March 12, 2007

Times Are Set

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We now what time our Panthers play on Thursday and we’ve managed to escape one of the daytime slots that cause tons of know what people to miss watching it.

Update: This is 8:30 central time. It is a 9:30-ish start on the east coast.

It actually looks as though the times listed on that NCAA site are Standard time – the post-gazette says 9:40 for the game.

Comment by Kevin 03.12.07 @ 5:52 am

I’ve also seen 9:40 on yahoo sports

link to

Comment by Rex 03.12.07 @ 6:00 am

I was reading some bracket stuff this morning and came across this and of course first on the list is Pitt:

Cinderellas (13 seed or worse that are capable of an upset)

Wright State (vs. Pitt) – The Raiders finished the season 23-9, but they started 3-5 as they adjusted to new coach Brad Brownell. Since Christmas, this has been one of the hottest teams in the country. Wright State finished by winning 12 of its final 13 games, including two over Butler, and both the Horizon League regular season and tournament championships. This team is much better than a No. 14 seed.

link to

Comment by Rex 03.12.07 @ 8:13 am

Anyone know if CBS has put up a coverage map? I’m hoping we get the Pitt game here in DC. It looks like we’re up against the Gonzaga/Indiana, Xavier/BYU, and the UNC 1/16 game – I’m really only concerned about CBS showing the UNC game locally instead of the Pitt game.

Comment by Aaron 03.12.07 @ 9:48 am

you would think that we would have gotten the 710 game considering it gives the winner an extra 3 hours of rest before the game on saturday…i know its being picky, but its the truth…..

Comment by Schoe 03.12.07 @ 9:54 am

anyone seen the start time for pitt/duke-vcu on sat?

Comment by Scott 03.12.07 @ 10:08 am

“anyone seen the start time for pitt/duke-vcu on sat? ”

Got to beat WS first.

Comment by Kenny 03.12.07 @ 10:18 am

I am also in the DC area, who knows what game we will see most of. I am hoping I can listen to a full broadcast on Sirius.

Comment by Rex 03.12.07 @ 10:19 am

Rex and Aaron, you should be worried. In my 12 years in D.C., ACC teams always got the nod over a non-ACC team.

Comment by Carmen 03.12.07 @ 10:51 am

Well, in that case, I guess we can always hope UNC puts the game away really early, and then CBS makes the switch. Although I’ll probably just hit up a sports bar to cover all my bases in any case.

Thanks for the info Carmen.

Comment by Aaron 03.12.07 @ 10:53 am

not being funny, but does wright state have a blog?

Comment by scoocher 03.12.07 @ 11:35 am

You guys can’t be serious. We first have to beat Wright State before we can start talking about Duke. Common now 1 game at a time, we can’t jinx it.

Comment by Jake 03.12.07 @ 1:22 pm

no really, I want to know what they are saying about us?!!

Comment by scoocher 03.12.07 @ 1:30 pm

If Pitt loses to Wright State, it is a disaster, no ifs, ands, or buts about it. I don’t care how hot Wright State is, a team that brings back an All-American in Gray and a preseason top 10 team cannot bow out in the 1st Round.
Wright State’s tallest player is 6’8 and second tallest is 6’6. Pitt should DOMINATE up front and on the boards.
Wright State did just lose to Youngstown State by 15 a few weeks ago.
Bring on the Dukies!!! McRoberts scares the hell out of me, especially with Gray struggling against other legit big men.

Comment by Roman 03.12.07 @ 1:40 pm

As was the case in the Marquette and ‘Ville games, it’s all about love for the paint. And that includes Kendall and even Cook, in my opinion. Cook seems to have a knack for finishing around the rim, and I would love when teams are in man defense to pull Gray out a little from the hoop and give Kendall or Cook an opportunity to work on the blocks. Some wrinkles like that would give opponents a whole lot to think about.

Comment by Carmen 03.12.07 @ 1:57 pm

Is it true that Levon Kendall’s twin brother is the gay dude on this year’s Real World Denver?

Comment by knoxville 03.12.07 @ 2:02 pm

Roman, I think if we’ve learned anything about Pitt the last few years it is never to expect anything.

Sure, it’ll be a disaster if we lose, but I’m not going to sit here and tempt fate by saying bring on Duke.

And on a semi-related note, is anyone like me and praying that Duke beats VCU? VCU has hyper-athletic guards, and we all know how we play against teams with quick, slashing guards. Against Duke, Gray – even at his plodding pace – would crush McRoberts, and Paulus is anything but athletic. McRoberts is like a Kendall kind of player; every now and then, he’ll put up 10 points, 5 boards, and 5 assists. But for the most part, McRoberts is an inconsistent “potential” guy – I’ve seen plenty of Duke games where the guy is just invisible, especially if Duke gets shot-happy. I feel 100 times more comfortable in a matchup against Duke. If not for those reasons, for the “Bradley factor”, Pitt looking past a mid-major team. Wouldn’t be the first time that’s ever happened.

