March 15, 2009

The Envelope Please…

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And Pitt goes to…

the East Bracket as the #1 seed.

That means Pitt goes to Dayton then Boston

Louisville took the overall #1 for the Midwest.

UConn #1 in the West

UNC #1 in the South

Wow. Big East with 3 #1

Dude…They’re in Philly

Comment by Kenneth Paul 03.15.09 @ 5:20 pm

Nope, they’re in Dayton. Friday.

Comment by Mfx 03.15.09 @ 5:26 pm

There’s your respect fellas. Now back it up!

Comment by Joey T 03.15.09 @ 5:28 pm

Tough region.

Comment by Panthoor 03.15.09 @ 5:28 pm

Man, the east looks juicy and delicious.

Comment by Brian in boston 03.15.09 @ 5:32 pm

not too bad…..all teams we should beat, whether its okst/tenn and then fsu/xavier and then duke or nova……id rather play duke then nova…..

Comment by schoey 03.15.09 @ 5:33 pm

when do we find out the actual time we play friday?

Comment by pitt is it 03.15.09 @ 5:39 pm

3 #1’s and 2 #3’s…not bad……

they usually put out times in a day or so….probably tomorrow afternoon……

Comment by schoey 03.15.09 @ 5:40 pm

I don’t like our 8-9 matchup, but I like everything else. Florida State is a tough team…you’re supposed to play tough teams in the third round. Good luck to them. Anyone who watched our game against them knew from December that they were a superb team. Their D has suffered in conference, but they’ll be ready. Anyway, today is a day to CELEBRATE! Congrats to Jamie and the guys!

Comment by maz. 03.15.09 @ 5:47 pm

Seth Davis has Pitt as National Champions. *shrugs*

Comment by Panthoor 03.15.09 @ 5:50 pm

Can someone explain this to me, I could have sworn 1st round of East was in Philly too, now its in Dayton. Did they change because people were saying it was Uconn and since its Pitt it got changed.

Comment by Ira 03.15.09 @ 5:53 pm

so are we playing in philly or dayton?

Comment by pitt is it 03.15.09 @ 5:53 pm

I agree, Maz. I don’t like either OK State or Tennessee, both can put it together on any given day. Bottom line, the guys CAN’T TAKE ANYONE LIGHTLY and FOCUS! Meanwhile, congrats to Jamie and the guys. I’ve been waiting for this since ’83!


Comment by KeyboardKev 03.15.09 @ 5:56 pm

Ira, first round locations aren’t attached to bracket regions. They could have had us play in Boise if they wanted us to.

Pitt is it, we’re playing in Dayton.

Comment by JS 03.15.09 @ 5:57 pm

the big 11 got as many teams in as the ACC and the Big East? thats a joke.

Comment by thedude 03.15.09 @ 5:57 pm

the 1st round games does not pertain to any particular region. UConn plays in Philly but is in West Region. Villanova plays in Philly but is in East Reagion.

We play in Dayton which is 40 miles closer and at least 1/2 drive less than Philly

Comment by w bill 03.15.09 @ 5:58 pm

The 1st round games aren’t locked into any one location. They place the teams based on keeping the 1-4 teams as close to home as they can. So we’re in Dayton and the rest of the teams in that grouping for the 1st week (1/16 and 8/9) are also in Dayton.

Comment by KeyboardKev 03.15.09 @ 5:59 pm

I meant 1/2 ‘hour’ less drive to Dayton than to Philly

Comment by w bill 03.15.09 @ 6:00 pm

5 Mins into show on ESPN and Bilas is already smacking down Vitale about his St.Mary’s nonsense. Thank goodness.

Comment by jason 03.15.09 @ 6:05 pm


The Big 11 getting the same amount of teams in as the Big East has less to do with the Big 11 being good than it does with Beg East teams playing their way out. Georgetown and Notre Dame cost the Big East more teams by sucking so bad. There were no real bubble teams from the Big East left out.

Comment by The Prowler 03.15.09 @ 6:14 pm

Minnesot beating Lousiville in pre-season helped them but not sure Wisconsin deserved to be in .. and I agree with Vitale about St Mary’s being better than Arizona

I was wondering what, if any, impact it would have had if Pitt was in West playing in Arizona …as far as Coach being lured

Comment by w bill 03.15.09 @ 6:25 pm

Don’t really understand why it took the supposed experts so long to figure out how good Louisville was or that they belonged in the MW region, but I’m glad everybody finally saw the light. I was going to call Joe Lunardi and offer him a geography lesson after hearing him pushing Louisville toward the South, but then I remembered that all that prognostication and bracketology is a total waste of time until the conf tournaments are almost over.

I think I like Pitt’s draw. There might be more overall depth in terms of good teams in the East, but Duke and Nova and Xavier are not the scariest 2-4 seed matchups for Pitt. Blair can have his way inside with those teams and I think Pitt would play Nova better this time around. Certainly better than seeing a Memphis or an Oklahoma or even a Wake Forest lurking in your region….

Can’t recall a tournament that hinged so much on one player’s toe. Healthy Lawson….they’re still the favorite. No Lawson…’s wide open.

Also, all the controversy about UConn and Memphis and #1 seeding was total hot air also. Once Mich State took themselves out of the running, it was obvious that Memphis and UConn were ending up in the same region, probably out west. Didn’t matter a bit who was #1 and who was #2.

