April 27, 2007

Dennis took a tepid pro-texting ban, but I disagree. I understand the outright ban on texting, insofar as the whole concept of regulating and controlling it would be extremely difficult and tricky. Limiting it to certain times, only controls when received. Last I checked, you can put text messages in a draft folder and wait to send them. Still, the reaction by the NCAA seems to be an overreaction to new means of communication — simply banning them all.

The move comes a week after the NCAA’s management council recommended passage of the ban, which also eliminates communications through other electronic means such as video phones, video conferencing and message boards on social networking Web sites.

E-mails and faxes would still be permissible and subject to current NCAA guidelines, which include some time periods that prohibit coaches from contacting recruits in any form.

The ban on texting is going to be a double-edged sword for Pitt athletics. Specifically in football and basketball. The ban on texting, coupled with the limits on phone calls and other communications limits building a relation with players. What it does, is re-invite the middle men. Whether it be a friend of the targeted recruit or the HS (or prep or JUCO) coach.

While there is disagreement on this issue, one thing is clear: This new regulation is going to put the onus back on the high school coaches to become more involved in the recruiting process. Instead of texting a prospect to have them call them when they’re free, college coaches will now rely on the high school coaches to help them build the relationship with the prospects.

That can be both good and bad, but most college football assistants agree the bigger schools will have an advantage thanks to this ruling.

High school coaches might be more willing to help get a kid to call back if they’ve received a message from a national power like Notre Dame, Texas, USC or Florida. But what about the smaller schools or a school that’s trying to build a program?

This may be fine in Western Pennsylvania for football, with Coach Wannstedt and schmoozing the HS coaches in the area. It becomes an issue, though, in trying to recruit kids in other areas. It brings back the emphasis on bigger programs that are on TV plenty and the local programs in any geographic areas.

Even coaches in support of the ban agree with that.

“It would kind of push it back towards the teams that are on television the most. Those teams might benefit from it,” [GT Coach, Paul] Hewitt said.

“If you look at the whole timeline of recruiting, they used to say it’s about out-working people. They would call kids every day, then write letters to kids every day. Then about 1990, they said you could only call once a week and limited how many days you could go see kids and that kind of took away some of the parity.

“Now, with this whole text-messaging thing, kids are now having communication and open dialogue with more programs. Obviously the programs at the bottom trying to make their way up are probably text-messaging more than the guys that are at the top. In a funny way, I think the parity we see in college basketball is about the levels of communication we have with kids.”

That will make things interesting for Pitt basketball. Don’t expect Pitt to be on the Mouse Monopoly at the same level as this past season. Louisville and GT are the early leaders for most appearances based on early expectations. Syracuse and UConn will get their usual appearances. Pitt will be on TV, but they won’t be the lead dog.

What bothers me is the middle men. You know they will be there. And that means you need them for access. That also opens the door to all sorts of slimy dealings from those who can use the access to the recruits for their own benefit.

Finally, there’s the big loophole — e-mail and cell phones. Every major carrier now can let you tie an existing e-mail account to your cell phone to receive them. Essentially the same thing, only e-mail is treated like regular mail so it is unlimited. So much for solving the problem.

In that respect it’s like money and politics. The money is going to flow, no matter what barriers and blocks are put in the way.

This development makes the vacant assistant coach hire very important. You have to play the game. We need to hire someone who is close with a few blue chip players for 2009 or 2010. It is a must.

Comment by Omar 04.27.07 @ 11:59 am

How about them Lions!!!….
link to

Interesting how we hear about this every single year….yet JoPa is such a great coach and his players never get into trouble….whatever.

Comment by Marco 04.27.07 @ 1:51 pm

Amazing how quiet Erin & Eric are after this latest incident at PSU…if memory serves me from last week the two of them couldn’t keep there mouths shut as to how wonderful the campus and the players were in Happy Valley…this just goes to show…again…how JoPa lets the inmates rule the asylum….when this happened at IUP two years ago the players were kicked off the squad, let’s see what happens with no penalty JoPa…

Comment by Marco 04.27.07 @ 6:44 pm

Marco, you’re as big an idiot as your friend Stuart. This will be taken care of in due course, WHEN WE KNOW THE FACTS!! Were these players stupid for doing what they did? Of course. However, last I checked, in America you’re innocent until proven guilty.

