January 18, 2011

I’ll get to the media recap and my thoughts on the game in a post later today. But since I know that will take a little while to compile, just wanted to get this sidebar stuff out.

This was an event. Major media covering it from all sports sites. You had seemingly half the Pittsburgh Steelers show up to watch. Plenty of Pitt football alum like Dorin Dickerson, Nate Byham, Tyler Palko, Bill Stull, CJ Davis and of course Larry Fitzgerald showed up to see this game.

And of course, football HC Todd Graham and a bunch of recruits made an appearance. Presumably they were primarily local recruits. The info is behind the recruiting sites paywalls. I am reasonably sure Desimon Green did go, but the big one is 2012 recruit, Rushel Shell. You have to believe that Graham loved being able to pitch the kids with this game as the atmosphere.

A friend at the game texted me, “Graham took the recruits past the Zoo, then came up in the stands, put on a shirt, and is jumping around w the fans. Most of his coaches just joined in.”

And then someone posted the visual.

Photo of new Pitt Football Coach Todd Graham in the @OaklandZ... on Twitpic

No it isn’t Bruce Pearl in body paint, but I think we can all be grateful for that.

The students at football games this year showed up, and it looks like Graham is going to do his part to keep them engaged. Smart play.

Back with the recap later. In the meantime, enjoy this grainy replay of Gilbert Brown’s outstanding block.

that game was great last night, I never heard the Pete that loud before…just alot of energy. Great win and glad the recruits were able to show up on a game like this..
How many teams have beaten 2 top 5 teams this yr plus the # of ranked teams pitt has?
OSU played 1 ranked team, how r they #1…
Hail to Pitt!

Comment by mike 01.18.11 @ 9:08 am

You just gotta love Todd Graham. I am so pumped up for what he brings. Time to put all the other stuff in the past and move forward with this guy. And let’s curtail all the talk about him using this as a stepping stone. I don’t care right now. I just want to see what he does with this football team.

And what more can you say about this basketball team? Wow!! It’s an exciting time to be a Pitt Panther fan!! OUTSTANDING!!!

Let’s Go Pitt!!!

P.S. yeah the OSU #1 ranking is bull. It won’t last though.

Comment by Pitt Is It 01.18.11 @ 9:18 am

What an amazing night for the University of Pittsburgh!!! It really doesn’t get any better than that.

I agree Pitt Is It, Graham is doing exactly what he needs to be doing — selling the University for all its worth! I appreciate the fact that he is out there supporting the basketball team, meeting fans, etc.

Comment by JAM 05 Pitt 01.18.11 @ 9:24 am

Great game by Nasir Robinson. I knew he was going to carve up that zone. Even mentioned it on a thread last week.

Marco- who cares? graham is at pitt right now. i don’t care if he is a phony as long as he doesn’t cheat and wins.

Comment by Omar 01.18.11 @ 9:29 am

Don’t sell OSU short. While I don’t think they’ll be #1 at year’s end, they do have a solid team this year. The Big 10 is probably the 3rd best conference this year behind the BE and Big 12. With that said, Pitt’s body of work so far is quite impressive. Last night was a solid victory – even if the ‘Cuse’s best player was out. Nas was excellent (bringing back thoughts of last year vs. Louisville.) He could be very valuable come tourney time when attacking zones. His ability to cut through the zone and dish or finish will be needed as teams look to extend to stop Gibbs, Wanny and Brown from shooting the 3.

Comment by JB '90 01.18.11 @ 9:36 am

Great game. In a way I was happy it was a 40 point blow out. Teams don’t build character from those kinds of wins. Syracuse’s younger players built a lot of confidence up from being able to hang with Pitt in a game like this and that will only help them. I really hope these two teams meet at full strength in the Big East Championship. It will be an awesome game just from a basketball fans perspective.

@Marco – If you don’t realize why the conference that’s located in the heart of the biggest media markets in the country is part of the BCS, then you don’t understand the purpose of the BCS. They will move on to a playoff system before the Big East could ever sink low enough to lose their BCS status.

Comment by Glen Frankenfield 01.18.11 @ 9:37 am

Someone found shit in his cereal bowl this morning, eh Marco?

Great photo, great job by Graham using all the tools available to him. And good job keeping the news on the football team positive.

