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May 31, 2011

That Duquesne Head Coach Ron Everhart may be a leading candidate to take over at Penn State is amusing. For what little attention is being paid to it,  the overall reaction to the news is essentially, meh. Everhart has done a nice job to make Duquesne competitve from their 3-25 record before he got there. But he has yet to win big games, and no NCAA appearances. Nor did he have NCAA appearances at McNeese St. or Northeastern on his coaching climb.

What makes the potential choice of Everhart odd is that he is coaching on the wrong side of the state. If PSU were pursuing the head coach of LaSalle or Penn, or a current or former assistant from Villanova it would make sense. There’s still more talent in Philly for basketball, and even if it doesn’t apply in basketball so much the Penn State name probably has more cache there.

The idea of Everhart at Penn State is also fun for another reason. When he was hired at Duquesne five years ago, I couldn’t help but notice the press conference and some reactions. He thanked some specific people. People like Bob Huggins, Sonny Vaccaro and local AAU guy (and onetime advisor to Terrelle Pryor) J.O. Stright.

Everhart started having success at Northeastern after hiring some guy from the Miami AAU circuit — Frank Martin. Everhart also got a bunch of players from Notre Dame Prep while they were being coached by some guy named Bill Barton. Er, well, nothing to see there.

To paraphrase Gregg Doyel, “If Everhart was the best Penn St. could do, then Everhart was the best Penn St. could do.”

Perfect fit would be Rene Portland.

Comment by steve 05.31.11 @ 4:18 pm

Everhart has done a good job making the Dukes close to relevant, not to mention more talented. The fact that he has had good connections is no different than Dixon. I hope he stays because he is good for the Pittsburgh hoops scene.

Comment by Justin 05.31.11 @ 4:29 pm

Nice guy, good coach, I’ve smelled this before around Pitt over these many years. Not now, but, many times before…called, “trying to get away cheap”.

If, in fact, he’s hired, that is.

Comment by Dan 05.31.11 @ 4:57 pm

Funny, I think you could make the argument that leaving Duquesne for Penn State would be a step down at this point. Not saying you would necessarily win the argument, but you could make it with a straight face…

Comment by Pantherman13 05.31.11 @ 5:31 pm

State Penn is a football school. Why would any good coach take this job when the boosters and athletic department play you as second fiddle. The balance between the two sports isn’t nearly as good as most Big 10 schools like Mich St and tOSU with their rich traditions. tSPU showers the love and money on football with b-ball being an afterthought. And, rightfully so since Joe Pa’s program supports the budget and is the money train.

Comment by TX Panther 05.31.11 @ 5:36 pm

PSU is definitely low tier in big ten. Whereas DU has capabilities, if AD continues to ante up money, to be top tier in A-10 just as Xavier is.

Comment by Justin 05.31.11 @ 6:46 pm

Can someone provide me with the football recuriter for the Maryland area?

Comment by BE Nupe 06.01.11 @ 11:50 am

Speaking of recruiting, still no takers.

This is not good.

Comment by steve 06.01.11 @ 2:58 pm

It’s June 1rst, I’m not worried about football recruiting at all and nobody else should. Steve are you really a Pitt person or just a worry wart?

Comment by melvinbennett 06.01.11 @ 4:26 pm

Don’t worry be happy. We have a good coach. We’ll benefit from the fallout at tOSU. And, we’ll have quality over quantity with players that fit the system and hopefully will stay out of trouble and end up earning their degrees. Have some patience.

Comment by TX Panther 06.01.11 @ 4:39 pm

Long time Pitt person/long time worry wart. Learned in Psych 80.

Comment by steve 06.01.11 @ 4:52 pm

who cares about PSU basketball? Is there nothing else to write about. PSU hoops is meaningless. When does the summer hoops league start up in greentree for our Panthers? I visit the burg on business frequently and would love to catch a game sometime. Hail to Pitt

Comment by dish 06.01.11 @ 11:10 pm

The Green Tree pro am started last year on June 20th. Haven’t heard anything yet about this year’s schedule.

Comment by boubacar aw 06.02.11 @ 8:03 am

You peaked my interest, and with a couple more searches here is what I found out about Greentree this summer:

LOCATION: Greentree Sportsplex
ADDRESS: 600 Iron City Drive, Pittsburgh, PA 15205
DATES: June 20,22,27,29, July 6,11,13,2011
PLAYOFFS: July 18, 19,20, 2011
Times: 1st game tips at 7:00 PM. Games are scheduled on the hour. Last game begins approximately 9:00 PM

A couple of us have been going pretty regularly the last few years. Watching the Pitt players in this setting really gives you a different perspective. I would highly recommend checking out a game or two.

Comment by boubacar aw 06.02.11 @ 8:11 am

Who cares about PSU basketball, this story should be striken from the PittBlather Blog at once!

Comment by Marco 06.02.11 @ 10:22 am

steve, looks like Pitt may get their 1st recruit .. hopefully the start of many more

link to

Comment by wbb 06.03.11 @ 7:56 am

Pulled his name out of consideration for the job…smart man.

Pitt has a camp this week. There will most likely be some recruit signings shortly.

Comment by TX Panther 06.03.11 @ 10:56 am

maybe they’ll get another transfer … PG reports that PSU QB Robert Bolden, who started last year as a natural fresman is stil considering a transfer. I’ve read nothing to suggest that he would consider Pitt but he is the athletic type that would work well in the “high octane’ offense. Further, he is from Minnesota and would have to sit out 2 years is he would transfer to a B10 school.

Just wishful thinking .. just so, if he does decide to transfer, he doesn’t pick WVU

Comment by wbb 06.03.11 @ 12:45 pm

Who cares about Penn St. Basketball?The same people who don’t give a rats ass about Pitt Football

Comment by Marty Everhart 06.03.11 @ 5:09 pm

Watching State Pen get dissed first by DeChellis (a guy who just took them to their first NCAA appearance in a decade) leaving for Navy. (of all places) So DeChellis thinks Navy has more potential and is a better place to coach basketball than State Pen. Then Jeff Lebo of another basketball power, East Carolina (sarcasm) tells State Pen he’s staying at ECU rather than take the State Pen job. Another diss. And then Everhart, says……Thanks but no thanks. Even though State Pen plays in the vaunted(sarcasm) Little 11. This is too comical for one to stand.
Too bad their search ended. (actually it was more like… could they find anyone to take the job) Pitt should never put this joke of a program back on it’s schedule. The games are more competitive against Robert Morris and St. Francis anyway.

Comment by melvinbennett 06.05.11 @ 6:10 pm

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