November 12, 2010

Briefly and Ticked

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Another wasted night.

Will try and get some sleep. Will try to compartmentalize that this does not mean it is all downhill from here and that Pitt will blow at least two of its final three games. I’ll try. Honest.


Special teams did their worst tonight. Like Cinci last year. Just when it seemed Pitt had the game in hand, they blew the kickoff and renewed the other team’s spark. That 95 yard kickoff return changed it all for UConn. Free points when they weren’t getting anything in the second half and Pitt seemed to be taking total control.

Then Graham with the fumble on the kickoff to give UConn a short field and 7 more points. 14 points from special teams for UConn.

Mark May was so ticked at the half regarding Pitt’s defense against UConn. He had a point. Stick eight in the box and take your chances with the UConn passing game. Not that it mattered late. Pitt’s defense couldn’t do anything against Todman. He wanted a yard or more, he and the UConn O-line got what they needed.

Sunseri and Hutchins are so similar. They are good with the short to medium stuff, but ask Hutchins for a long FG or Sunseri to throw deep and it is likely to be anyone’s guess where it will go. Hutchins sure picked a bad night to suck with punting as well.

The thing that probably has me most pissed is that Wannstedt will not devote any introspection as to why his teams have blown every national appearance, Why his teams play so poorly with extra preparation. Instead, it will be because of the turnovers that Pitt lost. Nothing else.

I hate hate hate saying this but Dave Wannstedt has failed. I really wanted to believe, but you have to ask yourself is it worse for the Cowboys to be 1-7 or for the Pitt Panthers to have lost to Notre Dame and UConn nevermind getting blown out at home by Miami. Dave is a great great football man its time he was a man and admitted he is just no good as a head coach.

Comment by JockSutherlandsGhost 11.12.10 @ 3:07 am

Chas – Sunseri isn’t even that great with the short stuff and the reason is that half the game is played between a QB’s ears and he falls woefully short in that area. A good arm isn’t that much of a plus if your telegraphing where the play is going 90% of the time.

And let’s not even discuss how Sunseri’s play has marginalized what was supposed to be our prime offensive weapon – the day he throws a decent deep ball to anyone will be a cause for celebration.

Say what you will about our past QBs – this is the third loss this season where our QB can shoulder a large part of the blame for not getting it done. The team as a whole played poorly but when we have needed our QB to rise up in tough circumstances he’s folded.

DW’s “maturity” comments are right on the spot in this case.

Comment by Reed 11.12.10 @ 4:16 am

Big lights = no fight

Miserable experience to watch as a fan.


Poor QB.

No strategic thinking…team and coaching

Playing tight, playing not to lose

Big East brand killer.


Can’t handle prosperity.

Losing to less talented teams.

All of these phrases rush through my head (and many of my friends) when we watch Pitt FB.


I want to see all of the Wanny apologists defend him now. Oh, that’s right…we’re all haters, we are blind to the progress….look at he numbers….look at the recruiting…


Say we limp into the BCS with 8 wins to get mauled by Boise… have we really progressed sine we did the same thing in Walt’s final year.


Comment by Pauly P 11.12.10 @ 4:44 am

If Wanny doesn’t try Myers the next game the players will revolt.

Comment by steve 11.12.10 @ 6:39 am

the upperclass leadership on this team stinks evidenced by

1) UConn pretty much dominating the line of scrimmage especially at crunch time

2) the team’s best player and co-captain pulling up from a definite punt block … ??????

Comment by wbb 11.12.10 @ 6:52 am

This is a good group of individual talent with barely any interest in actually performing like a team. Biggest question for me is if we call this season a failure now or after they lose to USF and/or WVU? Btw, BE needs to make UConn do something about their lights if they are really that bad – – – despite the play on the field, this is big time college football.

Comment by CalvinHobbes 11.12.10 @ 7:10 am

If we get to a BCS bowl I will be petitioning a nationwide; check that, worldwide blackout of the game because we crap our pants on TV.

Comment by Pittastic 11.12.10 @ 7:13 am


One thing………the Big East isn’t big time college football.

Comment by 400 11.12.10 @ 7:33 am

Another legendary debacle full of mistakes and confusion. Nothing new for the panthers when they get a game in the spotlight.

These games actually show you how much talent the Panthers really have. Any other team would have been blown out given all of the mistakes and giving up a 200 yard rusher on the road. We are good enough to only lose by two points – quite an accomplishment!

This is a team thats afraid to win.

Comment by Coach Ditka 11.12.10 @ 7:43 am

im just waiting for the first apologist defender… its going to be great!

Uconn is the second coming of Auburn! Jordan Todman for Heisman! Tino is getting better!

oh wait… they lost to TEMPLE!!!

Comment by DeVanzo 11.12.10 @ 7:48 am

I think from here on out I will just copy and paste my comments from previous years. There is no need for me to saying anything different as nothing has changed.

I can’t wait to drag my butt into the parking lot at 7AM on Friday 11/26 tired and bloated from the previous day to watch this team lay an egg right on the “i” at midfield.

My guess is they’ll come back and blow out SF. We’ll get all giddy with excitement, then a late 4th quarter loss against WVU. Cincy will beat us by 30. We’ll all spend New Year’s Eve in Charlotte.

Comment by Yeti 11.12.10 @ 8:07 am

Why was Romeous playing at all. He was clearly not 100 percent. Once Lindsey was in the game some Qb pressure was seen. Wanny should have yanked Romeous as soon as it was apparent he would be a non factor. He could barel run out there.

Comment by Ned 11.12.10 @ 8:07 am

Not good. Not good at all.

Team can’t win a big game when necessary. Wanny is who he is. A recruiter and not a head coach. Didnt win at Chicago, Miami and now PITT. I want to believe in him but it just isnt going to happen.

Sunseri really struggles with accuracy down the field. Baldwin saved him a few times with balls that were under or over thrown. He might be ok in two year but he just isnt ready.

