March 29, 2007

Taken Not Hacked

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Hey, I can see in the comments there’s a lot of wondering what is happening with Dokish’s old blog.

I don’t know why he quit it or anything like that. I can explain some of what you are seeing now based on my understanding of Blogspot.

Dokish didn’t just quit and abandon his blog. He took it down. Deleted it. That’s why there was a 404 message for a day or two. That meant he deleted it, all the archives and the name from Blogger and the Blogspot servers. That also meant that he gave up the name on Blogspot.

He had used one of many standard templates that Blogger offers for blogs. It was not something of his.
So it is safe to surmise that someone simply set up a new Blogger account and used the old name since it was now free once more. Then they set up the blog, using the same template.

There was no hacking in this case. Simply someone taking shots at the old blog right on Blogger (and now you know why I haven’t deleted my old Blogspot site despite having all the files transferred to Pitt Blather).

While on blog stuff, a quick note in the blog roll to a new Pitt blog, Pitt Panther Fans. Be sure to stop by and say hello.

Yeah to avoid confusion, you may want to take that PantherRants link off of your sidebar.

Comment by Yi 03.29.07 @ 11:07 am

Huge news for the womens team – Malorie Winn given a 6th year of eligibility

Count on another NCAA appearance next year

link to

Comment by Jamie H 03.29.07 @ 4:49 pm

Dokish covered most bases, but in hindsight must curse himself for not protecting his blogspot.

BTW, after leaving PantherRants a moment ago, I found myself a bit disappointed with the current state of Cyberspace. Disappointed because, despite all the technological breakthroughs in the last quarter century, I felt very limited by my ability to access the new site operator…

…in a place where I could meet face-to-face and physically choke the life out him

So I guess the jokes on us until progress is made and I crawl through my LCD and into the life of ‘Doke’ (viz., Subscribe to: Posts (Atom)
Too bad

…it’s true, I’m more a Pitt Football fan than I am basketball.

Comment by Neil 03.30.07 @ 11:54 am

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