April 25, 2007

Schedule Poster 2007

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Looks like the Football Schedule Poster is released. Or at least available for downloading as wallpaper (640×480).

Pitt 2007 Football

There’s also 800×600 and 1024×768.

That’s Joe Clermond, LaRod Stephens-Howling and Derek Kinder.

Those are our star players. This can’t be good.

Comment by thePantherPitt 04.25.07 @ 9:26 am

Re players: yikes!

Re schedule: yikes!

Re design: YIKES!

Comment by Jb 04.25.07 @ 10:20 am

Who’s the guy with the moustache?


“Hail to Pitt”

Comment by Jason 04.25.07 @ 10:56 am

We should do the whole Chad Johnson checklist thing for Paul Rhoads. we could have all the big east running backs and put a check for all the backs that rack up 200 yards rushing against Paul Rhoads defense. Should be a ton of checks

OR we could just put up Pat Bostick, Lesean Mccoy, and Chris Jacobsen

Comment by adam 04.25.07 @ 12:07 pm

Imagine how bad the script logo would look on that thing.

Comment by ChrisA 04.25.07 @ 4:35 pm

Wouldn’t we have to put a box up for that fat slow incompetent QB from UConn? He nearly put up 200 on us too.

Comment by geeman2001 04.25.07 @ 9:18 pm

who’s running for the Heisman? The program is aching for a traditional ‘logo’ in this, with ‘traditional’ lettering, uni + helmet. It’s otherwise pretty gay. just gay.

Comment by Neil 04.26.07 @ 2:38 am

I’ve got an idea for our re-designed schedule poster.

Let’s toss in as many random trophies and objects as possible, throw in a panther too. Then have a floating torso of Dave Wannstedt in the upper right corner.

Sounds like a good idea….oh wait

Jeez I wonder who they paid to create that monstrosity.

Comment by Ryan M 04.26.07 @ 8:42 am

Just to be a prick: there is more tradition in one block-letter ‘P’ than there is in any ammount of script Pitt.

The more I see the block letter logo, the more I like it… right now I like it even better than the script.

Comment by Chrisa 04.26.07 @ 11:37 am

I was a die-hard script guy, but I have to say the block PITT is growing on me. After that ridiculous “PITTSBURGH” nonsense, any form of PITT is a huge improvement.

Still think the script and old colors should come back though. These shades of blue and gold ain’t cutting it.

Maybe next year the poster will just be the panther viciously attacking Paul Rhodes.

Comment by Dan35 04.26.07 @ 11:57 am

It’s still better than the “I wish we played in Las Vegas” look of last year’s poster.

Should have put “Waiting until 2008 to decide” somewhere on it……

Comment by Reed 04.27.07 @ 5:56 am

[…] Joe Clermond is one of the shining parts of a defense that lost three NFL Draft picks. He’s the poster boy of the 2007 defense and is on the schedule wallpaper/poster this year. He’s also on the Watch List for the 2007 Bronko Nagurski Trophy given to the top defensive player in college football, as well as on Watch Lists for the Chuck Bednarik and Ted Hendricks awards. […]

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