September 4, 2008

On the heels of the Big East releasing the conference slate, Pitt releases its full sched.


Opponent (TV)



Tuesday, Nov. 4


Petersen Events Center


Sunday, Nov. 9


Petersen Events Center

1 p.m.

Friday, Nov. 14


Petersen Events Center


Monday, Nov. 17


Petersen Events Center


Friday, Nov. 21

Legends Classic vs. AKRON

Petersen Events Center


Saturday, Nov. 22

Legends Classic vs. IUP

Petersen Events Center


Tuesday, Nov. 25


Petersen Events Center


Legends Classic (Newark, N.J.)

Friday, Nov. 28

Semifinal Game, TBA

Newark, N.J./Prudential Center


(Texas Tech, Mississippi State, Washington State)

Saturday, Nov. 29


Newark, N.J./Prudential Center


(Texas Tech, Mississippi State, Washington State)

Wed., Dec. 3


Petersen Events Center


Saturday, Dec. 6


Petersen Events Center


Saturday, Dec. 13


Petersen Events Center


Wed., Dec. 17


Petersen Events Center

9:30 p.m.

Sunday, Dec. 21

at Florida State (FSN National)

Tallahassee, Fla.

5:30 p.m

Obviously FoxSports Pittsburgh hasn’t decided how many of the games it wants to pick up. I’m guessing they are struggling with the decision on many that don’t exactly look like big ratings.

Have to say, Pitt doesn’t exactly have a challenging non-con. They are going to have to be darn near undefeated to keep the RPI up with this slate. Can’t afford too many losses. Of course, with the Big East looking absolutely loaded, it’s a reasonable hedge to pad the win total.

The important thing is not how many easy W’s there are, its the RPI of our opponents. This is not an easy group of cupcakes. They will not drag down our RPI too poorly – as long as we win.

Comment by Jamie H 09.05.08 @ 12:41 am

Tough road schedule.

Comment by Brian of Brooklyn 09.05.08 @ 5:35 am

Basketball is beginning to look like football with all the bought games. ONE road game? ONE?
Will Pitt play at Miami next year? Or, worse, at FDU? Not likely. The beat down at Dayton will long be fresh in the minds of Pitt and fans. The totally sad part is that even if Akron beats Pitt the Panthers still go play for the Legends Classic championship. Liberalism has spread from grade school (give them all a trophy) to collegiate sports.

Comment by GoZips 09.05.08 @ 7:32 am

Zeke Marshall or Zeke’s godfather or mom and dad, get the eff off the Pitt site. We have a player coming in that will eat your lunch. His name is Dante Taylor. You and your fam. can continue to believe that Lebron is intimitately involved with the Zips program because he is from Akron. Lebron didn’t go to Akron and if he had to go to college, there is no way in hell he would go there either. Just because the Lebron is from Akron doesn’t mean he is going to get you into the pros. Get off the site. Nobody cares about the University of Akron. Seriously!

Comment by Omar 09.05.08 @ 9:41 am

LeBron does stump for kids to go to Akron, for what it’s worth…he also has the LeBron skills camp that is by invitation only. Securing yourself a yearly in at that camp isn’t an awful thing.

However, it is a strange thing for a random fan of another school to come in and flame someone else’s school for no apparent reason. He/she was probably just looking for a reaction, and got one. Mission accomplished.

Comment by Dunker 09.05.08 @ 10:00 am


1: the quality or state of being liberal
2: a: a movement in modern Protestantism emphasizing intellectual liberty and the spiritual and ethical content of Christianity b: a theory in economics emphasizing individual freedom from restraint and usually based on free competition, the self-regulating market, and the gold standard c: a political philosophy based on belief in progress, the essential goodness of the human race, and the autonomy of the individual and standing for the protection of political and civil liberties dcapitalized : the principles and policies of a Liberal party

[Source: Merriam Webster online dictionary]


Are you suggesting that Steve Pederson has been dabbling in modern Protestant rhetoric and that his belief in individual freedom and the gold standard has negatively influenced Pitt’s schedule? Next time play it safe and only use words with 2 syllables or less in order to not sound like a complete moron. Or better yet, don’t bother posting in the first place.

Comment by johnny 09.05.08 @ 10:55 am

Perhaps Lebron does encourage kids at his camp to go to Akron. The only one dumb enough to actually do it is Zeke Marshall. I don’t see 5* kids lining up to play at the University of Burnt Rubber. I am quite confident that I will not see it in my lifetime either.

Comment by Omar 09.05.08 @ 11:22 am

1) Who the hell is Zeke Marshall?
2) The only championships people around here really care about are of the Big East variety and the one that lies beyond the final 4.

Comment by ChrisA 09.05.08 @ 11:33 am

ChrisA – you obviously don’t follow Pitt basketball very closely. Zeke Marshall is a 7ft senior-to-be from the Pittsburgh area that committed to Akron over offers from better schools including Pitt.

Comment by Jamie H 09.05.08 @ 12:30 pm

season ticket holder here….not a good schedule to watch…..with that schedule we can forget about a top 4 seed unless we are undefeated for sure….but truly an injustice to the people that buy tickets….

Comment by drgags 09.05.08 @ 12:42 pm

I obviously don’t follow Pitt basketball at all!

