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November 12, 2010

Briefly and Ticked

Filed under: Big East,Conference,Football — Chas @ 1:57 am

Another wasted night.

Will try and get some sleep. Will try to compartmentalize that this does not mean it is all downhill from here and that Pitt will blow at least two of its final three games. I’ll try. Honest.


Special teams did their worst tonight. Like Cinci last year. Just when it seemed Pitt had the game in hand, they blew the kickoff and renewed the other team’s spark. That 95 yard kickoff return changed it all for UConn. Free points when they weren’t getting anything in the second half and Pitt seemed to be taking total control.

Then Graham with the fumble on the kickoff to give UConn a short field and 7 more points. 14 points from special teams for UConn.

Mark May was so ticked at the half regarding Pitt’s defense against UConn. He had a point. Stick eight in the box and take your chances with the UConn passing game. Not that it mattered late. Pitt’s defense couldn’t do anything against Todman. He wanted a yard or more, he and the UConn O-line got what they needed.

Sunseri and Hutchins are so similar. They are good with the short to medium stuff, but ask Hutchins for a long FG or Sunseri to throw deep and it is likely to be anyone’s guess where it will go. Hutchins sure picked a bad night to suck with punting as well.

The thing that probably has me most pissed is that Wannstedt will not devote any introspection as to why his teams have blown every national appearance, Why his teams play so poorly with extra preparation. Instead, it will be because of the turnovers that Pitt lost. Nothing else.

No more apologies. No more excuses. This is not progress. If the Big East wants to improve its football image, get rid of Pitt. This program will wallow in mediocricy until Wanny is put out to pasture.

Comment by TX Panther 11.12.10 @ 3:24 pm

Wanny does less with more. Pin this loss on him. I can’t take another season like this…wait, that would be seven straight seasons! Enough is enough.

Comment by TX Panther 11.12.10 @ 3:45 pm

If the Big East wants to improve its football image, get rid of Pitt. This program will wallow in mediocricy until Wanny is put out to pasture.
Comment by TX Panther 11.12.10 @ 3:24 pm

Blood in the water, indeed. And quite predictable.

Comment by carolinapanther 11.12.10 @ 3:47 pm

I don’t kick people when they’re down, it’s too low to go for me. Enjoy though, as most seem to be doing. Sad.

Comment by carolinapanther 11.12.10 @ 3:52 pm

When a dog is down, you try to help him, and you try again, but, he doesn’t get up, keeps doing the same thing, just too injured, eventually, sadly, sometimes you have to put them out of their misery!!!

Comment by Dan 11.12.10 @ 4:17 pm

We are still going to win the bigeast!I dont care if we are 6-6 17,000,000 divided up still looks pretty good to me and the PITT program!

Comment by POLE 11.12.10 @ 4:26 pm

What’s sad is when you trust a dog, you give him some love, and he turns around and bites you. But you still believe that the dog can learn to be a good dog, so you give him more love. He responds for a while, and you start to trust him again. Then you bring your friends over to show them how proud you are of that dog, and he bites you again. You finally get to where know you can’t trust that dog anymore, so it’s you or the dog. I think that’s where most of us are today.

Comment by TampaT 11.12.10 @ 4:32 pm

Amen! TampaT gets it. Too bad many of the apologists still dont.

Comment by TX Panther 11.12.10 @ 4:36 pm

I want to see this team without Bennett

Comment by Tony Cancilla 11.12.10 @ 4:40 pm

…On the plus side, Cam Saddler had a good night returing punts…

Comment by HbgFrank 11.12.10 @ 4:51 pm

i want to see this team without wannstedt

Comment by DeVanzo 11.12.10 @ 4:51 pm

Did you see the smile on the face of the Edsel when he called the time-out on the 4th and 1….”Go ahead Dave – try to stop me!”””…he’s 3 and 1 against DW…coaching, coaching, coaching!