Comment by 85 01.18.11 @ 9:39 am

marco-go post on your ups board and stay off the pitt boards. id like to see old farts paterno go to your student section for a hoops game, but yet again u need students there 1st to do that..
dont hate what pitt got going on in fb and hoops..and when was the last time usp had any steelers or even pro bowlers at a hoops game?
thats what i thought.

Comment by mike 01.18.11 @ 9:40 am

I love how some think that Graham is phony or a slimeball because he doesn’t have a moustache, doesn’t have a Pittsburgh accent, isn’t an alum, is enthusiastic and can put together an intelligent sentence. Great rationale.

Comment by TJ 01.18.11 @ 9:59 am

Graham looks like he’s having fun, and he’s doing it among the students which is great. That’s the first part of the fanbase he needs to win over. That will help pack the stadium and add to the noise and excitement during the games. Smart move.

Comment by TampaT 01.18.11 @ 9:59 am

Going to a Pitt hoop game is like going to a Laker game now.

So many sports celebrities!

With a ways to go in football.. Pitt will soon be where it needs to go in football.

I love all of it. Beast of the East is on its way back

Comment by Pitt Man 01.18.11 @ 10:00 am

Did somebody steal my identity on this board while I was on vacation….because I sure as shit did not post anything for over a week…and to be honest I haven’t found this mysterious Marco post everyone is referring to…what was it?

Comment by Marco 01.18.11 @ 10:44 am

Ah, Pitt-Syracuse, UConn, Louisville, Villanova, Marquette, WVU, Georgetown, ND and on. What great fun! How long ago was it that posters were hoping that Pitt would bolt the Big East?

Comment by BigGuy 01.18.11 @ 10:51 am

Great photo…all that was missing was the word “Money” under the make some caption on the score panel…that would have been hilarious..All in all a great win in a great atmosphere.

Comment by Jerome Lane 01.18.11 @ 11:06 am

other marco-it was posted a few paragraphs above my last post, it has since been taken down..just someone trying to bash the BE and Pitt…

Comment by mike 01.18.11 @ 11:06 am

sick life marco

BigGuy… that was prior to TCU joining

IF we get another solid football team, such as UCF, i am more than happy with big east

but the football conference was what needed improvement, basketball was never an issue

and how we havent yet invited UCF is baffling… especially after their football team would have won the big east and their hoops team is having a great year

villanova football?

amazing… they cant fill a high school stadium and they have ZERO alumni/fan/tv support or money

Comment by DeVanzo 01.18.11 @ 11:24 am

marco-y dont u come out of the closet and stop being a troll and tell us what mighty school you actually root for and then go to their blogs and cry how bad ur teams are compared to the BE teams.

Comment by mike 01.18.11 @ 11:39 am

Hey The Real Marco:

Since Miami/VT/BC left the Big East, let’s check the bowl game records:

Big East 23 -14 62.16%
Big Ten 19-31 38.00%

Win Pctg rank of 6 AQ BCS conferences:
Big East 1
Big Ten 6 (last)

BCS Games only:
Big East 3-4 42.86%
Big Ten 5-8 38.46%

Win Pctg rank of 6 AQ BCS conferences:
Big East 4
Big Ten 5

You can pretend all you want, but the fact that a lot of people watch Big Ten football doesn’t mean that Big Ten football is any good.

Comment by maz. 01.18.11 @ 11:42 am

Jamie’s technical from link to (this is an excerpt):

“Pitt coach Jamie Dixon was administered his first technical foul of the season Monday night when James Breeding whistled him for… throwing his arms upward!

Dixon, who usually does not address officiating, made it known at his postgame news conference that he did not say a word to Breeding.

“I raised my arms, but I didn’t say anything,” Dixon said. “I apologized to the team afterward. I haven’t gotten a technical foul in at least a couple of years, so I guess sometimes you have to get one. We did make some shots afterward, so I wish I oculd have planned it that way. They’re good officials, but I will say that I didn’t say anything.

The thing that made the call so strange was that it came after Syracuse was called for a foul, and Gary McGhee was on his way to the foul line for two shots. Syracuse made its two free throws to cut the lead to four, but McGhee also made the two free throws he was awarded.”

