January 23, 2007

Three meetings don’t seem like enough to create a rivalry. And yet, the few times we’ve played the Marquette Golden Eagles have been great games with all kinds of twists and turns and now we might be witnessing the formation of yet another “new” rivalry.

Yet after torching Connecticut, West Virginia and Louisville, one thing remained clear: Marquette is Pitt’s biggest threat for Big East supremacy this season.

In this age of an expanding Big East, we rarely see a head-to-head clash of this magnitude more than once — nor do we see one that heads to overtime like Sunday’s. Luckily for college hoops fans everywhere, the two programs meet again March 3 in Milwaukee, Wis.

“We are definitely looking forward to playing them at their place,” Pitt guard Antonio Graves said after Sunday’s loss.

So as both teams continue to stockpile talent and develop the programs, meetings like this will continue, manifesting themselves only every so often. And one thing became certain Sunday: Every ensuing contest between Marquette and Pitt will be a rivalry showdown — a must-see matchup at that.

We’re just finalizing the UConn-Pitt basketball rivalry in terms of both teams becoming great for a long period of time after playing them in all of those Big East Tournament finals. Pitt and Marquette are not anywhere near that stage so I’m not going to call this a rivalry quite yet.

this is good to see — and I have to disagree with you…..we’re not even two full seasons into the new Big East and I’d call the MU/Pitt matchup a rivalry. The intensity and close nature of each of the first three games between the schools in the larger Big East has been remarkable. Each fan base is passionate about this game — much moreso than others on the slate. Throw in the Sweet 16 game in 2003 — its a rivalry now.

FWIW, its MU — not UM

Comment by Marquette Hoops 01.23.07 @ 9:13 am

I totally agree. I am coming to despise Marquette nearly as much as UCONN and CUSE.

Comment by DAN 01.23.07 @ 9:28 am

attaboy Dan! Rivalries are good.

Comment by Marquette Hoops 01.23.07 @ 9:29 am

I hate Tom Crean as much as I hate Jim Calhoun.

Comment by Omar 01.23.07 @ 9:55 am

From what I understand Tom Crean unity building exercises involve killing puppies!

Comment by DAN 01.23.07 @ 10:13 am

Not sure if I would call it a rivalry just yet, but maybe 75%-80% there already?

Comment by McShane 01.23.07 @ 12:35 pm

Not sure if I would call it a rivalry just yet, but maybe 75%-80% there already?

Comment by McShane 01.23.07 @ 12:35 pm

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