March 9, 2007

We Play In 3 Hours

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Conference tournaments mess up my schedule. I’m thinking about what to say about last night’s game and I realize we’ll be back out on the MSG court in 3 hours.

Quick thoughts from last night went like this:

We saw that Ronald Ramon will never get off a good shot if he has to create his own space. Somehow the local papers have yet to pick up on this.

This is the first game in a long time where I just sat there watching the game thinking to myself, “Yes, Aaron, yes. Nice work.” So many good things to say about him. He wasn’t the only one that looked good though. Kendall played very solidly as did Cook and Sam Young (while battling his knee issues). The best 40 minutes of the year?

If you missed it when the ESPN guys were chatting with about a minute to go the mentioned the half court shooting contest after every morning shoot around. Players, mangers, coaches, and probably even the janitor sometimes get in on the action. I’d pay to see that in person just once — sounds like a load of fun.

I’m not sure what to think about tonight’s game since I’m still recovering from last night.

It took Louisville two overtimes to put away WVU but should it have even gone to OT in the first place?

Count the steps, make your call.

Sure seemed like he took 3 steps to me!

Comment by Atlanta Panther 03.09.07 @ 6:59 pm

It was an obvious walk, but most officials (except the ones that bail out point guards dribbling into 3 guys with .5 sec left) won’t call that ever. They “let em play”…

I’m not so sure about kendalls shot selection…sometimes i couldn’t tell if he was shooting at the rim, or trying to go off glass…

I’d say a very good offensive day, but that was no defensive clinic – i mean, 80 points? Cmon, now… I agree that Marq’s offense is pretty good and knew they’d get it and that we’d have to outscore to win, but still, seeing the accident about to happen isn’t the same as preventing it…

Comment by Stuart 03.09.07 @ 7:34 pm

* we control the first three minutes of each half
* score out of timeouts
* keep it close and lead at the half

we win…

Comment by Dan 72 03.09.07 @ 8:31 pm

Totally agree on the travel, couldn’t believe it wasn’t called. The clock was also a pathetic failure on that play.

I wanted WVU to win so Pitt would have a shot at beating them 3 times this year! :p

Comment by JLA 03.09.07 @ 10:35 pm

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