Left side of defensive line just simply wasnt D1 quality last evening. They ran free to the left side of the d-line all night. When did the PITT defense coordinator think that he should make an adjustment? Obviously he was waiting to adjust once he saw film on friday.

Secondary isnt consistent enough. Remains a weak link.

Special teams FAILED the team last night. Blown Kick off coveage, poor punting at the end, fumble on return… They blew the game.

Game ball goes to – Dom Decicco. Tough start to the year but he is doing a much better job. His hit late in the game on the back up quarterback was quality. He made a number of saving tackles. His biggest improvement is that he is taking better angles at the runner to eithr tackle them or limit them to the sideline.

Comment by Pitt fan in Atlanta 11.12.10 @ 8:16 am

Sad, sad, sad. Can we simply avoid talking about football at all from this point forward and just focus on BB? Or how about our swim team? Anything but this.

C’mon Rev. George! Give us the “glass is half full” side of the argument now. WE ARE 1-11 WHEN WE HAVE MORE THAN TEN DAYS BETWEEN GAMES.

Comment by Bobby 11.12.10 @ 8:16 am

make that the right side of the defensive line.

Comment by Pitt fan in Atlanta 11.12.10 @ 8:17 am

1-11 with more than 10 days of preparaton is a HUGH INDICTMENT ON COACHING!!!! Plain and simple.

Comment by Pitt fan in Atlanta 11.12.10 @ 8:19 am

After a night like this, I’m all the more glad basketball season has finally started. Is there really anyone out there who still thinks the ‘Stache should keep his job? Good recruiter, yes. Terrible, dreadful, abominably bad at coaching. Unlike Jamie Dixon’s players, I can’t think of any player Wanny has actually made better over the course of their careers at Pitt. That’s a problem.

Comment by Hail2Pitt 11.12.10 @ 8:22 am

How many players have their ‘career games’ against Pitt? 222 rushing yards for Todman – are you kidding me!

Comment by tiger paul 11.12.10 @ 8:31 am

link to

Adding to Chas’ analysis

Comment by TonyinHouston 11.12.10 @ 8:32 am

I’m so pissed right now, it’s hard to write anything. But, I refuse to blame this loss on any one player. Many of you will put it on your favorite whipping boy. Yes, he had a bad game, but he did lead Pitt to 28 points. That should have been enough to win against UConn.
– Your vaunted defense gives up 222 yards to one guy and lets a shaky QB become a hero.
– Your special teams gives UConn a return TD and a short field two times, all after you’ve seized the largest lead of the game and had taken the crowd out of it.
This one, like every other loss this year, was a TEAM loss, and those you blame on coaching.

I, like many of you, am sick and tired of this roller-coaster ride under Wanny. And, the worst part is that the bottom of the hill is always on national TV. They’ve got to get the guy off the field. Put him in that old Johnny Majors role of Special Assistant to the AD and let him help cheerlead for Pitt athletics. That’s what he does best. What he doesn’t do is prepare his team to win, before and DURING the game.

Case in point: 4th and 1. You have a chance to steal a win even with the ugly performance. Todman has gotten 3/4 of his 200 yds. to the left side. What adjustment do you make during the TO? NONE!

I’m just sick. Like someone said on the other thread, we can still win the BE and go to a BCS bowl game, but an 8-4 or 7-5 BCS bowl team will be a national joke. I’ll be at the next two games cheering like any good Pitt fan. But I’ll be cheering for the kids, not this coaching staff.

Comment by TampaT 11.12.10 @ 8:36 am

” He Built this team like the first little pig built his house”….Dave Hampton(Bears – 2000) on his coach – DW>

Comment by markp 11.12.10 @ 8:58 am

THEY ARE WHO WE THOUGHT THEY WERE! oh wait actually WE are who we thought they were a team that lost to Temple!

What kills me is take away the kickoff returned for touchdown and the turnovers and we would have won this game.

My high school coach used to say a ten year old can hold on to the ball and tackle someone within 95 yards, he doesn’t need us studs for that!

HOLD ON TO THE BALL 101 is Tuesdays and Thursdays at 11:00 AM gents.

Seriously you will be amazed what a simple thing like NOT TURNING IT OVER can do to the scoreboard! Let Grandma here demonstrate!!!!

Comment by JockSutherlandsGhost 11.12.10 @ 9:09 am

I shudder at the thought of a 7-5 Pitt team playing against an Oklahoma or Nebraska in the Fiesta Bowl. It would make the Utah debacle in 2004 look like a desirable outcome.

Comment by Ryan M. 11.12.10 @ 9:14 am

All that I can really say and thank goodness we have Jamie Dixon and Agnus Beranato, and all of the other excellent coaches in the athletic department.

Dave just isn’t getting it done. 6+ years of mediocrity, excuses, pathetic records after bye weeks and national tv, and “tremendous” recruiting. I am sorry, unless him being the HC is bringing the university more money than they could by selling out ever game, going to a BCS game w/ national recognition, I don’t see the benefit anymore of having him coach. Did he cause players to fumble, No. Did he miss tackles, No. Does he, game in and game out, put his players in the best position to win? NO.

Comment by Greg 11.12.10 @ 9:15 am

Todays Poll Question. In 2011 will you be more likely to attend a Pitt football game or a Pirate baseball game?

Comment by Z-Boy 11.12.10 @ 9:17 am

Well, another year the Big East Favorite another year to choke it all away.

This program is going nowhere under WANNY, WLAT was here 8 years, WLAT had 2 losing seasons but took us to 6 bowls that included 1 BCS bowl.

WANNY has been here 6 years and counting with 2 losing seasons but only 2 bowls, is there a BCS bowl in WANNY’s future? I doubt it because I am sure they are going to lose at least 2 more of their remaining games.

Sorry but this program has taken a step back under WANNY!

Time for a change!

