March 7, 2007

Congrats definitely to Aaron Gray for winning the Big East Scholar-Athlete Award. There’s a cynical side of me that thinks part of why he got it was an additional reward for deferring the NBA for another year. Not to mention, that with his expected financial windfall, he’ll probably just donate the $2000 scholarship money to the school or some other group.

The article in the P-G, though, does have an error. It states that Gray is the first Pitt player to win it. How can they forget the immortal Darren Morningstar? The winner of the award back in 1992.

As for the new Syracuse basketball unis. Not nearly as hideous as expected when they aren’t wearing the base layer. That or the Syracuse players opted for larger jerseys to minimize the contour. I posted my observations here.

Putting “ORANGE” on the front of the jersey is the worst part. And silver? WTF? Cuse colors are orange and navy. White is thrown in because they need a white jersey. There’s more silver than blue on those monstrosities. I think Nike keeps wanting to shove silver down everyone’s throats – look silver doesn’t belong on UNC’s tar heel blue jersey, it doesn’t belong on Michigan State’s, and it sure as hell doesn’t belong on Syracuse’s.

Also, it looks like the ORANGE is off center. Why?


Comment by Aaron 03.07.07 @ 5:05 pm

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