March 17, 2004

Why You Gotta be Hating?

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Guess the P-G columnist who wrote the following.

For a nationally elite team such as Pitt, the Big East regular season and tournament are relatively minor preludes to the NCAA tournament.

Answer. The same guy who wrote this today.

Can a seriously flawed team overcome its deficiencies and advance to the Final Four?

Yes, it’s Bob Smizik. So, now a Pitt team that went 4-1 since the former column was written is now “seriously flawed.” If Pitt is seriously flawed, then so is every team in the NCAA. Reading Smizik’s column, you would think that Wisconsin would be the toughest foe awaiting Pitt. He devalues Oklahoma St., a team that is just as tough as Pitt, but has gotten better perimeter shooting; and was arguably the highest #2 seed after winning both the Big XII regular and conference championship — but was penalized for not finishing the conference championship before the seeding committee had decided.

I mean, I like it when there are legitimate criticisms from the local paper of the team. What I don’t like are knee-jerk contrarian positions just for the sake of being controversial or not like the rest. That is all this piece seems to be.

[…] For Pitt, though, it is overemphasized because they had nothing left for the NCAA Tournament. Really, if Smizik was going to recycle a column, I would have expected his 2006 complaint about Pitt not being a good shooting team. You know, because they were too focused on defense and rebounding. He couldn’t complain about it in 2005, because Pitt lost in the first round of the BET. Don’t worry, he doubled it up in 2004, with focus on the unimportance of the BET and the regular season title, but then complained about how flawed Pitt was after losing the BET. […]

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