January 13, 2007

Hey, let’s start this a little early since the College Gamenight will be at the Pete.

I’d be live-blogging, but I’m visiting my folks and my computer just won’t go on their wireless for whatever reason. Plus, I’m banished to another room while everyone watches the Eagles-Saints game. I’ll still be popping out to read comments and post some thoughts when I can.

9:18: Pitt has withstood a hot shooting start from the Hoyas. Green is shooting really, really well. Nice to see the Pitt big men really going inside. Could someone tell Dick Vitale to stop bringing up the Florida Gators BCS championship with Erin Andrews.

Honestly, surprising to see this much offense. I like the chances for Pitt in that kind of game — if it keeps up. 17-16 Pitt under 11 minutes.

9:27: Interesting to see Biggs playing PF with Gray. A mew wrinkle and Biggs seems to be responding well to it. Cook has been quiet so far.

9:36: Did I say Cooks was being quiet? So much for that. Loved the woofing with Summers as well.

Pitt’s keeping the pressure on Georgetown and running a lot more than expected.

35-29 Pitt, 4:19 ’til the half.

9:45: Cook and Young on consecutive possessions missed 7-foot open jumpers. Always unnerving.
Young and Biggs already have 3 fouls. More pressure on Kendall to step up this game.

Gray with a slam on the feed from Fields who came in on the drive to end the half.

41-32 Pitt at the half.

Pitt had 15 assists on 17 16 assists on 18 baskets.

Dixon at the half time interview heading in the locker was only a little concerned about overcommitting on some somethings.

A solid first half. Gray really looks happy when Hibbert is the only one on him. I expect the Hoyas to zone and go smaller in the second half. The only problem with that for G-town is Hibbert is a bigger part of their offense, and they do need to score points.

We’ll see.

10:08: Nice start by Pitt. 47-34 in the first two minutes and still more passing. Heck, the bucket they gave up came from maybe too much passing.

10:10: Pitt with 49 points still doesn’t have anyone in double digits.

10:23: Georgetown won’t go away. This is an intense game. Pitt up 55-45, Ramon going to the line to shoot 3, with under 12 minutes. I get the feeling that if Green or Wallace for G-town get hot, this game can change. Pitt is playing very, very well but so are the Hoyas. Don’t think I can emphasize that enough.

10:35: Georgetown has gone smaller against Pitt and is making the comeback. Hibbert is sitting during this run by the Hoyas. Pitt lead now only 60-53, 7:38 left.

10:40: Vitale with another good point regarding Pitt’s penetration by the guards. Georgetown is not doing a very good job against it. I think a lot of that has to do with having to respect the 3s from Pitt. Pitt hasn’t had many open looks at the 3 and that’s why they have only taken 8 so far. They are getting the space to go inside.

10:58: Pitt wins 74-69 as Sapp hit a meaningless 3 at the buzzer.

Gray in post game with Erin Andrews. About the unselfish play, it is all about the players wanting to win first.

Patrick Ewing, Jr. came off the bench and nearly sparked the full comeback for G-town. Because of the tremendously accurate shooting from both teams, there weren’t nearly the rebounding opportunities. Gray, Cook and Kendall tied the lead for Pitt with 4 boards each out of some 20+. G-town managed something less than 20 (official stats not out yet, so I don’t trust the accuracy levels).

The rematch on February 24 should be something.

Cook led Pitt with 18 points (7-11). Gray and Graves each had 11 and Ramon had 10.

Today Was (And Still Is) A Gameday

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Went down to see the College Basketball Gameday broadcast today and sat in the first row of the upper seating. Saw myself on the tube a few times after coming home and reviewing it on my friend’s DVR. Overall it was very fun time this morning (and I was able to procure a few Rollabanas).

We also stayed down there to see the #23 women’s team end up losing. A loss to a 4 win team with the biggest crowd of the year in attendance…not a very clutch game by the ladies today.

The Georgetown game starts in about T-minus 3 1/2 hours and I think we’ve looked at that game about as much as we can and I really have nothing more to add.

Don’t look now but Virginia Tech, Big East defector, is about to upset the #1 ranked UNC Tarheels on ABC.

Enjoy the game tonight folks.

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