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September 14, 2010

You know it would be. Stupid. Moronic. Punch line right there.

Police said Douglas stumbled from his car and nearly fell when officers confronted him.

“Hey, I play for Pitt football. … Please don’t arrest me,” Douglas told officers, according to a criminal complaint.

It would be, except that this wasn’t just a DUI incident where he was caught, and we can just go tsk-tsk about how bad it could have been while making all the jokes that it would normally deserve.

Someone was hurt.

According to court records, Mr. Douglas, a redshirt freshman from Opa-locka, Fla., was arrested after police were called to the scene of an accident at 1:41 a.m. at East Carson and 22nd streets.

The victim, Christopher Paul, suffered head and neck injuries. Police found him lying in the street, and paramedics drove him to UPMC Presbyterian where he was in serious condition Sunday.

Police, searching for the suspect’s car based on eyewitness reports, found Mr. Douglas trying to park the damaged vehicle in the 1700 block of Sarah Street.

Jason Douglas has been charged with, “aggravated assault with a vehicle while DUI and being involved in an accident that resulted in personal injury, as well as a misdemeanor charge of driving while under the influence of alcohol or a controlled substance and a summary underage drinking charge.”

Obviously Douglas has been immediately and indefinitely suspended. It would surprise no one if his career at Pitt is over for this. Given that he not only injured someone while under the influence, but drove off is really what puts this in the realm of career ender at Pitt.

With his “don’t arrest me” plea to the cops, it is possible he wasn’t even aware that he struck a pedestrian. That does not excuse him. In fact it only makes indicates how messed up he was while driving.

From a football standpoint, it really isn’t a major issue. Douglas was 3d on the depth chart at running back. As a redshirt freshman, the odds were he was looking at a career as nothing more than a back-up. Behind Lewis, Graham, and future tailback recruits.

Dan Mason, who was a passenger in the vehicle may have had some moral failings in not stopping Douglas from getting behind the wheel — which assumes that Mason wasn’t just as messed-up — but he faces no charges; and likely won’t face any suspension. Some internal discipline, sure. Missing game time, highly unlikely.

In the meantime, the hopes are that Mr. Paul makes a full recovery.

Dumb kids

Comment by Tony Cancilla 09.14.10 @ 1:24 pm

Lets blame it on Wanstadt, like evergything else.

Comment by shadyforpresident 09.14.10 @ 1:38 pm

Boys will be boys

Comment by BnG 09.14.10 @ 2:17 pm

DVE morning show tortured the team this morning.

Comment by alcofan 09.14.10 @ 2:41 pm

rumor is that romeus is out for the season. terrible news.

Comment by Omar 09.14.10 @ 2:56 pm

Ya, hearing Romeus is having season-ending back surgery.

Comment by JohnnyMajors 09.14.10 @ 3:06 pm

Wow – I’d been hearing for awhile that his injury was more significant than previously disclosed, but season ending back surgery was not on my radar. Did he redshirt his freshman year, or does he still have a year left?

Comment by Pantherman13 09.14.10 @ 3:13 pm

He burned his redshirt, he’s done.

Comment by Pabs 09.14.10 @ 3:19 pm

The way Wanny was talking up Brandon Lindsay, I have a suspicion that Romeus could be done for the year as well. He’ll have more free time now to attend more parties in South Florida. .-)

Comment by carolinapanther 09.14.10 @ 3:21 pm

Thanks Pabs – that’s what I thought. Assuming the rumors are true, I wouldn’t be surprised if they petition for another year of eligibility, but I’d be shocked if it were granted.

Comment by Pantherman13 09.14.10 @ 3:22 pm

Where was it reported that Romeus is done for the year? If true, wow does that stink!

Comment by Jason05Pitt 09.14.10 @ 3:32 pm

Comment by Omar 09.14.10 @ 3:45 pm

Well, the official statement from Wannstedt is that he will be back for the “conclusion of the season”. I’m not sure what that means, but given that the surgery is scheduled for Thursday (Sep. 16), it may just be a carrot to have him rehab for a possible bowl game.

Comment by Pantherman13 09.14.10 @ 3:51 pm

Thanks for the link. I must have just missed it on the PG website. Wow, big loss for the Panthers. I imagine he will still be a 1st round draft choice but is there a chance for a medicial redshirt is Romeus desires?

