April 29, 2007

Surely you’ve seen by now that Darrelle Revis was taken by the New York Jets with the #14 overall pick in the NFL Draft. Any thought of him getting to stay in Pittsburgh was wiped out when he was taken one pick ahead of the Steelers after the “J-E-T-S Jets Jets Jets” traded up. Hey, at least he didn’t go to the Patriots.

ESPN Insider has a final breakdown on the selection.

Scouts take: With both of the top two corners available and the Jets’ top need a corner, they decided to pull the trigger on the day’s first trade and pick up Revis. Although Revis can take too long to change directions at times and has some problems matching up with explosive slot receivers, he is still a first-round talent. More importantly, his instincts should make him an excellent fit for head coach Eric Mangini’s defensive schemes and he is a playmaker who can make a difference.
He could also make an impact as a punt return man, which is probably one of the bigger reasons the Jets chose Revis over Leon Hall. Another reason may be Revis’ fluidity. He does a slightly better job of opening his hips when he’s forced to turn and run downfield, so he’s less likely to get beat deep when left on an island.

It’s a bit ironic that he could end up taking the starting spot from another Pitt Panther, Hank Poteat.

The next Pitt player to be taken was picked today in the 4th round. Clint Sessions was taken 37th in the round (136 overall) by the Indianapolis Colts. The only lock to be starting at LB for the Colts in MLB Gary Bracket, leaving the OLB spots open for competition. He might not get a ton of time this year but in the future he might see some playing time.

Not long ago, with the #5 pick in the 6th round (179 overall), HB Blades was taken by the Washington Redskins. On ESPN’s TV coverage and their website, they keep reminding us that Blades lacks size and bulk for his position.

One player still waiting and hoping for his name to be called is Tyler Palko. He’s left with other QB’s like Florida’s Chris Leak and Boise State’s Jared Zabransky.

Well, here we are. The draft has come and gone. And, you don’t say??? Tyler Palko didnt get drafted??? Wow! . . .Oh yeah, I said that months (actually years) ago. So, where are all the blowhards who pretended to think this joke was going early in the second day? The never was s FINALLY gone and this program can finally start the turn around it was working on before it got derailed by father and son Palko. . . Now, all we need is a head coach.

Comment by msquared 04.29.07 @ 7:55 pm

And if Pitt had Anthony Morelli, I’m sure we’d be defending champs, I’m assuming, msquared?

Palko was a blessing to the Pitt program. I wish he could have stayed longer.

Comment by mjb 04.29.07 @ 8:47 pm

Well Palko didnt get drafted but looks like he got a fee agent contract almost immediately:

Former Pitt QB Palko signs with Saints as free agent
Sunday, April 29, 2007

By Ray Fittipaldo, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Former Pitt quarterback Tyler Palko did not get chosen in the NFL draft, but he did sign as a free agent with the New Orleans Saints.

Another former Pitt player also signed a free agent contract. Jason Capizzi, who began his career at Pitt and finished up at Division II IUP, signed with the Steelers. Capizzi played at Pine-Richland High School.

Comment by Rex 04.29.07 @ 8:57 pm

Comment by Rex 04.29.07 @ 9:04 pm

Why does anyone who expresses disidence automatically assumed to be a Penn St fan? I am both academic and althletic alumnus of Pitt and an objective fan. Palko set this program back 5 plus years, period. His bullying of the team and coaching staff still resonates on the South Side. His lack of talent, won the program exactly ZERO bowl games.

As for him signing a free agency deal; who hasn’t?

He’s following the exact path that I pdicted in this blog months ago. Non drafted free agent signee, cut by team. One year in NFL Europe, one year in Arena2 and then a career on the sidelines of West Allegheny High having “remember when” conversations with his father.

Comment by msquared 04.29.07 @ 10:45 pm

It didn’t help Palko that we had a non-existent running game his 3 years starting here, or the porous offensive line.

Did you even watch the Notre Dame game 3 years ago?

I’m sad to see Palko go, but he is moving on to better things hopefully.

Comment by Ryan M 04.29.07 @ 10:51 pm

One game, one singular game? THREE years ago. Wow, the ignorence smacks of desperation.

Name one quaterback, for ANY team ANY time who did not have have ONE good game.

Comment by msquared 04.29.07 @ 10:55 pm

Are you going to back up your irrational hatred of Palko with any numbers or substance?

“Bullying the coaching staff” Can you please elaborate on this, oh non-“ignorent” enlightened one.

All I see is mindless rambling from someone who has a misplaced grudge.

Palko was the ONE bright spot on an offense full of trash for the most part. No run game, no blocking. Palko still managed to throw for over 8,000 yds, 66 TD’s, and 25 INT’s.

His career passer rating is 141…

Poor Coaching and administration set programs back 5 years, NOT one “singular” player.

Comment by Ryan M 04.29.07 @ 11:30 pm

well said Ryan, without palko pitt would have been twice as bad these past few years, we were lucky to have him. he would always play hard even though he had ZERO help around him.

