April 24, 2007

What Will Rice Do?

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It seems Pitt Assistant Coach Mike Rice, Jr. is a leading candidate for the Robert Morris job. Not a total shock that Rice is already getting interest in other jobs after only one year on the job at Pitt. One of the reasons I liked the hire was his ambition. It’s been reflected in his activities in recruiting. That’s a good thing with young assistants. They know that it isn’t their X-O and teaching in practice that gets them noticed. It’s their reputation as a solid recruiter. Rice has done an excellent job in his first year recruiting for Pitt in 2007 and beyond.
The downside is that it might put early verbals like Nasir Robinson and Travon Woodall back into play.  They can’t sign until the early signing period in November.  Rice was heavily involved in their recruiting. I’m not saying that will happen, but there is always the possibility.

Ideally, I’d like to see Rice stay at least one more year to help Pitt get a little better in the Philly/South Jersey region that he has really helped them become a factor in recruiting. The good part, if Rice got the job would be that 3 coaches in two years getting head coaching gigs. It makes being an assistant at Pitt even more attractive and means more interest and desire by a better pool of candidates.

[…] Looks like Mike Rice, Jr. will be taking the RMU job (hat tip to JoeyT as well). Dokish at Pittsburgh Sports Report also is reporting this in the e-mail updates (no direct link yet). He notes, as I did yesterday, that this is the 3d Pitt assistant to get a head coaching job in the last 2 years and it could put Nasir Robinson and Travon Woodall back into play. […]

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