June 20, 2008

As I noted earlier in the week, with the final draft decisions made, there will be updated rankings for the in advance of college basketball for 2008.

There are 3 things that seem to be consistent. UNC is now #1. There are 3 teams from the Big East in the top-5. Seven Big East teams in the top-20. has their list updated. Pitt is #3.

The Celtics have the “Big Three” in the NBA. Pitt has its own version in the college ranks with guard Levance Fields, forward Sam Young and center DeJuan Blair. Each ranks among the best at his position. The Panthers could get a boost if guard Mike Cook receives a medical redshirt. Cook was averaging 10.4 points when he tore his ACL in the 11th game last season. But with or without Cook, the Panthers have enough firepower to reach their first Final Four since 1941.

UConn was ranked #2, ND #5, Louisville #8, G-town #11, ‘Nova #17, Marquette #20 and WVU #24.

Gary Parrish at CBS Sportsline puts Pitt outside of the top-5 at #8.

Sam Young and DeJuan Blair up front form a formidable tandem built around size and toughness. So the Panthers will be good even if the NCAA doesn’t grant Mike Cook another year of eligibility.

Louisville was #2, UConn #3, ND #5, Marquette, G-town and ‘Nova nos. 14-16. has a story on seniors in college basketball with Sam Young as one of the poster boys for a senior class that will be the headliners going into the season. The quote from Young that will have Pitt fans feeling real good about him.

“I decided the best thing for myself would be to go back to school, get my degree and have something to fall back on,” he said. “Become a man. My mom always preached about getting a degree and stuff like that, so I definitely wanted to do that for my mother. Just becoming a Pitt alumni, that’s priceless.”

Couldn’t agree more.

Amen, Sam.

Comment by Dan35 06.20.08 @ 3:49 pm

Just a general question about redshirts. Does anyone know when a decision is due? Also, are they usually made at different times for different players? I’m just wondering if Cook’s decision is taking longer than usual or if it generally takes this long.

Comment by Maileman2001 06.21.08 @ 12:17 pm

It’s got to be tough on Cook. Not knowing if he should get on with his after college life.

Comment by fred 06.21.08 @ 10:19 pm

luke winn dogs pitt again in his most recent article. that dude does not like the panthers.

Comment by Omar 06.22.08 @ 7:32 pm

Actually, Winn makes a relevant good point. Our 3-point shooting is definitely the thing that I am most concerned about.

Comment by James 06.22.08 @ 9:44 pm

*ha… i meant to say “Winn makes a relevant point.”

Comment by James 06.22.08 @ 9:45 pm

Paging ashton gibbs…

I agree, the exact thing i said after the MSU loss…we need help. Hopefully Levance gets his weird ass stroke back, and Brown decides to shoot like he did in HS (or SU game).

Comment by Stuart 06.23.08 @ 3:19 am

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