April 25, 2007

I’ll be making my Pittsburgh radio debut tomorrow on the Dave Dameshek Sports Contraption on 93.7 The Zone. Yes, that’s right. Despite doing this for 3 and 3/4 years, this will be the first time a radio show will be speaking to me. That sure keeps the old ego in check.

You can listen on the internet, but you have to do a free, short registration (so do that early). The only thing that might cancel the appearance will be if his wife finally goes into labor. She is apparently due any time, so…

The show is new (as is the whole program format) and Dameshek has been active in reaching out to the Pittsburgh sports bloggers. On Monday he had the guy behind on for a couple segments. It’s a smart approach in that it gets some different people on the radio who pay close attention to Pittsburgh sports giving some different views. Not to mention create some positive vibes with the online community and more promotion for the show (such as this post).

As you can expect the discussion will be on Pitt, though I’m sure other things may creep into it.

Ok Chas I’m in Any idea on the time that you will be on the show?

Comment by Tony In Harrisburg 04.25.07 @ 10:46 pm

ditto. time? very nice. for those of us who cannot tune in — given it’s a work day — I would sure like to think that this segment will be archived and perhaps, … well, could you post a link afterwards so that those of us who need miss-out can listen at a later time?

Break a Leg, knock ’em dead, Chas

Comment by Neil 04.26.07 @ 2:20 am

Good luck – you’ll be fine. One note, ask if it’s being taped and if it is, try to hear the final cut before it’s aired. Sometimes radio hosts will cut and paste things you’ve said to fit whatever agenda they are pushing (I used to do a weekly radio segment in Guam of all places and learned the hard way). If it’s live then you’re really left out there and will live & die by what you answer – no harm in practicing a ‘delay phrase’ like – “Yes, Dave, that’s a good question…” and as you’re saying that your thinking about what you really want to say.

Comment by Reed 04.26.07 @ 7:33 am

It says its on between 7-10 pm. Look at the picture.

Comment by thePantherPitt 04.26.07 @ 7:48 am

Damn. We have a family thing tomorrow night. That stinks. Hopefully it will be archived on the 93.7 Web site or something. Good luck!

Comment by Carmen 04.26.07 @ 9:11 am

Without Dokish I feel like there is no news on recruits…does anyone have any insight as to who may commit over the next month or so?

Comment by Marco 04.26.07 @ 11:25 am

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