January 2, 2007

Wannstedt on FOX

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Some random observations from the FOX pregame including Dave Wannstedt. IF you are interested in the Orange Bowl, I had to do a preview for the Orange Bowl, along with reasons why Louisville will win and why Wake will win.

— Coach Wannstedt offered Jimmy Johnson a position on his staff since there is an opening. I’d settle for Johnson as a consultant.

— Good observation that in college you have to do a better job of evaluating kids because of the scholarship limits, and projecting where they go. Nothing said about doing a good job in getting them to live up to that potential by the coaches.

— Talking about the Boise St.-Oklahoma game, Wannstedt tipped his cap to BSU for calling the plays. He did complain about how poorly Oklahoma’s defense reacted to the plays from BSU — especially the 2 point conversion. Promoting the read-and-react type defense. Uh, yeah.

— On Brian Brohm. Accuracy and decision making are his best traits according to Wannstedt. Johnson has a cut away to show film of Brohm evading Pitt’s, um, rush in the final game of the season. Johnson then pushed him about blitzing him and getting pressure on him to make bad throws or decisions. Wannstedt was visibly flustered by that — essentially conceding the lack of a Pitt pass rush. Bad scene, man.

Arnold Palmer plugging Wake Forest. Rick Pitino plugging Louisville. Advantage Nickalus.

— Wannstedt talks about what Louisville has to avoid screwing up special teams and protect Brohm from the pass rush (referencing the Rutgers game). Maybe some day we’ll have a pass rush.


— Wannstedt on L-ville, it’s the lack of big plays from the Cardinals. Actually, no disagreement. Not totally shocked by what Wake is doing to the Cardinals. This is the way the WF defense plays. They may be the only team I’ve seen this year actually pull off the “bend-but-don’t-break” defense. hmm. Maybe Wanny should consider the WF DC for a similar position at Pitt?
— On the second half, WF needs to get Skinner running and as a threat. Eh.

Saban has a press conference to announce his decision between the Dolphins and Alabama. I would have paid money if FOX had gone to a wide shot to see the expressions on Johnson and Wannstedt’s face rather then the close one on Rose.

Another Voice in the Blather

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Sorry to have dropped off for a couple days. I spent New Years Day watching and liveblogging bowl games. 14 hours, 21 posts and 5 bowl games. A true test of stamina, and discovering just how much babble I am capable of generating in one day.

The good news, content on this site is about to increase with some new/familiar help. Dennis who has been doing a fine job going solo at PittHoopsBlog will now be posting at Pitt Blather. I am very happy to have him aboard and more discussion is always a good thing.

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