Comment by velvil 01.18.11 @ 11:43 am

just dont respond fellow panthers…

despite the big ten and big east both being below average in football… we all know that the big ten is our little brother in basketball

what is #18 michigan state’s big east record now? 0-2?

what is #13 Purdue’s? 0-1?

a pity OSU and PSU now refuse to schedule Pitt for basketball… chicken

Comment by DeVanzo 01.18.11 @ 11:50 am

Whodathunk that we’d be ranked #1 nationally in offensive efficiency given past emphasis on defense?

Just shows how Jamie is able to change style of play to suit the personnel.

We are truly blessed with a great coach.

Comment by steve 01.18.11 @ 12:04 pm

I do know that #13 Purdue is #13 because they just lost to an unranked Big East team…

And speaking of that game, wasn’t WVU in the Final Four last year? Don’t they play in the best conference in college hoops every year? And the fans rush the floor because they beat Purdue?

It’s almost like they don’t need an excuse to act like chumps. Bet there were all kinds of fires…

Comment by 85 01.18.11 @ 12:05 pm

Big Guy, I have to admit, (and DeVanzo we must be twins, same thoughts consistently), I was one to want to go to the Big Ten or ACC for football and, would be upsetting to lose the Big East hoops, last summer when all the realignment stuff was going on.

I absolutely changed my mind with the addition of TCU. And, like DeVanzo stated, there is no comparison between UCF and Villanova.

I admittedly thought UCF was sort of way out there and just another also ran. Until I watched there bowl game against Georgia, which they won.

The win was not really the thing though, it was the size and discipline of UCF, I was kind of taken aback, they were just as big as Georgia and really had a “no B.S.” attitude. Think they would be a great addition to get the conference to 10.

If, and there are always if, but, if Pitt and WVU up their programs with the two new coaches, and TCU, you could have three real good teams in the national spotlight, even just the offenses could make it like the wild, wild, west!!.

I’m good with where we are now!!

Comment by Dan 01.18.11 @ 12:12 pm

I still don’t think re-alignment is over though. Not the Big Ten or ACC, but, I don’t believe the Big 12(10) is going to sit still. They settled down for a little while, but, the Kansas’, KSU and Missouri’s still don’t like having Texas calling all of the shots. I have no info of course, and maybe they are making some money, but, just human nature for everyone else, not good when one in a group controls everything that should be evenly split.

Comment by Dan 01.18.11 @ 12:16 pm

DeVanzo, Dan I am pleased that we are in agreement that Central Florida should be invited into the BE. It seems like a natural They also have a large alumni base.

link to

32. West Virginia 57,952

45. South Florida 49,866

47. Pittsburgh 49,618

48. Rutgers 48,639

59. Syracuse 39,369

60. Connecticut 38,438

67. Louisville 34,514

70. Cincinnati 32,810

link to

With an average of 38,078 fans per game, UCF also recorded the third-best season in school history by average attendance.

Villanova ain’t gonna bring ’em in. The student body is too small.

Comment by BigGuy 01.18.11 @ 12:25 pm

when the three of us agree… that speaks volumes haha

as much as ive hated on the big east think tank before, they got it done with TCU

hopefully they keep up the good work and add UCF!

Comment by DeVanzo 01.18.11 @ 12:35 pm

LOL!!!! Ya, credit where credit is due, great pick up with TCU!!

Comment by Dan 01.18.11 @ 12:40 pm

Coach Graham will sign on feb 2 a class of 12 do you think there will be more recruits or less?

Comment by FRANKCAN 01.18.11 @ 1:32 pm


Dear Troll,

I am just a little tired of this. I’m not sure what you think you will accomplish by this, other than waste time for the past several weeks.

I have told you to take it elsewhere. You have ignored. If you continue to do so, I will take the next step.

That would be to pull from my IP logs all the IP addresses and time stamps from your comments — and yes I have them all — and make a request to the IP address owner to look into the abuse on their network.

In this case, a quick ARIN WHOIS search reveals that the IP addresses you have been sending are owned by one company: United HealthCare

Please be a stranger.

Thank you.

Chas Rich

Comment by The Real Marko 01.18.11 @ 1:33 pm

Sure TCU had a great couple of years, but we heard a lot of the same hype when Louisville joined the league in 2005.

In just 4 years L’ville was a laughing stock and no longer a player on the national stage. OK, they have a great brand and their basketball is likewise great, but in terms of the part of the Big East that was and is still beleaguered (football) Louisville proved to be just filler.

