speaking of the 90s (oh, you know it is coming):

There has been “mutual interest” between the Big East football conference and Temple, “maybe more intense recently,” a source said Tuesday just before officials from schools that play Big East football met in New York.

Oh, it gets better. ECU as usual wants to know it’s available and willing (as usual).

[NY Times Reporter, Pete] Thamel tweeted that the East Carolina has applied for the Big East and is not shy about it. ECU noted that it “copied about 50 people on the e-mail.”

Maybe Marinatto wasn’t joking when he suggested that the Big East might play their tournament in Greensboro someday.

With WVU shut out of both the SEC and ACC at this time, the only other Big East football team with a possible out is Louisville. The Big 12 is surviving for another day. Maybe up to 5 years. They will likely go after BYU first, but failing that Louisville is still a possibility. Card Chronicle sets out the simple choice.

As far as Louisville is concerned, it appears there are now just two options: 1) A slightly weakened Big East or 2) A pretty strong (in both sports) Big 12.

Neither is a great option, but at least they might have a choice.

Finally, Nunes Magician (Syracuse) is a little tired of the talk of backstabbing and betrayal for leaving the Big East. Points out the reality.

I know I’m reading a lot into wording but I think it’s telling that the statement listed basketball then football. Strength in basketball… and then… something about football?

Comment by AJB240 09.21.11 @ 2:05 pm

Oliver Luck just issued a statement to the press regarding last night’s meeting. Noticeably absent was anything about WVU recommitting to membership in the Big East.

The statement is at the Post-Gazette website.

Marinatto is full of it.

Comment by Pantherman13 09.21.11 @ 2:29 pm

The Pac-12 not expanding is really going to hurt us moving to the ACC sooner. Until the Big-12 implodes and tey combine with the Big East, I do not see us getting out early (unless there is a HUGE buyout).

Comment by Panther3321 09.21.11 @ 2:42 pm

May I say, RESPECTFULLY, that the sports journalists and the media are perpetuating the carnival of confusion which is the conference sea changes and RUMORED sea changes. Come on, gentlemen and or LADY, and write more about the actuals games, practices and players. Enough about speculations, money, scandals, which, I submit will ALWAYS be with us. Please!!! Rev. George of Columbus.

Comment by Rev. George Mehaffey 09.21.11 @ 2:48 pm

Then Pitt better get on the phone with boosters right away. I’ll pitch in 2 cents.

Comment by TX Panther 09.21.11 @ 2:48 pm

If they keep PITT around that long, the team will when the BE Tournament twice before the ACC move. More egg in Marinatto’s face.

Comment by Pittastic 09.21.11 @ 2:59 pm

If the BE is as committed to expanding its participating entities as they claim then we should see enough additions in the near term to reduce the stress of an early departure for Pitt and SU.

Even if the BE falls apart as a multisport conference I still expect that the Catholic League will remain in BB. And that out of pure spite it will block any efforts on the part of the ACC in using MSG for the hoops tournament.

Which is just as well. There’s a bright shiny new gym in Brooklyn to be used. Not to mention using the New Meadowlands for the FB title game. Heck, throw Dan Snyder a bone and hold the FB title game in Raljon.

With the Pac-12 pressing the “stop” button last night, I expect that things will calm down. For a while. Which just adds fuel to the fire for the next go-around. Plenty of time for schools like UConn, Rutgers, ND, and PSU to think about where they want to be.

Comment by Kevin in ABQ 09.21.11 @ 3:10 pm

Panther3321, if the BE is able to bring in Navy, AFU, UCF, etc quickly, then we would may have a chance to move before 2014-5.

Rev George, I have been saying that for 6 months now. Again, I offer the following:

– after the B10 announced expansion intentions, there were literally hunderds of thousands of internet blogs and articles about this scenario or that rumor. Yet, the possibility of the B10 adding only Nebraska was never discussed in any of them

– After the recent Texas A&M / SEC incident, again the papers and the internet were loaded with expansion possibiliites … but as of a week ago at this time, did anyone ention the possibility of Pitt and Syracuse joining the ACC?

– Even yesterday at this time, it seemed to be the media consensus that Oklahoma and Texas were headed to the Pac 12 .. but once again, they really didn’t know.

The fact is that the newpapers and blogs, including this one, are filled with comments based purely on unfounded speculation

Comment by wbb 09.21.11 @ 3:17 pm

MELVIN DAN TAMPAT AND Wbb and outhers do you think ACC will add two more teams from big east soon . That is the only way we can go before 27 months is if they are down to 4 teams.

Comment by FRANKCAN 09.21.11 @ 3:20 pm

Wbb do you think the big 12 just adds one to take A&Ms place which gives them 10 or do you think it will be 3 to take them to 12 and if they the big 12 call WVU do you think they go to big 12.

Comment by FRANKCAN 09.21.11 @ 3:26 pm

And this is not done the SEC wont stay at 13 do they go back to WVU or some one else in big east. I dont think they can get a team in the ACC or big 12 now. what do you all think.

Comment by FRANKCAN 09.21.11 @ 3:30 pm

Outside of pure spite, why would the Big East *want* to keep Pitt and the Orange around? Seems like a constant reminder of failure and antagonism. Who needs that?

Is it a matter of having to break or modify TV agreements, other contractual abrogations, things like that?