Comment by Lou Holtz's false teeth! 11.12.10 @ 9:23 am

the big least doesnt deserve the BCS
link to

great call about how this man is costing the school money…. if you factor in the money lost from fans not showing up, concessions not purchased, merchandise not sold, tickets for away games not purchased, a complete disinterest in the bowl game on december 28th in the south, and the revenue lost from not going to a BCS game more than outweigh the cost of buying out his contract

tampat…i respectfully disagree

The defense held them to 13 points… 10 were off of turnovers … so 23 total… and a kickoff return… THATS ENOUGH TO WIN

Our offensive performance was no better then Temple, Rutgers, or Louisville
link to

I wont fight you on special teams… its been a problem since DW started
Dave Wannstedt

Again, I feel like I am taking crazy pills

Every single thing he touches has his rampant stench of incompetence all over it… this man is not intelligent to coach football

Only someone who has an entire career defined by neputism, not success, would continue to use Tino… what a disgrace… that second pic was 6 points if he could throw over 35 yards

Comment by DeVanzo 11.12.10 @ 9:25 am

Being a Pitt Fan is like being in an abusive relationship. No matter how much love you want to give your team you know you are going to get hit upside da head. 0 and 3 on the road. O and 4 in big TV games.

Comment by gc 11.12.10 @ 9:25 am

I wished the BCS would change the rules on the fly. NO BIG EAST TEAM DESERVES A BCS INVITE! Is there another coach in America that can do less with more; better than Wanny. If so, PITT would probably hire him. Wanny, if you love PITT, please step down.

Comment by Pittastic 11.12.10 @ 9:45 am

Good news, basketball season has started just in time.

Comment by Boubacar Aw 11.12.10 @ 9:45 am

I dont think people are truly appreciating the talent spread between these two teams… and how much better Pitt is on paper

nothing can overcome poor coaching and a lack of leadership… this man is ruining this program one day at a time

recruiting class rankings

year – 2010 2009 2008 2007 2006

Pitt 17 31 25 8!! 11!

UConn 69 76 70 80!! 70!

Comment by DeVanzo 11.12.10 @ 9:49 am

He belongs in a bar in Baldwin or the Southside Slopes, drinkin’ sum Ayrn n at’, talkin’ bout football with his buddies!! Holy Cow, Vinnie, from the fan morning show, never berates anyone, glass half full guy, is even making fun of Pitt. “I have to say, there were many things I saw, where is said, ‘what is going on’ out there. Whether it was that Saddler running onto the field for a punt when UCONN was lining up to go for it on 4th and 1, the guy who pulled up from blocking a punt like it was a hand grenade, or the punts going into the stands!!” LMAO!!!!!!

Comment by Dan 11.12.10 @ 10:05 am

Wow, am I pumped for the S.Florida game, ya, baby, college football, exciting when your team is part of the mix!!!!!!!! woooohooooo!!!! Let’s get it on!!!!!!!!!!!

Comment by Dan 11.12.10 @ 10:29 am

Ridiculous. Just laughable how inept this program is at handling positive preseason reviews and subsequently favorable roads to success. Just simply laughable how much of a joke we continue to reveal ourselves to the college football world.

Just wait. It gets worse. The ultimate in embarrassment is probably yet to come. Another potential (if we don’t blow the BE lead-we will get crushed in the game) Fiesta Bowl debacle in front of millions more laughing at our program and conference than usual.

We hire a – washed up should be assistant – alum then we deserve to be “that school that had Tony Dorsett and Dan Marino.” That’s all I hear from friends where I now live. Told a guy last night that my alma mater will probably be in a BCS Bowl and he laughed. Boise State an TCU have to run th table to get there and we can lose 4 or 5 games? An absolute joke especially when they’d both beat us by 20+

Comment by Panther-Wildcat Mix 11.12.10 @ 10:40 am

Good news all…Wanny has extra days to do his coaching magic before S.Florida. Wonder if he will warn them to watch for those back to back fake punts they were fooled on!!
Someone made reference to Dallas on this blog and DW has always reminded me of Wade Phillips…players love him but he cannot coach and handle details…familiar?

Comment by Dan 72 11.12.10 @ 10:44 am

Is anyone really all that surprised and shocked about what happened last night?

You could see this one coming from miles away….

Lets all just stop fooling ourselves and admit that we are a mediocre program (at best) and that is all we EVER will be. Lets accept the reality and end the pain.

Comment by Coach Ditka 11.12.10 @ 11:09 am

No Fields, no Mason, no linebacking.

Comment by alcofan 11.12.10 @ 11:11 am

Hey, Steve “smug smile” Pederson, time to change the uniforms to distract the fans from the product on the field. How’s about a nice “Reno” gold, and “tropic” blue. Put a panther tail on the helmet instead of the block Pitt. Ya, sounds about right. Put a couple of next years seniors on the podium modeling them………..

Comment by Dan 11.12.10 @ 11:18 am

I couldn’t watch the whole game because of a fussy newborn (maybe I was lucky), but I did see most of the 4th quarter. I have to admit, I don’t understand how Pitt played the 4th and 1. At that point, you have to realize that if you stop them, you probably win the game, but if they pick up the first down, you probably lose. Yet the defense looked completely unprepared at the snap – in fact, it looked like they didn’t believe UConn would actually snap the ball.

Given the importance of that play, I can’t help but think that a timeout was in order (Pitt had 2 remaining). I realize that you don’t want to burn a valuable timeout, but in that situation you have to make sure the defense is prepared. Frankly, it wasn’t hard to figure out what UConn was going to do if they actually snapped the ball, so a timeout just gets everyone on the same page. Even if it causes Edsall to change his mind and punt, I’ll take my chances with the ball and 2:30+ minutes to play and 1 timeout. And if they run the ball and you stop them, you don’t need the timeout.

Comment by Pantherman13 11.12.10 @ 11:22 am

There are plenty of similarities between Wanny and Wade Phillips. Players love them but their teams are more often than not unprepared, lack discipline and football smarts, practice poor fundamentals like basic blocking and tackling, don’t make game adjustments, seem to be confused on the sidelines, and dont have that killer instinct. It will just be a matter of time before the players quit on him if they havent done already. This choke job is all on the coaches and the buck stops at the top. Please Nordy do what Jerry did with Wade and fire him. This team will always be mediocre with Wanny at the helm.

