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August 24, 2011

The wheels of justice turn slowly, very slowly in Lancaster (insert Amish buggy joke here).

In December, Lamar Patterson got caught in a dine-and-dash debacle. He and his cohorts master scheme, undone by leaving behind his brother’s ID.

In February, he was actually charged. That was when Pitt suspended him for a game.

Now, the end of August, and we have this complex legal matter mostly resolved.


Patterson pleaded guilty to providing false ID to police, a misdemeanor, and a pair of summary violations — theft of services and carrying a false ID.

Patterson is responsible for paying the restaurant tab — $35. Not to mention $650 in court costs. When you add in the cost of his attorney, that dinner was really, really expensive. Patterson has also been given a year of probation. If he can avoid any more trouble in the coming year, he gets his record expunged.

“This knucklehead moment could have come at a cost,” [Lancaster County Court Judge Margaret] Miller said. “This is an opportunity for you so the knucklehead moment doesn’t define you.”

It is an opportunity for Patterson. I’m going to assume he won’t blow it.

Where did Margaret Miller go to law school. She’s a smart lady. Lamar has such a good future ahead of him if he gets it together, and that is if he never plays ball after college and just uses his degree. Kids always need to do a couple of stupid things. God knows I did!

Comment by Old Pitt Grad 08.24.11 @ 2:54 pm

And WE NEEDED to know all that rehashed garbage? How ;bout an update on Darius Patton? How is Mark Meyers faring in the Q,B. competition? Is Devon Street recovering and will he play in the opener? Honestly, sometimes I think that the :Burg journalists are actually frustrated would be attorneys who never were admitted to Law School!! Respectfully, Rev. George of Columbus.

Comment by Rev. George Mehaffey 08.24.11 @ 3:11 pm

Rev George quit your complaining. if you were such a big Pitt fan you would know it is DevIn street not DevOn.

Comment by Dan Pie 08.24.11 @ 3:23 pm

I dont think its too big of a deal. I know a lot of high school kids who dine and dash and the only differences are Lamar a)plays for a respected D1 basketball program and b) got caught.

Comment by Dylan 08.24.11 @ 3:42 pm

Down here in Texas we may be southerners but we ain’t stupid. Punks get charged for their meals before they get delivered. No dine and dash in the Lone Star. Patterson would have gotten served some Texas justice. But, yes, kids will be kids and hopefully they eventually grow up and become model citizens by learning from their mistakes and not repeating them. Evidently however, he runs with a stupid crowd. I’ll remember not to hire him for my next job.

Comment by TX Panther 08.24.11 @ 4:17 pm

Let’s hope he transitions from dine-and-dash to drive-and-dish

Comment by wbb 08.24.11 @ 4:48 pm

It is good to know that Patterson will most likely be available for the upcoming basketball season and this incident won’t keep him off the court.

He is going to be an important part of what we all hope is going to be a team that contends for a big east title. (more on Patterson’s role later, I have been thinking about it a lot, probably more than is healthy)

As far as the off the court stuff (good or bad) goes, I frankly couldn’t care any less, as long as it doesn’t impact their ability to play basketball for Pitt.

Comment by boubacar aw 08.24.11 @ 5:23 pm

TX for myself I am glad I have never or will never live in Texas. Considering Texas’s embarassing justice system (largest number of executions among all states) there may not of been many of us left to contribute to this blog if we had grown up in Texas. As for model citizens’ in my opinion a governor who stated that the President and Chairman of the Federal Reserve have comitted treason (a capital offense)is not a person I would want my children to model themselves after even if in my opinion both men have performed well below my hopes. I would be embarrased if my governor had made that remark and that is quite a statement since I currently live in Georgia. Sorry to slip into politics but I could not help myself.

Comment by DRW 08.24.11 @ 5:23 pm

No politics please we some times lose patience with each outher over pitt sports with out that.

Comment by FRANKCAN 08.24.11 @ 5:34 pm

DRW, let me try to understand:

“Considering Texas’s embarassing justice system (largest number of executions among all states)”

Is it embarrassing to execute someone who murders some poor kid’s father or rapes and then kills a wife and mother???? Your solution: give the guy free room, board, and perhaps entertainment? Please explain the embarrassment to me, because I don’t understand.

“there may not of been many of us left to contribute to this blog if we had grown up in Texas”

What are you saying about those of us who blog on this site?

“As for model citizens’ in my opinion a governor who stated that the President and Chairman of the Federal Reserve have comitted treason (a capital offense)is not a person I would want my children to model”

That was a stupid statement by the Texan governor. But then again, someone on this blog made a suggestion that most of the bloggers on this blog committed acts that would be a capital offense in Texas. I think that this blogger’s statement is dumber that the governor’s. Making a dumb statement like that makes all of the other opinions of that blogger suspect.

Comment by BigGuy 08.24.11 @ 6:04 pm

Now kids, play nice.

Comment by Scott 78 08.24.11 @ 6:13 pm

to change the subject … ESPNU had a BE preview and both Lukenbil and Arbuckle picked Pitt to win the league .. and because of the defense since the both believe the offense will suffer from growing pains.

Although the Pitt D was pretty good, the best D in the BE was WVU the past 2 years … but this year, Pitt returns more starters and has more depth than before … plus it looks like Todd Thomas and E Price are newcomers that will contribute.

Comment by wbb 08.24.11 @ 8:08 pm

Comment by Jeff 08.24.11 @ 8:16 pm

DRW, Please cut the politics. Not needed on this great blog.  Something hopefully those of us in all 57 states can agree upon.

