September 17, 2011

I very rarely, if ever, trash a player on the internet or in conversation.  I think because these kids are working hard and trying the best they can they deserve respect for their efforts.  So I’ll say, respectfully, that Tino Sunseri must be taught a lesson.  It has to be clear, unmistakable and administered with no hesitation.  If you cause your team to lose a football game you should expect to be replaced.  If you are any kind of team player and sportsman you’ll also realize exactly why it’s happening.

We had three turnovers today; each one was avoidable and directly caused by Sunseri.  It’s not enough to have one good play a quarter; it’s not enough to have a great completion percentage and it’s not enough, obviously, to lead your team to a big lead.  Not when you also lead your team to five three and outs… three in the second half alone.   Along with his turnovers, his inability to keep the offense on the field and extend time consuming drives killed us.

I won’t say the defense played well, they sure didn’t.  But you could see they were gassed by having to return to the field so soon after Iowa’s long drives in the third and fourth quarters.  They played damn well in the first half when they had a chance to get their butts on the bench for a while and then get their feet back under them when playing.  I’ll say this without hesitation, a major reason they played so poorly is, again, the direct result of poor play by the QB.

Enough is enough.  What should have been a solid win for us imploded before our eyes and our hearts.  Iowa’s passing defense was there for the taking and we really didn’t capitalize on it when it was necessary to do so.  Sunseri again looked hesitant, held the ball way too long and either shortarmed wide open receivers or, because he couldn’t decide just how to blow the deep pass, either overthrew or under threw his deep receivers.

He remained telegraphing his throws yet again and on both interceptions the defensive backs had ample time to position themselves, order a beer and drink half of it before grabbing the football.  Forget about the infuriating habit of throwing a two yard pass when you need five yards for a 1st down, to do differently is just too much to ask of him it seems.

I advocated starting Sunseri this weekend to see how he responded against better competition.  Well, we all saw it.  His stats may mitigate criticism from some fans but one has to be purposely refusing to see the nose in front of one’s face to feel Sunseri pulled his weight in any way.  Yes, he completed 70 percent of his passes; yes, he rolled up 255 in passing yardage but where were the successes when it matter the most?… Nowhere, that’s where.

So what do you do when dead weight drags you down?  You cut it loose and replace it with something that reverses the downward momentum.  In this case that is Trey Anderson.  There is most probably no way that he plays with any worse results than Sunseri has shown to this point.  Hold back on the ‘inexperienced true freshman’ argument please.  Sunseri’s experience hasn’t helped him one bit this season.  Buckle up and make the change.  It truly can’t get any worse than it is right now.

But this raises another and more damaging fear.  That is Todd Graham’s unwillingness to take risks with this football team.  When Iowa was storming back in the second half Graham still played it close to the vest – even when every college football fan knew that we would have to outscore them in the final minutes of play to win the game.  Relying on our defense at that point was a lost cause.  I understand those are hard calls to make, I honestly do, but it appeared that being aggressive in play was the ultimate in false advertising this season.

Coach, we’ve heard you say “One, Two Three, Go!’ a lot these last few weeks.  How about taking a critical look at the results of our QB play over the last three games and say “One, two three, Go!” to the current starter.

It is time, you build a team for next year by getting Trey experience. I’d take heart, passion and fire over experience…. The experience in this case is making countless mistakes and throwing picks. Also good points on Graham. He is more cautious than Wanny. Go for it and make a statement early in the game. He is coaching like he is afraid to lose vs. going for the win!

Comment by Upittbaseball 09.17.11 @ 4:32 pm

Agree wholeheartedly with your whole analysis Reed.

You knew when we punted the ball back to them after failing to even pick up a 1rst down, when we were up 27-24 and they were charging hard, that we would not be able to stop them. Their QB had completed like 12 of 14 passes, (10 in a row at one point) and they were in the groove.

We did absolutely NADA in the 4rth Quarter(when the game was up for grabs) or the 2nd Quarter (when the 10-3 lead could have been stretched).

After last week and during the week we were led to believe we’d see some Trey packages for this game. Well….WHERE WERE THEY?

I’ve had enough of this blind insanity of continuing to play this QB . It’s the old coach’s son syndrome. Whether it’s your son or some other coach’s son, that appears to trump EVERYTHING ELSE. Unwritten bylaws of the coaching fraternity. There I said it.

Comment by melvinbennett 09.17.11 @ 4:34 pm

I believe Graham has just been caught completely dumbfounded and blindsided by how poor a QB Sunseri is, so he never felt he would have to make a switch so early into the season. This is setting up to be a very interesting week leading into the biggest spotlight game of the season.

Comment by JW 09.17.11 @ 4:38 pm

no need to apologize in advance because this is the most deserved post ive seen. I know people disagree and have some absurd reasoning for thinking why Tino should still start, but I can say that if I see Tino come out with the offense next week against ND there is going to be a good chance that I will get out of my seat and leave. Keep an eye posted for a “Trey for starter” shirt in the student section.

Comment by Spudda 09.17.11 @ 4:38 pm

Reed you are so right tino sucks and if coach sticks with him i wont watch a game rest of year till he changes QB. I would rather lose with some one who can get better than lose with tino who as melvin has said is what he is and cant or wont get better. but lets put this out of our mind are we really going to be let into the ACC.

Comment by FRANKCAN 09.17.11 @ 4:47 pm

You’re right. And this system works beautifully, there are open receivers everywhere. Imagine what a good QB would be able to do

Comment by Pedro Salgado 09.17.11 @ 4:49 pm

You almost have to start Trey Anderson. Next week in front of a sold out Heinz, Sunseri will be booed mercilessly the first mistake he makes. It will just get worse and worse as the game progresses. Every incomplete line drive flutter ball will just bring a chorus from the stands. I’ll actually start feeling bad for the kid.

Comment by OliviaPitt 09.17.11 @ 4:51 pm

Pedro – I think you are 100% correct about the system, at least the passing portion of it. Sunseri still throws completions that make the receiver shutter step to catch the ball, giving the DBs time to close and tackle.

Notice that the one really good play Sunseri had was when he hit Street in stride and allowed Street’s speed to score. That is what this offense is predicated on – getting the ball to your playmakers in stride so they can get YAC. And because he can’t throw over 20 yards to save his life the intermediate passing game becomes that much more important.

Comment by Reed 09.17.11 @ 4:57 pm

THat was a great Tony Romo impression.

Comment by Chris 09.17.11 @ 4:57 pm


I’m afraid that this is mostly on Graham, not Tino. 3rd and five, and they throw into the end zone? 4th down, still in that ridiculous pooch punt formation for some reason, and they let him run a half-assed play which results in him throwing it out of bounds.

Don’t get me wrong, Tino needs replaced, but this coach of ours needs to learn that he is no longer in Tulsa playing against second tier schools.

Comment by Chuck Morris 09.17.11 @ 4:57 pm

This team is going to spiral out of control, unless there is a QB change. Today we snatched a loss from the jaws of victory.

Comment by WLAT and the Big Beat 09.17.11 @ 4:58 pm

Here’s something to make sure you pour yourself a really, really stiff drink.

Another visit to the renowned BBVA Compass Bowl or if we’re really lucky, the Beef O’Brady’s Bowl.

Comment by melvinbennett 09.17.11 @ 5:01 pm

That’s if they don’t change the name of those two Classic Bowl Games by December. One can never know these days.

Comment by melvinbennett 09.17.11 @ 5:03 pm

Reed – Maybe your best post ever. Well said, not making it personal. Agreed with JW, that Graham is caught dumbfounded. I am telling all of you that he is a very good coach and cannot believe his eyes at the inept horrendous QB play of Tino.
As I know Rev George will be checking in, I will keep my anger and angest clean.

I have not seen worse QB play at Pitt since Wayne Adams (and you youngsters can look it up). Tino cost us this game and it is simply beyond his talent level to change. The moment is much too big for him!

I am just sick at this loss…and as I said earlier, I will be behind the Pitt bench for the ND Game on the 25…if I see Tino going in, I will be the one arrested for hiding his helmet.

Yes the secondary was porous and I am beginning to understand why WVU and Michigan ran our coordinator out of the program…but they were just gassed. One last thing…sometimes you try so hard to disguise the secondary coverage that you fool yourself! Just f’in cover somebody! Please

Comment by Dan 72 09.17.11 @ 5:03 pm

Admittedly I know more about shopping than coaching so.when I say I am not going to purchase that high octane t sbirt I had my eye on it is my way of saying to TG it is time for a not HC position but at starting qb. TG deserves more than 3 games before we call for his ouster. However we have seen TS in action since last season and we have had enough time to echo the sentiment ” if you always dowhat youve alwayss done,you will always get what you ve always got

Comment by Jmf 09.17.11 @ 5:04 pm

Agree with everyone. Although did anyone see in the game when tino overthrew and open receiver on 4th down and graham just laid into him? Greatness. Pitt let the stache go for the same reason they should bench tino. Win games here and there, but lose winnable games in astounding fashion.

Comment by silverfox 09.17.11 @ 5:13 pm

Maybe Tino should give up playing QB and concentrate on punting, even though his kicks went into the end zone they were more effective than our regular punter.
It is going to be a long year if we have to watch many more displays like today, on both sides of the ball. Where was the pass rush in the second half? Maybe the condition of the players is not as good as we were led to believe.
My only hope for today is that my other alma mater The “U” can beat OSU. We got more players back this week they they did so we are favored.

Comment by Jimbo 09.17.11 @ 5:15 pm

I agree that Tino is not the right quarterback for this system. What might be a horrible realization is that he might not have enough time to find a system as a collegiate. It’s time for him to sit down and read the playbook until he graduates. Harsh but that is the life of an athlete who is being pushed for playing time.

