November 24, 2008

Good news, it will be on either ESPN or ESPN2. The unknown is when. The WWLS won’t be making their decision until Monday, Dec. 1. It will either be a noon start or 8pm.

Congratulations to Sean Brown for making the basketball team as a senior walk-on. From what I have heard, Sean battled some tough injuries that kept him from making the team up until now. It is good to see hard work pay off for the kids like that.

Comment by Pidoublet 11.24.08 @ 9:05 pm

Off Topic: Anyone know if there is a way to watch Pitt-WVU game online this Friday?

Comment by Campbell 11.24.08 @ 9:53 pm

Sean Brown was handed a spot on the team after his dad gave money to the department and begged his way onto the team. He would not be able to play for a D2 school, maybe not even D3.

Nothing against the kid, but it’s really a shame that someone like that can get on the team but there is no room anymore for Austin Wallace.

Comment by Steve 11.24.08 @ 9:56 pm

Can Wallace even play anymore? I know he had a fractured knee-cap, but is it healed, and if it is, can he still compete? As for Sean Brown, i’ve know the guy for a few years, hes a pretty decent player, he won’t see more than garbage time anyway

Comment by Patrick 11.25.08 @ 12:18 am

Ya, I think he is still medically unable to play. Also, there is a big difference between Brown and Wallace. Wallace is using up a scholarship, Brown is a walk-on. Huge difference. It really makes no difference if Brown is on the team or not.

Comment by Skittles 11.25.08 @ 12:39 am

Someone posted this site before for watching sports online:

link to

You can pick up the live broadcasts of most football games and the best part is its free.

Comment by Rex 11.25.08 @ 7:44 am

When will the Big East start to understand it. Our last game should always be WVU. Instead we have to go up to UConn and play our final game. What sense does that make. Every year USC ends with UCLA, or Texas ends with A&M(despite Texas going to the Big 12 championship) Im telling you if we have the oppritunity to leave the Big East we should. First they bring in Marquete and Depaul, and no other football teams, second they scheduel games on Sunday night, third they but some games on Friday night and fourth they made our last game aginst a team that is hardley our rival. They say they want more ratings, maybe they should scheuduel games on Saturday, and Thursdays first to get ratings. Who wants to watch college football on a Sunday night when pro is on, or even Friday night when everyone is either at a High school game or the bar.

Comment by Lou 11.25.08 @ 9:33 am

The Big East got offered the ABC Noon Friday after Thanksgiving time slot for Pitt-WVU and jumped on it. They’d be silly not to, that’s one of the most prestigious time-slots in all of college football. We will be the ONLY game on TV most of that period.

Thats better than playing WVU next week

Comment by Jamie H 11.25.08 @ 9:44 am

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