March 22, 2007

Wow! News

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I know, everyone’s trying to get ready for the game.

This has nothing to do with Pitt.
Still this is a stunner.

Former Kentucky HC Tubby Smith has jumped to Minnesota.

That’s going to actually overshadow some of the game stuff tonight on TV.

UPDATE: I don’t think Dixon will even be a serious candidate for this job. This is one of the top-4 basketball schools in the country in terms of prestige, expectations, history, money and tradition.

Dixon lacks any ties to the school and the area.

This is even funnier! Douche’s McRoberts is coming out…uh…i mean, going to the draft! Well, he is from Duke, so he has to be the overall number one pick, right? I’m willing to bet he goes higher than Aaron Gray. People are dumb – just wait (see: Reddick).

Comment by Stuart 03.22.07 @ 5:25 pm

I wouldnt doubt it if kentucky at least sends a feeler jaime’s way, but i dont see him jumping. the same type of seasons that have most of us singing jaime’s praises got tubby run out of UK. not that tubby is that great of a coach, and a fairly poor recruiter on top of that.

Comment by matt 03.22.07 @ 6:25 pm

When’s the game thread going up? Is CBS doing regional divisions of UCLA-Pitt/OSU-Tenn, or switching back and forth, or what?

Comment by bill 03.22.07 @ 8:09 pm

oh nevermind about the game thread i just saw the new entry 🙂

Comment by bill 03.22.07 @ 8:10 pm

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