March 11, 2007

2007 Bracket Challenge

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It’s Selection Sunday so it’s time to really start thinking about filling out those brackets.

The Pitt Blather group is on Yahoo. To join…

1) If you don’t already have a Yahoo account, sign up for one (for free)

2) Go here:

3) Click join private group

The group ID is 71331 and the password is gopitt

Just signed up as “Double R with Radar,”(nickname Krauser used for Ronald Ramon). Rough loss last night, but still a fairly successful BE tourny. Pitt can still do some damage in the Big Dance. Lets hope for a 3 seed! GO PITT!!

Comment by Matt D 03.11.07 @ 12:52 pm

I’m in! Lets get the dance under way.

Comment by Tony in Harrisburg 03.11.07 @ 1:07 pm

I’m in as “Shades of Gray” Because he will determine how far we go.

Comment by TMGPanther 03.11.07 @ 2:05 pm

Newsflash from NYC…. Gray was examined at Bellevue after the game and was diagnosed with AGP, Acute Garden Phobia. Attending psychotherapist, Dr. Gotthe Yips, says the symptoms…inner demons whispering “basket 11 ft high with a lid on it, basket 11 ft high with a lid on it”…diminish at a high rate as one travels away from the Garden.

Dr. Yips, a Pitt grad and big fan, is crossing his fingers that Pitt gets a seed in Hilo Regional Bracket.

Comment by steve 03.11.07 @ 4:36 pm

See the background visual? Pitt has a 3 seed.

Comment by steve 03.11.07 @ 5:05 pm

Yep, saw that too.

Comment by JLA 03.11.07 @ 5:05 pm

damn yall are fast….i missed somewhere, but have DVR…where do you see?

Comment by Stuart 03.11.07 @ 5:09 pm

Before they went to commercial after announcing the #1 seeds, they showed one of the hosts talking with the Pitt graphic displayed behind his head. A “3” was clearly visible.

Comment by JLA 03.11.07 @ 5:14 pm

I’m really hoping Pitt gets the #3 in the East Rutherford region. That puts them in Buffalo for the first two rounds, and then NJ for the regional finals.

That would basically be a reward from the committee for the excellent OOC SOS and RPI. I think that’s how it will play out.

Comment by JLA 03.11.07 @ 5:18 pm

WEST region?!? Man, I messed that up. All apologies – I didn’t read the bracket right for where #3 in Buffalo goes.

Comment by JLA 03.11.07 @ 5:20 pm

Man, Duke? I’m a little worried…

Comment by PittHoops 03.11.07 @ 5:22 pm

Nah, matchups OK

Comment by steve 03.11.07 @ 5:23 pm

Certainly Duke is Duke…they’re on tv more than Leave it to Beaver reruns…

That will only make sense to people who heard that quote.

Comment by PittHoops 03.11.07 @ 5:23 pm

i dont know what to think about playing duke… they are having a down year but their still duke, lets just hope we get out of the first 2 rounds and take down UCLA. How great would that be?!


Comment by max 03.11.07 @ 5:25 pm

wow…duke then ucla if we can win a couple….about time we’re not playing upstart small schools……..we went from one extreme to the other…..

but first things first….wright st…..

Comment by schoe 03.11.07 @ 5:28 pm

This is just a name matchup. We’re not talking about Duke with Redick or Grant Hill. They’re talented, but very beatable.

Very interesting that the committee put together our potential dream game against Howland and UCLA at the Sweet 16 – they usually try to avoid those kinds of distraction games (like Texas Tech playing Indiana).

Comment by JLA 03.11.07 @ 5:28 pm

little guys, Wright St:
2 Scottie Wilson F 6-6 215 JR Middletown, OH/Middletown/Cincinnati State
4 Drew Burleson F 6-6 220 SR Wheelersburg, OH/Wheelersburg
5 DaShaun Wood G 5-11 180 SR Detroit, MI/Crockett
11 Eric Stevenson G 5-11 180 FR Warrenton, NC/Warren County
21 Todd Brown G 6-5 190 FR Canton, OH/McKinley
22 Tyrone Scott G 6-3 180 SR Detroit, MI/Highland Park/Schoolcraft CC
24 Reinaldo Smith G 6-2 180 SR Fairborn, OH/Fairborn/Findlay
34 Will Graham G 6-2 180 SO Lexington, KY/Catholic
40 Ronnie Thomas F 6-8 240 SO Middlebury, IN/Northridge/Duquesne
44 Vaughn Duggins G 6-3 180 FR Pendleton, IN/Pendleton Heights
50 Jordan Pleiman F 6-8 240 JR Fort Loramie, OH/Fort Loramie

Comment by steve 03.11.07 @ 5:29 pm

Anyone know what time we play?

Comment by PittHoops 03.11.07 @ 5:31 pm

Wondering the same thing…

Comment by Omar 03.11.07 @ 5:35 pm

Notice the lack of emotion from our squad? Still shell-shocked.

Comment by steve 03.11.07 @ 5:36 pm

Wow – no Cuse?