Just wondering what the real motivations are here other than people being pissed off…

Comment by backacrosstheriver 09.21.11 @ 3:33 pm

If ACC get Rutgers and UCONN as 15th and 16th member then i think they should divide the conference like this instead of North and South. (FSU, Clemson, G Tech, North Carolina, Syracuse, UCONN, Virgina, DUKE) and (Va. Tech, Miami, Pitt, Maryland, NC State, Rutgers, BC, and Wake) This is more balance then north and south. What do you guys think

Comment by Desi 09.21.11 @ 3:36 pm

Balance is in the eye of the beholder. Outside FSU, no team is consistently strong year after year. It goes in cycles no matter how hard you try to initially create balance. I like geography to balance in order to cut travel costs and ensure a short trip for traveling fans.

Comment by TX Panther 09.21.11 @ 3:50 pm

Desi Ithink it should be north south

Comment by FRANKCAN 09.21.11 @ 3:52 pm

Come on guys give me in put on the 3 things i ask i want to get it strigt in my mind what will happen give me your in put it helps .

Comment by FRANKCAN 09.21.11 @ 3:56 pm

backacroos the river, for one thing, until the BE can bring in new FB schools, they need to keep Pitt andCuse to keep BCS viable. There is a rule that a BCS league must have at least 8 schools to be eligible. Now this was waived back in 04 (only) but it may not be easy to do now with the Mountain West birching up a storm.

Also, even if the league does only have 8, they may be scrambling to schedule 5 non-conference games in the nest couple of years

Comment by wbb 09.21.11 @ 4:11 pm

Navy (football only) and UCF make the most sense for additions to the BE, Navy has a good following and UCF has facilities and demographics/market. Add those schools right away and the BE is stabilized. Kansas and K-State may also be looking for a new home. If those schools are added to the BE, Pitt and Syracuse will be missed every bit as much as BC has been missed from the BE (i.e. none at all).

Comment by BigGuy 09.21.11 @ 4:14 pm

Some comic relief:

link to!

Comment by steve 09.21.11 @ 4:16 pm

FRANKCAM, look at my response to Rev George on how utile it is to speculateon justwhat is going to happen ,, did anyone on this site have a clue as late as Friday evening that we would be joining the ACC?

I will respond to your question about the ACC adding 2 teams. I believe they will be in no hurry if they think there is any chance that ND or PSU would consider joining. My guess is that they love to have any combination of ND, PSU or UConn.

As soon as they are assured that ND and PSU are not coming, then they will accept UConn and Rutgers.

Comment by wbb 09.21.11 @ 4:16 pm

Wbb put that mind of yours to work do the big 12 go to ten or 12 teams if they stay together and if 12 does WVU GO THERE. AND WHO IS NUMBER 14 FOR SEC.

Comment by FRANKCAN 09.21.11 @ 4:16 pm


Good point, ACC pulls out 2 more BigEast teams to implode the league, therefore no 27 month waiting period.

My take; as time goes on, Marinatto’s stance becomes less rigid on the 27 months. Of course, right after Pitt & Cuse exiting, they have to put on this ‘tough guy’ stance. This happens is all business dealings.

First, tough stance, as time passes, that stance becomes less and less rigid.

Take everything you hear at the moment coming out of Providence, with the proverbial…Grain of Salt

Comment by melvinbennett 09.21.11 @ 4:18 pm

re-post from other blog (looks like everyone moved to the newer blog)

“[Gordon] was the starter at the beginning of the year and has a lot of potential,” Graham said. “I just think that we have to put the best guys out there that give us the best chance to win, and Max [Gruder] and Tristan are experienced and not making those mistakes and have come into play.

Ok TG, let’s get our best QB OUT THERE AS WELL.

1) Anderson runs this offense way better than present QB and can’t be worse.

2) Myers has a better arm, is more accurate, spins the ball as TD said and since the current QB can’t run the Triple Option anyway, what’s the big deal if Myers can’t either. But is a way more accurate passer.

3) Let’s cut the shit TG and make the change now.
I don’t feel like attending some shit bowl again.
And getting blown out by the Hoopies again.
Comment by melvinbennett 09.21.11 @ 4:11 pm

Comment by melvinbennett 09.21.11 @ 4:22 pm

steve, lmao

Comment by wbb 09.21.11 @ 4:23 pm

If UConn or Rutgers don’t immediately go to the ACC, my guess for the next move is Louisville going to the B12 … and I even wouldn’t rule out WVU for the same.

Comment by wbb 09.21.11 @ 4:26 pm

P.S. – I should have mentioned TCU also .. don’t know why they (B12) didn’t ask them last year except I’m sure it was some local Texas poliitcs

Comment by wbb 09.21.11 @ 4:28 pm

Another writer brings some good points for not keeping Pitt & ‘Cuse for 27 months.

1) If they are still in the BE, then they still get their share of any $$$ revenue sharing. Really think the BB schools in the BE are gonna want to watch Pitt and ‘Cuse storm through the BE tourney and then are going to want to share money with Pitt just to keep them around…!?!? The BE people are lazy and behind the times, but they are not stupid when it comes to0 money…..

2) As long as Pitt & ‘Cuse are kept in the the BE they are “Voting Members” on any proposals the Commish tries to pass. Anybody really think a higher exit fee is gonna pass while Pitt, ‘Cuse, UC, Rutgers, WV and possibly Louisville want out??

As for WV to the SEC, southern writers are saying… whoa !!

1) WV does not increase the amount of TV cash coming in. WV population base is small and not growing, but yet adding WV would shrink the “per school” money share. Not a good tradeoff.

2) WV is way down on the academics list at about 161st or less, while everyone else in the ACC ( including Pitt & ‘Cuse ) are above 101st. Not good for the ACC’s rep.

