December 30, 2007

Oh, Crap

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This isn’t sounding particularly promising.

Junior point guard Levance Fields left the game with a left foot injury with 15:45 remaining and did not return. He had to be helped off the floor and left the arena with a walking boot on his foot.

No official information was available after the game, but one source said Fields could have a fracture and his season might be over. Dixon said more information on Fields’ foot would be known today after doctors can examine him.

The Trib. says he could be out for at least a month.

In the abstract, it can be argued that Pitt has been exceedingly lucky over this decade with regards to major injuries. This season may turn out to be some sort of horrible, hideous payback.

No, I don’t buy it either.

Sorry to say it looks like he is out for the season!

Huge loss for the panthers.

Comment by Roy Chipman 12.30.07 @ 9:25 am

i hate to borrow a phrase, but….

it’s a flat-out nightmare

Comment by ECH 12.30.07 @ 10:07 am

They’re done if he’s out for season

Comment by Fcuk Paterno 12.30.07 @ 10:08 am

If Fields has a broken foot and is out for the year or even for 2 months our season might be in the crapper.

We have no one else to run the point. Ramon is garbage and after him we have Wannamaker and a walk-on (I guess).

Our tournament chances are in serious jeopardy.

Comment by Jon in NOVA 12.30.07 @ 10:11 am

I hope he is okay. Even in the worst case scenario of a fracture in the foot, he can heal and be back in a month. I truly hope this is the worst possible case for him. Best possible case is a mild ankle sprain and he misses a few weeks or three games.

Comment by Omar 12.30.07 @ 10:46 am

Omar, if it is a fracture here is the healing time. let’s hope it is a bad sprain.

Metatarsal bones and the phalanges may heal in 3-6 weeks, but the tarsal bones will take 6-10 weeks to heal.

Comment by TMGPanther 12.30.07 @ 12:51 pm

We played the same game last night that we played at Duquesne, the difference is Dayton hit some 3’s and Duquesne did not. Even if Fields comes back soon, the formula to beat us is set: Attack the basket and get Blair in foul trouble. If Blair gets in foul trouble, we are going to be hard pressed to stay with any BE team. We give up too many inside baskets, get down and have to shoot from the outside to win. We just don’t shoot well from the outside. I thought Brown and Wannamaker would pick that end of our game up, but I’m not seeing that. I hope that I am wrong, but if we can’t shoot better from the outside, we have no chance in the BE this year.

Comment by HbgFrank 12.30.07 @ 1:21 pm

So I guess the good mojo from the WVU upset officially wore off last night eh?

Comment by Jimbo Covert's my Dad 12.30.07 @ 2:14 pm

Hows this for a lineup , Biggs,Young,Ramon,Benjamin and Blair. If Blair gets in foul trouble, Biggs,Young,Ramon,Benjamin and or Brown/ Wanamaker or McGee. OH SHIT we are in for a long season. If Dixon makes the BE tourney he should get BE coach of the year.

Comment by Buzz 12.30.07 @ 2:45 pm

completely agree with HbgFrank. Dixon hasn’t succeeded yet in recruiting outside shooting; maybe Dodson was supposed to change that but it didn’t work out. A couple yrs back there was Trevor Ferguson which didn’t work out either. I’m sure Ramon is a great shooter in an empty gym, but that doesn’t help.

I’m always amazed when teams don’t play 100% zone against Pitt.

Comment by billly c 12.30.07 @ 2:48 pm

If fields is out for a few eeks, he could put on a few pounds!!

Comment by Fcuk Paterno 12.30.07 @ 3:19 pm

It is now much more of a challenge than anybody wanted or envisioned. My bet is Fields will do the best he can to avoid gaining extra weight. Short term it is bad. But, if Levance can be playing again that soon, by the end of the season they could be even better and stronger than they would have been. Guys are going to have to quickly get experience, get more coaching, and grow faster than they would have. Short term it is bad, but they might be coming together nicely just in time for March.

Comment by IronManEE68 12.30.07 @ 4:05 pm

The Post-Gazette is reporting a broken 5th metatarsal. Out 2-3 months.

link to

Comment by OTAPitt 12.30.07 @ 4:14 pm

Someone on the other site reported that Fields has a “Jones Fracture” and will have surgery on Wednesday. Best case scenario is he returns in 6-8 weeks. Basically the entire Big East season. The commentator was very confident in his post. Tough loss for the Panthers. I feel horrible for Levance. Get well soon buddy.

Comment by Omar 12.30.07 @ 4:14 pm

Right. Season over. We’re going to have to go back to being a scrappy, beat you 53-52 team.

What a nightmare this year has been (when it comes to injuries). First the football team, now the basketball team.

If we can beat Lafayette, and are able to go 8-8 in the league, we have a shot to still make the tourney. We’ll have a top 50 OOC SOS, only one loss in OOC (AT a top 50 team), 8-8 in the big east, and be 20-9 with a pretty high SOS.

If that happens, Dixon should get coach of the year.

Now, can someone please go pick out 8 games they think we can win? We went from having a shot at a 1 or 2 seed, to hoping we get an 8 or 9…awful.

Comment by Stuart 12.30.07 @ 4:29 pm

This team can win games with the current roster but it is not going to be easy. Sam Young has to be the leader of the team and pay attention every minute of every game. Blair will have to keep developing and learn how to be effective and stay out of foul trouble. Ramon had better figure out how to get his 3 pt percentage out of negative numbers. Then….we definitely need Gilbert Brown to play a more than serviceable role; for Keith Benjamin to be a consistent contributor every game (not just a couple 3’s in 7 minutes and a bunch of John DeGroat garbage passes) and for Tyrell Biggs to do something other than take bad shots and play horrible defense (if this means shoving a thumb up his ass, then so be it).

It will be a difficult road but there is no team in the Big East that is perfect either.

Comment by Joey D 12.30.07 @ 5:45 pm

Ok, starting lineup, Blair,Ramon,Benjamin,Young,and Brown. Now to the bench,Wanamaker,Biggs,Mcgee. Substitution is a problem, Dixon will show his coaching ability starting Weds.If we get into any foul trouble the game is lost.So you figure 5 games in the loss column right off the bat. due to foul trouble.Blair needs to stop the dumb fouls,this is just bad, Im sick,I cant even think about this season, My season tickets went to pott. BOOHOO

Comment by Buzz 12.30.07 @ 8:08 pm

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