Comment by hugh green 03.15.09 @ 6:44 pm

And my Boston plans are already made…….

Comment by hugh green 03.15.09 @ 6:47 pm

any patterns from past tourney’s as to what time we might play friday? night game??

Comment by pitt is it 03.15.09 @ 6:54 pm

I’m actually more worried about 2nd round than 3rd round. Both Ok St and Tenn are athletic teams — OSU plays full court press and Tenn can hit 3s.

But Sweet 16 game will probably be vs Fl St or Xavier — two defesnive oriented teams in which we match up better. We already won at FSU althoug pretty close, but I think we will have easier time than OSU or Tenn

Comment by w bill 03.15.09 @ 7:01 pm

Second round game is the key (assuming Pitt gets by East Tennessee State). If we get through to Boston, I think we end up in Detroit.

Comment by omar 03.15.09 @ 7:08 pm

None of these games are going to be easy. I think our guys have seen just about every style of play. The press is obviously our worst matchup but I think Dixon will have them prepared. As long as we can protect Blair from foul trouble and limit the turnovers, we have a good change to go deep in the tourney. GO PITT!

Comment by MoE 03.15.09 @ 7:18 pm

it would also be nice to see Pitt employ a 2-3 zone once in a while…

Comment by MoE 03.15.09 @ 7:24 pm

This is a fantastic draw for us, I really feel like we have the easiest bracket. If we get through a tough 8/9 game, I think FSU and Xavier are overrated. Duke is a great matchup, and we can only play better against Nova if that rematch happens. My only complaint is ending up on the same side as UNC, but that’s our fault for losing the BET.

Comment by Chris S 03.15.09 @ 7:38 pm

I like the 1-3-1 better with Blair’s quick hands…Congrats to Pitt hell of a season.
It’s all right before them…yes, they will have to earn it but there is not a single team out there they cannot beat. I think OK St comes out of the Tenn matchup and I have watched them all year (7x actually). They are a big physical team who goes thru scoring droughts (sound familiar) and is playing at the top of their game right now.

Pitt needs to regain there poise and that top level of focus or it will not matter who they play.

Making my SW Air resv. to Boston now. Plan on seeing Pitt in Detroit!

Comment by Dan 72 03.15.09 @ 7:53 pm

Uconn got the easiest bracket and we got the hardest 8/9 game by far…we’re the only bracket with both teams in the top 20 RPI – and they’re 8/9 seeds…

Our second game scares me the most…OSU with fast guards, and tennesse could get on fire from the outside and we’re dead…

Comment by Stuart 03.15.09 @ 8:37 pm

The only team that beats Pitt is itself.

Comment by the Mayor of Harrisburg 03.15.09 @ 9:07 pm

This year’s OSU and Tenn teams stink compared to squads they’ve had in past years. This Tenn team lost their shooters (Lofton, Smith) and doesn’t press nearly as well. The SEC was really bad and this Tenn team couldn’t do anything in it.

With OSU, you just have to stop Eaton from penetrating and they’ll hoist a ton of bad threes. I think they’ll beat Tenn, though.

NC got the toughest potential 8-9 matchup. LSU has a tough, long, senior-laden team and if Lawson isn’t healthy, that will be a game.

Comment by hugh green 03.15.09 @ 9:52 pm

No NC didn’t get the toughest, LSU is not a great team by any means. Pitt’s draw is tougher because both teams are talented, not just one. Tenessee is the scariest 8/9 seed because they are the most talented, but haven’t put it together. If they do, it could be a hell of a 2nd round matchup. Memphis’s matchup as a 2 seed is probably better than both Pitt and Carolina though. Both Maryland and Cal stink in my opinion and I’d love to matchup with them.

Comment by Ontario Lett's Go Pitt 03.15.09 @ 10:19 pm

I’m speaking only of 2nd round matchups, I like the matchups after that.

Comment by Ontario Lett's Go Pitt 03.15.09 @ 10:21 pm

Big east got 7 bids with seeds 1,1,1,3,3 6&6. With the average seed of 3. This is the best ever for a BCS conference sending 4 teams or more. This will be near impossible record to break. Haven’t looked at SEC and Big Ten but they could have set a new low with average seeding by BCS conferences.

Comment by MP 03.15.09 @ 10:29 pm

dayton Univ site reporting the following times…,
The Friday, March 20 afternoon First Round games for the 2009 NCAA Men’s Basketball Championship at UD Arena feature the No. 9 seed Tennessee against No. 8 seed Oklahoma State at 12:25 p.m. ET. The No. 1 seed of the East Region, Pittsburgh, will take on 16th-seeded East Tennessee State 30 minutes following the Oklahoma State/Tennessee game.

Times for the Second Round on Sunday, March 22 are 2:50 and 5:20 p.m. ET.

Comment by Tiger Paul 03.15.09 @ 10:54 pm

yes prowler you make a good point – i would have to agree with you. my observation was based on my intense dislike of many big 11 teams instead of any rational thought! 🙂

Comment by thedude 03.16.09 @ 12:07 am

Is it really fair to call it a Big 11 with the “team” that Indiana put on the floor this year? I know that the conference really blows, but I defy you to prove to me that there were more than ten basketball teams in that league this year.

Comment by maz. 03.16.09 @ 10:03 am

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