3) WV fans are consider ( right or wrongly ) as hooligans. Again, nothing here is make the ACC look better.

Sounds like WV would be better fit for Big 10…

Comment by mtoolmn 09.21.11 @ 4:29 pm

Pure speculation, FRANKCAN. The ACC won’t add a 15th without adding a 16th team.

According to some reports, Notre Dame, despite all the BS coming from their AD, opened up the door a crack by saying that if they were going to join a conference, it would be the ACC. Some of the insiders keep bringing them up as a potential ACC member too.

So, if you’re the ACC, would you jump and invite UConn as #15 and then Rutgers at #16 right away? Or would you wait to see if ND is serious about joining, and on your terms? I think that may be what’s going on right now, and nothing may happen until the chips start falling in other conferences again.

Comment by TampaT 09.21.11 @ 4:29 pm

@wbb, thanks.

Didn’t know about the BCS 8-school viability rule. 5 OOC games seems quite problematic as well.

Hope things work out somehow for a quick exit. 3 years seems like a LONNNNG time

Comment by backacrosstheriver 09.21.11 @ 4:30 pm

Opps…… 3) should be SEC………

Comment by mtoolmn 09.21.11 @ 4:30 pm

Hmm…….. would it be interesting to invite ND to ACC and let them keep their NBC TV contract until it expires…… !?!?

Comment by mtoolmn 09.21.11 @ 4:32 pm

I’m more concerned about this season than when we start playing in the ACC. We could still have an excellent season and get the BCS bid. And wouldn’t that be fantastic, as we exit……stage left.

But that’s NOT going to happen with the present guy playing at QB.

Comment by melvinbennett 09.21.11 @ 4:35 pm

The BE is not going to implode. They will still have the strongest BB conference even without Syracuse and Pitt. The ACC says that they will consider 16 teams. Do they really want those final teams to be UConn and Rutgers???? There are sufficient schools interested in the BE to give it sufficient football membership for BCS qualification. The BE is not going to disband. A few years from now people may wonder why Pitt and Syracuse followed BC in obscurity.

Comment by BigGuy 09.21.11 @ 4:37 pm

About the ranting that Pitt is disloyal. EVERY member of the BE bailed out of another conference to join the BE……. and ND is to concerned about it’s football independence to care what happens to the BE……

Comment by mtoolmn 09.21.11 @ 4:39 pm

LOL, mb. You are relentless. I think you should change your name to PITTbull. :)

Comment by TampaT 09.21.11 @ 4:40 pm

Oh and btw,.,…If ESPN wants us & Cuse in the ACC earlier than 27 months, they’ll just pick up the phone and call that fool Marinatto and lay down the law.

Because…..guess what….the BIgEast TV contract renews in 2012 and the ACC has to renegotiate their TV contract as well. And Big DADDY ESPN is the one handing out……’spending money’.

Case closed !

Comment by melvinbennett 09.21.11 @ 4:41 pm

Would you like to make a wager on that Bigguy?

Comment by melvinbennett 09.21.11 @ 4:44 pm

Heard on The Fan that Boston College is blocking the addition of UConn to ACC. They had Brett McMurphy from CBS on.

Comment by JCE 09.21.11 @ 4:45 pm

Or based on your anti-Pitt posts, should I say BigTroll.

Comment by melvinbennett 09.21.11 @ 4:45 pm

The BE will miss both Pitt and Syracuse. They will not be easily replaced. And, I’m glad Pitt is finally off the Titanic because that ship will eventually sink and the captain is a clueless idiot who prefers planes. This ship was doomed from the start. BC will be relevant again with Pitt and the Cuse back in the hood.

Comment by TX Panther 09.21.11 @ 4:55 pm

Did the President of UConn really confuse “principals” with “principles”? Perhaps some kind of Freudian slip…

Comment by maguro 09.21.11 @ 4:59 pm

wbb why in god name would penn state leave big 10 that train left the station years ago better to try to think abought the thing i ask than to talk abought fairy tales never happen

Comment by FRANKCAN 09.21.11 @ 5:00 pm

BC football prior this year, was very relevant in the ACC. They challenged for their division crown just about EVERY year since they became ACC. And BC has been to 12 straight bowls(won 8 straight), which is the 4rth longest ACTIVE bowl streak.

I’d say that was relevant. (not aimed at TX Panther)

Comment by melvinbennett 09.21.11 @ 5:06 pm

MELVINBENNETT could WVU be back in play for SEC becuse if big 12 stays together what can they do they wont get a team from big 12 or from ACC that leaves big east yes no.

Comment by FRANKCAN 09.21.11 @ 5:11 pm

Good Question Frank,

What does Mr SEC think about that? Haven’t read his blog yet. I would think once you rebuff a school, that would be it. WVU doesn’t add much value to the SEC. Yes they have rabid fans and travel well, but that’s NOT what it’s all about.

Comment by melvinbennett 09.21.11 @ 5:14 pm

Big Guy, since 2001, the ACC has won 5 Nat’l Championships. 2 Dook, 2 UNC, 1 Maryland. Now they add one of the most decorated coaches in the country in Boeheim, and Pitt, who over the last 10 years has produced a winning pctg that I would imagine would rank in the top 5 of college basketball over that time period.

To think that the Big East is better than that is maddening.

TG took this job and spoke of not only winning the BE, but competing of Nat’l Championships. Whether we are in the BE or ACC, if he produces like he thinks he can, it doesn’t matter where we play.

MelvinBennett, you are the man! Love your posts!