With that said, Coach Graham should have burned some clock. High Octane should work it’s magic and then kill some clock to destroy any hope of a comeback. There are no excuses that he can give for what happened today. Poor time management killed us. Sunseri played badly but the coaching was even worse.

My hope is that Coach learns from this and realizes that schools like Iowa take advantage of these situations. Teams like these are not being coached by 20 somethings who were coaching High School Football the year prior. Ferentz was dreaming of that win with 8 minutes to go because he knew what Pitt was going to do next.

This one is going to sting for a while. I suggest going to Youtube and checking out Trey Anderson. Heck, check out Jones as well. That was one sweet pass. We have options that’s for sure. 2 of them were active in our lineup today-Jones and Gonzales.

Comment by Panthoor 09.17.11 @ 5:15 pm

There are so many reasons this game should not have ended this way I can’t even begin to discuss them all.

However, great point made above by oliviaPitt. TG HAS to replace Sunseri with anderson next week because if Sunseri runs out of the field to start the game the crowd is going to get real ugly. I know, I know, you cannot coach based upon how the crowd is reacting. But seriously, Sunseri’s “reception/greeting” when he steps on the field next week is going to be brutal. Although I think he should be replaced, I don’t think a college kid (yes, some of you will argue he is not a kid because of his age and experience) deserves that.

Comment by JAM 05 Pitt 09.17.11 @ 5:18 pm

Just read ACC to be first one to 16 teams the 4 added will be PITT Syracuse kansas and texas dont tell they werent thinking BB as well as football. And does this mean WVU is going to the SEC.

Comment by FRANKCAN 09.17.11 @ 5:19 pm

I haven’t had a chance to watch the game yet, but reading from all your posts, i can tell it was not so good. actually expected a loss, so at least we didn’t get blown out. but the lone victory today could be the great news of pitt to the acc. this is just AWESOME. what a great shift this will be for all sports. some great old rivalries will get rekindled and more importantly i will be able to see Pitt play in my homeland of NC. The loss sucks, but hopefully the win is the changing in the conference.

Comment by henryhudson228 09.17.11 @ 5:22 pm

Tino is FINE back up QB.

Comment by Tony In Harrisburg 09.17.11 @ 5:22 pm

Just made my tee time for next weekend. 12:06PM Saturday afternoon! Yes, my golf game has become LESS stressful than watching a Pitt game.

Comment by Z-boy 09.17.11 @ 5:30 pm

Chuck Morris, the third down throw to the endzone was a great risk to take because he knew he would go for it on fourth down. The pooch punt formation wasn’t a problem. Graham got what he wanted, Shanahan wide open for a first down. Tino missed him by a good ten yards in throwing the ball out of bounds, (Or just didn’t see him?). The coaching is not the problem right now. The play calling I love, and you can tell they are holding back because of the QB situation. We are still suffering unfortunately from Wannstedt’s inability to recruit a decent QB. I think a change is necessary so that we can see how the offense should be run.

Comment by OntarioLett'sGoPitt 09.17.11 @ 5:31 pm

The defense was gased at the end. If Tino starts next week Pitt will be 2-2.

Comment by Pittastic 09.17.11 @ 5:36 pm

Wow, tell us what you really think Reed! As I sat in my nice comfortable living room I kept thinking about a cool, rainy day in Raleigh, North Carolina where a Pitt team did exactly the same thing they did today. The chant of Wolf……Pack! still rings in my ears.

Everybody seems to forget that to lose a game that you are leading by more than two touchdowns, the defense needs to stink the place up. While Mr. Sunseri needs to shoulder some of this loss, there is no way our defense should have made the Iowa quarterback look like Tom Brady today.

As for Texas joining the ACC, that just completely ruined the only good news of the day.

Comment by John In South Carolina 09.17.11 @ 5:36 pm

Panthoor – Graham couldn’t ‘burn up the clock’. We had four possessions in the 4th quarter and couldn’t convert a 3rd down on any of them. When the going got tough and we desperately needed drives we got this:

1) 3rd & goal: Sunseri rush for a four yard loss; FG

2) 3rd & 3; Pass incomplete
4th & 3; Pass incomplete

3) 3rd & 13; Eight yard completion (when we needed 13!); Punt

4) 2nd & 6; Interception.

See what I mean? Graham couldn’t do anything playcalling wise to make Sunseri more successful. We were 4 for 15 in 3rd down conversions today… that is QB play almost exclusively. This is why I lay the blame for the loss on Sunseri’s shoulders. He just can’t rise to the occasion.

Comment by Reed 09.17.11 @ 5:36 pm

Sitting here in B’more trying to make some sense of this game today and finishing off an excellent bottle of Chivas…here’s my last thought on QB.

If we are going to make a change to Trey, make it now. Give Trey the full week with the first team.
As I said before, if they start Tino, I will be the one perp walked off the field in cuffs for stealing and destroying Tino’s helmet.

Let’s not forget, for almost 3 quarters, Pitt was the better team on both sides of the ball.

Comment by Dan 72 09.17.11 @ 5:37 pm


The 2 Million Dollar Man (Todd Graham) blew this one. His inability to understand that Tino Suneri is not the answer to this offense is unforgivable. He is negligent of his responsibilities and it has cost us a W.

Don’t give me all of that 70 percent completion crap when the majority are 6 yard catches in a 5 wideout set. Tino killed us with two key interceptions. The first on on Iowa’s 2 yard line in the first half which robbed us of at least 3 and probably 7 points. The second at the end of the game when he under throws a fly route with no safety coverage. It’s a TD for goodness sakes.

The 2 Million Dollar Man is playing politics with this football team and enough is enough. Stop all the bravado and make a decision on the QB.

Todd Graham and Tino Suneri are both one dimensional. Graham can only go with a spread offense at high speed and can’t figure out how to manage the clock. Isn’t he the coach? Manage the clock! You are up by 21 with just over 15 minutes left. Tino can’t consistently complete the throw down field. He just doesnt have the tools. He will complete everything 10 yrds and under but that is dimensional!

Todd Graham is a gimick!

Comment by PittFanInAtlanta 09.17.11 @ 5:38 pm

John… As I said, the defense played poorly in the 4th quarter especially but they got absolutely no help from the offense when it was so badly needed.

I have to absolve them of a portion of the blame due to that.

Comment by Reed 09.17.11 @ 5:39 pm

When is TG’s 1st presser discussing the game?

Comment by JAM 05 Pitt 09.17.11 @ 5:43 pm

Reed, shame on you. Not only is Tino not getting paid but, to my knowledge, he is not getting any free tattoos.

However, this piece of shit college roommate of the head coach which passes for amajor college defensive coordination got a big raise!!

This wasn’t Brian Kelly, Marty Gillyard and Tony Pike ..this was Curt Ferentz and Iowa! Yet, in the last 3 drives, the defensive line wasn’t near the QB nor were the DBs near the receivers.

One final thing, Reed … you know SURE AS SHIT that if this was last year, you would be blaming the coach and not the QB.

Comment by wbb 09.17.11 @ 5:48 pm

SCREW THE GAME PITT IS GOING TO THE ACC. BB is all most as good as big east we will play Kansas every year, and foot ball is a little better. and the bowl games are better and who would have thought after watching big 12 for weeks and the the sec that it would be the ACC and PITT that made the firet move MELVIN DAN TAMPAT tell this was not a shock.

Comment by FRANKCAN 09.17.11 @ 5:51 pm

I think the defense deserves more of the blame than the QB although I would not be adverse to seeing Anderson start against Notre Dame or come in after the first series. This is the same defense that fell apart against Buffalo and Maine late in the game. If you think about it, this defense has problems with exactly the type of offense that Todd Graham runs. Iowa ran a two minute offense for all the fourth quarter. One would think you would know how to defend against your own offense. Where is Paul Rhoads when you need him?

Comment by John In South Carolina 09.17.11 @ 5:52 pm

Back at Reed. I have only one word in response to your accussatory, provocative, inflammatory post about our current starting quarterback…..DITTO.

Comment by Dr. Tom 09.17.11 @ 5:54 pm

We can all stop are complaining about Graham not running out the clock. He will NOT deploy that strategy… ever! How do I know? Because he has come out numerous times and told us. He will not sit on the ball. Not saying I agree , but at lease he is up front and there should be no wondering why. Im actually not too upset about this strategy today. The only way I sit on it or try to run it out is if I am absolutely positive the clock is going to run out. His stubborness to not sit Sunseri is another story. My problem is this. Sunseri has a ceiling that is right about where it is now. He may be the most experienced and know the offense the best, but he is not going to improve that much more. I am not sure the other guys will be great, but Im all for giving them the opportunity. I honestly have no problem getting blown out if the back up qb’s F up the game. Give them a shot. From the little Ive seen of them, they have some tools that could excel in this offense alot more than Sunseri. That being said, Dan, pass the Chivas!

Comment by Z-boy 09.17.11 @ 6:00 pm

PITT to ACC? I will miss Madison Square Garden in March. I will miss BE basketball. Football might be a slight upgrade with the new expansion of the ACC teams but basketball is a step down.

Comment by PittFanInAtlanta 09.17.11 @ 6:01 pm

This is an instance where the loss is 100% on the player. I do not blame coaching one bit for this game. The only I would have liked to see was a bit more pressure in the 2nd half, but the defense had to be on the field so long, I don’t know that it would have changed anything.

You can see that this offense is going to be a force once they get a qb who can hit a wide open receiver.

As absolutely frustrating and disappointing as today was, I think we saw a tremendous improvement in the offense and really caught a glimpse of things to come. The change needs to be made at QB for us to realize our potential.