Comment by matt 04.29.07 @ 11:38 pm

Also Palko isn’t a cry baby like most highly recruited QB’s out of High School. I agree with most in that we were very lucky to have him. He would have been a superstar at ND or Michigan but his heart was with Pittsburgh. He seems to be a man that will not regret his decision or talk badly about his time in the Steel City so we all wish him good luck and know he will succeed in whatever he does. *stands up and salutes* Thanks Tyler.

Comment by Panthoor 04.30.07 @ 12:10 am

mssquared: did Palko bone your girlfriend or something? Be honest.

Comment by Jon C 04.30.07 @ 12:10 am

Palko was the least of Pitt’s problems these last few years. Much more blame should be placed on the questionable offensive line, lack of production by the RBs, and of course the sieve for a defense that forced the offense to have to score ridiculous numbers of points to even contend. I wish Palko the best of luck with the Saints.

Comment by Chris 04.30.07 @ 12:36 am

“Why does anyone who expresses disidence automatically assumed to be a Penn St fan?”

“Let’s start with your language use. Hmm, “disidence” …for f*k’s sake, I’m sure you can do better than this, lade.

In future posts — or not (fine too) — I think you’ll want to look up your descriptives. Something relatively innocuous like, um…how about “Dissent,” better, huh? By keeping to this route—namely, toning your argument down to a half-cry—you’re more likely to be heard and less likely construed Joepa excrement.

As it stands, you’ve done nothing but allege Tyler Palko as a past-present troublemaker and continual disturbance to the team, as well as the current brilliance that is Pitt’s coaching staff.

As requested above, humor us by citing your references and — long shot here, I know — back them up, as well — you know, for argument’s sake, yeah?

A Pitt student you might have been but let’s not for a moment pretend you were an “athlete”—you cry too hard-loud, your rants are superficial and lack general coherence.

My guess is you’re a transfer student; so how’s PSU workin out for ya?

…yeah, Tyler Palko really F*ckd up the program. That’s just inane babble from a teen. But credit’s due to you, son; you got my goat, didn’t you, weenie?

Comment by Neil 04.30.07 @ 1:12 am

Your the f’in man

Comment by Scott 04.30.07 @ 4:23 am

Your the f’in man

Comment by Scott 04.30.07 @ 4:23 am

If Im not mistaked, Chris Leak was undrafted and he lead a team to back to back national championships and was a Heisman candidate. Troy Smith was the last pick of the 5th round after winning the heisman and going to the bcs title game. Palko was able to put up pretty darn good numbers with a lot less to work with than Smith and Leak. no line and no running game and no defense to hold teams under 40.

Comment by Rex 04.30.07 @ 7:04 am

fyi, Steve Buches signed with the St Louis Rams

Comment by Rex 04.30.07 @ 7:28 am

Glad to see Palko signed with the Saints. I never saw him play, but how can Tyler Thigpen from Coastal Carolina get selected before Tyler Palko. He’s bigger than Palko but only started 11 games at freakin’ Coastal Carolina. Boggling.

Oh, and msquared, f#$@ off. You’re about as clueless as a WVU grad with a first-grade reader.

Comment by Carmen 04.30.07 @ 8:18 am

First of disidence…

“In future posts — or not (fine too) — I think you’ll want to look up your descriptives. Something relatively innocuous like, um…how about “Dissent,” better, huh?”

He used a word that correctly expresses what he was alluding to – disagreement with authority or with prevailing opinion – he just misspelled it.

Second, although his posts are overly critical of Palko, he makes some valid points. In using hindsight to review Palko’s contribution it’s like the chicken and the egg. What comes first? Did we overly rely on Palko in our offense or was Palko the only person that we could count on to get things done? I’m not sure what the answer is. I do think we’ll be OK not having that temperament at the QB spot, and more and more I am starting to believe his wasn’t the most persuasive attitude in the locker room and on the field. On the other hand we probably won’t have a QB that can make things happen like Tyler did. Anyway, hindsight is not always 20/20 so I’ll just say thanks to Palko for his time, effort and loyalty at PITT and wish him well.

As for whether he would have been a ‘superstar” at Michigan or ND, you’re dreaming. He might not even have started as QB there – and wouldn’t have beaten out Quinn and Henne – he could have started at safety maybe. Palko got the best possible deal when he came to PITT, an offense that was going to showcase him because there was no other players to highlight.

I hope he does well in the NFL but was not surprised at all when he wasn’t drafted. . Everything ‘tangible’ the pro scouts look for was missing, and if you read the national media reviews about him – every one mentioned poor decision making and loss of control. Those are both killer labels to have stuck on you.

Comment by Reed 04.30.07 @ 8:54 am

Who got better advice to go early Greg Lee or Darius Walker.

Comment by MP 04.30.07 @ 12:10 pm

Revis, Session, & Blades all drafted. The coaches continue to say that this team had no talent on D. I am still lost as to why Rhodes is here. How many Pro talent types will he need till we can stop a talented running team or a spread offense.

Comment by Tony In Harrisburg 04.30.07 @ 2:05 pm

Rex, Chris Leak led his team to back to back national championships? Did he play basketball, too? Yeah, you are “mistaked”.

Comment by JoePa 04.30.07 @ 3:25 pm

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