Comment by Big Bill 09.21.11 @ 5:16 pm

melvinbennett what do you think it looks as if big 12 stays together so do they add one to go to ten or do they go to 12 and once agein were do they get there teams not ACC not SEC the big east yes or no.

Comment by FRANKCAN 09.21.11 @ 5:17 pm

melvin i have said the same thing abought WVU you know that but what else can they do cincy or SF some one in big east

Comment by FRANKCAN 09.21.11 @ 5:29 pm

Thanks Melvin. To be honest, BC has become non-relevant to me since they left, but as you’ve pointed out, they are still very relevant in the ACC. I’m glad we have them back.

I always thought of them as a decent rival much like the Cuse. Moreover, will make for some fun tailgates in the Fall for those that can travel.

BC also made Pitt’s BCS trip possible back in 2004 when the Cuse upset them 43-17 on the last game of the year. We beat BC 20-17 in OT that year enabling Pitt to share the BE title and win the tiebreaker.

Comment by TX Panther 09.21.11 @ 5:32 pm

melvin TAMPAT Wbb thanks for your thoughts thanks for the answers

Comment by FRANKCAN 09.21.11 @ 5:33 pm

[…] View article: Pitt Blather Permalink » Big East Puts On Happy Face […]

@TX Panther,

Remember that 20-17 Pitt win over BC very well, that’s when Palko trucked over one of BC’s DB’s on a QB scramble. It lit the fuse for PITT that year.

We got jobbed in the Fiesta Bowl. Roughing on the PITT punter was never called on a clear call. And that was early in the 2nd quarter or so when the game was still 7-7 or in that area. PITT gets that call there, (which they should have) and scores some points, it’s a different game.

After you get a blatantly bad call like that, as a player, you start thinking to yourself, WTF is going on here.

Comment by melvinbennett 09.21.11 @ 5:46 pm

Your welcome Frank, always buddy !

Comment by melvinbennett 09.21.11 @ 5:48 pm

Also the Urban Meyer factor came into play in that Pitt-Utah Game.

As did the Brian Kelly factor enter into the Pitt/Cincy debacle a few years ago.

Hopefully some of these ‘factors’ will be helpful to PITT, but in a positive manner in the future.

Comment by melvinbennett 09.21.11 @ 5:53 pm

Interesting that BC is blocking UConn. If McMurphy is reporting it, I tend to believe it. He’s a former newspaper guy and is pretty good about having his facts straight before putting stuff out there.

That may be the real reason that the ACC hasn’t moved to #15 and #16 yet, FRANKCAN. I think UConn would be a good addition for them, especially in basketball, and for the additional TV reach.

And, you’re welcome from me too.

Comment by TampaT 09.21.11 @ 6:21 pm

@Big Guy, just how does the BE still have the best BB conference without Syracuse and Pitt?

Ah, I think your a bit off. Add to that, that UCONN and WVU will probably be gone also.

Who does that leave??? Notre Dame and Villanova???

BCS qualification is coming up for renogtiations again in a year or two. It’s not the quantity of teams, it’s the quality.

Who will they have???? For football??? Adding Navy and Air Force, E.Carolina????

I will tell you this my friend, and you can quote me on it………..”I will never rue the day, and never look back, and never, ever, even have one thought of wishing we ever back in the Big Least ever again”.

Staying in a league that never listened to the football schools, were more worried about Seton Hall, DePaul and Providence, than they ever were about Pitt, Syracuse or WVU.

Stay in a league that is one phone call away from imploding every day??

Oh, I see you said, Navy and UCF, ya, that ought to get the BCS’s bloods pumping!!! Woo Hoo!!! Get E.Carolina and Memphis, and you really got something there!!! LOL!!!

Nope, we got a seat at the show. Might lose the WVU rivalry, small potatoes in the grand scheme of things.

Sacriledge you say?? Let me give you two options.

A. Stay in the Big East, and you get to keep rivalry with WVU.

B. Lose rivalry with WVU, but, you now joining one of the main 4 conferences, you have just solidified your future for all sports for the next eons. Now with teams like Maryland, VA TECH, FLA St, Miami, Duke, N.Car et al, instead of

Cincinnati, USF, Seton Hall, possibly UCF, and E.Carolina????

Are you effin’ kiddin’ me???? LOL!!!!

So long!!!!

Comment by Dan 09.21.11 @ 6:23 pm

Frank, think everyone is taking a breath. UCONN i’d like, Rutgers, ehhh, maybe to block the Big 10 completely from the East.

Plus, as some have said, got that big matzah ball out there, ND.

Have to wait and see.

Comment by Dan 09.21.11 @ 6:25 pm

Dan you got that right

Comment by FRANKCAN 09.21.11 @ 6:27 pm

And, if any WVU trolls come on here, stop, right there.

I’ve looked at your blogs the past month. Many of you were giddy with the rumor of the SEC. The blogs were alive with, “oh man, can’t wait for Bama to come to Morgantown.” “Woo hoo, road trip to Gainesville”.

One guy couldn’t even wait to play the Mississippi’s, so he could parlay that trip with gambling in Biloxi and a week on the gulf coast.

So, please, don’t be mad at us, you were all, allready, looking in your rear view mirror.

Comment by Dan 09.21.11 @ 6:30 pm


Four (4) ACC teams in Top 25 this week

That’s as many as the L1G and only 1 less than the
vaunted SEC & the Hatfield/McCoy Conf. (B12) haha

Comment by melvinbennett 09.21.11 @ 6:33 pm

If the Big 12 stays together and Missouri as reported, decides to stay, then West Virginia could very well com back into the SEC picture. Yes they would rather have Oklahoma, Texas, or Missouri but they’ve already accepted Texas A&M so that leaves them with an odd number of teams. As they say, the later it gets,………… the better looking the girl at the end of the bar gets.