Comment by sweet caroline 09.17.11 @ 6:07 pm

wbb – I was pretty critical of Sunseri last season also for exactly the same things. But I don’t remember any games like this last season, do you?

I think I was pretty critical of Graham in my next to last paragraph though… especially when I wrote “but it appeared that being aggressive in play was the ultimate in false advertising this season.”

Comment by Reed 09.17.11 @ 6:09 pm

Tino could have won this game, but Tino did not lose this one. One more touchdown would have won it or running some clock in the fourth quarter would have done the trick. How about running Ray Graham a little more and slowing the game down between plays, as Tomlin says situational football.

Football is a game of momentum. We had it for much of three quarters, which were pretty damn good. When we lost it, Graham did nothing to slow down old mo. He should know by now that this defense is weak against the all out passing game. We have learned this for three weeks if not three years. When the going gets tough we fold.

This is where I say Sunseri could have won it but does not, has not, and will not make the big play when it is needed most, at crunch time. How many times do you have to see it before you believe it?

To tell the truth, I think Tino played as well as he can and it can be good enough to win if the coach doesn’t ask him to do too much. It is obvious that Sunseri does not have the killer instinct to put a team away when needed, and he has never lead a scoring drive to win if memory serves. If we kept pounding them with Graham, he might have broke a big one, I think that is more likely than Tino completing a long one.

I say give Anderson a chance. At least unlike last year we may know if Sunseri is really the best we got.

Comment by gc 09.17.11 @ 6:10 pm

Graham gets paid $2 million not to fuck up games like this. Hand it off to Ray, run out the clock and we win. Horrible QB but the clock management was sickening

Comment by Tony C 09.17.11 @ 6:18 pm

Tino got us the lead. Defense couldn’t hold it.

Comment by alcofan 09.17.11 @ 6:19 pm

to win games with the new system we are going to need to keep scoring points. the team isn’t going to be built to pound the football and chew up the clock with a lead. that’s why its imperative that we have a guy behind center who can execute simple pitch and catch throws and take care of the football. Tino is clearly not that guy.

Comment by sweet caroline 09.17.11 @ 6:24 pm

Frankcan: I went for a little stroll around the Internet and there is no “new” news about Texas to the ACC. The only interesting news is that WVU going to the SEC must be a slam dunk which in turn caused Pitt and Syracuse to apply to the ACC. Please do not run the only good news of the day like that! Of course this is all based on Oklahoma going to the new PAC 14 or PAC 16. At least they can count!

Comment by John In South Carolina 09.17.11 @ 6:24 pm

All I’m saying Reed is that you and many others are willing to give the $2 million coach a pass because this is a work-in-progress ..and you know what …I agree.

But I do not agree that the 22 yr old QB who has never run a spread until 6 months ago should should all the blame.

If you think Anderson should be playing QB insetad … fine … but the fact he isn’t is CLEARLY the coaches’ fault and not Tino’s.

Comment by wbb 09.17.11 @ 6:24 pm

Who calls a fade on 1st at the 3? Who calls back to back passes on 3rd and 3 and 4th and 3 with the LEAD? Who calls for a hurry-up no-huddle instead of snapping the ball with less than 5 secs left. Who lets Tino throw it up 17 and doesnt ice the game with nations leading rusher? Whose defense gives up 21 points in almost no time? 100% Todd Graham’s fault. Moronic display of coaching, playcalling, clock management. Iowa didnt even NEED to use their timeouts to get back into it. Moronic coaching on our part. Didnt even turn it over in the 4th until we gave up the lead

Comment by Tony C 09.17.11 @ 6:29 pm

Forget this football. Until Tino is benched, I dont need to raise my blood pressure. Still 2-1…at least until the drubbing we will take from ND.

PittAtlanta – How can you say a downgrade from the BE in basketball? To a strong conference, look who is added – Pitt and SU. Arguably the powerhouses of the BE. Albeit, Louisville, CT and GT are left behind but good God…think about Duke, UNC, Pitt, Syracuse, UVA…I like that as well.

Go Pitt basketball!

Comment by Pitt It Is 09.17.11 @ 6:31 pm


tino got the lead, but the pressure gets to him and he cant handle it. end of story.

Comment by Pitt It Is 09.17.11 @ 6:32 pm

Wait UVA is good at basketball???

Comment by Tony C 09.17.11 @ 6:34 pm

Pat Bostick is gone. Let it go.

Comment by Bill Stull 09.17.11 @ 6:34 pm

Tony, good calls on your part with the coaching. But Tino did not prosper in the pro-style last year, oh sorry apologists – 1 st year sarter. Not prospering in the spread, oh sorry – new coach new system. whats the common denominator?

TINO is not capable.

Comment by Pitt It Is 09.17.11 @ 6:35 pm

Wbb – no, you are correct about that. I also have given Sunseri the benefit of the doubt over the first three games… but IMO the ‘newness of the system’ is not the cause of his inadequacies. Those are carried over habits and negative traits that he exhibited last year.

I posted not long ago the breakdown of Sunseri’s 2010 year and the reality of his play in 11 out of the 13 games. It was much like what we are seeing this season, maybe just a little better as the pro-set was better for him.

I also watched Sunseri run this offense in the spring and he had a great handle on it, and apparently did so in the summer camp also. The fact that there is such a great divide between his practice play and his gameday performances says a lot about his ability to work under pressure.

Comment by Reed 09.17.11 @ 6:35 pm

ok Tony C…i was getting excitied…my bad.

Comment by Pitt It Is 09.17.11 @ 6:35 pm

Tino isnt good but he didnt lose this game. Graham put him in a horrible position by extending the game by 6 minutes

Comment by Tony C 09.17.11 @ 6:37 pm

Bill Stull, are you sure you don’t have any eligibility left? You may be pretty good in this offense.

Perhaps you should go to radio broadcast school. It seemed to work out well for that other QB.

Comment by Reed 09.17.11 @ 6:37 pm

I agree that it’s time to get another QB in the game. I disagree with you on one thing Chas. I don’t think we stopped being aggressive at the end of the game. We kept trying to keep the pace up and should’ve scored more had we hit open receivers. Wanndstett would’ve run the ball for 3 and out’s the whole fourth quarter. At least Graham tried to move the ball.

My comments:
to “wbb”: Sunseri’s problems are not related to running a spread offense. He has picked up the schemes very well. His problem is just pitching and catching. He just can’t hit open guys. He had this issue under the old system- I remember him missing wide open guys against Uconn last year and overthrowing tons of deep balls to Baldwin all year.

to “Tony C”: You know who calls a fade on 1st and goal at the 3?- an aggressive coach who wants to go win the game and knows he has a good 6’4′ wideout. You can’t blame Todd Graham for a fumbled snap on 3rd down. “Moronic” coaching is a true overstatement. We had some pretty good coaching.

People on this blog can’t have it both ways- do we want an aggressive coach who keeps trying to gain yardage in the 4th or a conservative coach who runs the ball in the 4th. It seemed to me that this whole blog was pretty much in agreement that we wanted an aggressive coach after the conservative years of Wanny.

Let’s all relax. Hopefully we’ll make a few personnell changes and we’ll have a pretty darn good team. Hail to Pitt!

Comment by Tony Dews and Don'ts 09.17.11 @ 6:39 pm

I refuse to hammer a 22 year old when the man in charge of clock management makes $2.2 mill. Tino got us the big lead. We had the game won

Comment by Tony C 09.17.11 @ 6:39 pm

Tino got us the lead? I’d say we got the lead despite Tino.

Comment by Tony Dews and Don'ts 09.17.11 @ 6:41 pm

Theres aggressive and then theres moronic. Sorry if im the coach i give it to the nations leading rusher. Worst case scenario we take off 2 mins. If you think that leaving the game in Tinos hands instead of Rays is good coaching then i give up

Comment by Tony C 09.17.11 @ 6:41 pm

Tony C. Which game did you watch again? Sunseri couldn’t make a third down conversion to save his life.

I count just two 3rd down conversions by his passing for the whole game.

Check it out – it’s pretty pitiful.

link to

Comment by Reed 09.17.11 @ 6:42 pm

But he is just a kid. I need to stop hammering him too. I’d just like to see a personnel change as most of us would. I wasn’t in favor of it for the first game, I started to change my mind in the second game, and now I’m convinced. I can’t say that the backups are better bc I haven’t seen them play but I’m not the least bit confident going down the road with the same leadership under center.

Comment by Tony Dews and Don'ts 09.17.11 @ 6:43 pm

Really who led the drives and threw 2 TD passes?

Comment by Tony C 09.17.11 @ 6:43 pm

Tino sucks but he made some huge plays. Blame the coach who kept him in the game. Lay off the kid this is ridiculous

Comment by Tony C 09.17.11 @ 6:45 pm

tony – we had the game won until Sunseri started to give it away by non-performing.

We couldn’t rely on our running game as Graham was getting pretty much stuffed on the day. Take away his 24 yard run and he averaged 3.4 ypc… not good enough to solely rely on to extend drives.

We HAD to have the passing balance and it wasn’t there in the second half when it was critical.

we’ll have to disagree on this.

Comment by Reed 09.17.11 @ 6:48 pm

He’s not a good football player. He shouldn’t be in the game. He consistently demonstrates that he doesn’t have the skill or aptitude to play QB at this level. That’s fine. If Graham doesn’t recognize it after this week, then I think its time to start blaming the coach.

Agree with previous post that said we had the lead despite Tino. He simply hasn’t made routine throws and I have zero confidence in his ability to quarterback this team.