Comment by markp 11.12.10 @ 4:51 pm

CarolinaPanther – You can’t teach an old dog new tricks. So, we need to find a new dog. We already know after 6 years what this dog gives us and I for one won’t be tuning in for another year of frustration, disappointment and embarassment with the old one.

Comment by TX Panther 11.12.10 @ 4:57 pm

Right on the money TampaT. To some of the apologists, and, I say that, not antagonizingly, to think Pitt wins the BE……….seriously, not mocking, and not making fun, really??? I say they’ll have their hands full with S.Fla, and get beat by WVU and Cincy. Not just saying that to pile on, I really believe they have problems ahead. I’m not even interested, but, I gave it a thought for a moment, and really, 6-6 or 5-7 is just as, or, moreso, possible than 8-4 or 7-5. The kids have to be ready to go into the tank about now. I see a train coming off the rails.

Comment by Dan 11.12.10 @ 4:58 pm

who cares if they win out? those 3 teams are all very average this year… doesnt disprove that wanny is not fit to coach

we have lost 4 winnable games… 2 from teams not likely to go to a bowl game (uconn/nd)

this is a team that people who know football thought had the talent to be top 15… and you cant sit here and say we shouldnt be 8-1 right now after watching TCU smoke Utah at home

even if we win out… barring a miracle in the BCS game, he should be fired…. 13-9 saved him and it shouldnt have… its an annomaly and not because of him

there is zero benefit to keeping him when there are so many coaches out there

look at what Harbaugh did to Stanford in only 2 YEARS AFTER WALT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

the man lacks the intelligence to ever be a successful coach, his teams will always win in spite of him… you cant teach intelligence or creativity, he just isnt very smart

Comment by DeVanzo 11.12.10 @ 5:12 pm

I have to say, Dan’s posts made my day. I’m laughing and crying at the same time. Chas, please keep those predictions so we can cross check.

Comment by Pauly P 11.12.10 @ 6:42 pm

Thanks for posting Steve Pederson’s email address. Okay guys time to flood the guy.. .

Comment by TonyinHouston 11.12.10 @ 6:44 pm

Not only will I send Pederson an e-mail as well as a written letter, I will show my anger and frustration in probably the only way he will understand: terminating all financial support. Stop buying tickets to the games. Stop donating to the athletic teams. Dollars always speak louder than words.

Comment by Gas 11.12.10 @ 6:54 pm

Next year with Wanny about 35,000 empty seats (average) per game. A record of 7-5 which might get us back to exciting Charlotte. A terrible recruiting year because at same point Pitt’s poor performance will catch up with our University.
Wanny will have new assistants (Bennett is gone) and they will fail under his lack of direction.
Pederson will fire The Wannastash because the empty seats aRE COTING OUR PROGRAM TOO MUCH $$$.

Comment by isnore 11.12.10 @ 7:25 pm

Show me the Money!!!

Comment by BnG 11.12.10 @ 9:12 pm

DeVanzo’s Harbaugh reference was on point. In 2 yrs Harbaugh has Stanford playing at a high level. Wanny’s been here 6, enough is enough!

Comment by Pittastic 11.13.10 @ 12:29 pm

I happened to watch some of the Northwestern v Iowa game and saw an excellent college QB playing for NU. The game analysts said that this year he was the best in the big-ten better than Proyer or Stinch(?) of Iowa. His name is Pedra and is from Bethlehem, PA. Question did Pitt try to recruit him (played in PA all-star game). One would assume he had the academics and from what I witnessed the skills to have singularly changed this season. He will not play at the next level but he is a top noth D1 quarterback. Further regarding coaches although he is aan alumni of Northwestern coach Fitzgerald is a young obviously competent coach who would be an excellent fit at Pitt. Although he is not an alumnus his bio indicates as a representative he would at least equal and in my opinion far surpass Weinstat.

Comment by dennis wagner 11.14.10 @ 6:14 pm

[…] Wannstedt at Pitt, I probably am not the only one to know what he says in most situations. From last week: The thing that probably has me most pissed is that Wannstedt will not devote any introspection as […]

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