Comment by Justinian 09.21.11 @ 6:33 pm

Be nice. I needed that gambling trip to win me a new set of teeth and some new britches, so my sister er girlfriend would love me again.

Comment by WVU Troll 09.21.11 @ 6:34 pm

YOU GAN TAKE THIS TO THE BANK there will be two more moves even if everthing else freezes. one the SEC wont stay at 13 teams. Two the big 12 will add at least one team to go from 9 to 10. and were will the teams come from not the ACC or the SEC thats right the big east.

Comment by FRANKCAN 09.21.11 @ 6:36 pm

Hatfield/McCoy Conf. could work for our little brothers to the south, don’t ya think!

Comment by melvinbennett 09.21.11 @ 6:36 pm

Steve..thanks for posting the comic relief. Levity is just what I needed.

Comment by Jeff in CPa 09.21.11 @ 6:40 pm

FrankCan, you’re right. WVU will land on their feet, either in the Big 12 or ACC. If Missouri or someone else from the Big 12 bolts, they they will need to fill at least 2 spots, even more if they want to get back to 12 teams. So there are options. Also UConn and Rutgers are unhappy campers and both want to go the ACC. Even if the Big 12 stays together, this thing is far from over.

Comment by Justinian 09.21.11 @ 6:44 pm

Does anyone think the ACC called up WVU and said get you academics inorder and we will let you join?

Comment by POLE 09.21.11 @ 6:44 pm

I ment either the big 12 or the SEC.

Comment by Justinian 09.21.11 @ 6:45 pm

Steve, that was hilarious. Marinatto says “Our Championship game could be Baylor vs UCF, carried on the WB or PBS” Priceless.

Comment by Panthoor 09.21.11 @ 6:45 pm

I keep seeing State Penn listed as an ACC possibility, even on ACC sites. I cannot imagine JoPa leaving the BIG but stranger things have happened.

If that were to happen let the ACC add UConn and let the BIG add ND and Rutgers (screw the hoopies).

I frankly do not want ND in the conference as I do not think we could trust them for very long.

Comment by Jim 09.21.11 @ 6:46 pm

That You Tube video is freakin’ hilarious!!!

Thanks for pointing it out again, Jeff in CPa, and thanks for posting the link, Steve.

If you guys haven’t watched it, you need to. Here’s the link again courtesy of steve.

Some comic relief:

link to!

Comment by steve 09.21.11 @ 4:16 pm

Comment by TampaT 09.21.11 @ 6:50 pm

Jim. I’m surprized by your sentiments. We all know from Jack Swarbrick’s comments that Pitt an Syracuse don’t look for the other guys like Notre Dame does.

Comment by Justinian 09.21.11 @ 6:51 pm

Halftime Entertainment of the Red River Shootout this year: (that’s Texas/OU in Dallas)

1) DeLoss Dodds & Joe Castiglione re-enact the final dramatic scene of ‘High Noon’ (somehow I think a guy named Castiglione wins that one)

2) Bevo chases the Sooner Schooner around the stadium, while the Ruf/neks inside the schooner shoot arrows at him. (can’t get rifles inside the Cotton Bowl)

3)After the Halftime entertainment ends Presidents Bill Powers & David Boren conclude the events by stating how much they’re both committed to staying in the Big 12 and at precisely the moment that stmt. ends, they both get:

Cream Pied in the FACE !

Comment by melvinbennett 09.21.11 @ 6:57 pm

Dan, good post. (It’s going to be hard for me to dispute you, Melvin and others. Perhaps I just feel a certain loyalty/nostalgia towards the BE.)

Comment by BigGuy 09.21.11 @ 6:59 pm

That is frickin hysterical, steve, Tampa T.


Comment by melvinbennett 09.21.11 @ 7:06 pm

Here’s a video some Syracuse radio announcer made concerning PITT’s move to the ACC.

It’s all very positive. Let’s give the guy some views and show him we appreciate his positive stance on PITT. And the Panther mascot!

link to

Comment by melvinbennett 09.21.11 @ 7:33 pm

FranKCAM, late getting back to you as to why PSU would consider the BE. They are of course likely to stay in the lucratibe B10, but consider:

– they are being treated as the eastern stepchild, JoePa has urged the B10 to bring in a sister team but has been given a deaf ear
– while the B10 has a very attractive TV contract, the ACC’s contract is nothing to sneeze at … and if PSU commits, the ACC has the leverage to renegotiate an even better deal (and if somehow PSU & ND comes as a package, then the sky is the limit)
– PSU football recruiting should get better – note while they do well in the midwest, they do not do well in the fertile areas Florida and Georgia. This would change if tey join the ACC
– their basketball recruiting will definetly get better. They actually might be able to get a few blue chips from NJ/NYC, Baltimore and DC.
– their athletic travel budget will decrease. Yes,tey would still have to travel to FL (nstead of Iowa, Nebraska, Minn and Wisc) but overall, there would be less traveling .. Pitt, Maryland, Cuse, BC and UVA are minor trips compared to many they are currently taking
– JoePa actually hinted about it yesterday although he may have been postioning an argment for the B10 to seriously consider Rutgers

Again, it’s a long shot but not completely out of the question

Comment by wbb 09.21.11 @ 7:35 pm

correction: above post is why PSU would consder the ‘ACC’ (not the BE)

Comment by wbb 09.21.11 @ 7:36 pm

Tampa — just to be clear about the BC blocking UConn thing….Starkey/Miller/Dweeb were talking to Brett McMurphy about the conference realignment thing. The BC/UConn block came up, but I guess it was originally reported by Kevin McNamara of the Providence Journal.

