December 24, 2007

‘Tis The Season

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Got this in the mail a few days ago — sounds like it’s being sent to all football season ticket holders.

The inside reads:

This is just the beginning of something very special
at the University of Pittsburgh.

Thank you for your continued support of our program.
Best wishes for a wonderful holiday season
and a very Happy New Year!

Steve Pederson, Dave Wannstedt, and the Panthers Football Team

Any word on Hale?

Comment by Gasman 12.24.07 @ 12:28 pm

@#%*@#! awesome! Somehow, I don’t mind the Athletic Department blatantly over-milking that win here.

Comment by Lee in State College 12.24.07 @ 12:30 pm


It’s a brilliant marketing ploy by Stevie!

Next year is the make or break year for Wanny and the boys!

I must admit, there is hope; think about this; they went 5-7 this year essentially without a QB; if they had a consistent QB throughout the year 8-4 was very possible.

Expections will be high, its time to WIN!

Hale is leaning towards Pitt, unless there is a major problem he should be a panther!

WVU sucks, Joe Paterno swallows and/or shits him-self daily!

Happy Holidays to all!

Comment by Oval Jaynes 12.24.07 @ 12:49 pm

Just seen on ESPN2:

WVU returned 7500 tickets to the Fiesta Bowl…due to the fact that many fans had already booked nonrefundable hotel rooms and tickets to New Orleans for the Sugar Bowl before their loss to Pitt…hahahahaahah Merry Christmas WVU assholes!

Comment by tdemps 12.24.07 @ 1:16 pm

More on WVU returning tix:

link to

“We know thousands of their fans had made plans for New Orleans, and in many cases I understand (their travel packages) were nonrefundable.”

Comment by Dennis 12.24.07 @ 1:58 pm

Fields makes front page of espn men’s college basketball:

link to

Fields named player of the week by ESPN:

link to

Not too bad for a “short, slow, fat, unathletic, barely top-50” PG….

Comment by Stuart 12.24.07 @ 2:01 pm

And the Bulls just fired their coach, i wonder what that means for Aaron Gray’s playing time…

Comment by Stuart 12.24.07 @ 2:02 pm

Oval–it would have likely been better than 8-4 with a competent QB all year. IMO, Michigan State, Navy, Rutgers and Louisville all would have been wins for a 9-3 mark. And, in addition, South Florida was lost because of 3 interceptions for TDs so that could have been a 10th win with solid QB play. Even the UVA and UConn games might have been competitive if QB issues hadn’t given those opponents a short field to work with early and often. Bottom line, IMO, this team was close to being really good–just a competent experinced QB away. If it gets that QB play in 2008 the sky will be the limit as it will not require a fluke upset to beat any opponnet on the schedule. There is no opponent that should be able to te Pitt if the QB play is good, IMO.

Comment by pitt1972 12.24.07 @ 2:06 pm

We’re #6 in hoops in both ESPN and AP polls. UCLA is #5.

Comment by Kevin 12.24.07 @ 6:37 pm

Pitt1972 I agree, 2008 could be the breakout year.

There is hope!

Comment by Oval Jaynes 12.24.07 @ 7:58 pm

Happy Holiday’s to everyone. Many Thanks for the web site and your efforts. I hope everyone is safe and warm. 13-9 and 65-64 forever!

Comment by Panthoor 12.24.07 @ 8:23 pm

Pitt had a QB. Joe Flacco. 5th choice to be drafted in the NFL but not good enough for Pitt and Whinestat. JF ditched Pitt and went to a real school and will soon be throwing TD’s in the NFL to remind Pitt fans they’re coaching staff sucks and can’t spot offensive power when it’s sitting on their own bench.

Comment by Joe Flacco Blue Hen 12.24.07 @ 9:29 pm

Flacco didn’t want to wait his turn. Stop defending a whiny little girl.

Comment by omar 12.24.07 @ 9:49 pm

Why does Flacco need your defense? Are you his gay lover? Maybe you’re the one that sucks.

Comment by TexasPanther 12.24.07 @ 10:17 pm

I don’t want to over-mulk the victory over WVU either, but I was reading the bible last night and came across the following passage I’d like to share with all of you:

Lo the mighty Panther did strike the mountain snake with such force that the snake’s head ran away from its body and sought refuge in the den of the wolverine.

Dave Chapter 13 Verse 9

Comment by HbgFrank 12.24.07 @ 11:53 pm

whoops! “over-milk”

Comment by HbgFrank 12.24.07 @ 11:54 pm

Flacco? What D1 QB could not go to Delaware and light it up? You can have loads of talent and still be a wuss…That boy is a wuss (with lots of talent!).

Comment by HbgFrank 12.24.07 @ 11:56 pm

Merry Christmas fellas and Hail to Pitt!!!

Comment by Joey T 12.25.07 @ 12:51 am

Chas – here’s wishing you and yours a Merry Christmas and Happy Holiday season. Have good memories and a safe time. Thanks for the good writing and the service you provide us.

And – of course that goes for all on the Blather also.

Comment by Reed 12.25.07 @ 7:02 am

Wow, someone has had too much egg nog if they think Delaware is a “real school”. But then again, Flacco really performed in all those big-time rivalry games against West Chester…. Flacco was a 1A prospect in 1AA football…that is like a smart kid in high school going to WVU just so he could be valedictorian because there was no competition.