TCU may turn out to be an even worse choice: they have a sorry basketball program and when the football Frogs graduate the guys they have now they will likely be just another mouth to feed in a similarly disrespected Big East.

In short, 10 years of winning in the CUSA/Mt. West is not nearly enough to make me to believe that TCU is the solution to the Big East’s problem.
I get it the BE needs a team, but why THAT team? The potential is there for TCU to be not just a bust, but a long term liability for the conference.

Comment by ChrisA 01.18.11 @ 1:37 pm

Pitt split two games with Iowa, MSU, and Nebraska in their recent meetings and is very close to 500 with all-time Big Ten opponents…I imagine Syracuse and WVU are similar. Big East football is only 15-20 years old so we’re comparing apples to oranges. Give the Big East conference consistency and another 60-70 years of history and compare them then. But we clearly are the best hoops conference, and have been for 10-15 years, in the land.

Comment by Matt N. 01.18.11 @ 1:39 pm

You can pretend all you want, but the fact that a lot of people watch Big Ten football doesn’t mean that Big Ten football is any good.
Comment by maz. 01.18.11 @ 11:42 am

You hit it spot on maz.

You get 100,000 people anywhere and they think whatever they’re there for is akin to the 2nd coming. What they always try to cover up and hide in the Big 10 is the 40,000 or less who show up at the Indiana’s, the Northwestern’s, the Minnesota’s and the Illinois’s of the conference.
They act like the Michigan, Ohio State & State Penn crowds are the normal in the Big 10, they aren’t. You can also liken the fact as you mentioned that a lot of people shop at Walmart and eat at McDonalds, it doesn’t make it any good.

Big 10 football is the Walmart of football. Yeah they make money, but they still sell garbage.

Comment by TwilightZone 01.18.11 @ 2:51 pm

Oh and Big 10 basketball is just as overhyped and overrated as it’s main sport.

It’s ludicrous after looking at OSU’s schedule that they’re ranked #1. They’re best wins are over two unranked teams, Florida & Florida State. Their non-con schedule is just pathetic.

And the way WVU was dissed by the pollsters this week was disgusting. They beat #8 Purdue and they inched into the AP at #21, still unranked in USA/ESPN. On the other hand unranked Minnesota also beat #8 Purdue last week and the AP fraudsters rocketed them to #15 in the rankings.
Also unranked Mich. State was rocketed from unranked last week to #17 this week, this after losing to pathetic State Penn 3 games ago and having Northwestern take them to OT at home. Only reason Mich. State was rocketed to #17 was because they have two games this week against ranked teams, Purdue & Illinois. And of course they don’t want the loser of these games falling to far in the rankings. How Illinois is still ranked at all, points to this as well, since they have some horrible losses such as State Penn & the last place team in the Horizon League, Illinois-Chicago (5-14). Of course the aforementioned reason why MSU was meteorically rocketed up the rankings is the same one why Illinois is still ranked.

This Big 10 conf. is like the Galactic Empire of Star Wars. They’re the main opponent of a football playoff system and the chief benefactor/business partner of the ESPN/ABC conglomerate. Death to The Empire.

Comment by TwilightZone 01.18.11 @ 3:23 pm

ChrisA, ok, then what other team?? No one said TCU was a cure all, but out of all the possible teams, TCU wasn’t even in the plans. And, out of all the possible teams, TCU is better than all of them, so, again, what other team???

I’m not being a jerk Chris, something I never realized for quite a while, or, at least didn’t get it threw my thick skull, the teams have to want to come, have to be available, and pretty much not in another BCS conference, because most of them are too comfortable to take a chance??

Teams in the picture, UCF, Memphis and East Carolina!! Those are the honorary three that are always mentioned the past couple years. I’d take TCU over all three of them put together.

Because of TCU, Houston has entered the fray, I’ve got to say, I’d rather have Houston than all three of those.

Who else, I’ve always liked the thought of Army and Navy in the conference. Talk about a basketball drop off???? Football only, I like it, Navy has stated several occasions it likes what its doing right now, not interested.

Maryland?? Ya, sounds great, pipe dream. They’ve been playing in the ACC for 40 years, they are tied to the south, and have great rivalries in hoops with Duke and N.C.. Ain’t comin!!

Boston College, first of all, who wants them back, they’re mediocre in both sports. Doubt they want the egg on their face anyhow.