Comment by JCE 09.21.11 @ 7:45 pm

pole no wont happen big 12 may be SEC maybe but never ACC.

Comment by FRANKCAN 09.21.11 @ 7:51 pm

justinian you and i could be right if big 12 adds 3 and SEC adds 1 were will they come from the SEC needs to add a name team WVU or some one like that from big east. the big 12 if they add 3 could do BYU and say SMU but they also would take at least one from big east what do you think

Comment by FRANKCAN 09.21.11 @ 8:18 pm

With some luck the Irish may have to join the Mountain West

Comment by Jim 09.21.11 @ 8:26 pm

I think the WVU would have a legitimate shot. Who knows, TCU could even be in the Big 12 picture. Considereing what’s happening in the Big East maybe they walk. A week ago who would have thought that Pitt and Syracuse would be in the ACC.

Comment by Justinian 09.21.11 @ 8:28 pm

I partially agree with BigGuy. I think the BE will be fine in basketball without Pitt & Syracuse. Villanova, G-town, UCONN, Marquette, Louisville, WVU and a rebuilding St. Johns is nothing to laugh at…unless of course they lose 2 or 3 more teams.

In football, I don’t see how they keep the BCS bid unless the keep WVU….and they might not even if WVU stays…

But I have ZERO regrets with this move by Pitt to the ACC. I’ve said all along that a BE- ACC merger was my hope and that is essentially what we have, just not in name.

I’m also glad that the ACC seems patient enough to wait for school’s 15 & 16. No need to rush for Rutgers & UCONN even though that would free up Pitt to leave earlier. I prefer waiting to see if we can land ND – but only if they come in as equal football partners, not the agreement they had with the BE. Pitt & ND playing yearly in the “ACC NORTH” has instant tradition and rivalry tradition written all over it. (just a little bit better than the river city trophy whatever it was called)

Comment by Bowling Green Panther 09.21.11 @ 8:35 pm

WWB and FrankCAM, I realize that it’s highly unlikely, but I would love to see the expression on Jim Delaney’s face if Penn State left the Big 10 for the ACC.

Comment by Justinian 09.21.11 @ 8:45 pm

I have very mixed feelings on WVU & Penn State. Part of me would love to keep the Backyard Brawl going. I love the tradition and natural rivalries of college football. I would also love to see Pitt-Penn State return as well. (I don’t think Penn state to the ACC is out of the question. Maybe a long shot….

But I am also glad that Pitt will be (as of now) the primary ACC recruiter and school in the Ohio, WV, PA, NJ area. That’s not something I would want to give up easily.

Comment by Bowling Green Panther 09.21.11 @ 8:45 pm

the you tube was woderful

Comment by FRANKCAN 09.21.11 @ 8:48 pm

The only thing better might be the look on Paterno’s face. It might just push him over the edge…

Comment by Bowling Green Panther 09.21.11 @ 8:49 pm

Bowling Green panther not just you but outhers you all must know ND is not going to join any one and if they did it would be big 10. and penn state is not leaveing big 10 dreams are ok but when they have no chance give it up. lets try to think who might really be 15 and 16 in ACC OR WHO MIGHT BE THE 14TH TEAM FOR sec or who is number 10 for big 12 but we need to keep it real. not in dream land.

Comment by FRANKCAN 09.21.11 @ 9:04 pm

The ACC must feel that they can reel in a big fish. That makes the only sense for them not taking Rutgers and UConn. I was thinking the Rutgers was playing it close to the vest between the Big Ten and the ACC but not any more. Notre Dame’s comment about if they did join a conference they would probably go to the ACC caused the ACC to pause. I still believe that the ACC should invite Rutgers and then stop at fifteen and see what happens.

Comment by John In South Carolina 09.21.11 @ 9:05 pm

More on the Big 12 on ESPN says they are working things out. But No expansion for the Big 12

link to

Comment by Justinian 09.21.11 @ 9:08 pm

Thanks for the clarification, JCE. I know McMurphy to be an accurate source. He spent a lot of years here in Tampa.

Don’t know the other guy but considering he’s in Providence, who knows who’s feeding him the info. Did Brett confirm it or just say it was being reported?

Comment by TampaT 09.21.11 @ 9:09 pm

Bring on UCONN and Rutgers. Let’s just call it a day and move forward. Notre Dame isn’t jumping on board.

Comment by Chris 09.21.11 @ 9:10 pm

I totally agree with that reasoning Chris. Blow up the Big East by taking Rutgers and UConn. Notre Dame is just jerking the ACC’s chain.

Comment by John In South Carolina 09.21.11 @ 9:12 pm


Comment by FRANKCAN 09.21.11 @ 9:15 pm

I keep saying Rutgers is the key to the whole thing FrankCan. UConn is not Big Ten material. I find it hard to believe BC is stopping the addition of UConn but that may be true. If BC is stopping UConn, then just take Rutgers. If the Big Twelve somehow does not implode this season, then WVU may still have a shot getting into the SEC. The SEC has lots of hooligan fans. A fan from Alabama poisoned trees at Auburn, Georgia has problems with their fans urinating in their library on game days. I do not see the WVU fans being any worse than that.

