March 24, 2008

I knew it was good for me to write about Pitt’s season having already been enough. Win or lose against Michigan State, it was enough. I’ve already reread that post five times – I’m positive it’s kept me from saying something I’ll regret later. I’ve had about 40 hours to digest it – I think it’s time to move on.

Having said that…ouch. That’s a tough one to lose. I can’t wait to hear the people saying Dixon still can’t win the big ones – I don’t think any coach can win when your team shoots like that. He wasn’t the one shooting 2 of freaking 17 on three pointers. Ronald Ramon and Keith Benjamin both played like crap and there’s no denying that. I’ve been pretty tough on both all year (especially Ramon) and this game didn’t help their cause. Still, thanks to them for giving so much to this program over the years and I hope them both the best in whatever their life takes them to next. It’s not like the seniors were the only ones to drop the ball though – everyone except for Fields played like #%@&. I’m not even mad anymore because, well, it’s over.

But hey, when Drew Neitzel is going to hit every shot he takes then you’re already fighting a losing battle. As Chas mentioned, Neitzel frustrated the hell out of everyone by both his crazy shots and his attitude. Someone I watched the game with, not a Pitt fan, commented on how much of a jerk he was and somebody from Pitt needed to foul him hard at the end of the game. I responded with some harsher words (one f-word followed by a different f-word) but whatever. Just add him to the list with Gerry McNamara and Chris Quinn – certified Panther killers.

Please don’t bring up the argument that they were worn down by the Big East Tournament. I’m not buying that excuse at all. These are 18-22 year old kids in the best shape of their lives. Sure four games in four days was tough but it was a whole week ago. The game against Oral Roberts was so easy and boring that it was like a day off anyways.

It also would have been nice for them to win for the simple fact it would have given us something to write about for another week. Blogging the offseason sucks.

tough tough loss, but it was definitely a fun year…the duke game was amazing, and winning the BET was extremely unexpected….thanks to ramon and benjamin for 4 solid years, and hopefully the NCAA will do something right for a change and give cook one more season………

Comment by schoe 03.24.08 @ 2:10 pm

Al in all, not a bad year, lets hope for another tourny birth and a deeper run. No real complaints.

Comment by Joe 03.24.08 @ 3:19 pm

I think that “It’s already been enough” post game too early. We all know that it was already enough, but nobody wants to read that on the day of a big game. Nobody wants to set themselves up for failure.

Reading that post, to me, was like sitting in the pre-game speech from the George Mason coach. No wonder why they lost in the first round. Any one who saw it knows what I am talking about.

Comment by Todd Gack 03.24.08 @ 4:46 pm

History shows great runs in the BET followed by poor tournement play. There is only soo much gas in the tank. Great year though. I’ll take it.

Comment by alcofan 03.24.08 @ 6:00 pm

Great year for the Panthers. It’s funny how expectations change. We started the year with no expectations, then they soared after the duke win, but that didn’t last long as we began talking NIT after the injuries. Then after the Georgetown win we began thinking of final four potential again, but slowly became close to a bubble team by the end of big east play. Oh yeah, high expectations again after the BE tournament. I think if you average all that out, a second round loss in the NCAA’s sounds about right. Thanks for all the hard work on the Blog. I visit this site about once a day.

Comment by Scott 03.24.08 @ 7:26 pm

Two things killed Pitt, getting outrebounded and out hustled. We only win when we can beat them on the boards and out hustle them to the lose balls. Basically it came down to who had more heart, MSU clearly got the better of Pitt in that department. Sorry guys but the truth hurts me too.

Comment by Buzz 03.24.08 @ 10:13 pm

Read my piece today, the BET wore them down, hell they are only kids, they need rest too!

Comment by Bobby S 03.25.08 @ 6:40 am

They were so tired they killed Oral Roberts….

Being tired after the conference tournament causes teams to lose is crap. The argument doesn’t apply anywhere else besides Pitt.

Comment by Joey D 03.25.08 @ 9:29 am

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