February 16, 2007

Pitt was somehow able to overcome this last week. The fat guy dancing during a timeout down in Morgantown as previously mentioned. If I may quote myself…

Thankfully there were no pictures to accompany this story.

Instead we get a full video. Just grand.

Click here to see a fat man do some dancin’.

And take notice how many people put up a backwards “C”.

We should get an RPI bonus for winning with something like that. New NCAA rule: home win is worth .6, road win is worth 1.4; winning with this guy cheering against you, 2.5 wins.

Also, I remember when I was at Pitt my freshman year (02), there was this fat guy who would run out and pick up the tee after the kickoffs at Heinz. He became a sort of cult figure, worshipped for his outstanding hustle in spite of his girth. He was a hundred times cooler than this schmuck.

Hail to Pitt’s fat sports-related guys!

Comment by Aaron 02.16.07 @ 10:02 am

It’s not hard to believe that the State that leads the nation with the highest proportion of people with heart disease would cheer for a guy who its well on his way to adding to their lead in that department.

link to

Comment by Tony In Harrisburg 02.16.07 @ 11:28 am

you guys should read the book form this link rammerjammeryellowhammer..its one of the best I’ve read on college football.

Comment by scoocher 02.16.07 @ 11:37 am

Makes me wonder if someone has video of “Tiger Paul”.

Comment by newbie 02.16.07 @ 12:03 pm

That’s not a dance. I don’t know what you call that. Just file it as something that should never leave the state of West Virginia…like many other things.

Comment by Eric R 02.16.07 @ 3:34 pm

i thought it was kind of funny…and i do remember the fat kid who used to retrieve the tee’s after the kickoff. that guy could move.
does anyone remember pitt doing something like this probably around the early to mid 90s? i was young at the time, but i remember a fat hairy guy running to the court to do the YMCA during timeouts. not as morbidly obese as the hoopie, but still quite jiggly.

Comment by matt 02.16.07 @ 8:52 pm

The most famous Pitt fan was definetely Tiger Paul. he was around in the 1970’s and early 80’s at least.

Comment by TMGPanther 02.17.07 @ 11:23 am

[…] Then we host the Mountaineers and will avoid seeing this guy. Losing to them would be a big downer for a few reasons. First off, it’s WVU. West F#%&in Virginia. I hate losing to them and I’m sure you feel the same way. Losing to a team with an RPI below 50 doesn’t look too great and right now they sit at 53 according to ESPN but that could/will certainly change by next Tuesday. By the way, they aren’t a great team at home and the Zoo should have some fun with them. […]

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