Comment by TX Panther 11.12.10 @ 11:41 am

Well BOBBY and fellow fans, I will do my best to present a glass half full. Here goes: Coach Wannstedt said it all when he lamented, “We chocked”. We displayed a lackadaical attitude and did not play with intensity. There were some bright spots(excuse me while I get my magnifying glass). A couple of catches by Baldwin were worth a highlight exposure; Dion is looking like his rookie year again; DeCiccio is resprctable. However, Hutchins had his absolutely worst punting game, Sunseri was obviously tentative; Hynoski competed as he was afraid to bump his head again. What I can’t figure out is: why Aaron Donald was put into the defensive line and why Bostick does not get inserted when the startinf QD leaves his game at home. Someone mentioned giving Myers a chance. Please do not rob him of his redshirt. The lad has great potential, but only has one season of signal calling in highschool. It is difficult to be positive at this juncture, but the Panthers name is INCONSISTANT. It is still very possible to claim the Big East, but that does not speak well of the conference. And, for what it matters, how do I feel? Bloody, but unbowed. Pitt is my school, my team and NOTHING will ever change that. Rev. George from Columbus

Comment by Rev. George Mehaffey 11.12.10 @ 11:56 am

Well, pretty much everything that can/should be said has been said. Given that, I’ll just repeat some comments for the sake of venting.

The Big East has an awful reputation right now…and Pitt is majorly to blame. I thought recruits wanted to play on the national stage??? Why do we choke so bad when ESPN rolls around?? Utah, Miami, ND and now UCONN!!! We have done our very best to make the Big East an embarrassment.

Why does Wanny constantly talk as if it takes 2 decades to put together a decent team??? Week 10 of the season and he still vomits from the mouth about emphasizing the center/quarterback exchange and other elementary pricipals. Can we implement a winning attitude/culture for once??

Not all the blame goes to Wanny though. We made some absolute bonehead plays last night. Sheard just block the freakin punt!!!! Hutch punt the ball please!! Maybe a block or two on a screen would be nice. We had like 3 screens set up with 2 blockers, the ball carrier and 1 defender and got a total of amount 10 yards on those plays.

If UCONN did not return the kick after we went up 21-13 the game might have been over. They had no momentum and our running game beat them up on the 2 previous drives. Instead, the worst case scenario happened.

Clock management at the end was questionable. Why call the timeout on second down?? You can’t let Frazer complete a pass on 3rd down to even give them the thought of going for it. Every time Frazer had the tiniest degree of pressure he was awful. Instead, we comfortably let him swing it to Todman to make it 4th and short. And on 4th they ran right to the exact spot that had success all game and we did not even attempt to adjust to it.

Where-o-where do we go from here? I am terrified at the thought of maybe playing a Nebraska or Oklahoma on the national stage. But then again, some 7-5 team has to do it so might as well be us.

Oh one last note. The difference in talent on the field last night was ridiculous. My friends/coworkers who are all SEC guys were lost for words as to how we lost to UCONN as they continuously pointed out that with our talent advatage we should have walked over them last night. But talent alone isn’t enough to win games. It’s enough to keep the game close and set you up for major disappointment. Ok, I’m done now. lol

Comment by JAM 05 Pitt 11.12.10 @ 11:57 am

Thoughts, dudes…

1. I’ve never seen a head coach in any sport who is more afraid of success than Dave Wannstedt. I don’t know how else to phrase it than that. It’s almost comical how this pattern has emerged with him as a head coach, dating back to him NFL days. Back when Wanny was coaching the Dolphins, either Bill Simmons or Brian Murphy at’s Page 2 used to write about the predictable Nov-Dec. swoon that his teams would take every year, almost without fail.

2. I don’t even know if maybe “fear of success” is the right way to describe it. There are plenty of teams every year that lose games they have no business of losing, and it happens at just about every program (hell, just look at Texas this year). That may be a testament to the relative parity that exists in college football these days.

But what happens with Wannstedt seems to happen almost without fail every time his program has a chance to break down a door and establish some legitimacy. And it’s never pretty. Most of the time, it’s seeing his team come out looking horribly flat and woefully ill-prepared (Miami this year, for ex.).

3. That said, I put as much of the blame for this one on Bennett, who in my mind, cannot move on with his life’s work soon enough. I thought Zeise made a good point on his blog…the defensive scheme last night was awful. It was the 2010 equivalent of the Rutgers Mike Teel Career Day a couple of years ago, when Pitt loaded up to stop the run against a team that had no running game and was certain to come out and pass. Yesterday, UConn comes in with basically one weapon worth taking away (Todman), and Pitt’s defense is schemed to stop their almost non-existant passing game.

4. If there really is that much NFL talent on this Pitt team, then it reminds me of those Chuck Amato NC State teams from about five or six years ago…the ones that put like twelve kids in the NFL over three years, but never managed to win more than eight games in a season.

5. Another thing that is irritating, especially as Jesse Palmer and Craig James were pointing it out in the second half ad nauseum: UConn was HORRIBLE at stopping the run, so why the over-reliance on the pass, especially in the first half?

6. If you’re going to run that bubble screen, why not run it to someone like Saddler, or maybe even put Graham out there? They run that thing to Baldwin and, while I like Baldwin a lot, that’s like running it to a TE. He accelerates on that play like an 18-wheeler trying to get started from a complete stop.

7. All things said, as Chas said, the team is still in sole possession of first place in the Big East and still has the inside track to the BCS game. And while it’s much more a testament to the craptastic state of the conference *this* year, they still have to send someone and that’s not Pitt’s fault. Other conferences have had this happen as well over the last few years…although maybe not quite to this extent.

In other words, if given the alternative between Charlotte or whatever other ho-hum, crap Big East bowl game, give me the BCS game. Even if it means another year of Wannstedt, and even if it means the possibility of getting blasted in the bowl game.

