February 4, 2004

The Other Shoe Finally Falls

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Blue-White Illustrated is finally reporting what most of us already knew was a foregone conclusion: former Panther recruiting class headliner Penn Hills Quarterback Anthony Morelli has reneged on his commitment and will instead sign with the Penn State Nittany Lions. ESPN just confirmed it. Ouch.

I had been holding out a faint glimmer of hope.

I know that losing fellow former Panther blue chip recruit, North Hills star running back, and seventeenth President of the United States Andrew Johnson to the Miami Hurricanes will technically hurt Pitt football more than losing Morelli to Penn State. But still, living in Central Pennsylvania and being married to a Nittany Lion alumnus, employee, and proud fan, losing Morelli will hurt me more.

Well, good luck Tony. Since Kerry Collins graduated a decade ago, your new alma mater has destroyed quarterback talent far more often than it has ever developed that talent into anything greater than it was when it left high school. Other blue chip signal callers have committed to Penn State before you. And from Rashard Casey to Zack Mills, they’ve all gone practically nowhere. Perhaps Penn State Quarterback Coach Jay Paterno — obviously hired for his coaching acumen and not for any other self-apparent reasons — will finally turn the corner with you.

But you won’t get any help from your new offensive line or wide receivers. Penn State is practically bereft at those positions.

In closing, I look forward to my other alma mater blitzing your sorry ass deep into the turf of Ohio Stadium.

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