Comment by sweet caroline 09.17.11 @ 6:50 pm

So you account 100% of the blame on Tino, 0% on the porous defense and 0% on the clock management? Wow. Theres more to a football game then a QB

Comment by Tony C 09.17.11 @ 6:51 pm

Tony – I am pointing these things out to support the original premise in the posted article… that in my opinion Graham has to make the switch going forward. The reason he has to make that switch is because of all the things we have pointed out regarding Sunseri’s play.

Sorry if you don’t think this criticism of Sunseri’s play is justified. As I stated in my opening sentence above I take great care not to be personally insulting to any of our players… but Sunseri’s poor play is open game.

Comment by Reed 09.17.11 @ 6:53 pm

Again Tony – how in hell is Graham going to be able to manage the clock when he has a QB who can’t extend drives? The answer is he won’t be able to. That isn’t necessarily Graham’s fault as much as it is Sunseri’s shortcomings.

Comment by Reed 09.17.11 @ 6:56 pm

I want a new QB as well but that wont happen because of our coach

Comment by Tony C 09.17.11 @ 6:57 pm

Give the ball to the nations leading rusher? U were up 17 no need to throw

Comment by Tony C 09.17.11 @ 6:58 pm

We obviously were not trying to run out the clock. Snapping the ball with 25 secs left hurry-up no-huddle. A couple 3 and outs and you concede the lead in no time without giving ur D a rest and extending the game. 3 and outs happen

Comment by Tony C 09.17.11 @ 7:01 pm

I don’t think of lot of you ever watched Hawaii, Nevada or Tulsa play. They run spread offenses, with the latter two running a Triple Option Spread offense, where it’s not all passing, unlike Hawaii.

The basic concept of the Spread Offense is YOU OUTSCORE YOUR OPPONENT. There is no ball control, nor clock management. In it’s optimum form (which won’t be realized with this QB) is pedal to the metal, all the time. Which is why TG went for it at the Iowa 38 on 4rth & 3. I liked that aggressiveness. THE PROBLEM WAS THINKING TINO COULD MAKE THAT PLAY, a long pass to Darrius Patton. I would think at this point of the season and AFTER watching all the game film of this year and last year, TG would know, the chances of Tino completing a pass, in the air over 20 yards is extremely minimal. Like in the below 10% range.

Again, to review, there is no ball control in this type of offense and their is no clock management in terms of running clock. You’re supposed to win these games 38-31 or given the opportunities, 45-31.

On a positive note, our placekicker was two for two, 2/2 on FG’s today. Quite an improvement.

Comment by melvinbennett 09.17.11 @ 7:06 pm

No clock management? This is AU’s offense. Auburn ran out the clock so many times last year. Go watch the Iron Bowl again. No clock management= gassed d= loss

Comment by Tony C 09.17.11 @ 7:11 pm

Quote from Graham: “Auburn is the only other team in America that runs this offense”

Comment by Tony C 09.17.11 @ 7:13 pm

I agree with you on all things said melvinbennett

Comment by Tony Dews and Don'ts 09.17.11 @ 7:17 pm

Can’t wait to see what spin Paul Z. puts on Tino’s performance. Making lemonade out of dog poop.

Comment by Where have you gone, Mr. Palko? 09.17.11 @ 7:18 pm

We would all feel VASTLY DIFFERENT, if in these games we were scoring 40-50 points a game. Which is what Hawaii, Nevada (the 3 previous years) and Tulsa averaged. Most of us saw after the struggles with Maine & Buffalo, what was on the horizon.

We won’t (well maybe against some of the BigEast dregs) score 50 points a game as long as the current QB is the QB.
It’s that frickin simple.

Comment by melvinbennett 09.17.11 @ 7:18 pm

So I guess we will never see a QB knee in this offense. Cant wait

Comment by Tony C 09.17.11 @ 7:19 pm

I agree we need to bench Tino. Start the walkon forreal

Comment by Tony C 09.17.11 @ 7:20 pm

haha…..where have you gone Mr. Palko….lmao

Comment by melvinbennett 09.17.11 @ 7:21 pm

I think Tino knee’d to end the 1rst half. Exciting wasn’t it.

Comment by melvinbennett 09.17.11 @ 7:23 pm

pitt is it the ACC wants kansas to melvin you have to admit you none of us saw this ACC thing comeing and think abought this we were all watching the big 12 and the SEC and who makes a move PITT and the ACC you got to love the balls of PITT.

Comment by FRANKCAN 09.17.11 @ 7:23 pm

Hopefully Voytik is the real deal. Cant wait for next year in the ACC

Comment by Tony C 09.17.11 @ 7:23 pm

Why would he take a knee??? I thought we were supposed to SCORE not control the ball/clock

Comment by Tony C 09.17.11 @ 7:24 pm

Auburn last year had the NFL # 1 draft pick Cam Newton who threw for over 400 yards in his NFL debut. We have Santino Sunseri. Get real!

Comment by melvinbennett 09.17.11 @ 7:25 pm

@ Tony C.

Ever seen Tino throw over 50 yards for the Endzone?
And I don’t want to either. It’s like a wounded Quail.

Comment by melvinbennett 09.17.11 @ 7:27 pm

Yeah except we handed off to Dyer to ice the games

Comment by Tony C 09.17.11 @ 7:27 pm

Is the ACC thing confirmed FRANKCAN?

Comment by melvinbennett 09.17.11 @ 7:28 pm

It was a good move to take a knee. Just completely against our seemingly high offensive standards and principles

Comment by Tony C 09.17.11 @ 7:29 pm

Newton was threat to run it, Tino isn’t. Big difference in a TRiple Option Spread. Wouldn’t you say.

Comment by melvinbennett 09.17.11 @ 7:30 pm

FRANKAM, I’ve been trying to tell everyone on this site for 2 weeks now not to react to every report you read about expansion scenarios. Just like Nebraska joining the B10, you are likely not going to hear anything from the parties involved while they are negotiating in case the talks fall through. The fact is that Pitt and Cuse likely have been talking for a while now, yet nobody knew about it

Comment by wbb 09.17.11 @ 7:31 pm

Even TG knows having Tino throw a hail of mary pass is more than even a prayer.

Comment by melvinbennett 09.17.11 @ 7:32 pm

Yup big diff I agree but they still tried to run out the clock

Comment by Tony C 09.17.11 @ 7:34 pm

I will default to you Tony. As I didn’t watch the Iron Bowl last year.

Comment by melvinbennett 09.17.11 @ 7:35 pm

Auburn has Gus Malzhone (spelling) who was TG’s o-coordinator at Tulsa than moved to Auburn.

Comment by melvinbennett 09.17.11 @ 7:37 pm

Im just saying spread teams have tried to run out the clock before. Is Anderson good? I was at the AU game last week

Comment by Tony C 09.17.11 @ 7:37 pm

looking ahead, not sure we will win next week because I don’t see us outscoring ND … but if we can progress enough, maybe we will for USF the following game – BE opener

Comment by wbb 09.17.11 @ 7:39 pm

Malzahn is awesome. Im flying out to Pitt to see fam and the ND game. Hope we have a diff outcome and QB

Comment by Tony C 09.17.11 @ 7:42 pm

Sunseri has a ceiling that is right about where it is now.
He may be the most experienced and know the offense the best, but he is not going to improve that much more.
Comment by Z-boy 09.17.11 @ 6:00 pm

Just catching up on some of these comments. Sorry fellows I had to make a run to the liquor store, you know.

Disagree with ya Z-boy….while i do agree that Sunseri has hit ‘his ceiling’, he’s not the most experienced running this offense. Trey Anderson has been running this offense since 8th grade and led his 5A Texas High school to the Texas state championship last year. And he ran it very smoothly last week when he played.

I do agree very much with your 2nd point however, that being Sunseri is not going to improve, however I disagree with the much more, it’s anymore. lol

Comment by melvinbennett 09.17.11 @ 7:47 pm

I feel bad for Tino tho. He is gonna get hammered when they announce him as the starter next week.

I do think it is time to have Trey. We need a dual threat.

Comment by Tony C 09.17.11 @ 7:52 pm

I had plans to come the burg next week for ND. However I’m not spending over $1000.00 to watch Sunseri led us to another defeat. ND appears back on track as they beatup on #15 Mich. State, 31-13.

Comment by melvinbennett 09.17.11 @ 7:52 pm

Tony C, I agree the fade on 1st down at the 3 yard line had to be the dumbest call I’ve seen in a long time. The only thing that pisses me off more is Sunseri lobbing the ball for an interception a the 2 yard line with an open reciever. That play had touchdown written all over it and the Panthers came away with nothing. Those two opportunities are another 14 points Pitt should have scored.

Comment by Justinian 09.17.11 @ 7:53 pm

I think you may as well put the ND game in the loss column now. There is no sense in having false hope. We will see a talented no huddle offense next week that is finally hitting their stride. The best we can hope is that the game is close.

As for the conference shake-up, I hope the Big East takes Texas in all sports except football. They enjoy being pushed around by schools of such ilk a la Notre Dame.

Comment by John In South Carolina 09.17.11 @ 7:54 pm

This should be the face of Pitt football this year. link to

Comment by Tony C 09.17.11 @ 7:55 pm

Hey Tony,

Not many young men get to start at QB for a D1 school. Their is nothing to feel bad about, he’s going to taken care of when his playing days are over. Rest assured. The rest of us coming out of college weren’t really sure what our futures held.

Comment by melvinbennett 09.17.11 @ 7:56 pm

Tony C,
To an extent, you’ve simply gotta outscore your opponents with this kind of offense…not happening with our current qb. However, I do agree with you that it would be great to hand the ball off to Graham more with a big lead like that. I think the one problem is that Iowa can stack the box and just stuff the run in that case because there is no real threat of Sunseri making you pay for it by connecting on a deep route.