Comment by HAWAIIPANTHER 08.24.11 @ 10:27 pm

I find it interesting that after “Ejuan” Price states publicly that he wants to be addressed as “Juan” price… still no one does it. Both the P-G, Trib and recruiting website authors still call him Ejuan.

Comment by Reed 08.25.11 @ 8:18 am


Comment by FRANKCAN 08.25.11 @ 9:01 am

OOps!! My bad! Thank you Dan Pie for correcting me. Indeed, it is DEVIN STREET and not Devlon. I still consider myself a “big Pitt fan despite the fumble. Rev. George

Comment by Rev. George Mehaffey 08.25.11 @ 9:33 am

Reed, i believe EJ Borghetti said that it’s going to be Ejuan in print but he wants people to call him Juan when they are talking to him/about him. So i expect the stadium announcer to say “juan”.

Comment by BnG 08.25.11 @ 9:50 am

I’m personally fine with these 3-star MAC recruits. Pitt doesn’t need 5-stars sought after by power SEC schools.

Texas is different. I experienced some culture shock over ten years ago when I moved down from New York. Texas is not one of those 57 states. It is a Republic and Lone Star.

Coach Graham knows this all too well. Don’t mess with Graham or Texas for that matter.


Comment by TX Panther 08.25.11 @ 9:50 am

Juan with a Puerto Rican accent?

Comment by TX Panther 08.25.11 @ 9:52 am

well, Tx Panther, PA is a Commonwealth … BFD.

For a non-Texas native, you seem to have really bought into ‘Texas is bigger and better’ mentality.

For your sake, I really hope Graham is a success

Comment by wbb 08.25.11 @ 11:04 am

BIG GUY My only protest is my response to TX blog was for cloking his social and political opinions around the state he resides “down here in Texas.” To junp on me for asserting that his comment on the players actions were not in the context of the blog when he brought in Texas justice that it is obvious were a reflection of mainstream itiom of that state with language that implied those of us with a different view, with your exception, coddled those charged with misdomeanors. I agree let us keep to the subject and I would suggest stop shooting the messanger. Finally I do not recall talking about mother rapers and father rapers or even my opinion on caital punishment if I did I meant to suggest as Dylan did that most of us, not you, committed acts that would be handled differently in Texas than in Pa. were I grew up. So I was simply supporting Dylans earlier statement and protesting against a statement using factual examples of Texas political culture. As for your personal attack saying that my statement was dumber I can accept the opinon that perhaps I should have not addressed the blog but it certainly was not dumber than yours or TX. No need to respond since this is my last blog.

Comment by DRW 08.25.11 @ 11:15 am

Just meant it to be a joke and to help y’all understand the Texas mentality of our new coach. Everything’s bigger AND better in Texas. I hope our football team can say the same thing…bigger and better than everyone in the Big East. I’m still a Northeasterner at heart and haven’t been converted or brain washed if that’s what you mean. And, yes PA is a Commonwealth along with Mass, Kentucky and Virginia. I don’t drink the Kool-Aid like those Nitters and can think for myself.

Comment by TX Panther 08.25.11 @ 11:35 am

Very interesting quote in todays PG that defines Wannyball; “We’re playing to win and score points as opposed to playing not to lose….”

TX Panther, I moved to Dallas in 2009, Texas is a great state and I wish I would have moved here many, many years ago!

Comment by Stuart Margolin 08.25.11 @ 11:56 am

DFW is a great area and that’s where Graham is from. It will be fun playing TCU since they are a real classy program and Fort Worth is a real western town unlike stuffy Dallas. The metroplex is just so sprawling with cookie cutter suburbs. I really miss the character of the Northeast and neighborhoods of Pittsburgh. And, I still can’t find a good pizza down here, but the BBQ is excellent. I’m hoping we get a good Pitt turnout for the TCU game in a few years. The tailgate should be out of this world.

Comment by TX Panther 08.25.11 @ 12:04 pm

I spent a few days in Forth Worth on business about 5 years ago — I remember going to this big bar near the stockades west of town that actually had a live rodeo area (on weekends.) I enjoyed it but is no Austin .. which IMO has more culture than all other places I’ve been to in Texas combined.

I still freak when the terrain is mostly flat and there are no hills to climb … but would freak even more if I would have to endure 30+ days of triple digit temperatures.

Comment by wbb 08.25.11 @ 12:52 pm

Billy Bob’s is where you probably went which is in the Stockyards section of Fort Worth.

Big rivalry between Fort Worth and Dallas in the metroplex. TCU markets itself as Fort Worth’s team. Heck, Dallas doesn’t even have the Cowboys anymore…Arlington does.

When Pitt plays TCU, I hope the game isn’t scheduled for early September since the 100 degree days typically don’t break until mid-September. It’s 70 days and counting of 100+ temps in Austin this year.

You haven’t experienced Hell until you’ve spent a summer in Texas. At least the women wear very little this time of year.

Comment by TX Panther 08.25.11 @ 1:11 pm

No need to rag on TX Panther. I thoughtit was pretty clear he was joking and Big Guy just defended him. Goodbye, DRW.

Can’t wait for Pitt to play in Texas. Until you mentioned it, TX Panther, it never really sunk in that Pitt could play TCU in late October or November. That would be great!

No one has really discussed it that I have seen, but will adding TCU help the Big East broaden our bowl games line up? OR are we still a couple more (god) teams away? THE BE really need to upgrade our bowl chances… What good is 11-1 record if that loss costs you the league title & automatic BCS if you could still get stuck in the COmpass Bowl? (Yeah, I know the odds are slim of that Bowl with that record but it could happen.)

Comment by Bowling Green Panther 08.25.11 @ 4:35 pm

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