March 14, 2007

Bracket Sim

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Okay, I still have to do my bracket and a ton of others. Before I do, a confession/disclaimer. I absolutely suck at brackets. I used to be good at it, but then Pitt started making the NCAA Tournament and I have not been able to keep my biases in check. Not just pro-Pitt, but the Big East since I would see a lot more of them play and it just ruined me in picking brackets.

Reminder and thanks to Dennis for setting it up the Pitt Blather bracket challenge. My entry is under the name “Aaron Gray’s Ankle.”

Now for those that love video game simulations, this might make you happy. EA Sports simulated the Tournament on March Madness 07.  Pitt made the Final Four. Here’s their full bracket (PDF). [If that link doesn’t work, go here.]

Finally Roto Rob is doing previews of teams. Here’s their Wright State.

A hell of a resource on looking at teams is

We beat Kansas by 6 and cut the nets. I’ll take that!

Comment by Panthoor 03.15.07 @ 1:18 am

Hey Chase, check out this Slate article. Page 2, first team.

link to

Comment by baudolino 03.15.07 @ 1:38 am

Soory, I meant Chas. It’s almost 2am.

Comment by baudolino 03.15.07 @ 1:39 am

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