August 7, 2007

Bostick Leaves for a While

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Both papers are reporting that Pat Bostick has left Pitt for a while to return home for undisclosed personal reasons.

“With our full support and understanding, Pat Bostick left campus last night and returned home to Lancaster to deal with a personal issue,” Wannstedt said in a statement. “Everyone connected with our program has the highest regard for Pat, not only as a talented football player but also as a fine young man. No timetable has been set for his return. we are leaving that judgment to Pat and intend to do everything we can to be supportive of him and his family.”

While there’s the cynical and selfish part that quietly notes that this will put him further behind Bill Stull and Kevan Smith in the QB battle, the real hope is that whatever it is that got him back on the PA Turnpike to Exit 266 is nothing too serious.

UPDATE: I’m hoping it is nothing too serious, but I’m really afraid that this might have something to do with it.

A 77-year-old motorist died Monday morning when his pickup truck collided with an oncoming vehicle and struck a utility pole in Clay Township, investigators said.

The Lititz man, whose name wasn’t released, was driving a Ford Ranger in the 2000 block of Route 322 about 9:50 a.m. when it collided with an Oldsmobile driven by 56-year-old Margaret Eckles, police said.

The impact forced the Ranger off the roadway and into a utility pole, according to investigators.

The man was extricated from his vehicle and flown to Reading Hospital, where he was pronounced dead, police said.

Clay Township police said they didn’t released the victim’s name Monday because his family hadn’t been notified.

I’m really hoping to be wrong.

ADDENDUM: An apology and explanation about this post.

Does anyone know the reason? Is he home sick, second guessing his commitment to Pitt, etc….

Comment by winedogs 08.07.07 @ 12:19 pm

He has been at Pitt since May. He was the firt one to fax in his LOI, and he committe early. It may be some sort of family emergency that forced him to go home.

Comment by mook 08.07.07 @ 1:30 pm

“….we are leaving that judgment to Pat and intend to do everything we can to be supportive of him and his family.”

This seems like it is a serious family issue, like the one in the Lancaster Online story. I hope everything works out for his family. But this sounds like there is a family emergency of some sort.

Comment by mook 08.07.07 @ 1:33 pm

I’m selfishly hoping it’s just a family emergency, and not a Mackenzie Matthews situation.

Comment by Jeff 08.07.07 @ 1:41 pm

Hope it’s nothing serious, and certainly that it’s not related to that car accident.

Comment by Run Up The Score 08.07.07 @ 1:54 pm

I hope his family is allright. On the other hand, if he doesn’t make it back this year or even this fall we are down to 2 scholarship QB’s.

Comment by Jon in NOVA 08.07.07 @ 1:54 pm

hope that wasnt his grandfather in the truck, that’s no way to start college…

Comment by Greg in Columbia 08.07.07 @ 1:57 pm

He left last night, Chas. So unless he knew that his family member was going to be killed this morning, I am thinking you are wrong.

Real professional to post that….

Good bye to this blog, if other readers have a spine, they won’t let you continue with reckless comments and posts about some unnamed person, who happened to die this morning in an entire county consisting of thousands….

You are truly an idiot.. I am done reading your blog…who is with me?

Comment by steve 08.07.07 @ 3:40 pm

He is a true asshole. He looked in past news articles to see that my dog died in a fire. Then he says emails are private. This guy is the king of geeks and he thinks he is important because he blogs.

Comment by John Smith 08.07.07 @ 3:45 pm

Steve…read the article, the accident happened Monday morning. I hope this wasn’t the case, but the timeline does match.

Comment by pidoublet 08.07.07 @ 3:46 pm

I am not done reading this blog. However, I have checked this blog about 5x daily since May of 2004. I agree with Steve that posting that was pre-mature and extremely unprofessional, especially with the amount of hits that this site gets a day. Even if it does turn out that this was the reason he left, posting the article with absolutly no confirmation except a gut feeling is not acceptable. I think Chas probably realizes that as of now.

DW’s comments scare me. By commenting on Bostick as a person, it seems like he knows something. Hopefully we are all just being nervous and he will return in the next few days to win the QB job.

Chas, keep your head up. Everybody makes mistakes. You have done a great job to this point and I think you and Dennis will continue to have great success.

Comment by Scott 08.07.07 @ 3:50 pm

yea, they got you there. i am kinda surprised you would post a random accident and say its his family.

Comment by jim b 08.07.07 @ 3:52 pm

Real professional to post that….

Good bye to this blog, if other readers have a spine, they won’t let you continue with reckless comments and posts about some unnamed person, who happened to die this morning in an entire county consisting of thousands….

You are truly an idiot.. I am done reading your blog…who is with me?”

I’m not done reading it. He said he hopes this has nothing to do with it. He never said it did. Today is also Tuesday and the accident happened on Monday. Who’s the idiot for the lack of reading comprehension.

With so many Pitt fans calling Pat all kinds of names (and many others hoping the best for him), I think this article (true or not) has at least caused some people to step back and think before they spout off about why he has left. Let’s wait for the details.

Comment by mook 08.07.07 @ 3:57 pm

Steve, the article said the accident happended Monday morning and he left last night. READ before you write!!!

Comment by Fcuk Paterno 08.07.07 @ 4:03 pm


Get off of your moral high horse. We live in an age where the internet makes way too much personal information available. How many people had the same first thought that a family emergency could have been an auto accident?