Comment by sweet caroline 09.17.11 @ 7:57 pm

It’s not like ND is any good. About like Iowa. Now we’re at home too. Def have a chance.

Comment by Tony C 09.17.11 @ 7:58 pm

The Little Operator. Come on TG, pull the trigger and let the kid operate.

Comment by melvinbennett 09.17.11 @ 7:59 pm

Good points melvin and caroline

Comment by Tony C 09.17.11 @ 7:59 pm

ND won easily over #15 MSU today. Think again.

Comment by melvinbennett 09.17.11 @ 8:00 pm

BFD different team every week. They’re 1 for 3. I like those odds.

Comment by Tony C 09.17.11 @ 8:01 pm

There is nothing more to say about Tino – it is clear that he just isn’t very good. But that realization didn’t come today. There were 15 games before today that made that conclusion apparent. We all knew before today’s kickoff that our quarterback was inaccurate and made poor decisions.

But only Todd Graham makes $2mil/yr. He knew who Tino was too, yet Tino was constantly placed in positions to fail. The game management was inexcusable today. I am not suggesting that Pitt call all running plays when up three scores, but they should have run more than they did and definitely should have used the play clock to help wind down the game clock. Snapping the ball with 20 seconds left on the play clock is inexcusable, and to modify a famous line for Coach Graham – “GJ Kinne isn’t walking through that door!” The quarterback that Graham had today could not succeed in holding a lead in Graham’s system for the same old reasons – he makes poor decisions, takes too long to make decisions, and doesn’t make accurate throws. So rather than setting his player up to fail, Graham should have IN THIS SPECIFIC SITUATION made an adjustment and try to run the clock down better. If he has a philosophy that he will never try to run clock, then his philosophy suffers from an inherent and significant flaw.

Sequeing to the defense, our failure to use more clock on offense, also contributed to our defenders being completely gassed. But there is a deeper problem with the defense, and it isn’t just players. You can’t tell me that Phil Bennett or Paul Rhoads wouldn’t have done a much better job of holding that lead today. Maybe the players aren’t confused by the system because it is new, maybe they are confused because it is confusing. Nobody on this well-paid defensive staff has a background that justifies my unquestioned respect and loyalty. The defensive coaches need to prove that they can coach.

I am not giving up on this staff, this team, or this season, but the coaches must take the lion’s share of the blame for this game and they need to make steps to make sure that losses like this don’t happen again. Lineup changes are only a small part. An analogy can be made with the Romo situation from last week. He got all of the blame for the loss b/c he has been to pro bowls and carried the team on his back for 3 quarters. He is talented and expected to perform, then he he did a 180 nosedive. In contrast, Todd Graham should take a lot of blame for this loss because Tino Sunseri is a very limited player who played poorly for three quarters. All he did in the fourth quarter was play like he always has.

I would say that I should start rooting for my other alma mater, but they can’t beat WVU either.

Comment by Brett97 09.17.11 @ 8:03 pm

I agree

Comment by Tony C 09.17.11 @ 8:05 pm


Well, I’ve calmed down. Allthough, not as upset as I thought I would be earlier, still peeved.

Pitt looked like a real college team for 3 quarters. Yes, I know, it was a HUGE 4th quarter.

I guess I should state, I never thought we were going 12-0, so start from there if you’d like to rip me.

Chas, no wonder you’re the blogger, spot on, people can spin this anyway they want.

If the qb hits some of the passes, doesn’t fumble the snap, and doesn’t cave in when the slightest pressure, Pitt well could have been up 35-3.

If he hits some passes, they are able to run out the clock.

If he hits the last pass, probably win. Yes, they could have come right down the field with a minute left, but, it would’ve been getting tight. When I saw Street open, then the ball coming, then the ball coming short, right to the cornerback, I was aghast, I could not believe he did it again!!!

I was earlier bitchin’ about clock management. Still might need to look at that, but, right again chas, five 3 and outs???? I didn’t realize that. Can’t have it.
Could have run the clock out easily, or taken a lot more time off the clock.

If the situation arises again, even if he keeps his offense totally the same, tell the qb to not snap until a second or two left????

But, in the end, one position could have made such a difference, in so many ways.

I still look forward to the rest of the season.


No brainer. Big East and ACC have battled for top dog in hoops the last 10 years, with the Big East kind of nudging ahead a bit the past two years in the national eyes. We were behind earlier, evened out, the BE won the battles lately.

You now add Pitt and Syracuse to the ACC, tips the balance dramatically.

Who’s to say WVU and UCONN aren’t the next two to the ACC.

I feel there are so many upsides, it’s a slam dunk. (no pun intended)

Anyhow, in full openess, I have longed for the university to be in a conference, of liked minded big universities, that play most sports, that are stand alone institutions in themselves, and have a real conference feel to them.

I will wait to celebrate, until I see it in writing however.

Bottom line, soon there are going to be 4 power conferences. ACC, SEC, Big10, Pac12, then the rest.

If someone says we’re cementing you in as a player right now, you jump in that cement and let it set.

Providence has played bs games for so long, if it’s true, hats off to Nordy, and as critical as I’ve been to Steve, hats off to you.

Comment by Dan 09.17.11 @ 8:05 pm

Melvinbennett post bye mccauley SB Nation according to a representative from the big east thereis no scenario were a president applies to a league unless his school is to be admitted PITT and Syracuse are likely gone. in outher words they knew they would be or they would not have applied.

Comment by FRANKCAN 09.17.11 @ 8:06 pm

Notre Dame beat themselves the first two games. They seemed to have gotten their stuff together. I fear a very bad day for the followers of Blue and Gold come Saturday next. Another thing to consider is the state of mind of the team after losing in the manner they did today.

Comment by John In South Carolina 09.17.11 @ 8:07 pm

Hey, I’m ok if you want to give Graham a shot, for being the coach to allow Tino in. I’ll give you that, but, as for a couple people saying “Graham’s a bum”, grow up, calm down, and go have a drink.

We gave Harris 8 years, Wanny 6 years, Graham only gets 3 games. Come on.

Comment by Dan 09.17.11 @ 8:07 pm

Absolutely. I’d rather be ACC then Big Ten

Comment by Tony C 09.17.11 @ 8:07 pm

Well if they have the state of mind of our fans then we might as well not show up too. We’ll see how good a coach Graham is after bouncing back. Week 1 starts September 29th anyway.

Comment by Tony C 09.17.11 @ 8:09 pm

right Sweet Carolina,

Iowa was stopping RG in the 4rth quarter. We did try running it, as this is not a pass happy spread offense. I’m still thinking the casual observer doesn’t know that this offense is a Triple Option Spread. Ray Graham wasn’t leading the Nation in rushing after 2 games, in a pass happy spread offense.

In fact I think Zeise listed the total passing plays & total run plays over the first two games. It was very nearly a 50/50 split on running to passing plays. You can’t get ZERO points in 2 quarters. I don’t need to say it again, very inconsistent QB play. He can occasionally make a short pass, like to Street in the 1rst quarter where the kid runs 50 yards after the catch on pretty much blown coverage by Iowa or just a well designed play. You will get a play like that every so often in this offense.

Comment by melvinbennett 09.17.11 @ 8:10 pm

What made you feel worse, today, Cincy 09 or Butler bball? to me its Butler, Cincy, today in that order

Comment by Tony C 09.17.11 @ 8:13 pm

Those are mostly trolls Dano.

Comment by melvinbennett 09.17.11 @ 8:13 pm

Please Tony….I don’t want to relive that.

Comment by melvinbennett 09.17.11 @ 8:16 pm

I like the Big East and wish that the Big East could work, but Pitt can’t sit and wait for the Big East Commissioner to get off his ass and try something. In a perfect world, Notre Dame joins, Penn St. and BC realize that they don’t fit in there current conferences and join too, but this is football talking not money talking, and those things would never happen. Adding Baylor, Iowa St., UCF, etc. only makes you a bigger conference, not a better or more important one. For better or worse, it is survival of the fittest and it all revolves around football. Pitt can’t be left waiting for a dance partner and find out that there is no one left to dance with.

If it happens, I’ll miss MSG and I’ll miss Big East basketball. It wasn’t just about having better teams than the ACC. The style of play is completely different. Pitt could see its guys foul out of a lot of ACC games.

Comment by Brett97 09.17.11 @ 8:17 pm

I agree Reed. If was a miserable 4th quarter to watch in person and hear the Iowa crowd going nuts.

Comment by TonyinHouston 09.17.11 @ 8:21 pm

BC did alright in the ACC, as did VT and their hoops program is not anywhere as good as ours. We’ll be fine if this thing pans out.

Comment by melvinbennett 09.17.11 @ 8:21 pm

Actually if this thing pans out, Pitt being in the ACC, our hoops team adopts to that style of play.
And in doing that it gets us better suited for the Big Dance.

Guess what, we go farther in the NCAA’s and into the Final Four!

Comment by melvinbennett 09.17.11 @ 8:24 pm

MELVIN LET ME PUT IT THIS WAY THEY WONT ASK UNLESS THEY KNOW THE REPLY IS YES so a little better football in the ACC and BB is still good juat a notch lower but if ACC adds kansas along with us and the orange not bad. melvin forget the game and give me your insight on this.

Comment by FRANKCAN 09.17.11 @ 8:30 pm

Check this out:

Florida State President Eric Barron told The Associated Press on Saturday before the Seminoles played No. 1 Oklahoma that the ACC was excited about adding to its “northern tier.”

“Pittsburgh and Syracuse, who have applied, these are solid academic schools, and the ACC is a truly academic conference,” Barron said. “Certainly great basketball teams, a good history of football.