Oh, and “no penalty JoPa?” You’re fuckin’ clueless dude. He suspened Connor for three games for PRANK PHONE CALLS!! He has most certainly kicked players off the team before. If these guys are found to be at fault, he’ll come down hard on them like he always does.

Oh, and guess what? We’ll STILL do better than Pitt next year!! God, stop being so whiny and jealous!! Pitt sucks, get over it…or just get publicly humiliated by a few more recruits. Looks like we’re not the only ones who know your fan base is shit!!

Comment by Eric 04.28.07 @ 3:10 pm

My favorite is the JoPA imitation of Sgt Schultz on Wed.” I know NOTHINGGGGGG” Such BS. No one believes that he isn’t following this case closely and if he isn’t, he’s not doing his job.

Comment by TMG Panther 04.28.07 @ 3:22 pm

I can’t figure out why PSU fans are on this blog. Have they nothing else to do but check out other schools’ fan blogs??

Comment by Ann 04.28.07 @ 6:19 pm

You might ask that same question to Stuart, who continually shows up at PSU blogs to talk shit. Or perhaps ask Marco, who clearly needs ppl like myself in his life to feel complete. Why else would he drop our names like that? There’s your answer, Ann.

Comment by Eric 04.28.07 @ 7:36 pm

That didn’t answer the question at all, dumb ass.

Comment by Jeff 04.28.07 @ 9:51 pm

They’re here because the Michigan State boards don’t give a rat’s ass about them.

Comment by geeman2001 04.28.07 @ 10:26 pm

Marco, Erin was just some lawyer who said some shit about Penn State being harder to get into than Pitt, which was wrong, and Eric is a teenager who can’t understand why anyone cared about the Pitt-PSU series. They’re not the same person. Get it straight man.

Those players should get kicked off the team. It’s not just that it was a fight, but the players actually went to the guy’s house and busted in. What were they thinking?

Comment by bill 04.28.07 @ 11:11 pm


That’s why I said Erin & Eric….as for those players involved in a fight…the DJ – District Justice will probably allow all of them to plead to a Disorderly Conduct, a summary offense, whereas the major/serious misdemeaner charges will be dismissed by a JoPa friendly Judge…the bottom line here is the kids should be dismissed from the team or at least suspended for the year…the whole reason I brought this up is b/c the PennStaters that frequent this site continually state that JoPa runs a clean and positive program, which is anything but the truth. Every few months a similar event transpires in happy valley…the point is Penn State’s program is not one to be admired, but rather one to be admonished.

Comment by Marco 04.29.07 @ 2:52 am

Marco – Can you provide a good link to the whole IUP story? I did a search and found a few details. Looks like they suspended one kid (maybe a QB) even though he was acquitted of criminal charges b/c he violated the university’s code of conduct. thanks

Comment by Cris 04.29.07 @ 11:49 am

Clint Session taken in the 4th round by Indy.

HB blades and Palko still on the board.

Session was projected to be an undrafted free agent, MAYBE taken in the 7th round if he was lucky. I guess Indy saw something in him they liked?

Comment by Ryan M 04.29.07 @ 12:57 pm

More than I ever saw, anyway.

Comment by Jeff 04.29.07 @ 3:07 pm

And Clint Session brings the PSU players’ fight debate full circle… remember when he busted into the PiKA house during a fight, which resulted in one of the frat guys getting beat down and spending a couple weeks in the hospital??

The point is: these guys are going to fight, just like a lot of other young, drunk idiots in college. If you want them thrown out, you have to be consistant.

However, I do agree with Marco’s argument, which seems to state that a program (PSU) shouldn’t advertise the fact that it is made up of good-citizen types when reality doesn’t match up to that lofty, perceived image.

Comment by Greg in Columbia 04.29.07 @ 3:43 pm

Well Palko didnt get drafted but looks like he got a fee agent contract almost immediately:

Former Pitt QB Palko signs with Saints as free agent
Sunday, April 29, 2007

By Ray Fittipaldo, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Former Pitt quarterback Tyler Palko did not get chosen in the NFL draft, but he did sign as a free agent with the New Orleans Saints.

Another former Pitt player also signed a free agent contract. Jason Capizzi, who began his career at Pitt and finished up at Division II IUP, signed with the Steelers. Capizzi played at Pine-Richland High School.

Comment by Rex 04.29.07 @ 8:57 pm

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