All that it would take is a quick look in a local paper where we have all read stories during Pat’s recruitment to see if there was anything relevent to this. Chas spefically noted this was pure speculation.

If posting the coincidence of an accident in the vicinity of Pat’s hometown is so morally wrong, how can you justify these several recruiting sites invading the privacy of these kids making their choice where to go college?

Get a grip. Keep up the good work Chas.

Comment by Joey T 08.07.07 @ 4:04 pm

Chas’ update to the post simply gives us a completely possibly exaplanation for Bostick leaving. Nowhere did he say “This is exactly what happened.” Instead he merely gave a possibility.

Comment by Tim Z. 08.07.07 @ 4:09 pm

BTW, instead of arguing why don’t we just root for the kid and hope everything is OK.

Comment by Tim Z. 08.07.07 @ 4:09 pm

First, this is a blog – this is what is done here, we speculate. We take guesses based on varying amounts of information, and post what we think might be the case. Using a little knowlege of the situation and the world, gleaning a little insight from wording of a release, etc., we try to figure out whats going on in the world of Pitt because we don’t have 100% of the information EVER. Otherwise this site wouldn’t exist, we’d just go to Pitt’s homepage or read the 10,000 press releases they have everyday.

Second, if you want to get on a high horse and “threaten” to go read another blog, GET THE FUCK OUT OF HERE. GO READ A FUCKING PENN STATE BLOG – NO ONE GIVES A SHIT.

“who’s with you?” Are you that fucking stupid you can’t do shit on your own? Make up your own mind to do something, don’t see if everyone else is following you off the bridge.

Now, someone needs to go down to campus, find some players, and ask what happened. Do they all still live in Sutherland (at least the ones on campus)? What time is evening practice over? Anyone?

And if you have a problem with this, fuck you too.

Comment by Stuart 08.07.07 @ 5:01 pm

very well stated stuart

Comment by Jimbo B 08.07.07 @ 5:04 pm

see ya steve!

Comment by tray 08.07.07 @ 5:09 pm

I completely agree with Stuart & Joey T’s comments above…

I think “Steve” & “John Smith” is one person, trying to get attention. Either way a couple of stupid posts…

At this point we can only speculate. I am not gonna worry until I have a reason to. Im guessing this is a non-football issue and he’ll be back reguardless… But I wish him and his family the best.

Comment by Matt D 08.07.07 @ 5:18 pm

[…] I don’t have an excuse. Posting, even in speculation, about why Pat Bostick went home was just wrong, regardless of my intent. […]

Since when is it constructive or moral to invent family emergencies based on random news reports. If this kid had special issues, he needs to go solve them. Speculating on whose family members might have been injured from a random police report is not news or intelligent blogging. But you all enjoy your tea-bag from this loser. I am not Steve but I feel for the guy. Sounds a lot smarter than you losers who blog here.

Comment by John Smith 08.07.07 @ 5:27 pm

I’ve been posting on this blog for over a year now.

I have to say the entry about speculating on Bosticks family emergency is simply voyeurism at its worst.

Digging up a random news story about a man killed in a car wreck, to try and tie it to Bostick? It’s just wrong guys.

It’s insulting to Bostick, and it’s even more insulting to the real family of the man killed in the accident.

This gaff reminds me of the “11 miners found alive!” debacle from 2 years ago in the news. It shows that rampant speculation, especially when dealing with recently deceased people, is not a good idea.

I’ll continue to read the blog, because it’s the best site for Pitt related info. The apology from Chas was good enough for me.

Comment by Ryan M 08.07.07 @ 5:51 pm

i’m not going anywhere. anyone that thinks ‘gee, i wonder why he left’ is guilty of speculating, and there isnt anything wrong with that. ok maybe a little b/c its not our business, but hes a big name player on a D1 football team, so it bound to happen.
the car wreck post…ah, a little irresponsible, but it was prefaced with ‘i hope this isnt why’. this is my favorite place for pitt info and ill keep coming back to read.

Comment by matt 08.07.07 @ 6:07 pm

i do wish him and his family well, im definately wont be name calling an 18yr old kid especially when i dont know any of the facts.

Comment by matt 08.07.07 @ 6:10 pm

The true idiots are the ones who flipped out over nothing but speculation. This blog mentioned the fact it was speculation. The fact Pitt Blather issued an apology is ridiculous.

Don’t give in to these conservative pussies who find offense in anything or everything you say or write.

Go Pitt!

Comment by Brian 08.07.07 @ 6:24 pm

Hope all is okay with Pat!

Comment by pittfan 08.07.07 @ 7:04 pm

This is not a news source-its a blog..Chas you’re a decent writer but don’t take this site too seriously…it’s just a chat room to talk blue/gold.

In any event, hope Pat is ok.

Comment by makeditkathelogo 08.07.07 @ 7:36 pm

I agree. This is not a news source. We all simply visit this site to share opinions from time to time about the team we all care about. Keep doing what you are doing. I will still appreciate all of the work you do to host this forum for us fans to add our two cents.
As for Pat, let’s not be selfish fans here and think of how this will impact the season. He is a young kid that seems to be dealing with a tough situation. As fans, we should be thinking about what is best for this young man first.

Comment by PantherSig 08.07.07 @ 7:59 pm

[…] So why is stud Pittsburgh QB Pat Bostick leaving school for a minute? (Pitt Blather) […]

Lets go Penn State!!! PITT SUCKS!!! PAT BOSTICK BLOWS!

Comment by chris 08.10.07 @ 10:52 pm

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