“I’m sure consideration will be very fast. I’ll be surprised if it’s not tomorrow

link to

Comment by melvinbennett 09.17.11 @ 8:31 pm

Florida State’s president has gone on record that Pitt has applied to the ACC. The ACC will vote either tomorrow or Monday to make it official. We are indeed headed into the ACC. Jamie will have to redirect his recruiting away from Philly and New York.

Comment by John In South Carolina 09.17.11 @ 8:32 pm

This loss will define the 2 million dollar man’s coaching career at PITT. It will either be the moment everyone looks back to and says “it was obvious on 9-17-11 that Graham has limits” or they will say “9-17-11 was the moment Graham grew up as a PITT coach”. Today was the 2 million dollar man’s introduction to big time football and be fell on his face. He let his resistance to change (qb, Time management, dbacks) decide his fate and it was a LOSS. TG must prove that he is adaptable and not one deminsional.

Comment by Pitt fan in Atlanta 09.17.11 @ 8:33 pm

To Chuck Morris and Ontario Lett:
Chuck you are right on the money ! I was at the game and the turning point was in the 3rd quarter Pitt has a 3rd and 3 inside Iowa’s 40 yard line and the lead.
You either tell yourself you have 2 plays to make 3 yards or you go for broke on third down knowing that if you don’t make it you punt to try and pen Iowa in. What does TG do ? He goes deep which Tino hadn’t connected all day (which is fine) but didn’t punt giving Iowa great field position.
I’m tired of hearing about my system by TG, good coaches coach applying what material he has on hand to give his team a chance to win. TG only wants his offensive and defensive SYSTEMS and to hell with what he has to coach (square peg in round hole). Tino stinks but he didn’t lose this game TG did. I guess $2.0M doesn’t buy what it use to. Show me TG that you know how to coach in the interim until you can recruit players for your SYSTEM.

Comment by Spindler's Spirit 09.17.11 @ 8:41 pm

Given Pitt’s on field performance today, they should consider themselves fortunate that they are not ending up in the MAC.

I attribute this loss to what I call Foge-itis. I have been a Pitt fan since the halcyon days of Tony Dorsett. Ever since Sherill left Pitt, the Panthers find a way to blow games they should have won. I am disappointed but not surprised, not surprised at all.

Tino Sunseri is not suited to play quarterback at this level, in any system, for any team. He would be a benchwarmer for Robert Morris.

Comment by Penguins Fan 09.17.11 @ 8:43 pm

I hate the ACC and Pitt will not thrive there in football or basketball.

Comment by Hoobastank 09.17.11 @ 8:44 pm

MELVIN some posted on here that they thought pitt did this because they knew WVU was going to the SEC and to be in the big east while WVU goes to SEC was more than they could stand what do you think. i know it would have pissed me off if wvu went to SEC and we were stuck in big east i would have felt they were one up on us what say you?

Comment by FRANKCAN 09.17.11 @ 8:57 pm

Reed – thank you. Hard to disagree with any of that. But Tino Sunseri is not the root cause of this problem. The problem was, is and will be, the ineptitude of the AD at the University of Pittsburgh. Reading the tea leaves, Pitt was all but set to hire Tom Bradley. Steve Pederson, however, after his first screw up, had to try to redeem himself, “take charge”, and stopped that cold. So we have Todd Graham. Who apparently, battling over 100 years of tradition, has a different, groundbreaking new theory about clock management in football. When you are up by 3 touchdowns, run off as little time as you can, and keep your “High Octane” offense chugging away.

This team will be lucky to win 2 more games. Thank god Paul Pasqualoni is back in the Big East. That will be one of them.

Comment by PO'd Panther 09.17.11 @ 9:12 pm

Wow! What a head spinning day! So many emotions going thru right now! After a 2 hour nap to get rid of the anger I feel a little better!

Tino is a avg QB in the Wannstedt offense. He is terrible in the Graham offense. There is nothing High Octane about his style.

Forget about the passing aspect of things, it’s the legs. He has none!! Some of those tuck and runs on the rollout were horrible.

That inability is going to be his cause for removal. The rest of the offense can not progress if the QB can not fit the system.

Problem is…. Although Trey was brought here to fit the he the pedigree of QB to unseat a Junior for one year for an incoming freshman or is he good enough to lead for four years.

Comment by Pitt Man 09.17.11 @ 9:17 pm

Glad to beat the hicks to the punch …that worm Luck is doing his all to get out and we beat them to it . At one time we stood with the billies , now its obvious that the ad’s are looking out for their teams …glad to leave the Big Least ….terrible football conference

Comment by mike 09.17.11 @ 9:26 pm

work around the team is that they have a problem with Tino . Heard it twice last week from two guy’s in the know ….

Comment by mike 09.17.11 @ 9:27 pm

Po’d – Well, I’m not adept enough to crawl back in time and blame a loss on the PITT administration. As stated above this is game three of a six year contract. I think it’s rather silly to believe this is the best it’s going to get.

As a matter of fact I look at this offense we have now and see the bones of what will be a very good offense soon. Maybe later this year if some changes are made, but certainly next season. Graham is recruiting the players that he wants and needs in this offense and we are seeing some of them produce now.

I have to be a bit patient with Graham as he is indeed working almost solely with DW’s players. That doesn’t mean I agree with his decision making sometimes but I’m by no means ready to throw in the towel on his hire… not by a long shot.

Comment by Reed 09.17.11 @ 9:28 pm

PITT man, I tend to think once Anderson gets a chance to really show what he can do he’ll leave others in the dust. I wouldn’t be surprised at all if he grabs the starting job and others have to knock him off the perch. All he needs is a fighting chance to get playing time, and it can’t happen soon enough for me.

Honestly, I feel Voytik should be watching this development very closely because he’ll be the one chasing that starting position.

I’ve heard that Anderson is just that good… and Todd Dodge is very high on him – and he knows what QBs have to have to succeed in this offense..

Comment by Reed 09.17.11 @ 9:34 pm

IMHO the main cause of the loss was the defense. We scored enough points to win.

Comment by David 09.17.11 @ 9:34 pm

to PO’d Panther,

Yeah you’re right- Tom Bradley would be a much better option because then we could not only lose to iowa, but maybe lose to teams like Temple. Bradley? cmon- Penn State is worse than Pitt this year.

to everyone who is going crazy about 2 million dollars: I remember most people on this blog complaining that Pitt needed to get it together and actually pay a coach. Well we did it and I’m glad. Then we lose one game and everyone goes crazy and turns on him. ONE GAME! sure i’m upset but it’s sports, this happens.

We couldn’t run out the clock with running the ball as many have called for bc keeping it on the ground wasn’t going to get us first downs today. We could shake Ray Graham loose today.

I do want to place Sunseri on the bench but I do see why Todd Graham had him play out the game today. He didn’t look terrible in the first half- although he wasn’t good- and it was enough to win (I’m thinking kind of like Rex Grossman and the Bears during their super bowl run). Then in the second half he had a few flashes before he went terrible. It looked like it was better to have Sunseri finish out the game and maybe get another few scores instead of placing a young freshman into a hostile environment. But I think it’s time for a change now and hopefully we’ll make that change.

Comment by Tony Dews and Don'ts 09.18.11 @ 12:57 am

Holy hell people relax. I can’t stand the talk of giving up on the season and saying you won’t show up for other games because of this loss. Come on. You don’t want empty seats throughout heinz..stop bitchin and go support ur friggin team.

Comment by rhyno527 09.18.11 @ 1:15 am


I think it’s great Pitt beat WVU, Uconn & Rutgers to the punch. There are ONLY so many slots to be filled in a 16 team 4 MEGA conference setup.
This takes ALL doubt OUT of the equation.

While I will miss some of the BE basketball rivalries, it will be nice establishing new ones on Tobacco Road. And the south is full of Pitt alumni like me, as this part of the country is actually still growing.

And I’m sure if the Hoopies want to continue the Brawl, we can schedule it non-con just like Georgia-GT, UF-FSU, Utah-BYU, etc. It does not have to end at all. And it shouldn’t, we always need someone to look down upon (in a friendly kind of manner). haha

Comment by melvinbennett 09.18.11 @ 1:18 am

Now for my thoughts on the game..

Like many of you have said..pitt looked great through three quarters. There’s no doubt if that offense is ran the right way..that it will work.

Tino just looks terrible. So many plays left all over the field today. And the d just looked exhausted in the fourth.

But. I did see a lot of encouraging thhings today. If anderson can come in aand even just run the offense will work. And pitt will be able to bury teams. Also juan price and aaron donald are monsters. I think the defense can be servicable if given enough rest..but they just stopped playing in the second half.

But all is not lost. The offense and defense will both make progress as the season goes on and there’s no reason to think pitt shouldn’t be very much in it for the be championship.

Comment by rhyno527 09.18.11 @ 1:24 am

Hey guys, one thing….Before we leave the BigEast is there any way we can trade Tino to WVU, as sort of a parting gift??

Comment by melvinbennett 09.18.11 @ 1:27 am

@Pitt Man. You Took a 2 hour nap to get over the anger while I drank a bottle of Absolut after the game…I was still angry when the bottle was gone. Great thread reed. I still can’t believe it.

Comment by sean 09.18.11 @ 4:57 am

Tony Dews, I share your view on why Graham stuck with Sunseri today. There is no doubt that Sunseri should have started. He had put enough good quarters together for the staff to at least hope he could play a complete game today.

He had a good first half, we can’t take that away from him. But at the 10-3 halftime score, on the road against a B10 team, it wasn’t really enough of a lead to warrant a substitution coming out of the locker room.

At 4:25 in the 3rd quarter we had a 24-3 lead (still hard to think about that!) and I thought we’d see Anderson on the next series, but Iowa scored from 60 yards out in five plays – quickly enough to start hearing loud warning bells.