Villanova?? Love Villanova, love the rivalry with Pitt, love the school, great university, great athletics. They have as many students as Duquesne. Gonna go to Lincoln Financial field that holds 70k or so, and have games with 10,000 fans??? Allready did that for years with Temple at the vet!!! Show me they can get 30-40k, ok, but, that will never happen, not even close.

Temple?? They’ve improved, but, same thing, no fan base, no interest. Don’t get me wrong, if Temple and Villanova could put people in a decent size stadium, that would be awesome, they just don’t have the numbers!!!

So, back to my question, tell me someone I’m missing?? Sure, TCU could be a bust, but, right now, one of the top teams in the country and just whipped Wisconsin in the Rose Bowl, I’ll take em’!!

Comment by Dan 01.18.11 @ 4:29 pm

My mistake, forgot I listed UCF, I would take TCU, but, I would not take Houston over UCF. Maybe a couple months ago it seemed good so TCU would have a buddy, but, after seeing UCF play this year, location, campus, enrollment, UCF would be next, IMHO!!!

Comment by Dan 01.18.11 @ 4:33 pm

One other one I forgot to mention, that is talked about last on the list, and, not as far fetched as it sounds, especially with TCU making the move and not worrying about geography is one that I think would be fantastic: The old,

Kansas, Kansas St., Missouri trio. That was wild speculation, but, after the fires cooled, several people at those schools said they would have to be ready for something like that, if Texas and crew went to the Pac 10. Didn’t happen, they are still not happy with Texas running the show, but, even contradicting an earlier post of mine, they are making money and I don’t think they or the Big East would have the guts to do that.

Would have to be down the road years, if the Big East football teams really wanted to brake from the small non-football playing schools, and go to 12 team conference, but, probably the biggest pipe dream of all.

And, so, that leaves us with who to pick up????

Comment by Dan 01.18.11 @ 4:49 pm

Right now, it seems to me that it is the Big East football schools that are carrying the water for the Big East this basketball season. Yes, Villanova is up there, but look at the others – Pitt, Syracuse, West Virginia, and Louisville.

I agree that the conference shuffling is not done. I would take UCF and Houston. Then there would be two Texas teams and to Florida teams – more than enough of a presence in those states to assist recruiting in both football and basketball.

Comment by Penguins Fan 01.18.11 @ 5:53 pm

Add UCF and we can change our name to The Big 18, since nothing says East like Texas.

Comment by Pwmcdupitt 01.18.11 @ 6:20 pm

I brought the recruits into the zoo in the 1st half and then in the 2nd half they came back ON THEIR OWN..they loved it and I told them a few times that they could leave if they wanted to but they stayed for a while…hopefully it works out

Comment by Robert 01.18.11 @ 6:31 pm

Dan, if Villanova comes up, they will probably play at the Philadelphia Union field. Closer to campus, and smaller than the Linc.

Comment by Pwmcdupitt 01.18.11 @ 7:36 pm

As far as OSUs #1 ranking? Talk to me on April 5th. Everything else is just hot air.

Comment by Pwmcdupitt 01.18.11 @ 7:42 pm


You’re alittle off on Big Ten v Big East football.

1) The competition in bowl games is far superior in the Big Ten. This isn’t the fault of the Big East but rather TV contracts and other long standing relationships. I like the winning percentage stat, but keep in mind who the Big East is playing compared to who the Big Ten is playing. For example, we played a 6-6 Kentucky School, State played UFA.

2) Game day atmosphere. This is still beyond comparison. We tailgate under the West End bridge ramps, most Big Ten Schools, football is an experience. Hopefully this changes over time, but right now, it is not even close (Hoops of course, is a different story).

Comment by scoocher 01.18.11 @ 8:51 pm


That was my point that there were no ideal candidates for BE membership.

I just don’t buy into the hype of TCU considering we’ve seen all of that hype and promise fail before.

Who do I suggest? How about nobody. There are already more than enough mouths to feed on the football side.

Adding TCU puts a band aid on the Big East’s BCS quandary, but at face value it is a one year fix.

I’m not a conference insider, and I don’t know the criteria that the BE considered to invite TCU – but I don’t like the idea of sharing bowl money 9 ways from here on out just for TCU’s 2010 top 3 ranking to count for the Big East’s BCS assessment.

A lot of people are pumped for TCU, which is a positive – but I don’t see them as anything near the type of program that will save the Big East. Beyond that I would hate for them to be the program that sinks the BE.