Maybe this is the eternal/delusional optimist in me as a fan showing, but getting to that game also means they have a chance to win that game. In the face of all sorts of evidence to the contrary, I guess I’m hoping that maybe it would be the one time this year that the team puts together a complete effort and plays the way we all thought it was capable of playing at the beginning of the season.

I think the chance to either win or even just make a respectable showing in a BCS game means much more for the next five years of this program than some ho-hum, late December victory over some mediocre ACC or Big XII team.

Comment by Stoosh 11.12.10 @ 11:59 am

I keep waiting for our Wanny lovers to post something after last night’s disaster? Where are you people? tell me how we should be lucky to have Wanny as a coach, we’re delusional if we think Pitt can be a top 10 team, the recruiting…. c’mon, WHERE ARE YOU GUYS?

I will never accept losing to anybody in our conference but WVU. No team in this conference is of the caliber, traditions and talent as our team. We are simply not being coached to a high level and it is being seen time and time and time and time again.

Our President Nordy needs to step in and give Wanny the ultimatum…

win out the rest of the season and win you BCS game to survive (of which, will not happen)


resign on your free will


you will be terminated.

Bottom line.

Comment by Pauly P 11.12.10 @ 12:00 pm

Tino, run defense, special teams.

Unprepared in all three phases of the game with 10 days to prepare for a team with inferior talent across the board. What more needs to be said?

Comment by 85 11.12.10 @ 12:01 pm

Oops! Permit me to correct an error in my previous posting: I meant to say I can’t understand why Aaron Donald was NOT put into the defensive line. Also, it is quite obvious that Romeus is not yet ready to play. Rev. George

Comment by Rev. George Mehaffey 11.12.10 @ 12:01 pm

Well stated pantherman13! Don’t need to be a coach to know this. Any of us “no-nothing” fans, who have watched any football for more than a few years know this. You know, I am so tired of excuses…… the same time, I am also so tired of people stepping up and saying, “blame me, that one is on me”, win some friggin games, no excuses, no “manning” up and playing the “hero” by taking on the blame. Win,win, win. No desire to go to WVU game at all. Not even for the tailgate, band, atmoshpere, etc. etc. etc. This team has worn be down, worn than I’ve ever been before. This includes Johnny Walker II. Ya, we got blown out 80 to nothing several times, but, at least I expected it and didn’t buy into anything back then. Now, the past years, someone keeps showing me Ferrari keys, (or at least an Audi or Lincoln) and when I go to get in the car, they snatch the keys back. Tired and done!!!

Comment by Dan 11.12.10 @ 12:01 pm

Can we please just get 40 DeCicco’s and 40 Taglianetti’s to play for this team? Dom and Tags are the only ones who play with heart

Comment by Tony Cancilla 11.12.10 @ 12:09 pm

Exactly what I was saying earlier, Pantherman13. I’m not certain, but I think UConn actually called a TO before that 4th and 1. But you’re right, Wanny should have used one and gotten the team ready to defend what everyone knew would be a run by Todman to the left side. Instead, they looked more concerned about not jumping offsides.

But that was just one failure in a game filled with them. The offense failed to execute on several opportunities to put the game away early. The defense failed to execute on stopping an opposing offense that was basically one guy. And, special teams failed to execute on the basics of special teams play – stop the opposing returner, secure the football on your own returns and punt the ball over 30 net yards.

Yes, Wanny will probably blame the loss on execution and turnovers, and players have to execute and secure the ball. But, when that happens this late in the season and once again in front of a national TV audience, the real blame lies with the coaches not having the players properly prepared.

That’s the difference between the football and basketball programs at Pitt.

Comment by TampaT 11.12.10 @ 12:10 pm

Pitt is my school, too, Reverand. It’s everyone who post’s on this blog’s school. We care passionately about it and want it to succeed as much as you do. THAT is why we are so upset that DW is still the head coach six years after he took over. HE is responsible for the choking yet HE takes responsibility for nothing. The most mind boggling play, to me, is still Sheard pulling off the punt block. What in heck was he thinking? Please let me know if he ever speaks up about that.

Here is the man who needs to hear from us:

Comment by Bobby 11.12.10 @ 12:19 pm

Reverend, do you call it wasting a redshirt when all the players want Myers to replace Tino? How would you feel and, more important, play if your coach decided to sacrifice your butt for the future of his program?

Like they did last night.

Comment by steve 11.12.10 @ 12:34 pm

Tampa – yes, UConn did call the timeout prior to the 4th and 1 play. Pitt had called its first timeout after the 2nd down play (which I didn’t agree with either, but at least I understand the reasoning). Pitt had plenty of time to recognize what was happening and call a timeout once they realized they were not ready.

I recorded the game because I knew that watching with our new daughter would be tough, so I haven’t seen most of the game. This was the one coaching related issue that jumped out at me. We can debate about how they got there or whether they should have ever been in that position, but on the do-or-die play of the game, they weren’t prepared.

I have not been an over the top critic of Wannstedt, but this was just inexcusable.

Comment by Pantherman13 11.12.10 @ 12:39 pm

Here, I’ll give you next years games, I have a magic ball you know!!!

Maine…W 21-17 “we knew the Black Bears were tough when we scheduled them” “we really need to improve”

Buffalo…W 37-28 “you know what you’re getting with Buffalo, that’s for sure”, “our defense has to get back to basics”

Iowa….L 27-14 “what can you say, Iowa, we all know Ferentz brings it, they’re Big Ten and rugged” “what else can you do, back to the drawing board”

Notre Dame….L 43-40 in double o.t. “what a game, a ashame someone had to lose” “I don’t care what anyone says, they’re still Notre Dame”

UTAH…..L 33-17 “we practiced all week against the spread” “no, their speed didn’t suprise us, we have to tackle better”

Big East Schedule 4-3 or 3-4 mix and match your wins and losses, whatever you’d like to do…”I knew once we got into conference play, things were gonna get tough.” “that’s what it’s like to be in a conference like the Big East” “you have to be ready for the ruggedness of conference play, and our guys just weren’t ready” “I’m not gonna quit on these guys, I know these guys aren’t gonna quit, they have heart” “we’re gonna do it, and do it again till we figure this thing out”

There, I saved you nausea, heartburn, stress and anxiety of another season of Pitt football, you’re welcome.