So, at 24-10 we were only two scores ahead with a full 15:00 to play. Not enough cushion really, not seeing how easily Iowa could score at that point. The rest of the final quarter was our downfall and as it shook out all we really needed was one more long drive with a TD to seal the game… in hindsight I get why Graham felt that our best shot for that was Sunseri in that situation – although I personally was screaming for Anderson at that point.

No, my concern isn’t so much about Anderson not playing yesterday as much as it’s needing to play Anderson next week, and I don’t mean for a ‘package’ or a series or two. My thought is to start anew at the QB spot. The rest of the offense did their job pretty well really, they’ll be able to function with a new QB. It’s just whether Graham has the moxie to make the move or not.

Comment by Reed 09.18.11 @ 5:43 am

Crap – to add more fuel to the Sunseri fire; from P-G’s Ron Cook this morning:

But Sunseri also made critical blunders. His two interceptions were woefully underthrown and, after listening to Graham, probably not to the intended receivers. He also dropped a shotgun snap on a third-and-goal play from the Iowa 3 early in the fourth quarter, forcing Pitt to settle for a field goal and a 27-10 lead with 12:09 left. “We’re leaving a lot of plays out on the field,” Graham said.

That sounded an awful lot like an indictment of Sunseri, if you ask me. It’s also the same thing Graham said after Pitt’s less-than-impressive victories against Buffalo and Maine.”

Again Sunseri executed the wrong plays from that which are called. Look, by my count that’s at least 24 over three games and you can bet the mortgage there was more than just those two INTs that were misplayed by him yesterday. That’s probably why he looked so clueless holding onto the ball and running around like a chicken with his head cut off. If he can’t recognize where his receivers are supposed to be in those “One, two, three, Go!” called plays then of course the play breaks down.

That’s junior high stuff folks… it seems that he just can’t grasp this offense well enough to be consistent.

Comment by Reed 09.18.11 @ 6:37 am

Reed, no need to apologize. I agree, you don’t trash college players, but this isn’t trashing Tino. It is just stating the obvious, that Tino is not cut out for this system. We should let him transfer to Rutgers or something after this season where his play might fit the system. He can’t do it in the Todd Graham spread system, that is obvious.
I have to think that the coaches knew, or anticipated that it may come to this and that’s why they empowered Coach Dodge to go out and bring in Trey, knowing that a smallish QB who plays the system is likely better than a well-sized (Tino still isn’t really that big a guy) who hasn’t played the system and may not pick it up. Well, Tino hasn’t picked it up. Time to trust your intuitions and throw Trey in to give us at least a chance to win some of these games.

Comment by Patrick 09.18.11 @ 7:23 am

Iowa, though not that good, is big and strong. Our D was gassed thanks to our offense. Tino needs to sit on the sideline for the ND game and Todd needs to take better care if the clock. What’s with him running the sideline to call a time out only to have Tino bobble the snap. Why call a timeout and give Iowa’s D a breather? Mistakes were made by players and coaches. Given that Todd coached against Oklahoma, he should have been prepared for this game. Pitt handed Iowa a win. Let’s hope that Todd and the team learned from mistakes made yesterday. It would be nice to win the Big East and I think they can achieve this goal. We do need a punter. Perhaps Todd can as students to try out as
walk ons…

Comment by MariettaMike 09.18.11 @ 8:34 am

First off just give it a rest with “what Graham should have done this or that”. He is the coach and will run the team just as he did at Tulsa. He aint the previous coach.

Having said that Tino is a momentum killer. This O is predicated on relentless pressure on the opponent. You can’t have relentless pressure when the trigger-man 1) Pulls the trigger and misfires 2) Does not pull the trigger but runs around like a chicken with its head gone. 3)

Reed is correct. This o is predicated on scoring points. That being the case, Tino needs to ride the pine. We saw what he could do vs an average at best FBC school.

There is nothing worse for a fan than to have to support a player who is not and never will be ready for prime time. Yes a QB needs to have the physical skills but said skills are null/void if his brain cannot process the info in front of him. The end result is Tino.

Comment by Kenny 09.18.11 @ 9:17 am

We are now in the ACC and all that means for pitt from this day foward and you are all still talking abought one game. when you should be thinking how this will change recruiting or when do we start playing in the ACC or 100 outher things this is so mutch more importent than one game.

Comment by FRANKCAN 09.18.11 @ 9:35 am

“TCoach Graham should have burned some clock. High Octane should work it’s magic and then kill some clock to destroy any hope of a comeback. There are no excuses that he can give for what happened today. Poor time management killed us. Sunseri played badly but the coaching was even worse.” Thank you PANTHOOR, you hit the nail right on the head. Burn some of the freaking clock. You won’t pull Tino so, burn a couple of minutes while you still have a 14 or 7 point lead. The high octane hasn’t kicked in yet and it’s like taking my ’73 Gremlin out to drag race an Aston Martin V-12 Vantage. Please wait for me at the finish line. It ain’t all Tino’s fault……….there’s plenty of blame to go around. (By the way I have TREY FOR QB shirts $10 each)

Comment by 13-9 09.18.11 @ 9:48 am

I want to read all these comments, but I really can’t with Pitt bullshit anymore. All I want is Trey Anderson to start and we beat Notre Dame next Saturday. I desperately need something close to the excitement of my freshman year Pitt’s win over a ranked Miami team at the old Stadium. Walt Harris and Pistol Pete, how sweet it was.

Comment by Justin 09.18.11 @ 10:36 am


I suggest you read slight less than one-third of the comments on each thread so that you too can be a member of the “33% Club” (named after Dorsett of course) on PITT Blather.

Great and thoughtful discussions everyone. The really good thing about this blog is that, for the most part, our commendatory is above board and focused into the subject at hand.

Even the severely critical comments are written for others to read and comment on.


Comment by Reed 09.18.11 @ 10:47 am

OK, I got a great nights sleep. It’s a new day, Pitt is 2-1 in football, lost to Iowa in a close one, losing by only 4 points.

I know, it was a fourth quarter meltdown by Pitt, really embarrassing, if you’re a Pitt fan. But you know what, other than for us Pitt fans, nobody else in the wider world of sports really gives a damn that Pitt shit the bed again yesterday in that game. Only us!

Pitt IS making the national headlines again though and everybody else in the college football world IS TAKING NOTICE of the real news,,,,,,,, Pitt and Syracuse going to the ACC.

I’m happy that Pitt has moved proactively but I’m not proud of how this came about. Yesterday, Nordy and Slippery Steve very effectively killed any chance of the Big East surviving this conference realignment process by their actions. Good for Pitt, bad for a lot of other schools.

I feel the worst for TCU, “welcome to the Big East, please turn the lights out when you’re done, the rest of us will already be gone”! Sorry, Jamie Dixon, awkward!

Well, at least we’re back in the national limelight for awhile.

Back to the game analysis. Yes, I fully agree with everybody who are blaming Coach Graham for this loss.

Yes, I fully agree with everybody who are blaming Tino Sunseri for this loss.

Yes, I fully agree with everybody who are blaming Pitt’s defense for this loss.

I Guess there is just plenty of blame to go around.

Here is my spin on yesterday’s 4th quarter debacle. N…E…X…T!!! As in NEXT!!!

IMO, Coach Graham lost this game. Why? By his decision NOT to start Trey Anderson at QB. If he had done that all of the other questionable game day coaching decision issues never even materialize for discussion because we would have won this game by at least 4 touchdowns going away.

IMO, Tino Sunseri lost this game. Why? Because he is just not talented enough to pull it off. Sorry Tino, you gave it your best shot, you’re just not the guy to run this offense.

IMO the defense lost this game (specifically the secondary). Why? Because they were on the field too long, got gassed and couldn’t finish. It helped that the Iowa QB put his passes on the money with touch during the 4th quarter comeback but it is still on them to defend.

Simple answer to all of the above, NEXT! As in next quaterback.

Give all of the practice reps to Trey Anderson this week Coach, correct your mistake. Start Anderson next week against ND.

When that happens this team goes through a metamorphosis.

This team has the weapons to be effective utilizing Graham’s system on offense. It only needs a QB who can stomp on the accelerator like it needs to be stomped on.

That guy is Trey Anderson. With him at the helm the entire complexion of the game changes for Pitt. The offense outscores the opponent and the pressure comes off of the defense. The confidence level goes through the roof on both sides of the ball.

If Tray Anderson starts next week against ND, we win that game, no doubt in my mind. This kid is going to turn this team around if he will just be given the chance.

I see no alternative for Todd Graham at this point but to do so. Tino just can’t get it done. With the right QB in there yesterday all those dumb coaching decisions fade away becuse we’re scoring points out of our ass and never take our foot off of the throat of this Iowa team. End of story.

Trey Anderson is a very simple answer to many problems on this Pitt football team. Thanks for all of your hardwork Tino,,,,,NEXT!!!

I fully expect that the boos will rain down from the stands next week at the ND games if Sunseri trots out on the field for our 1st offensive series but those boos should not be directed at Tino, this guy has played his heart out, they should be reserved entirely for Coach Graham and his inability to make the “all in bet” required to back up his preseason “High Octane Offense” talk, which is quickly turning into bullshit if Graham doesn’t have the balls to back it up with his walk.

BE play hasn’t even started yet. Get Trey in there Coach, we’re all in for some real fun when you finally decide to pull that trigger.

As always, “HAIL TO PITT”!

Comment by Dr. Tom 09.18.11 @ 11:04 am

Well I waited a day to vent…The good news is I saw the potential in this team. On the road, tough environment to play in, and we built a big lead over the first 3 quarters. The bad news, then we pulled a gigantic choke job. The coaches choked, the players choked. Another game on ESPN, another flop. The truth is, we were throwing most of the punches in this game, as soon as Iowa punched back one time, our coaches and players folded their tent and went home. Let’s hope this is last time we will see our coaches and players with poop in their pants this year!