Comment by John In South Carolina 09.21.11 @ 9:21 pm

Frank can, I’ll leave it to the people who actually have any say and control to worry about reality. I’ve always been the type of person who only becomes more determined when told your dreams are impossible.

While unlikely, I have no proof other than your opinions that ND & PS are definitely out of the question. I agree with you that it is unlikely, but not that it is only a dream land.

As many others have posted here, Paterno’s nearing the end, PS is the eastern stepchild of the Big 10. They have no rival, long travel and a completely different culture. Beiing in the Big 10 has helped OSU & Michigan to recruit in PA more than it has helped Penn Sate.

Comment by Bowling Green Panther 09.21.11 @ 9:21 pm

The Big Ten has academic cooperation among the member universities. That is lacking in the ACC so that would be an issue for Penn State leaving. We need to have the Big East blown up as soon a possible so we can leave the abomination before 2014.

Comment by John In South Carolina 09.21.11 @ 9:28 pm

For ND to have dropped a line like that they are either really interested in the ACC…or using the ACC for leverage against both the Big 12 & the Big 10.

Either way, there’s no need to hurry. I don’t think anyone else is in a hurry to land UCONN or Rutgers… Go for a big fish while we can…

Comment by Bowling Green Panther 09.21.11 @ 9:33 pm

JUSTINIAN just read what you posted it id pac 12 that will not have expansion big 12 will expand to at least one to take A&M place . and maybe go to 12 on there list is louisvile WVU BYU and RUTGERS. READ IT AGEIN READ WHOLE POST

Comment by FRANKCAN 09.21.11 @ 9:43 pm

lmao Steve. Best You Tube in months…

Comment by Lee in Altoona 09.21.11 @ 9:45 pm

BOWLING GRENN PANTHER I APOLOGIZE you are right you have a right to your dreams.but ND is pulling a scam they just said two week ago they would not join any one. they have turned down everone for ever and to say if ijoin any one it will be ACC means what 10 years from now or never but if i did . and penn state i miss playing them to but the train has left the station . but dream on dont listen to me.

Comment by FRANKCAN 09.21.11 @ 9:57 pm

You guys might find this of note:

12. If the SEC winds up with West Virginia,
you’ll know it had to go the fallback route.

West Virginia has approached the ACC and the SEC. The ACC has apparently chosen four schools over WVU: Pitt, Syracuse, UConn and Rutgers. The Big Ten was rumored to be looking East and South toward Maryland, UConn, Rutgers and Georgia Tech last year. Never were the Mountaineers mentioned.

We’ve already explained why — small state, so-so academic reputation, small television markets.

If the ACC took four teams from the Big East and chose not to pursue West Virginia, how could the SEC go for the Mountaineers without looking like an inferior league to the ACC?

Now, if the SEC raids the ACC and makes off with team or three, then you’ll know that the SEC is indeed as big and bad as so many fans claim on messageboards and talk radio shows. If the SEC grabs coveted, big name schools, you’ll know that Slive was right all along about getting to 16 schools in 15 minutes. You’ll know that the SEC is indeed a very attractive destination.

Comment by melvinbennett 09.21.11 @ 10:03 pm

Don’t think they’ll be raiding the ACC now, with that new $20 Million exit fee the ACC has.

Comment by melvinbennett 09.21.11 @ 10:06 pm

Good y’all. To laugh is to live. A shout out to Roy.

Comment by steve 09.21.11 @ 10:09 pm

For John in South Carolina

Oh and btw,.,…If ESPN wants us & Cuse in the ACC earlier than 27 months, they’ll just pick up the phone and call that fool Marinatto and lay down the law.

Because…..guess what….the BIgEast TV contract renews in 2012 and the ACC has to renegotiate their TV contract as well. And Big DADDY ESPN is the one handing out……’spending money’.

Case closed !
Comment by melvinbennett 09.21.11 @ 4:41 pm

Comment by melvinbennett 09.21.11 @ 10:10 pm

FrankCan, yeah it only makes sence. Since the Big 12 needs to invite at least 1 team to replace Texas A&M, they may as well invite 3 to replace Nebraska and Colorado as well. It’s not as though there aren’t some good teams looking for a place land with a BCS bid.

Comment by Justinian 09.21.11 @ 10:14 pm

Tampa — Brett did not confirm it. Just had heard the report.

Comment by JCE 09.21.11 @ 10:16 pm

The only reason to take Rutgers is to stop the L1G from getting any further east.

Athletically they don’t add much.
TV wise, their value is for Cable subscribers, but wait a minute, the ACC doesn’t have an ACC network.

Rutgers has little value on regular TV since I’m not thinking they’re a ratings juggernaut(am I missing something here), as they are hardly, if at all on TV on a Regional basis, let alone a National basis. And are New Jerseyans really going to watch UNC vs. Clemson.

If a school brings little to no value, it’s only another mouth to feed.

Comment by melvinbennett 09.21.11 @ 10:19 pm

I like what ziese said in his blog if Notdre Dumb is so upset with this they could have prevented all this by joining in football Screw them they will never be Relievant again….

Comment by POLE 09.21.11 @ 10:25 pm

Being down here in the Carolinas I’m use to watching ACC games already. I’m already ahead of most of the bloggers here. haha

You guys are going to enjoy the October & November road games down here. The weather is usually the years best. September can be very warm, but this year it has been very pleasant.

And the ACC cheerleaders are Head & Shoulders over the BigEast gals. No question about that.

Comment by melvinbennett 09.21.11 @ 10:25 pm

@ Frankcan,

No problem – no offense taken. If I were betting I would bet you are are right and ND is just playing others for down the road. And as I posted, I have mixed feelings on adding Penn State.

