July 2, 2009

Then there is the Big East releasing the Conference schedule match-ups. Not the when. Just who and where.

For Pitt, well given the pure unknown quantity of the team, the schedule seems challenging enough.

Home opponents at the Petersen Events Center will include DePaul, Georgetown, Louisville, Providence, Rutgers, St. John’s, Seton Hall, Villanova and West Virginia.

The Panthers’ 2009-10 road opponents include Cincinnati, Connecticut, Marquette, Notre Dame, St. John’s, Seton Hall, South Florida, Syracuse and West Virginia.

Pitt’s three repeat opponents are St. John’s, Seton Hall and West Virginia.

Notice a theme with the repeat opponents?

Sure WV is there. Rival and all. But St. John’s and Seton Hall? It’s a double-double dose of Western PA kids against Pitt. D.J. Kennedy gets two cracks as does Herb Pope.

I like to believe these storylines aren’t pre-planned when they set the schedule, but that just seems like quite the double coincidence.

Just eyeballing it, I really don’t know what to expect. I see Villanova and WVU as the top teams in the conference. The next tier is probably UConn, Louisville and Georgetown. Then a big wide-open middle that could include Pitt, Cinci, Seton Hall, St. John’s, Syracuse, and maybe Notre Dame.

After that it’s Providence and Marquette with USF, Rutgers and DePaul at the barrell’s bottom.

I could honestly see Pitt as anywhere from 12-6 in the conference to 6-12.

The USA U-19 Team has been assured a spot in the next round by beating France. Everyone chipped in and they played great suffocating defense against a team that was supposed to be better. Hmm, sounds familiar. Jamie Dixon could motivate a Cricket team into rioting.

Good Job Boys! Beat Egypt!

/happy motivated national pride clapping

Comment by Panthoor 07.03.09 @ 1:41 am

Through two games Gibbs is getting ample playing time. Ten points both nights. The box score would indicate that he may have been a little trigger-happy last night. FIBA results page here:

link to

As for the BE schedule — the conference is definitely in need of a balanced schedule. Would it be so bad to play each team only once? You’d still have 15 league games. Might open up some opportunities to play elsewhere earlier in the season.

Comment by Dave in Orlando 07.03.09 @ 2:37 am


The problem is that only 15 games creates imbalance in teams schedules. Some years 8 conference home games other years only 7. As we’ve seen in football, this gets annoying to athletic departments.

Plus, the advantage of the 18 allows for teams with natural rivalries (such as the Backyard Brawl) to do a home-and-home as there should be.

Additionally, with 18 it means less scheduling issues and saving some athletic departments money by not having to pay for as many guarantee games. Finally, with the BE’s overall strength it can help the RPI numbers for teams. Kind of important when you do look at the bottom teams in the conference and the drag they can have if there weren’t a few more games.

Comment by Chas 07.03.09 @ 7:59 am

Too early for hoop predictions unless one is a pundit or a bookie. However, I rejoice in the fact that Tom Herrion was not selected by Holy Cross. Nothing personal coach. It’s just that Pitt needs you this year even more than last. The Crusaders’ loss is the Panthers’ gain. George from Columbus

Comment by rev. george mehaffey 07.03.09 @ 12:28 pm

The latest from New Zealand – Gibbs looking impressive

link to

Comment by w bill 07.04.09 @ 12:05 pm

Gibbs had a great night. If he can play like that consistently then he will be our starting 2 guard(God, I hope Woodall can handle the point so Gibbs stays away from the 1).

Jamie Dixon is being Jamie Dixon, and that rocks.

Comment by Panthoor 07.04.09 @ 8:14 pm

Good news!! a commit from an OL who looks to be a pretty good prospect

link to

Comment by w bill 07.05.09 @ 6:36 pm

Youtube video on M Rotheram — any resemblance between him and a former No. 79 specializing in pancake blocks is purely coincidental

link to

Comment by w bill 07.05.09 @ 7:37 pm

Dear World: I ( for what it’s worth) Am euphoric about Pitt’s newest ol recruit. We have reason to celebrate, fellow Panthers, For Coach Wannstedt and his staff have NOT lost their touch.Heorge (from Columbus,where the Buckeyes never tire of trumpeting their recruiting triumphs).

Comment by rev. george mehaffey 07.05.09 @ 7:38 pm

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