March 4, 2007

We’re Not Done Quite Yet

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I don’t have a ton of time to post, so I’ll make my point short and simple. Obviously we played a very ugly game last night. It seems we’ve been doing plenty of that in the last 4-5 games. There are things to be worried about. The shooting of Graves and Fields, the fact that teams realize they can let Ramon dribble all he wants to create a shot since it’ll never happen, the defense from almost everyone, the amount that Gray touches the ball, and the fact that this team lacks any kind of swagger.

It’s a long enough laundry list. But starting on Thursday, the real season starts. We go up to NYC (and play in the ugly 9 pm time slot) and we’ll probably get a chance at revenge against Marquette. Then Louisville. The Georgetown. Then we’ll play in the NCAA tournament.

Teams go on hot streaks and cold streaks but the great thing about sports, especially college hoops, is the fact that things can turn around in an instant. I’m not making any sort of guarantee about that, but the possibility is there. If you need any sort of proof, look at how the Florida Gators finished the regular season last year.

The season is far from over. The season is not down the drain and the sky has not fallen…at least not yet.

Whatever. The best thing about the way they’ve played the last month is that I now have no expectations for anything related to Pitt sports from here on out. If they win one game from here on out it will be a bonus in my book. At least we have Pirates baseball to look forward to, right?

Comment by Bob 03.04.07 @ 3:10 pm

Where do you guys get your BE tourney tix? It’s always a pain in the ass for me. Is there one ticket broker that’s better than the others?

Comment by J-Maile 03.04.07 @ 3:41 pm

Not playing our best at the time when you need to be. this team is cold.

Comment by Rex 03.04.07 @ 8:03 pm

Yeah look foward to Pirate baseball because there are no expectations for success so if they approach .500 this season that is bonus.

Comment by Mike 03.05.07 @ 8:55 am

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