HOWEVER, I just don’t think UCONN & Rutgers really offer that much in regards to ratings, rivals or recruiting. At least not for football. I’m not opposed to them. I just don’t see any reason to rush to add them before you swing for the fences. I like Pitt’s position in the current ACC as far as recruting goes. I bet there are a lot of players in PA, OH, WV & NJ who would love to play against the likes of Miami and FSU. We will lose some of these guys to the other ACC schools, but I think we can clean up against whatever is left of the BE – our tradtional recruiting battles.

Comment by Bowling Green Panther 09.21.11 @ 10:33 pm

BOWLING GREEN PANTHER you are right rutgers brings very little. but ucon brings good football not great but ok but it brings great BB and we know that means a lot to ACC. the point is the more teams that leave the big east the sooner we get out of there hate the 27 month thing .

Comment by FRANKCAN 09.21.11 @ 11:29 pm

I just hope that UConn comes to ACC because Pitt/UConn has become one of the best basketball rivalries in the country. But bringing Syracuse along, even if UConn doesn’t come, gives us a good natural rival in the ACC- especially since Dixon has dominated Boeheim.

Comment by kanyon40 09.21.11 @ 11:52 pm

Pitt and Syracuse are most likely stuck in this mess of a conference until the Big East decides who the replacement will be. If we were to be gone next year that only leaves 7 teams left so even if they got a waiver from the BCS, each team would have to buy 6 OOC games and that’s a lot of extra cash to pay I-AA schools.
So hopefully they can decide soon how they are going to replenish the conference, because the sooner that is done the sooner we can move on.

Comment by Twink 09.22.11 @ 12:32 am

Can’t sleep tonight………So I’m reading Check out the articles under “Big Ea$t Losses.” These articles say it all. Of course you will all say these authors are attacking Pitt and Pitt gets no respect, blah, blah, blah…. Oh well, what can I expect from a group of kow tow’ers. Pitt administration is just as slime ball as all the other administrations. Move to the ACC is not only a disgrace, but Pitt will wallow in failure in football and most likely step backward in hoops. Go ahead, label me a troll or a Hoopie covertly coming over to cause trouble on the Pitt site……….. Nobody likes to hear the truth, do they????

Comment by Louis Greenberg 09.22.11 @ 12:59 am

Whether you are a troll or not Louis is irrelevant.

One of the big problems with the ESPN article is that it fails to mention that 10 other teams inquired about entry into the ACC.

If you are Pitt fan how would you have felt on Saturday if they said UConn and Syracuse were leaving for the ACC?

How would you feel right now if they rumored that Rutgers and Lousiville were the next to go?

The fact remains you can suggest the Pitt administration jumped the gun and may have a point.

But it’s not like they upped and left without warning and it’s not like they were the only one inquiring about dancing.

They did what they had to. Unlike the Big East, Pitt was proactive and didn’t become a victim.

I applaud them for that.


Comment by DaveD 09.22.11 @ 1:45 am

Hey Louis, don’t care if your a troll or not, and don’t care if you label Pitt a slime ball.

Frankly don’t care if we wallow in football or go backward in hoops.

I doubt either one, but, Louis, one thing you need to remember………………

We’re in the ACC baby!!!!!!!!!! WOO HOO!!!

ACC-ACC-ACC-ACC-ACC!!!!!! YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Comment by Dan 09.22.11 @ 5:05 am

Dan….that just made my morning. Well said.

Comment by FG 09.22.11 @ 7:47 am

Yinz’all, Coach Herrion chimes in:

link to

Comment by steve 09.22.11 @ 7:53 am


The truth of the matter is that everything is speculation at this point. Nobody knows how Pitt will do in the ACC. BC has pretty much $#%& the bed while VT has held firm on football and steadily bettered their basketball team. Those jokers on ESPN really have no idea how Pitt will do in the ACC. I’m just glad we are in a safer place now. This is real money we are talking about. Its not all pretend. Pitt will be able to use that money to better their facilities and help real students. Huge win.

Comment by SJ 09.22.11 @ 9:34 am

I wish Pitt would have had a rebuttle and said”The Basketball school were holding us back and pretty much did it to themselves for not adding football schools.”

Comment by POLE 09.22.11 @ 10:29 am

Just want to point out that one of the reasons for keeping Pitt and Syracuse around for 27 months is 2 additional years of automatic BCS qualification. You need a specific number of top level schools to do that. If the BE loses that bid, and it goes to say, (I can’t even remember, whatever that conference that Boise St. is in…WAC, SWAC..whavtever), they will never get it back. Keeping Pitt and Syracuse on the hook gives them time to get their house in order to keep that bid.

Comment by PittDan 09.22.11 @ 10:36 am

POLE – PITT doesn’t want to ruffle any more BE feathers because we are asking them to waive the 27 month requirement before we can actually switch to the ACC.

Comment by Reed 09.22.11 @ 10:53 am

Very true Reed.. Maybe once we escape!LOL

Comment by POLE 09.22.11 @ 2:22 pm

It is also hard to come at your old conference without backhanded slap at your new conference.

We would’ve stayed in the BE if it weren’t for that idiot.

Kinda sounds like we were foreced to go to this ACC.

Not a good way to start IMHO…gotta say this is the place we wanna be. Big East is a good conferene and all but the ACC is where it’s at.

Enough can be said by others…the administration needs to look forward.


Comment by DaveD 09.22.11 @ 9:36 pm

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