April 27, 2007

The New Recruiting Frontier

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Technology is shaping the world we live in and the recruiting world can be bundled in with that statement as well. The text messaging of recruits has really picked up some publicity within the last year or two and now the NCAA has banned coaches from texting their recruits.

Coaches are reacting in all different ways from “I think we should be allowed to do it any time we feel,” to “Only on weekends,” to “The ban is a good thing,” to “I don’t even know how to work the damn phone.”

According to Andy Katz, Jamie Dixon feels each text message sent should count as a recruiting call. There is a limit of one call per week to a recruit so in effect you would be allowed to send one text per week to a recruit. Not a bad idea, but since the limit of characters you can send in a single message is around 160 characters then it makes much more sense to call the potential player.

That may have not been a bad route for the NCAA to take. The coaches that want to freely text message their players would see that with a limit, it makes more sense to call and texting would happen much less without placing an official ban on it.

I don’t think free texting should be allowed. Some of these high school kids want to live their lives and being constantly bombarded is unnecessary. If you can’t have unlimited phone calls and visits, who should texting be a free for all? I think I might also get creeped out if I’m getting a message every 5 minutes from an old man (read: 72-year-old Arizona coach Lute Olson).

the whole recruiting process is a big joke. The big schools violate the rules all the time….thats why they win. Look at The Oklahoma QB who was given a job that he didnt have to show up for but got paid…hmmm sounds like a rules violation to me. Yet nothing happened. How many players out their can barely read yet somehow meet academic standards?

Comment by Rex 04.27.07 @ 10:00 am

[…] Dennis took a tepid pro-texting ban, but I disagree. I understand the outright ban on texting, insofar as the whole concept of regulating and controlling it would be extremely difficult and tricky. Limiting it to certain times, only controls when received. Last I checked, you can put text messages in a draft folder and wait to send them. Still, the reaction by the NCAA seems to be an overreaction to new means of communication — simply banning them all. The move comes a week after the NCAA’s management council recommended passage of the ban, which also eliminates communications through other electronic means such as video phones, video conferencing and message boards on social networking Web sites. […]

Read the 2nd page of the Trib’s sports section today. It acknowledges what everyone knows … the powerhouse schools rampantly abuse all the rules and the NCAA allows it to keep collecting the money. Meanwhile they persecute a small school for insignificant accidental violations.

Ohio State should be on permanent death penalty status in both football and hoops, yet progress to the national championship games.

Comment by geeman2001 04.28.07 @ 1:00 pm

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