Comment by Aaron 03.12.07 @ 2:03 pm

And when I say expect anything, I mean take anything for granted. I expect Pitt to be good, but I don’t take for granted that they’ll deliver, however odd that sounds.

Comment by Aaron 03.12.07 @ 2:05 pm

[…] So it turns out the time I mentioned here was 8:30 central time, not eastern. Looks like another night staying up until midnight. It’s all in the name of the Panthers though — I’m sure we’ll all make it. Right? Right. […]

Aaron, I agree 95% with you. Don’t take anything for granted with Pitt. However, I’m hoping it’s VCU. Duke is a streaky team and if they get hot, we’re in trouble (if we can survive Wright State). On the other hand, VCU may have talented gaurds, but look at their out of conference schedule. They’ve played no one noteworthy.

Comment by Jake 03.12.07 @ 2:17 pm

First off, I don’t think anyone should sleep on Wright State or any other team that may be perceived as “cupcake”. 100% Focus on Wright State is a must; forget Duke and VCU. Pitt will have to play smart and assertive to beat tournament teams. Considering WS’s size, emphasis on perimeter defense is vital. Let the games begin…

Comment by MoE 03.12.07 @ 2:21 pm

Scoocher, here’s the Wright State blog you’ve been looking for – link to

Comment by frankinchicago 03.12.07 @ 3:05 pm

thanks frank

Comment by scoocher 03.12.07 @ 3:30 pm

Wright State is a trap game. They haven’t been in the dance in 14 years and the fans will travel in large numbers the 6 hours to Buffalo. Also, their RPI and performance against top 50, 100, 200 is closer to an 11 or 12 seed than a 14. They are not to be overlooked. The biggest problem for them is our size and that can be considerable as long as we don’t get into foul trouble. Look for them to come right at Gray and Kendall to try and get them out of the game.

Comment by TMGPanther 03.12.07 @ 3:45 pm

Jake, good point on the OOC.

Speaking of OOC, check out Wright State’s sked. It’s pretty easy to say that we’re the best team they’ve played this year, by far. A lot of people are raving about how they beat Butler twice – but check it out. They won on their home court by 5 and 12 points against an overrated team (in my book). When Wright played their one game at Butler, they lost by 31 points (interesting, since it will be a virtual road game for WSU.) Also, Wright has lost 4 games this year to teams ranked under 212 in the RPI. That’s pretty lousy, I don’t care who you beat. Their best win outside of their two Ws vs. Butler was Miami (OH), by one.

Just some interesting factoids to ponder.

Comment by Aaron 03.12.07 @ 3:46 pm

“Also, their RPI and performance against top 50, 100, 200 is closer to an 11 or 12 seed than a 14.”

I’m pretty sure that going 6-4 against RPI 200+ teams (as I mentioned above) is a good way to get bumped to a 14 seed.

You have to drop to the 140s to find the next team with that many bad losses.

Comment by Aaron 03.12.07 @ 3:49 pm

aaron, I understand what you are saying about the RPI 200+, but I believe those were earlier in the season and their current RPI rank is 72. By comparison Stanford is 65 and an 11 seed, New Mexico St is 69 and a 13 seed, Winthrop is 70 and an 11 seed, GW is 71 and an 11 seed. Long Beach is 79 and a 12 seed. Perhaps your anlaysis is correct and that’s why they are a 14. I just don’t think they are playing like a 14 and really look like an 11 to me.

Comment by TMGPanther 03.12.07 @ 3:59 pm

They are definately hotter than the other teams you mention, TMG, and I think that’s why a lot of writers are on them as an upset special. Personally, I don’t think winning 12 of 13 against crap competition is any better than going 8-4 against top flight competition, but perhaps I’m wrong.

Either way, Pitt still needs to focus. I’m so pumped for these games.

Comment by Aaron 03.12.07 @ 4:06 pm

Sorry for non stat buffs (or people not bored at work…heh), but the other teams TMG mentioned have more or comparable quality wins than Wright, without the terrible losses.

Against the top 50:
Stanford 4-8
NM St. 3-3
Winthrop 2-4
GW 1-3
LBSU 2-2
WrightSt 2-2

The only team of those other five that has a 200+ loss is LBSU.

It’s an interesting comparison to make, for sure.

Comment by Aaron 03.12.07 @ 4:12 pm

Not sure if anyone answered this question, but if Pitt wins they will play at 5:40 on saturday. Pretty good time in my opinion.

Comment by Rob 03.12.07 @ 6:41 pm

Re: Watching the Pitt games out of the eastern market, this is from

Sign up now to view up to 56* games from the first three rounds of the NCAA Championship streamed live on your broadband-connected computer. And of course… its 100% FREE!

Just go to the website to sign up.

Comment by HbgFrank 03.12.07 @ 10:17 pm

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