Comment by Dan 11.12.10 @ 12:42 pm

I hope everyone remembers what Walt Harris’ agent said “I dont know what Pitt fans think their program is!” If anyone is suprised by the fact that they lost against Connecticut last night they have not been watching this season. Pitt will likely be 7-5 or 8-4 and represent the Big East in the BCS. They are not a top 10 team and probably not a top 30 team either. They can however beat anyone on any given day if they play well. Lets win a Big East championship before we start looking for a National Championship. One hurdle at a time Folks…..

Comment by Pitt Man 11.12.10 @ 12:44 pm

Thanks, Dan.

Notice none of your (his) quotes never put the blame where it truly rests.

I’ve been in DW’s office. There is no sign that says “The buck stops here”, but there should be.

Comment by Bobby 11.12.10 @ 12:45 pm

Pitt Man: I don’t think anyone here was thinking National Championship this year or even next year. I do think we all hoped for another step forward. Winning the BE would be something new but doing it at 8-4 or 7-5 does not represent a step forward.

As far as Walt’s agent,: What he failed to recognize is that the COACH defines the program, not the fans. Jamie Dixon has built a nationally admired program with almost zero tradition, and certainly a lot less than Pitt has in football.

Comment by TampaT 11.12.10 @ 1:08 pm

Tony Cancilla, I would add Brandon Lindsey to your list. He played with some heart last night.

Comment by KeyboardKev 11.12.10 @ 1:10 pm

Tampa T: And when Pitt loses in the Elite 8 or does not go to the final 4 you will hear the same people complaining about losing the big game.

Comment by Pitt Man 11.12.10 @ 1:14 pm

Pitt Man: You are right. There are some who are never satisfied. I am not one of them. Go back and read my posts from last bball season.

The difference is that we have always seen progress from Jamie, his players improve during their time at Pitt and they always compete even when the talent on the other side is far better. That is not the case with the football team.

Comment by TampaT 11.12.10 @ 1:21 pm

Before I take off from the office for the weekend, thought I’d save all of my Pitt Blather mates the heartburn and agony of 2013 also. Easy to do with the Wannster at the helm. 2013

UCF…W…31-21 “we had a good spring, we had a
solid fall”, “dont under estimate
this win” “UCF is in the hotbed
of recruitng talent”, “we’ll
take it”

Buffalo…W..21-17 “they played us tough last
year, we knew what to expect”
“yes, we knew the crowd would be
a factor at Buffalo” “we can’t
continue to start out slow, the
guys have got to understand that”

Va Tech…L…41-17… “we got whipped, plain and
simple, we got whipped”,
“we’re gonna work on it, this is
what we do, we practice football,
then we play football” “he’s a
senior now, he has got to step up”

Notre Dame…L…64-62 triple o.t. “what can you

say about a game like that, it’s a
shame someone had to lose” “I told
Brian, hell of a job, hell of a job”
“well, no, we’re gonna have to work
on that, we’ll get in the film room
Monday and get busy”

Team to be determined….L….38-10 “we know

“they’re conference is excellent, and
they’re brand of ball is up tempo, we
knew that going in”, “I’m not a
quitter, and, neither are my guys”,
“I told them, the Big East Champinship
is the real reason we’re here”, “we
have our eyes on the prize, it all
starts Monday morning”

Big East schedule…3-4 or 4-3, as I said, mix
match your wins and losses with the
teams of your choosing, like every year.

“it’s that time of year you know,
conference play”, “every year, someone
jumps up and suprises you, you get that
with conference play”, “our goal is a
Big East championship, every year,
that’s what we set out for, nothing
less” “that’s unacceptable, the kids
have got to get better”, “yes, we had
a good week of practice, I don’t know
what happened.” “look, you know, you
need senior leadership from the seniors
we’re still waiting to see who wants
to take the reigns” “backyard brawl,
‘s always a slugfest, you know that”,
“we just have to line up and play
Panther football, that’s what we do”

I have now saved you two years of frustration. Merry Christmas to all, and to all, a good night!!!!!!!!

Comment by Dan 11.12.10 @ 1:28 pm

Before the season began, noting the OOC schedule was more difficult than the past season, I concluded that 10-3 (or better) was progress, and that 9-4 (but only with a bowl victory) was treading water, and 5 or more losses was regression.

Well, unless Pitt wins out and follows that with a BCS bowl victory it will have regressed and the season will be a failure. Very sad. This team would be 8-1 if played up to its capability talent wise.

Comment by pitt1972 11.12.10 @ 1:32 pm

Pitt man, you are so far off, you don’t even know. Look at all of the old posts. The average Pitt basketball fan is absolutely tickled with the basketball program. 10 or so straight tourney appearance, elite 8’s, sweet 16’s, constant 27 win seasons. I work, and maybe you do too, with a ton of different people and different backgrounds, and even after the elite 8 loss to Villanova, I heard no complaints at all, whatsoever. Yes, people were disappointed that we lost, but, I heard no one say, “can’t win the big one”. Basketball is also different, there are 350 division one schools, the championship takes 6 wins against increasingly tough opponents. Would a national championship or final four be great, absolutely, fantastic, but, I, and almost everyone I know is absolutely ecstatic where the basketball program is. Constant tourney, constant top 10 top 5, constant big wins. Maybe you listen to some yinzers call up on the radio shows and say, “ya, but whens Jamie gonna win da big one and dat”, that is the very few, and would do that for anything. Every Pitt fan I know is absolutely plumb proud of the hoops team, knows they are gonna get a big season, knows they are about 5th or 6th out of 350 or so teams, in straight tourney appearances, the Pitt football and basketball programs are polar opposites at this time. Fans are smart, they know, even with a top 5 team, and even maybe the good Lord knows himself, that a certain team is the best, anything can happen in a one game you’re out tourney. Happened to ‘Cuse a few years back. Had arguably, the best team in the country, lost their opening round game. Nope, hoops different and most fans know it. Pitt hoops awesome, awesome coach, very, very, extremely very little to complain about, if anything at all. Who would have thought 15 years ago, Pitt would be known as a hoops school, and every year is talked about on Sportscenter as one of the best power teams in the nation, from the most powerful conference???????