Comment by ChrisA 01.18.11 @ 9:05 pm

Good points ChrisA. I love the basketball , but, several of the teams are dead weight. Depaul, Seton Hall, Rutgers. St.Johns and Providence seem to be making a move, but, eventually, I feel it needs to be a 12 or 14 team all sports conference if you ever want to get any credibility in football.

I don’t like the idea of just sitting at 8 football teams either. I have no inside info either, and probably the silliest argument you’ve ever heard, but, just look at the Sunday paper when they give the conference standings, we look ridiculous with eight, like we’re a second rate league. It could, allthough everyone thinks it couldn’t possibly, it could down the road jeopardize are BCS slot. They won’t tolerate practically no one in the top 20. Everyone needs to step it up.

It would also negotiate better bowls, if we had 10 or 12 teams, and you make a great point, you don’t want to add junk for junks sake. I think TCU and UCF would be good additions.

Good point on Louisville, though, they have had 3 or 4 coaching changes the last 6-8 years. TCU has had one head coach for 10 or so, and he has been offered major jobs in the college, and major jobs in the pros, he decided that he loves Fort Worth for him and his family, and can vacation to see other places, so, anything can happen, but, from all reports, he is staying at TCU for awhile.

No big deal, good debating with you. I have no dog in the fight, just tired of the Big East being a “league” instead of a “conference” in reality. Can’t argue with the hoops!!!

Comment by Dan 01.18.11 @ 10:26 pm

Schoocher, you are right, and you’re being very fair. That’s why I was a big proponet of hopefully getting an invite to the Big Ten or ACC. I would really hate to loose the hoops though. I think TCU and hopefully one other could be a step to being a “real” conference.

Also, your point about that stat is valid. The only thing I might say, is, when I hear the argument, (not from you, just to people) I would give them that, as long as they do admit that the Big East has had some big wins against other BCS conference’s top dogs, sometimes in bowl games, sometimes in the regular season.

No, not a ton of wins, the Big East isn’t the Big Ten or Big 12, but, it’s not the sun belt either

You know, just thought of this, a great example is Pitt beating Kentucky. Yes, a very mediocre Kentucky, and mid pack SEC team, but, none the less, an SEC team. I think when people talk about the SEC and Big Ten et al. they have a demeaning way of speaking that says to you, “ah, ya, you might go to a bowl, but, if you were in our conference, you’d finish 13th out of 13”, if you know what I mean? Pitt just beat Iowa a year or two ago right?
Your point is well taken though, we’re in a strange place, not really with the big 3 or 4 conferences, kinda fight it out with the ACC and Mountain West every year to not be the worst (I know the Mntn West isn’t a BCS) but, probably deserve to be over the past few years, but, we’re not the SunBelt or Mac either.

I’m just of the feeling, that if we’re not gonna go anywhere, i’d like the Big East to become a 12 or 14 member all sports conference.

Yes, hard to beat the atmosphere, big state schools with big state campuses, they are an event. Hopefully, with TCU coming in, and hopefully staying strong, and with WVU and Pitt with new coaches, I’m hoping for a gunslingers type conference. Would garner some attention, and should be fun. Would be great to see #5.TCU #9.Pitt and #13.WVU in the top 20????

Also, last point as I’m typed out, the Big East needs to stand up for ourselves, very much including Pitt, when playing non conference games against other BCS schools! We laid several eggs this year, UCONN got blown out by a mediocre Michigan team etc. etc. If we want some respect, we have to win a good many of those games and not just pin our argumetns on WVU beating Georgia and Oklahoma. Great wins, but, getting hold. Hopefully the future is bright!!!

Comment by Dan 01.18.11 @ 10:48 pm

I am getting tired of the Big bad Big 10 – their reputation is bigger than their performance in both athletics and academics.

there is hope as I believe the revenue sharing model in the Big 10 will eventually lead to it’s undoing. Have argued this point with friends many times – why should Ohio State, who has a good football and basketball program that generates tons of cash, continue to share their money with other schools who have inferior programs in the Big 10? Just continue to build your brand and become Notre Dame, sign a deal with one of the big networks, and cash the checks! Why not? because of BCS? I want more BCS busters as it would help to force a playoff!!

Comment by waxonwaxoff 01.19.11 @ 2:24 pm

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