Comment by ChrisA 09.05.08 @ 12:48 pm

The schedule is actually very shrewd. The “cupcakes” are all the top team in their leagues and many of them will be in the NCAAs. We don’t have any games scheduled with teams at the low end of the RPI. Teams in our conference like Rutgers and St. Johns will likely be the only squads that drop our overall RPI. The schedule may not have any big names, but it is the cream of the crop from the non-BCS conferences. As long as those teams don’t stink it up, the schedule will not hurt our seeding. In reality if we can go undefeated with that schedule we will be in-line for a #1 seed. Even with an early loss we should still be in contention for a very high seed.

Comment by Omar 09.05.08 @ 12:56 pm

Jamie H,
Why the harsh remark to ChrisA about his question. Even though I knew the answer, I think it’s harsh and maybe he has a life outside of Pitt basketball and “Rosie Palmer”.

Comment by Fcuk Paterno 09.05.08 @ 12:57 pm


I agree with you 100%. Even though it’s counterintuitive and the opposite of football’s BCS formula, the way I understand it, we are better off playing the best team from a mid-major or lower conference like the Patriot League than by playing one of the worse teams in a BCS conference.

Anyway, another goal is to maximize revenue by having as many home games as possible. I would be happy to take the tickets off of any season ticket holder when I am back in town over the Christmas break if the quality of the opponent doesn’t suit you. For a fair price, of course.

Comment by johnny 09.05.08 @ 2:02 pm

Sorry if it was a bit harsh, but I was just responding to “Who the hell is Zeke Marshall?”, which sounded like he was dismissing their statements as irrelevent because he wasn’t aware who Zeke was, even though they were correct in using him in their arguments.

Zeke has been apart of discussion on Pitt blogs and message boards for almost a year now, so it was a bit much for Chris to respond that way.

Comment by Jamie H 09.05.08 @ 2:28 pm

No need for apolgies.. It is fact that I don’t follow Pitt B-ball at all unless they happen to be on TV at that very moment. In fact this is one of the very few BBall posts I’ve even opened to read the comments.

I mean I like the team, and I want them to do well, I just don’t really like Pitt b-ball.

It is fair to say my fanship 95% football and 5% b-ball, but the one thing that truly doesn’t interest me in either sport is recruiting news. So pretty much unless a guy’s on the Pitt or Kansas roster I’m going to think to myself, “Who the hell is..”

(I DO like and follow Kansas… so figure that one out. I’ve liked them since ’88 and they finally got their title, so maybe now I’ll try to follow Pitt more. Anyway, enough about me.)

Now… who the hell is Rosie Palmer?

Comment by ChrisA 09.05.08 @ 5:45 pm

Great kids, Chalmer and Arthur, huh?

Comment by Omar 09.05.08 @ 9:03 pm

She’s an acquaintance of Jacques Miehov.

Unless it’s a question of Pitt or a Pens game, there should be no contest for FSN to pick up as many of our games as possible. We should do very very well in the ratings with a good team and a local star in DeJuan Blair. It really should be a no brainer. Now I readily admit the Penguins are a better alternative, because they kick tail in the ratings. But if there is no competing Penguin game, they think that Best Damn Sports Bloopers is a better alternative?

Comment by geeman2001 09.05.08 @ 9:08 pm

Omar, you need a real life. You do not even trash talk well. I think there is a handicap class at your local Goodwill that will take you in.

My original post had nothing to do with Zeke Marshall. While he is a fine get for the Zips, neither he nor his family were mentioned by me. For your information, Omar, I am NOT related to Zeke. Nor have I ever had the pleasure of meeting him. Albeit, I have met and spoken to his lovely and wise mother. You’d like her.

Dante Taylor is nice recruit for PITT. I wish him well. Dante is not a post player, so do not compare him to the mighty Zeke who has been called by genuine experts as a proto-typical ACC post player.

My reason reason for my original post, which a few of the posters grasped, was that the Legends Classic and basketball scheduling is all a sham.

Pitt can lose to Akron and still make the trip to the Palisades while the Zips are shuttled off to FDU in Teaneck to play in the forgottens divison.

Originally Akron was to play Mississippi State in the first round. Alas, the Zips hammered down MSU a couple of years ago. The drain bust running the Legends needed to make damned sure that Akron did not embarrass their little get together like the Zips did in the San Juan Shootout.

So, the young, yet talented Zips will be matched up against a seasoned team (Pitt) to insure the best chance of no embarrassment. Only, it still will be a tough night for the Panthers.

Omar, remember the beat down Pitt took at Dayton last year? Well, these low life Zips took the Flyers into double overtime on the same court just three nights later.

Last point. The one road game the Panthers slink out of their lair for is against Florida State. The same Florida State that lost at home last year in the NIT to … you guessed it … the lowly Zips.

By the way … where is your men’s soccer team? Our women already crushed the Lady Panthers 6-2.
Akron polished off West Virginia Friday night.
The Zips beat Notre Dame last week. They face Cincinnati on Sunday which will give Akron a 3-0 record against the Big East. Louisville coach Ken Lolla was hired away from Akron to improve the Cardinals. He is doing well. That’s zippery for you.

Comment by GoZips 09.06.08 @ 11:05 am

I came here for genuine experts and all I get is Zips chat?

Comment by ChrisA 09.06.08 @ 9:39 pm

Why are you posting on the Pitt site? Nobody cares about Akron.

Dante Taylor isn’t a post player? Are you stupid? Neither is Dejuan Blair I guess.

As for Dayton, how did they fare in the NCAA tournament? Oh wait, they didn’t make it. It’s cool that Akron fans brag about almost beating a team that beat Pitt in December. I think you conveniently forget that Levance Fields was injured in that game as well.

And women’s soccer!? Seriously!

Comment by Omar 09.07.08 @ 11:05 am

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