Comment by Jason05Pitt 09.14.10 @ 3:53 pm

aren’t medical redshirts usually for in game injuries?

Comment by BnG 09.14.10 @ 3:55 pm

Terrible news for Romeus- what most don’t know is that his mother is dying of breast cancer- that is why he’s been in FL so much lately.

Comment by tiger paul 09.14.10 @ 4:03 pm

Anyone know what the odds of him receiving a medical redshirt are?

Comment by nev 09.14.10 @ 4:09 pm

In terms of a medical redshirt, he is not eligible since he redshirted his freshman year. He can apply for a medical hardship to get a 6th year of eligibility, but such hardships are rarely granted where a player has voluntarily redshirted earlier in his college career. Usually, they are granted when a player has multiple injuries that keep him/her out for two full seasons (i.e., a knee injury that is reinjured the next year, or takes two years to heal). That being said, I think Adam Gunn received a 6th year when he broke his neck in a game a couple years ago.

If he comes back to play at the end of the year, even the medical hardship would be out the window.

Comment by Pantherman13 09.14.10 @ 4:28 pm

He should get a medical redshirt.

And he won’t be a 1st round if he comes out now. Major injuries ALWAYS knock players way down in the draft.

I hope he get his back fixed, and if the rumor about his mom is true, then my heart goes out to the kid.

Good luck Greg!

And time for Brandon Lindsey to step up!

Comment by Jimbo Covert's my Dad 09.14.10 @ 4:48 pm

Wow, terrible news about his mother. I’m a huge Panthers fan and obviously concerned about the team’s success but his mother’s situation really places things in perspective — football is just a game. My thoughts and prayers go to his mother and entire family.

Comment by Jason05Pitt 09.14.10 @ 4:54 pm

awful news. hopefully he can make it back by Nov. see kiddies, this is why you have to take advantage of opportunities when everything goes well. last year, as ziese noted in one of his season ending columns, SO many things went right for pitt(no serious injuries, unexpected contributions/solid performances from a ton of question marks, etc.) and pitt still couldn’t get it done to win a BE title. gotta make chicken salad instead of chicken shit this year.

Comment by wilk 09.14.10 @ 5:32 pm

I broke the Romeus news on Saturday at halftime… he has a bulging disk in his back per the retired Pitt cop next to me. He is done

Comment by David Goldstein 09.14.10 @ 5:57 pm

Back to the Douglas story, it’s worth noting that both Douglas and Mason are underage. If Mason was “as messed up as (Douglas),” he should have been charged for underage drinking. If he wasn’t, he should have stopped Douglas for his own safety as well as Jason’s and everyone else on the road.

Mason should be suspended for at least one game in either case.

Comment by O-Fries 09.14.10 @ 6:03 pm

Wanny is innocent blame it on Bush!

Comment by Kevin 09.14.10 @ 6:53 pm

Douglas blew a .178. Are you kidding me? Kid had no business being behind the wheel of a car and given the usual congestion around that area of East Carson at that time, it’s a miracle he didn’t kill anyone.

Really too bad to hear about Romeus, especially with his situation at home. Hope he makes a quick recovery and that his family situation at home somehow improves.

Comment by Stoosh 09.14.10 @ 7:03 pm

That Romeus played in the Utah game is a testament to his character. I’ve never had that kind of injury but those who have say the pain is excruciating.

Comment by steve 09.14.10 @ 7:05 pm

Douglass needs to go. You can’t overlook any DUI – and this one even involved hitting someone! If Mason was involved and let him drive, he should face action. It takes a lot to get a 1.78 blood alcohol level. I’m getting tired of all of the off-field incidents the past 2 years – the Pitt administration needs to step up and set an example. As a Pitt grad, I hate seeing our student athletes breaking the law with DUIs, throwing guys through glass doors, resisting arrest, … They need to understand that they represent the University and are getting full scholarships. We all acted foolish during college, but anyone on scholarship (athletics or scholar) needs to realize they risk the free ride if they break the law.

Comment by dish 09.14.10 @ 10:33 pm

What’s yinz’ thoughts on breaking TJ Clemmings redshirt and allowing him to be in the DE rotation?

Comment by PittIsIT 09.15.10 @ 10:34 am

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