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September 2, 2010

A Little More Uni Stuff

Filed under: Football,Marketing — Chas @ 11:14 am

Some people can hop flights. Bounce around in cars to and fro. Pop in and pop out of home and anywhere else, and still stay focused and with it.

I, apparently, am not one of those people. Granted too much to drink and not enough to eat on Tuesday night contributed to that, but I think I would still be a bit off.

First announcement. There will be a liveblog tonight. I’ll probably kick it off around 8:15.

Second, more uni pictures will be below the fold.

In case anyone was unclear about this, Nike paid for my trip and hotel room. As far as I understand, they paid for almost all the media and bloggers in attendance.

The good thing about this, was some opportunities for casual meetings and talks with some Nike people and others. They were less than thrilled to find out that Miami had put out the press release a day early to reveal details about the uniforms.

At breakfast, I ended up sitting with Aaron Cooper, the designer of Nike’s Huarache sneaker and another guy from Nike. That was illuminating

We talked about the designing of the unis. The schools get a lot of input and that impacts exactly how much the uniforms get tweaked. Ohio St. and Alabama, for example, are very, very protective of their uniforms. So visually, very little was allowed to be done. It showed.

Schools like TCU and Boise obviously were willing to be much more adventurous with the designs. We talked vaguely about Pitt, he didn’t want to reveal much. I warned him that there was going to be a negative reaction from a large contingent of Pitt fans, simply because there would be no script or the old colors.

That seemed to surprise him, which suggested to me that the powers at Pitt never entertained the notion of going old-school. Something we had all known for a while, but many still held out hope to be surprised.

The heritage in the “Heritage” uniforms turned out to be subject to wide interpretation. Can’t say I’m surprised that yet another reference to Pittsburgh’s steel history. It may be tired, but considering the name of the pro football team and every story about Pitt and Pittsburgh team goes to the “blue-collar” well, what can we expect?

Honestly, I was surprised that I didn’t mind them that much. Individual elements I generally don’t like — throwing black in to the color scheme when it isn’t in the team colors, solid color tops and bottoms — but those are the modern/popular things in uniforms. There seemed to be a lot of positive reaction from other guys I talked to at the event to Pitt’s uni.  I’m boring and old. That was why I thought the best uniform of the bunch was Oregon State’s. It was unanimous, though, on the hatred for Virginia Tech.

Don’t get me wrong, I wasn’t wowed. I just wasn’t disgusted by them. I did like the shade of blue, rather than the navy blue. And I actually like the helmet. The slight matte finish, was different. Considering one of the early ideas for the uniform was to make the jersey’s have a “panther-fur” pattern, this was better. I liked the jersey numbers and having them on the shoulder as well — the choice of color for them, though is a question mark

I still think the “Pitt” logo came off as a bit generic and sterile. The sleeves on the underlayer are supposed to be the Panther head. Because it is so oversized and wrapped around the arm, though, it is virtually unrecognizable. The use of black instead of gold, also meant that the only gold really noticeable on the unis are only on the helmet. Hopefully they will at least tweak the color of the numbers between now and the Backyard Brawl.

Also in the photo gallery are the Pitt version of the Huarache. Comfortable. The display pair was in my size. I debated whether I could pull off strolling off with them, but odds are they would have narrowed down who took it fairly quickly since the only other Pitt-related media there was Chris Peak from PantherLair and Tony Greco of PantherDigest.

Congrats for the trip and everything!

Comment by Salgado 09.02.10 @ 12:12 pm

I dont care for the uni but as they say bad press is still press and as long as we are in the news just means more recuits,They can change the uni every year hopefully someone gets their head outof
their ass and give us a throwback uni! But at least we were picked out of 120 teams that has to mean something. So Hail to PITT! Beat them utes!

Comment by POLE 09.02.10 @ 12:13 pm

So.. what did you ask Reuben Brown?

Comment by Chuck Morris 09.02.10 @ 12:14 pm

About this game tonight…I have to say that I see it more as a measuring stick than I do as defining momemnt for our season. What level will we play at? How will the OL perform? How will Sunseri perform? Will the defense give up big plays? Its a big game, but its still just the first game of the season. The only way I could see it as a defining momment is if I thought we had a chance to play in the BCS Championship game this year. Then every game is for all the marbles. I don’t see us playing in the BCS Championship game this year (unless a first year starting QB can all of the sudden play like he is in his second or third year as a starting QB).

Comment by HbgFrank 09.02.10 @ 12:45 pm

link to

Bleacher report ranked and graded the jerseys… Pitt was the 3rd best !!!

Its all a matter of opinion

Comment by Snala The Panther 09.02.10 @ 1:54 pm

If the worst thing we can say about football team come this December is that their uniforms were a little lackluster, then we will be in fantastic shape! Here’s hoping!

Comment by Shawn 09.02.10 @ 2:20 pm

Those uniforms – and the entire idea – are so stupid. I’m 31, so it’s not like I’m some 80 year old guy saying this. I don’t know ANYONE who likes these. This ISN’T arena football, and uniforms and tradition matter. I wish Nike qould stop with the arena football trendy uniform ideas. I don’t want Pitt to look like Oregon, I applaud OSU, PSU, Alabama, Texas, etc. for managing their brand better. Notice a trned? The better programs that VALUE tradition (unlike apparently our Athletic Director) have traditional uniforms. You can still modernize them a bit, but come on, this whole Nike initiative is pathetic and out of touch with what FANS WANT. I HATE the idea of these uniforms – stop tampering with them! It’s so trashy and 2nd tier program’esque. And yes, would it really be so bad to bring back the Script? It would bridge new and old, they can still keep the new colors. Are those white uniforms and the Pitt block letters that much better?!

Comment by Pit is It 09.02.10 @ 5:15 pm

That said, GO PITT tonight!! I seriously can’t wait until kick off.

Comment by Pit is It 09.02.10 @ 5:17 pm

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Comment by what does my name mean 09.05.10 @ 3:07 am

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