Comment by Dan 11.12.10 @ 1:40 pm

Dan: Thanks for adding some levity to an otherwise sad day – and I know you’re only half joking. You might be wrong about that UCF win though. :-)

Good assessment, pitt1972. Pretty much in agreement there.

Comment by TampaT 11.12.10 @ 1:41 pm

On the bright side for college football fans (not Pitt fans mind you :) )

Perhaps Pitt can be the catalyst that destroys the BCS.

It might just be too apparent to Judges that a 7-5 pathetically bad Big East team playing in a BCS instead of a deserving team just how this is a violation of anti-trust laws.

I kid, but hell the way things are right now what else is there to do.


Comment by DaveD 11.12.10 @ 1:47 pm

Funny, DaveD that thought actually crossed my mind this morning, because I was looking for anything to be positive about. Wanny could go down as the coach who destroyed the BCS. He would be a folk hero.

Comment by TampaT 11.12.10 @ 1:53 pm

Pitt man, after re-reading my post, my opening line sounds harsh, I did not mean it to sound that way, and is not directed at you or your opinion per se, was just an opening line. I respect you and your opinion. The rest I believe. Also, remember, the guys on the radio stir things up to get callers, this joker Filipone and Colin someone on the Fan, that’s all they do to Steeler fans, it’s almost embarassing to listen to them say something, that has no basis just to get a reaction. So, I know some of them will say, “well, the Pitt fan base has to ask themselves, will Pitt ever get to the final four”, no, no we don’t. We hope we might someday, but who is saying that. Really who, it’s funny, came into the office today, and I’ve heard a lot of quotes, as I’m sure all of you have too, has gone something like this, “thank God basketball has started”, “thank goodness for hoops”, “does Jamie know anything about football”, “can we put some of the hoops players on the football team” “what would it take Jamie to coach football??” Again, absolutely no disrespect to you as a person, but, again, the football and basketball teams are ions apart, and I believe 95% of the fans realize this, and realize what they have with hoops now, and are overjoyed!!

Comment by Dan 11.12.10 @ 1:57 pm

Dan 11 – priceless!!!

Comment by Dan 72 11.12.10 @ 2:03 pm

Whatever douchebag wrote about Boise taking our BCS bid:

Where We Stand
Since 2006, the BIG EAST ranks second among FBS
conferences in nonconference winning percentage.
Nonconference Records (2006-10)
C onference W L Pct.
SEC 216 48 .818
BIG EAST 161 60 .729
Big 12 194 73 .727
Big Ten 176 72 .710
Pac-10 113 64 .638
ACC 168 98 .632
Mountain West 113 85 .571
WAC 100 106 .485
Conference USA 102 159 .391
MAC 83 191 .303
Sun Belt 41 145 .220

Every bowl other than the BCS championship game proper is just a show for dough. Why people get all pissy on who deserves it more or not is pointless.

Also, Tino’s arm is still as strong as a bowl of J-E-L-L-O. Sorry Jon, but on a good note, you can come back for your senior year!

Comment by Brian 11.12.10 @ 2:33 pm

I’ve been debating whether or not Pederson would actually fire Wanny based on Wanny’s salary, contract and possible buyout and not Pitt’s record. Wanny is signed through 2014. He currently makes about $950,000 and has an ~$1.2M buyout. Unless Pitt blows it’s remaining games and stays home from a bowl, I can see no way Wanny gets fired after this season. Pederson always harps on giving coaches “time and support” to do their jobs and my gut tells me that Pederson will give Wanny the time. Of course empty seats next season may shorten the time given to Wanny. It’s going to be difficult to fill Heinz Field when you have a mediocre and unpredictable team playing the likes of Buffalo, Maine, Utah and USF.

Comment by Jerome Lane 11.12.10 @ 2:41 pm

Dan – two things have made me laugh today. The first was an email from an old friend that outlined his frustrations, including bitterness at our respective fathers for starting us down this road 35 years ago (tongue firmly in cheek). The second was your preview of the next two seasons.

Thank you.

Comment by Pantherman13 11.12.10 @ 2:51 pm

Uconn returned 17 starters.

Comment by alcofan 11.12.10 @ 3:01 pm

The best thing for Pitt is to stay far far away from that BCS bid.


Great summary btw, Dan

Comment by Cool Hand Nuke 11.12.10 @ 3:06 pm

That was atrocious. Why don’t they ever progress during the season?

Comment by Chris 11.12.10 @ 3:15 pm

yes and all 17 of those starters were backups on single A high school teams in new england… which is a real hot bed of nfl talent


they suck… they lost to temple… who also sucks… when you have consistent talent like we do there is only one excuse… COACHING!

Comment by DeVanzo 11.12.10 @ 3:23 pm

Hell I went to 3 games this year, Utah, ND and UConn! Talk about bad timing!

Last night was the last straw, I hope they do not go to a BCS bowl because they will lose big time.

Comment by James Brown 11.12.10 @ 3:24 pm

No more apologies. No more excuses. This is not progress. If the Big East wants to improve its football image, get rid of Pitt. This program will wallow in mediocricy until Wanny is put out to pasture.

Comment by TX Panther 11.12.10 @ 3:24 pm

Wanny does less with more. Pin this loss on him. I can’t take another season like this…wait, that would be seven straight seasons! Enough is enough.

