April 29, 2007

Easy Listening

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Got a piece of mail from Pitt today. I never figured there would be a CD in it. The cover of the CD case looked like this:

There was also a letter with it thanking us for our support (and for not canceling our season tickets even with the type of home schedule they’ll play).

It features the Pitt pep band playing the “Victory Song,” “Hail to Pitt,” among others.

By Kevin Gorman
Sunday, April 29, 2007
Pitt outside linebacker Clint Session was selected by the Super Bowl champion Indianapolis Colts in the fourth round (136th overall) of the NFL Draft Sunday.

If memory serves correct, Clint Session emerged from’06 training camps (Spring-Summer) as a “healthy,” physically mature, hard-hitting OLB who’d compliment Blades’ tenacity/ punch and contribute to what most thought (prior to season’s begin) a daunting squad of LBs. Not surprisingly—and let me know (anyone) if I’ve dreamed this up—Session was getting serious looks a year prior to the ’07 draft. But then, given the poor play of the D as a whole last year—courtesy DC Paul Rhoads, his brilliant tutelage, sharp guidance and instruction—positional players at nearly every spot looked better suited for indoor X leagues (Canadian) w/ exception, no doubt, to HB Blades and D. Revis.

My point: Pro Teams were interested in CS’ upside for quite a while, so I’m not remotely surprised at his going in the 4th round.

Comment by Neil 04.29.07 @ 4:33 pm

They had to use CGI to fill the seats up

Comment by Scott 04.29.07 @ 4:47 pm

Nah I think those are visiting Notre Dame fans.

Comment by bill 04.29.07 @ 9:35 pm

Revis, Session, & Blades all drafted. The coaches continue to say that this team had no talent on D.

Comment by Tony In Harrisburg 04.30.07 @ 12:16 am

No talent at safety or on the line.

Comment by Chris 05.01.07 @ 3:18 pm

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