Good to see WVU fans returning tickets – the only problem is that they were the first team to return Fiesta Bowl tickets since Pitt. What happens next year if Pitt makes a bowl game and 3,000 Pitt fans go, as usual….

Comment by Joey D 12.25.07 @ 11:03 am

Yeah, what Reed said.

I heard about this quote last night, and looked it up today:

“I’ve coached 28 years so I can say he is not (Michael) Jordan, not (Ralph) Sampson,” said Krzyzewski, when asked to compare with other freshmen he has seen. “He’s a solid ball player surrounded by upper class strength, which allows him to display his skills.”

I agree/understand the first part, but i didn’t know you had to be surrounded by upperclassmen to pull down 20 boards… Is that his excuse why his 7′ big man pulled down 3 boards? Not enough seniors on his team? “…allows him to display his skills…” STFU, he just stole your lunch and ate it. Being on the court allows him to display his skills.

Seriously, between the two, name 1 program out there that would take that Zoubek kid today over Blair. Someone, please?

Comment by Stuart 12.25.07 @ 11:04 am

Whats everyone feel about tony wise as the new o-line coach?? i dont know alot about him, but he seems to have the experience.
Hopefully we pull it together

Comment by Adam 12.25.07 @ 11:42 am

About the Pitt/Dayton game…

Last year they were….10-1 coming into this game, only loss to southern methodist, and best win…against louisville.

This year they are….10-1 coming into this game, only loss to george mason, and best win….against louisville!

Virtually the same players, except for the loss of two seniors and the addition of Chris Wright (who’s coming off a sprained ankle and should be playing against us). Last year, their best player, Brian Roberts scored above his average with 21 points. No one else scored above 9.

Last year Fields and Young carried all the weight, no one else was in double figures, even Gray.

I know we’re playing there, and i’m sure this is their final four and all that, but should that be a 30 point swing? If we hold that kid to around 20 again, and score around our average, we should kill these guys again.

I hope the team is taking it seriously and all that (considering they’re practicing today, on xmas) but shouldn’t we beat these guys by at least 15? Didn’t they get all the same press last year about how good they were?

Comment by Stuart 12.25.07 @ 11:58 am

Was he actually named the coach? I know he comes from the Jets and has been in the nfl for something like 16 years, but fans give him mixed reviews. Of course he’s coached with Jimmy Johnson and Wanny and all that…

Comment by Stuart 12.25.07 @ 11:59 am

Hey- not being a season ticket holder. How do I get one of those cards? Does anyone have the PDF?

Comment by cdmoore25 12.25.07 @ 12:27 pm

HBJ Frank- Great post.

Comment by cdmoore25 12.25.07 @ 12:30 pm

Pitt at Dayton is listed as a possible upset this week. But if the real Panthers show up with a serious attitude, the panthers should do well. This is the right time for one or two guys to step up to take Cook’s place.
I made a pledge to myself that in the future I will travel to future owls and NCAA games.
Merry Christmas guys. This is a great time to be a Panther fan. Hail to Pitt! and hopefully, Hale to Pitt!

Comment by PittEE68 12.25.07 @ 12:56 pm

Flacco played well for Delaware. He knew he would never play with Palko here…..I think we got the better deal with TP.

Comment by AZPanther 12.25.07 @ 2:28 pm

Go cornish hens…I mean Blue Hens.

Comment by TexasPanther 12.25.07 @ 3:07 pm

Merry Christmas Panther fans!

Comment by Omar 12.25.07 @ 4:04 pm

The Flacco shit is retarded to hear about over and over again. He had a chance, under 2 different coaches, to proves he was the better guy for the job. He did not. So he went to a different school. It is what it is. At best, if he stuck around, he could have had his senior season – last year with Shady in the backfield, who knows what they would have done/ Maybe we win 9+ games. Maybe go to a BCS bowl. Instead, he CHOSE to go lose to App State in DIAA. Good for him. I’m not sure why anyone still brings his name up. We would have loved to have him this year – too bad he’s a baby, or did what was best for him, or whatever you want to say about it. Isn’t there a Hen’s site for these trolls?

Comment by Stuart 12.25.07 @ 4:16 pm

we are traveling in Illinois and can’t get a DVR or VCR recording of the ESPN replays today. I would love to see the WVU recruits going over to the Pitt team to celebrate after the 13-9!

We sure would like to get a copy – especially of THE BRAWL, which was voted game of the Year by a landslide.

How about using this blog to connect needy Pitt fans? Hail to Pitt! and hopefully, Hale to Pitt!

Comment by PittEE68 12.26.07 @ 11:56 am

Pederson is a snake oil salesman if there ever was one. Check out this site:

Comment by Mike 12.26.07 @ 1:59 pm

Get season tickets and support your football team!!! That’s how you get the card!!

Comment by Fcuk Paterno 12.27.07 @ 9:41 am

go get f-in season tickets you piece of shit! Support your damn team……..
and we wonder why heinz field is empty, its because of idiots like cdmoore……..duh…..i want a christmas card…..

Comment by WHAT_THE_???? 12.27.07 @ 12:13 pm

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