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September 16, 2010

[My high speed modem died on Wednesday, which felt like losing a limb. Just got a new one set-up.]

Some very direct candor from Coach Wannstedt regarding Jason Douglas, Dan Mason and the DUI.

Also, middle linebacker Dan Mason was demoted to second team after being in the same car as running back Jason Douglas during a hit-and-run early Sunday on the South Side.

Max Gruder will start at middle linebacker and Tristan Roberts and Greg Williams will start at outside linebacker against Miami on Sept. 23.

Douglas, 19, who was driving, was charged with causing an accident resulting in serious injury, aggravated assault, DUI and underage drinking. Mason was a passenger in the car, but wasn’t charged.

Wannstedt met with Mason and his family Wednesday morning.

“This is for his good,” Wannstedt said. “He needs to prove to me that he can do the right things and be accountable off the field, in the classroom and on the football field. When he does that, he will get his job back.”

I don’t think it will be too long before Mason is back in the middle. But this is the minimum that has to happen to him.

As for Jason Douglas…

“The likelihood of his returning to this team is seriously in jeopardy,” Wannstedt said.

His preliminary hearing is on Thursday. No word on the victim’s status.

Paul Zeise says that Douglas’ time at Pitt is all but officially over.

I feel bad for Douglas from the standpoint of he made a very bad choice and there isn’t going to be a second chance – particularly since he has had some other team-related issues so this wasn’t exactly strike one. But Douglas is done as a Panther, Dave Wannstedt said as much today.

The blog post from Zeise also says that Mason was sober but got into the car with a drunk Douglas. Wow. Yeah, Coach Wannstedt is right about Mason needing to make better decisions.

It is kind of crazy if Mason wasn’t drinking. Why would he let his friend get into a car and drive? Did he know how drunk Douglas was? Why wouldn’t he just offer to drive if Douglas had drank ANYTHING!! Why would he let Douglas leave the scene of the accident!?!?

Mason really could have prevented this, I hope he at least tried to do something.

Comment by BnG 09.16.10 @ 1:18 pm

Maybe Mason tried to drop in pass coverage Douglas which would explain why Douglas was able to do as he pleases!

Comment by Fred 09.16.10 @ 4:10 pm

Low blow Fred!

Comment by Pittastic 09.16.10 @ 6:09 pm

Haven’t these guys heard of van call? That van will pick you up in Indiana, PA for crying out loud!

I’ll never understand, from the top level down, why high-profile athletes insist on driving drunk when there’s so much to lose.

The NFL landscape is littered with DUI’s after a late night at the club. Is it a see-and-be-seen thing? If I were making 5 mil a year, guess who’s not driving home and slipping some bills to a buddy to drive.

With the extensive entourages that some of these guys have, I find it staggering that the one who has the most to lose is always the one charged with a DUI.


Comment by Cool Hand Nuke 09.16.10 @ 10:55 pm

I heard they were cruising the art galleries….

Comment by Pitt it IS 09.17.10 @ 8:57 am

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