Comment by HbgFrank 09.18.11 @ 11:35 am

Well said, HbgFrank, blame goes all around.

Comment by dugdog 09.18.11 @ 1:19 pm

As an Iowa fan who was at yesterday’s game, I’m blown away by all the negative takes on your Pitt team. Anyone notice that your Pitt defense held Iowa’s ‘power running game’ to a net 54 yds? That is something that no Ohio State, Wisconsin or Penn St team has EVER managed to do in Kinnick Stadium in the past 25 yrs. Your D-line is awesome. Your QB played an excellent game — not perfect — but trust me, if your team plays that same way every game they could win out. The turning points in the game were the 2 third and ones that Pitt couldn’t convert, and the decision to go for it on 4th and 3 in the 4th qtr up by 10 on the Iowa 36. (Neither related to the QB.) Bad decision, and everyone in Iowa City knew it was a huge gift of 25 yds or so, plus momentum when the bomb failed. You can’t fault the coach for not being aggressive tho. Your defensive passing schemes were also effective for most of the game, with the Iowa QB saying afterward they were throwing all sorts of weird stuff at him…it just took awhile for him to figure it out.

Comment by Grady 09.18.11 @ 4:27 pm

Gracious of you Grady, but you haven’t watched us over the last several years like we have — and haven’t seen Tino do this over and over. Pitt lost its games the past two years not because of a lack of talent or schemes, but because Tino causes no fear in the opponent…he can’t run so an option with him is pointless and he can’t throw a decent pass over 15 yards so defenses never have to back off and can crowd the line — hence all of our 4 yard swing passes or runs for 1-2 yards.

It takes tremendous effort and talent by Ray Graham to turn garbage into chicken salad…I haven’t seen a guy make more people miss for a three yard gain since Barry Sanders. With our wide receiver talent the past two years, even a decent QB would have chucked many more tds than Tino.

Comment by Matt N. 09.18.11 @ 5:18 pm

With Wannstedt we came to expect zero risks and no changes, but we brought Graham in to change that and his sticking with Tino despite substandard play is what infuriates Pitt fans now…and we have a right to be, given all the sorry losses we’ve endured lo these many years.

Comment by Matt N. 09.18.11 @ 5:22 pm

Scoring another TD is as good as or better than running time off the clock, and that approach has been successful in this style of offense for many teams. So, stop blaming the scheme and reverting back to Wanny-ball. Besides, you have to make first downs to run out the clock, and with our O-line there’s no way that we make them just running. Ray was stuffed all day. There were plenty of open receivers out there, but this offense requires a QB that can actually look off a defender once and a while and hit them, and be a running threat if the LBs drop into coverage (and avoid sacks). We clearly don’t have that on the field right now.

Having said that, though, the QB played well enough to win this game big. The defense lost this game – and nearly the last two – pure and simple. I don’t know if the defensive scheme is bad, but I do know that we weren’t any good in the secondary or at LB last year, so I can’t understand why anyone is surprised that we aren’t any better there this year. It’s the same players. DW recruited great D-linemen, but he didn’t get much anywhere else recenty. Until we get some more talent behind the D-line, the offense is going to have to outscore the opponents to make up for it. Given the state of our pass defense, it’s almost unfair to expect any QB to be able to do that.

Comment by Steve S 09.19.11 @ 9:49 am

Thank you Brett for analyzing the game and the aftermath exactly as it appeared on television. I have never in my fifty years of watching football seen a coach that appeared so out of his league. Everyone calling for the walk-on whose only reason for not being at a junior college is because Pitt’s QB coach who was fired at N. Texas State liked him because he was a QB on a high school team last year that ran same questionable offense. Does anyone really think a QB not recruited by any school has a stronger arm than Tino. The only reason he is here and God forbide may play is because of thee constant arrogance that our coach has continually displayed. The purpose of the spread offense is to spread out the defense horizontally. But if you do not have a QB that has the ability to stretcch the defense vertically the linebackers and secondary is a 11 man box – limiting Grahams running lanes. Anederson is no answer, Myers was recruited for his ability to throw and most reports are that he has the strong and accurate arm that earned him the 14 top quarterback in the nation coming out of high school. The spread offense does not necessarily require a running QB most of BCS schools play the spread without a running QB.What I saw Saturday the so called incredably sophisticated offense is more of Grahams defensive bullshit. Quick slants, screens, and moving pockets are not brain science. Play Myers to help Graham and provide a deep threat. Stop running every play so quickly so the defense can get a rest. Oklahoma does not use a huddle but they snap the ball at varying times affording their defense some rest in case they go 3 and out. With Pitt 3 and out is less than a minute off the clock.

Comment by DRW 09.19.11 @ 2:31 pm

I have, Dave Wannstedt at Chicago, Miami and Pitt!!! LMAO!!!

Comment by Dan 09.19.11 @ 5:12 pm

DRW – you continually predicate your arguments with the blind notion that Todd Graham is going to change his offense, which by the way, is predicated much more on the triple-option then it is on the spread.

Graham just isn’t going to do that. I’ll bet a dollar on it. This is why you see the QB put the ball into the RBs belly on every play, the options are to pull it out and throw or pull it out and run. Graham will never run a straight spread here, his whole success in his career has been the triple option. We’ve also seen it work pretty well so far – it isn’t the system that’s failing – it’s Sunseri utter inconsistency in it.

That’s why we are continually calling for Trey Anderson, because we feel he’ll be better in this offense than Myers would – especially when it’s a very long shot that the HC will play Myers for any meaningful minutes at all.

Have you ever seen Myers play? He has a strong arm but really isn’t the most accurate passer. His strength is the deep pass but I watched him throw INTs on short and intermediate passes in practice that were just poor throws. He just isn’t the savior you seem to think he’d be.

Just remember that Pat Bostick was a five star and nationally ranked #6 QB… would you want him in this offense? There are a lot of similarities in Bostick’s and Myers’ play.

Comment by Reed 09.19.11 @ 5:54 pm

Bostick had no arm at all and no athleticism either — other than that, he was terrific. Myers has a major arm and is pretty athletic…watch his high school compilation tape on youtube and I think you’ll agree he’s more mobile looking than Tino. Probably not as mobile as Anderson, who looked quick out there vs Maine…had a jump to his step that Tino clearly doesn’t, which is vital to keep defenses honest in that ‘system’.

Tino tries hard and probably is a decent kid, but we need to accept he’s shown us all he has and move on to another guy. No shame, that’s just sports — and if Anderson or Myers can’t do it, hold your nose and wait for next year with Voytik.

Comment by Matt N. 09.19.11 @ 10:54 pm

Let me say FIRST:
“You can’t spell IntercepTION without T-I-N-O.”

It’s time for Tino to step up as a captain and tell coach Graham that “I want this team to win, so please put Trey in for me.”

And Lastly:
When you have a 3 TD lead, its time to run the play clock down to “1” and snap the ball and hand it off to Ray Graham.

Thank you.

PS- Cam Saddler talks the BEST GAME on the team! He has shown me absolutely nothing for productivity every year he has been on this team. Thanks for nothing Cam!!! Let someone else start in the 3 WR set.

Comment by Professor77 09.20.11 @ 12:39 am

Right on Professor. Lost in all this ACC hype is the growing sense that Graham is actually going to start Tino v ND! Are you f’ing kidding me?! We are going to get our arses beat to a shameless degree, on national tv, again! Does Tino have to shoot someone and be led away by FBI agents to be benched?

I really wish now that I did go to some of those fall practices because either Graham is way more risk averse than advertised or Anderson and Myers must truly have sucked during camp. What else can we deduce? How come we got someone like Pete Gonzalez in Walt Harris’ first year — who I think broke Pitt’s all time td record for a season after those Johnny Majors train wreck seasons — to do so well despite such limited recruiting success through most of the 1990s? How much better was Gonzalez, or even David Priestly, than Tino? How is that progress? We deserve better than this crap.

Comment by Matt N. 09.20.11 @ 1:36 am

Matt N. – you completely missed my point.

I made the Bostick reference in response to DRW’s continually pointing to Myers’ four stars and Anderson’s walk-on status. The idea being that sometimes the recruiting site rankings don’t mean much… especially when you have such specific criteria for the position in this particular offense.

Mobility isn’t enough in this option. The QB has to be at least a threat to keep the ball on the option and run.

By the way… everyone who’s clamoring for Myer’s “big arm” should remember just what was being yelled by PITT fans during Bill Stull’s 2008 season… everyone and their brother wanted Sunseri to take over because his arm was “so much stronger than Stull’s”. Of course, we came to understand that arm strength is actually less a prerequisite for successful QB play then many other factors are.

That is especially true in this offense. Sunseri isn’t missing on those pass plays because of a lack of arm strength – his is just fine.

We’ve seen he can fling strong passes on the out patterns and on the deep balls…sometimes. We just haven’t seen a high percentage of success in his doing it. It’s his decision making, especially holding the ball too long, his field awareness and his lack of ability to hit receivers in stride that hold him back.

That’s why his great completion percentage is so misleading. He is continually indecisive so he is settling for the short dump pass and missing other and better opportunities. That’s why he’s actually pretty good at passing on called roll out plays – he has one target in mind and thus his decision making is taken out of the equation for the most part.

Comment by Reed 09.20.11 @ 5:28 am

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[…]  Last Saturday I wrote a pretty opinionated article on here about our QB play and the way I thought the HC should handle it in the future.  Well, nothing I […]

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