Comment by PittHoops 03.11.07 @ 5:37 pm

they dont announce times until middle of the day tomorrow i think…..its always annoying…..

Comment by schoe 03.11.07 @ 5:40 pm

You know if we would have shown up and won last night we’d be playing Belmont, BC or TT, then Wash St.

Sounds a little better than Duke and UCLA.

Comment by Stuart 03.11.07 @ 5:41 pm

Man the Big East got jobbed. There are at least two Big East teams I’d take over the Stanford. And seven ACC teams? Wow. USC as a five seed is surprising to me as well.

Comment by Eric R 03.11.07 @ 5:41 pm

Anybody know how fast their little guys are?

Comment by Stuart 03.11.07 @ 5:42 pm

I missed the show … who had the Booty Patrol shirt this year?

Comment by geeman2001 03.11.07 @ 5:43 pm

and BC had a better record in the ACC then Duke, but got a lower seed? And how about mediocre ACC teams WITHOUT WINNER RECORDS IN CONFERENCE getting in over SYRACUSE (10-6) and WVU…. it smells poopy around here…

Comment by Stuart 03.11.07 @ 5:45 pm

Only read I can make is that they have Butler’s #. Got creamed by LSU. No common opponents.

Comment by steve 03.11.07 @ 5:47 pm

Syracuse not making it is a bit of a surprise but then again my degree was in Spanish and not bullshit. I can see WVU being left out but would have traded Arkansas or Stanford for Syracuse.

Comment by Panthoor 03.11.07 @ 5:49 pm

Well, Florida State beat Duke, so, I guess we should be ok…..IF we can get past Wright State.

Comment by Stuart 03.11.07 @ 5:49 pm

Not to turn this into a Syracuse board, but I’m pretty shocked they didn’t get in. The way they handled Georgetown (combined with the way G-Town has stepped it up this year), I would have thought they would have been in after that win.

That said, if they would have made it instead of Drexel, that would have been a shame. Drexel beat them AT Syracuse.

Comment by PittHoops 03.11.07 @ 5:50 pm

wright state’s mostly a one man team. dashaun wood averages 20 pts/5 reb/4 assists. they have another decent guard and a couple decent forwards but they’re very inconsistent- will score 14 one game and go scoreless the next.

wood is quick though.

Comment by kamesh 03.11.07 @ 6:04 pm

Who did the AD of Stanford Blow to get in this?

Comment by Tony in Harrisburg 03.11.07 @ 6:21 pm

The ACC may have gotten a little bit of love after only getting 4 bids last year (I think). And maybe the Big East took a hit for having a record 8 teams last year.

Comment by JLA 03.11.07 @ 6:28 pm

I know it’s bad to look ahead, but I’m literally licking my chops about a potential 2nd round matchup with Duke.

This is one of those tourney games you dream about your team playing in, and EVERYBODY hates Duke. Sure it wouldn’t be in a elite 8 or Final Four type situation, but it’d still be awesome!

Comment by Jimbo Covert's my dad 03.11.07 @ 9:26 pm

I dont know about you guys but I think VCU can beat Duke. They’re actually a well balanced team and I wouldnt be at all surprised if they took them down…

Comment by MoE 03.11.07 @ 10:12 pm

as before Pitt has a bracket that if they play to their potential makes them a final 4 team. no nc no memphis fla or ohio state. kansas is just like us depends on which team shows up.. message to gray please one time dunk those gimmes. he plays like he is 5-6 sometimes. i would rather play name schools, if playing the likes of duke and ucla doesn’t get your blood pumping then nothing will. should bring out pitt’s a game

Comment by Kurt 03.11.07 @ 10:23 pm

MoE, I agree that VCU has a shot at Duke. Out of all the 6 vs 11 games VCU and Sy=tanford have the best chances of an upset.

Comment by TMGPanther 03.11.07 @ 10:47 pm

I’ve got us and Georgetown making it to the Elite 8 in my bracket (My first one, at least, I think I’m gonna do a second.) and then losing to Kansas and Texas respectively.

I’ve also got the Badgers and Texas A&M making it to the Final Four. I’ve got Wisconsin in the finals beating Texas 72-69.

This is pure guesswork. I figure I’ll end up somewhere in the middle of the pack.

Comment by Shawn 03.12.07 @ 5:39 pm

Certainly Duke is Duke…they’re on tv more than Leave it to Beaver reruns…

That will only make sense to people who heard that quote.

I KNEW listening to Jim Rome was good for something. Classic.

Comment by Shawn 03.12.07 @ 5:45 pm

I have a friend who works at CBS and you guys are idiots. The #3 with Pitt’s name was in a Top 25 loop because Pitt was ranked #13 in the AP poll this week. Southern Illinois was #14. Seth Davis’ head was blocking the 1 in each case. Pay more attention next time. Kansas has a #2 and Florida has a #6.

Comment by Brian 03.12.07 @ 8:41 pm

[…] Reminder and thanks to Dennis for setting it up the Pitt Blather bracket challenge. My entry is under the name “Aaron Gray’s Ankle.” […]

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