Comment by TX Panther 11.12.10 @ 3:45 pm

If the Big East wants to improve its football image, get rid of Pitt. This program will wallow in mediocricy until Wanny is put out to pasture.
Comment by TX Panther 11.12.10 @ 3:24 pm

Blood in the water, indeed. And quite predictable.

Comment by carolinapanther 11.12.10 @ 3:47 pm

I don’t kick people when they’re down, it’s too low to go for me. Enjoy though, as most seem to be doing. Sad.

Comment by carolinapanther 11.12.10 @ 3:52 pm

When a dog is down, you try to help him, and you try again, but, he doesn’t get up, keeps doing the same thing, just too injured, eventually, sadly, sometimes you have to put them out of their misery!!!

Comment by Dan 11.12.10 @ 4:17 pm

We are still going to win the bigeast!I dont care if we are 6-6 17,000,000 divided up still looks pretty good to me and the PITT program!

Comment by POLE 11.12.10 @ 4:26 pm

What’s sad is when you trust a dog, you give him some love, and he turns around and bites you. But you still believe that the dog can learn to be a good dog, so you give him more love. He responds for a while, and you start to trust him again. Then you bring your friends over to show them how proud you are of that dog, and he bites you again. You finally get to where know you can’t trust that dog anymore, so it’s you or the dog. I think that’s where most of us are today.

Comment by TampaT 11.12.10 @ 4:32 pm

Amen! TampaT gets it. Too bad many of the apologists still dont.

Comment by TX Panther 11.12.10 @ 4:36 pm

I want to see this team without Bennett

Comment by Tony Cancilla 11.12.10 @ 4:40 pm

…On the plus side, Cam Saddler had a good night returing punts…

Comment by HbgFrank 11.12.10 @ 4:51 pm

i want to see this team without wannstedt

Comment by DeVanzo 11.12.10 @ 4:51 pm

Did you see the smile on the face of the Edsel when he called the time-out on the 4th and 1….”Go ahead Dave – try to stop me!”””…he’s 3 and 1 against DW…coaching, coaching, coaching!

Comment by markp 11.12.10 @ 4:51 pm

CarolinaPanther – You can’t teach an old dog new tricks. So, we need to find a new dog. We already know after 6 years what this dog gives us and I for one won’t be tuning in for another year of frustration, disappointment and embarassment with the old one.

Comment by TX Panther 11.12.10 @ 4:57 pm

Right on the money TampaT. To some of the apologists, and, I say that, not antagonizingly, to think Pitt wins the BE……….seriously, not mocking, and not making fun, really??? I say they’ll have their hands full with S.Fla, and get beat by WVU and Cincy. Not just saying that to pile on, I really believe they have problems ahead. I’m not even interested, but, I gave it a thought for a moment, and really, 6-6 or 5-7 is just as, or, moreso, possible than 8-4 or 7-5. The kids have to be ready to go into the tank about now. I see a train coming off the rails.

Comment by Dan 11.12.10 @ 4:58 pm

who cares if they win out? those 3 teams are all very average this year… doesnt disprove that wanny is not fit to coach

we have lost 4 winnable games… 2 from teams not likely to go to a bowl game (uconn/nd)

this is a team that people who know football thought had the talent to be top 15… and you cant sit here and say we shouldnt be 8-1 right now after watching TCU smoke Utah at home

even if we win out… barring a miracle in the BCS game, he should be fired…. 13-9 saved him and it shouldnt have… its an annomaly and not because of him

there is zero benefit to keeping him when there are so many coaches out there

look at what Harbaugh did to Stanford in only 2 YEARS AFTER WALT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

the man lacks the intelligence to ever be a successful coach, his teams will always win in spite of him… you cant teach intelligence or creativity, he just isnt very smart

Comment by DeVanzo 11.12.10 @ 5:12 pm

I have to say, Dan’s posts made my day. I’m laughing and crying at the same time. Chas, please keep those predictions so we can cross check.

Comment by Pauly P 11.12.10 @ 6:42 pm

Thanks for posting Steve Pederson’s email address. Okay guys time to flood the guy.. .

Comment by TonyinHouston 11.12.10 @ 6:44 pm

Not only will I send Pederson an e-mail as well as a written letter, I will show my anger and frustration in probably the only way he will understand: terminating all financial support. Stop buying tickets to the games. Stop donating to the athletic teams. Dollars always speak louder than words.

Comment by Gas 11.12.10 @ 6:54 pm

Next year with Wanny about 35,000 empty seats (average) per game. A record of 7-5 which might get us back to exciting Charlotte. A terrible recruiting year because at same point Pitt’s poor performance will catch up with our University.
Wanny will have new assistants (Bennett is gone) and they will fail under his lack of direction.
Pederson will fire The Wannastash because the empty seats aRE COTING OUR PROGRAM TOO MUCH $$$.

Comment by isnore 11.12.10 @ 7:25 pm

Show me the Money!!!

Comment by BnG 11.12.10 @ 9:12 pm

DeVanzo’s Harbaugh reference was on point. In 2 yrs Harbaugh has Stanford playing at a high level. Wanny’s been here 6, enough is enough!

Comment by Pittastic 11.13.10 @ 12:29 pm

I happened to watch some of the Northwestern v Iowa game and saw an excellent college QB playing for NU. The game analysts said that this year he was the best in the big-ten better than Proyer or Stinch(?) of Iowa. His name is Pedra and is from Bethlehem, PA. Question did Pitt try to recruit him (played in PA all-star game). One would assume he had the academics and from what I witnessed the skills to have singularly changed this season. He will not play at the next level but he is a top noth D1 quarterback. Further regarding coaches although he is aan alumni of Northwestern coach Fitzgerald is a young obviously competent coach who would be an excellent fit at Pitt. Although he is not an alumnus his bio indicates as a representative he would at least equal and in my opinion far surpass Weinstat.

Comment by dennis wagner 11.14.10 @ 6:14 pm

[…] Wannstedt at Pitt, I probably am not the only one to know what he says in most situations. From last week: The thing that probably has me most pissed is that Wannstedt will not devote any introspection as […]

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